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Eagle Radio


FGCU's official sports podcast. Covering all FGCU, professional, and collegiate sports.




Russ is not a unanimous MVP and Tyler vs Abby

We discuss if the Tampa Bay Bucs are bad, whether Russ should be the MVP, Dolphins are finally correcting the ship, and the are the Patriots good or not, finally we talk some NBA. Oh yeah and we have Tyler faceoff against Abby in the age old classic: Baseball vs. Cricket.


Tyler can't plan a segment and sports stuff

In today's episode we discuss Antonio Brown coming back to the NFL, NFL MVP talk, best QB-Reciever combo, and some NBA topics.


Abbey Learns What Hockey Is and More About What It Isn't and Other Sports Talk

In today's episode we discuss the Thursday Night Football debacle, early Super Bowls contenders, Clippers signing Ty Lou, we discuss the World Series (if only briefly) and of course we finish up with our newest segment, "Abby Learns Sports."


Can Lebron and the Brow finish the Heat?

In this episode we discuss the NBA Finals, battle of former Super Bowl, Bills vs Chiefs, and Aaron Rodgers joining the MVP race


Laura Edmonds FGCU Women's Golf Star and other stuff

Laura Edmonds FGCU Women's Golf star athlete joins us as our guest athlete on Today's episode. We also discuss Tom Brady, Cam Newton, and of course the thrilling NBA playoffs. We finish off with a few winners and losers for this week.


FGCU Men's Goalie Gustavo Vasconcelos

We have on a very special guest Gustavo Vasconcelos, starting Goalie for FGCU's Men's Soccer Team. We also cover other sports.


NBA predictions and why the Heat embarrassed the Bucks

Are we a little bit biased? Absolutely, but hey everyone needs a Herro.


Where's the ball at?

In the wake of Coronavirus fear-mongering, there are a few select individuals who will stand up and talk sports for everyone's enjoyment. Today's episode we discuss Lebron James and the Lakers, the nets fallout after Kenny Atkinson being fired, Steph Curry coming back to play for the Warriors and we wrap up with a musical number from the boys!


Wilder Woes

We have Tyler, Bryce, Abbey, and Devon on the mics for our last episode before Spring Break. Our subjects include Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder, the NBA finals, Zion Williamson, and we wrap up with some interesting winners and losers.


The One Where No One Showed Up

With Tyler, Bryce, and Abbey MIA we had our producer Hassan jump in and moderate the episode in Tyler's stead. We discuss the NBA All-Star Break, the Houston Astro's cheating scandal, and some how end up debating if Hassan could dunk (he can't).


XFL Take 2

In the midst of the end of the NFL season Tyler, Bryce, Devon, and David take on the XFL, the NBA All-Star break, and cover their winners and losers. Devon updates on all FGCU athletics.


Chiefs take the dub

Today the Outta Bounds crew welcomes a new member - Devon. He is tall, loves sports, and plays on the rugby team for FGCU. We discuss the Chiefs Super Bowl victory, what is Tom Brady's next move, and would you rather have Damien Lillard or James Harden. We also shout out the XFL during our beat the buzzer segment.


The Man, The Myth, The Mamba

For our first episode of the Spring semester, we have Tyler, David, and Bryce coming back, with special guest Brandon on to discuss FGCU Eaglefest and FGCU athletics. We dedicate most of this episode to Kobe and the legacy he's left behind. RIP Mamba Listen for the code word for our Eaglefest ticket giveaway and DM it to our Instagram @fgcueagleradio to get your free ticket,


A Look Back at 2019

Last episode of the semester. We have Rick, David, and Tyler discussing the Ravens' recent dominance, College Football predictions, an in depth look at the Patriot's and Brady's outlooks, and wrap it up by reviewing the entirety of Sports during 2019.


Myles Garret Plays Wack a Mason

In this episode we discuss the current situation with the Myles Garrett controversy, load management in the NBA, Colin Kaepernick and his most current workout for NFL scouts, and we cover each hosts' winners and losers from this weekend.


A True Test of College QB Titans

We have Cristian fill in for Bryce. This is the all football special. We cover Ravens vs Patriots and if the Ravens can step up during the playoffs, we discuss Monday Night Football and we have winning this matchup between the NFC West, we cover Alabama vs LSU, and cover what exactly is the problem with the Cleveland Browns.


Yes, Tyler can see in the future!

Although we didn't discuss the World Series this episode, Tyler's the only one who had picked the Nationals to beat the Astros. On the subject of going against the grain, one of our hosts finds himself against the other 3 over multiple subjects. We talk NFL midseason awards, College Football, NBA, and as always finished with our Buzzer-beaters


Tyler's the Only One That Picked the Nationals

After a short hiatus Abbey joins the crew for another episode, and wastes no time taking shots at Bryce after the Yankees lose the ALCS. We cover the World Series, NBA predictions, possible NFL trades, and everyone's losers and winners for the weekend (Spoiler - Everyone has basketball players).


Outta Bounds: NFL Nutcases

We got Rick back in the mix after missing last week for PT. Bryce thinks it's time for him to have his Jordan "Flu" game. David's on the sound board and Tyler's watching the time. We discuss how legit is LSU, which NFL fan base should be worried, are the 49ers legit, and we cover our winners and losers from this weekend.