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Scott Bass discusses waves and the equipment to ride them with.

Scott Bass discusses waves and the equipment to ride them with.
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Scott Bass discusses waves and the equipment to ride them with.




027 – Joe Roper

I know there are more beloved surfers in San Diego – think Skip Frye. I know there are more decorated surfers in San Diego Rob Machado comes to mind. There are more historically significant surfers from San Diego – how about Phil Edwards or Bob Simmons. But for my money Joe Roper really personifies San … Continue reading "027 – Joe Roper"


026 – Doug Lees

I’ve known about Surfaid International for 15 years – back 2004 I was part of the editorial team at SURFER magazine that took pro surfers Dave Rastovich, Strider Wasilewski, Keith Malloy, and Ben Bourgoise on an ambassadorial trip– to surf yes – but as important to visit a few of these remote villages with Surfaid … Continue reading "026 – Doug Lees"


025 – Mark Johnson

In the late 1800’s, out of a perceived need for morality through sport ; and an unspoken desire to keep social classes in their respective places – a divide between amateurism and professionalism was created and called the Olympics. In this episode of the Boardroom Podcast Scott Bass chats with Mark Johnson author of Spitting … Continue reading "025 – Mark Johnson"


024 – Mike Lambresi

In the late 1980’s one surfer dominated the USA competitive surfing scene winning three state national USA titles in ’87, ’88, ’89. In process beating fellow competitive standouts surfers Mike Parsons, Bud Llamas, Noah Budroe, Dave Parmenter, and Dino Andino among many others. But, until reading the title on this podcast you probably couldn’t have … Continue reading "024 – Mike Lambresi"


023 – Jim Banks

Scott sits down with Australian surfer/shaper Jim Banks over a simmering Oolong to discuss surfboards, craftsmanship, guitar building, Dane Kealoha, perfect Desert Point, computer shapes versus hand shapes, the prickly surfboard market and the damned meaning of it ALL. Jim Banks, like most of us, is cut from the opaque cloth of surf idealism; … … Continue reading "023 – Jim Banks"


022 – Clyde Beatty, Jr.

Clyde and Scott talk about road trips, circus life, early competition years, Blue Cheer surf shop, board building mentors, the Rocket Fish, working overseas, a world wide global economy which includes the surfboard industry plus much more. Let us begin. This show is sponsored by Ride List app. Find, share & sell surf, snow and specialty … Continue reading "022 – Clyde Beatty, Jr."


021 – Steve Brom

I had no way of knowing then that the craftsman I speak of was the spirited adventurer who respectfully defaced, or rather, safely embellished, of one of the world’s most famous landmarks. Not once, mind you, no. This man scrambled up that hill and down that hill four times. What landmark you ask? What hill … Continue reading "021 – Steve Brom"


020 – Xanadu

In today’s episode free thinking surfboard shaper Xanadu shares his origin story at Nirvana, discusses evolving theory on board design, working with pros like Brad Gerlach, and finding “his people” in San Diego after migrating from Brazil. Follow @Xanadu_Surf and @BoardroomShow And visit CREDITS Sponsors: Ride List App @Ride_List Host, Writer, Producer: Scott Bass @BoardroomShow Intro … Continue reading "020 – Xanadu"


019 – Dana Brown

Bruce Brown’s 1971 Oscar nominated film On Any Sunday, which brilliantly put an inclusive twist on motorcycle culture is as good as The Endless Summer. That’s saying quite a bit. Both films allowed middle America to relax about these somewhat taboo cultures. The Endless Summer is of course the seminal surf film. It is our The Godfather. I never met … Continue reading "019 – Dana Brown"


018 – Dan Mann

Dan Mann is a shaper/designer for Firewire and MannKine Surfboards. The “most under-the-radar shaper”, the winner of that category might be Dan Mann. He designs and builds cutting edge, custom surfboards for Kelly Slater. Intelligent, open-minded, thought provoking. And tough, not like UFC fighter tough guy; he’s not going to let fear dictate to him. … Continue reading "018 – Dan Mann"


017 – Chris Mauro

In today’s episode Scott chats with former Surfer Magazine colleague Chris Mauro about navigating surf media politics, telling valuable stories in a changing media landscape, his foray into shaping surfboards, and Chris shares his thoughts on today’s hot topics. Let us begin. Follow @Chris_Mauro and @BoardroomShow This show is sponsored by Ride List app. Find, share … Continue reading "017 – Chris Mauro"


016 – Daniel Tomson

In today’s episode Scott speaks with Daniel Tomson about his early days at Lennox, how Firewire has changed his life, designing boards for Kelly Slater, and what’s next in Tomo’s always innovative design evolution. Let us begin. This show is sponsored by Ride List app. Find, share & sell surf, snow and specialty sports gear with … Continue reading "016 – Daniel Tomson"


015 – Ryan Sakal, Aryse Surfboards

In today’s episode Scott chats with surfboard shaper Ryan Sakal about the importance of California’s board building legacy, his experience as a 2nd generation board builder, motorcycling, and maintaining a high level of surfing as you age. Let us begin. This show is sponsored by Ride List app. Find, share & sell surf, snow and specialty … Continue reading "015 – Ryan Sakal, Aryse Surfboards"


014 – Damien Hobgood

In today’s episode Scott chats with professional surfer Damien Hobgood about the challenges involved with transitioning away from the myopic focus of surfing and into adulthood, family life, the fallacy of affirmation addiction, and what act two holds. Let us begin. This show is sponsored by Ride List app. Find, share & sell surf, snow and … Continue reading "014 – Damien Hobgood"


013 – Varial Surf Technology

In today’s episode Scott chats with Varial Surf Technology founders Parker Borneman and Edison Conner about striving to engineer a better surfboard, reflecting on their path and origin story through time at SpaceX, the inherent value of hard work, and the pursuit of the American Dream. Let us begin. Follow @Varial_Surf and @BoardroomShow This show is … Continue reading "013 – Varial Surf Technology"


012 – Matt “Mayhem” Biolos

Matt “Mayhem” Biolos shares his origin story prior to board building, reflects on the early days launching …Lost, working with a young Chris Ward, reflecting on Randall, and how ..Lost developed their unique brand of guerrilla marketing. Biolos also discusses his achievements and challenges as a board builder. Let us begin. Follow @MayhemSurfboards_MattBiolos and @BoardroomShow This … Continue reading "012 – Matt “Mayhem” Biolos"


011 – Stu Kenson

In today’s episode Scott Bass chats with surfboard shaper Stu Kenson about Salt Creek and Blacks in the early ’70s and ’80s, what it’s like having Rusty Preisendorfer as a mentor, the Twinzer board design, winning the Al Byrne Chuck of Foam Challenge, and the benefits of vacuum bagging and modern board building materials. Let … Continue reading "011 – Stu Kenson"


010 – Bird Huffman: Bird’s Surf Shed

In today’s episode Scott Bass chats with Eric “Bird” Huffman about growing up in San Diego, his love of surfboards, and the impetus for creating Bird’s Surf Shed, a veritable interactive (surfable) museum of surfboard design archive and history. Let us begin. Visit and @BirdSurfShed Opened in 2011, Bird’s Surf Shed is owned and … Continue reading "010 – Bird Huffman: Bird’s Surf Shed"


009 – Javier Huarcaya-Pro of XTR

In today’s episode of The Boardroom, Scott chats with XTR founder and developer Javier Huarcaya-Pro. The two discuss the history of polyurethane and EPS, the impetus for developing XTR technology and why the biggest surfboard brands all utilize his construction techniques. Let us begin. Follow @XTRSurfboards


008 – Steve Sherman

In today’s episode of The Boardroom, Scott chats with surf industry photo journalist Steve Sherman. Sherman chats about his origin story and background in skating, how to foster trust with surfing’s most sought athletes, and why he’s chosen to turn his back to the ocean and document life behind-the-scenes on tour. Let us begin. Follow @TSherms and @BoardroomShow … Continue reading "008 – Steve Sherman"