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CPP #83: Trade Me

Episode 83. Si & Sam get together to discuss all the news of the week, including Josh Gordon's trade, AB's hissy fit, Vontae Davis' rash retirement and the choice for halftime entertainment at Superbowl 53. There's also the usual visits to Akroyd Avenue, The Fantasy Ward and of course the lads give their picks for week 3's games. Enjoy!


CPP #82: A Dark Day For Kickers

Episode 82. A complete review of the week three action from the boys, who struggled to find a convenient time for both Sam and Rob to be present so Si had a chat with each of them separately instead. It's probably best to keep the little brats apart in fairness. An action-packed week in which we had colossal cock-ups from kickers, another tie, and even a halftime retirement. Enjoy!


CPP #81: Some Kind Of Scam

Episode 81. Wardy has wedding business up in Edinburgh, so Si & Sam reconvene in the boozer to knock out the midweek pod. It's a much more palatable 45 minutes with some news, Akroyd Avenue, picks for week 2 and a rather unusual Fantasy Ward all on the menu. Enjoy!


CPP #80: Picking Peanuts Out Of Shit

Episode 80. Football is back baby! Rob, Si & Sam reconvene with week 1 well and truly in the books. All sixteen games analysed, including The Superbowl Champions clipping the Falcon's wings, The return of Chucky, and an absolute classic up in the frozen north. Enjoy!


CPP #79: Football Eve

Episode 79. For the first time in about six weeks Wardy, Si & Sam are all in the same room for an absolute monster of a pod. Big news discussed including Kap, Mack, Donald and Peterman, as well as a breakdown of all the surprising releases on NFL Cut Day. College Football returned on Saturday so we take a stroll down Akroyd Avenue, and Rob gives us some sage advice on the Fantasy Ward. There's a brief look at not only the famous Oxford League Fantasy Football draft but also an NFLUK-wide...


CPP #78: The Weakest Link

Episode 78. As one of our boys returns, another leaves. Wardy comes back from Edinburgh to join Si on a pod where they look ahead to the upcoming season and make some bold predictions. The boldest of all are mailed in by Sam who has headed to the capital on family business. All the latest news also discussed, including somebody being shown a hell of a lot of money. Enjoy!


CPP #77: Nobody Knows Anything

Episode 77. With Wardy still up in Edinburgh for a week, Si & Sam take over their friend's responsibilities and try to offer up some fantasy advice to the listeners. Yeah you read that correctly. Listen to this podcast at your own risk - The Collapsing Pocket Podcast accepts no liability for the destruction of anybody's fantasy football season. Enjoy!


ITP #005: Vince Lombardi

Episode 5. In the final instalment of the Inside The Pocket series this offseason, the boys look at possibly the most iconic Head Coach in the history of the NFL. From struggling to get past racial stereotyping in his early career, to having so much success the Superbowl trophy is named after him, this pod dives deep into the makeup of the sport's ultimate winner - 'The Pope', aka Vince Lombardi. Enjoy!


CPP #76: College Football Preview

Episode 76. With Wardy away in Edinburgh on business, Si & Sam take the opportunity to have more beer than usual and indulge themselves. They batter through the news at an alarming rate, probably not giving it the attention it deserves, before delving into the world of College Football in anticipation of the new season in two week's time. Whether you're interested or not you'll learn about how the college game works and who to keep an eye out on Saturdays. It's a long pod - Sam doesn't...


ITP #004: NFL Scandals

Episode 4. Serious turns to sinister in the latest instalment of the Inside The Pocket series as the boys turn their attention to NFL scandals. Pushing the boundaries of fair play is common in most sports. It's how far you take it that distinguishes the blurred lines between gaining an edge and cheating. In this pod we look at three moments of the modern era that rocked the sport to it's core - Spygate, Bountygate & Deflategate, and debate whether or not the punishments fit the crimes....


CPP #75: Path To The Superbowl

Episode 75. Training camp is here! So as is tradition, the boys gather round the dictaphone to tell each other who is going to make the postseason this season. They got it so wrong last time they decided to go a step further by predicting who would prevail in the playoffs and hoist the famous Vince Lombardi Trophy. All the news from the last two weeks discussed too. Enjoy!


ITP #003: Iron Mike

Episode 3. The lads get serious once more and trundle back to the early 80's, exploring the crazy world of Iron Mike Ditka. A face like a fist and a mouth like a sailor, Ditka was as boisterous as he was talented. From Hall of Fame Tight End to Superbowl wining Head Coach, we discuss what it is that drove such an angry man to success, and whether his confrontational style could ever work in the modern game. Enjoy!


CPP #74: He Definitely Did It

The studio is a sweatbox as Sam, Si & Rob reconvene for another pod. Once they've discussed the less glamorous side to Si's job there's plenty of news to get stuck into, despite it being the quiet season - most of it rather unsavoury. Then on to our returning feature - QB power rankings! And if you thought Sam was daft last year then, well, nothing has changed. Enjoy!


ITP #002 - Moonlight Flits

Episode 2. The boys get serious once more as they reconvene their "Inside The Pocket" series, this week looking into the filthy world of franchise relocation. A foreign concept to us Brits, it's a phenomena sadly all too common in the history of the NFL. From an owner moving because his wife wanted to live by the beach to a team leaving town under the cover of darkness, everything is on the table, including the future of Si's beloved Chargers and what The Raiders have in store when they...


CPP #73: Jogi Löw Is A Pervert

Episode 73. Studio 1 is quite literally a sweatbox but that doesn't deter our three lions from gathering around a dictaphone once more. A bit of news is discussed including suspensions, murder and holdouts. Then the boys move on to the main feature - comparing NFL Franchises to World Cup teams. Yeah, another podcast has already done it but the idea was conceived after the last pod, World Cup fever is rife, and more importantly there's zero fucks given. There may also be quite a lot of...


Inside The Pocket #001 - Al Davis & The Oakland Raiders

Episode 1. The boys launch a new series of podcasts aimed at looking back at the iconic characters and biggest moments of American Football, and what makes the NFL the beautiful sport that we all know & love today. Where else to start but one of the most memorable of them all - Al Davis & The Oakland Raiders. Enjoy!


CPP #72: Fuck The Gym, Build A Shed

Episode 72. It's been two weeks since the boys gathered round the dictaphone so as expected the pod begins with a good old catch up. They break down the fortnight's news, including Trump & The Eagles, T.O. & The Hall of Fame, and Julian Edelman & Performance Enhancing Drugs. Finally they get stuck into their feature - ranking the eight NFL divisions from best to worst. Enjoy!


CPP #71: One Big Question - AFC

Episode 71. Rob, Sam & Si gather round the mic once more to touch base on the big news regarding player protests, then get stuck into part two of their "One Big Question" feature - this time focusing on the AFC. Enjoy!


CPP #70: One Big Question - NFC

Episode 70. The boys gather round the dictaphone in a bullish mood to discuss some of the news (disclaimer - pod was recorded earlier than released, so news may be a bit dated) and get stuck into their first proper offseason segment. All sixteen NFC teams have been divided up and the lads try and ask each other the one big question for each franchise heading into the 2018 NFL season. Enjoy!


CPP #69: NFL Draft Recap Part II

Episode 69. The three amigos reconvene and pick up where they left off on the last pod, picking out notable selections from rounds 2-7 of the recent NFL Draft. For once they don't pretend to be experts so don't give out draft grades, but offer some thoughts on who they think did well and who didn't. Enjoy!