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The Daily Gardener is a gardening podcast that is published every weekday. Jennifer Ebeling shares thoughts and brevities to help you grow. She writes and records the show in her home studio in lovely Maple Grove, Minnesota. Show notes and additional information are available at

The Daily Gardener is a gardening podcast that is published every weekday. Jennifer Ebeling shares thoughts and brevities to help you grow. She writes and records the show in her home studio in lovely Maple Grove, Minnesota. Show notes and additional information are available at


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The Daily Gardener is a gardening podcast that is published every weekday. Jennifer Ebeling shares thoughts and brevities to help you grow. She writes and records the show in her home studio in lovely Maple Grove, Minnesota. Show notes and additional information are available at






August 20, 2020 Maximize Your Potting Soil, Pass-Along Plants, the Patron Saint of Beekeepers, Thomas Jefferson, Carlos Thays, Elizabeth Lawrence, World Mosquito Day, French Country Cottage Inspired Gatherings by Courtney Allison, and Edgar Guest

Today we celebrate the Patron Saint of Beekeepers We'll also revisit the letter Jefferson wrote about gardening - it contains one of his most-quoted lines. We remember the French Landscape Architect who designed ninety percent of the public spaces in Argentina. We’ll eavesdrop on another letter from Elizabeth Lawrence - the garden writer - who also wrote the most wonderful letters. We celebrate World Mosquito Day with some Mosquito poems. We Grow That Garden Library™ with a book that...


August 19, 2020 Michael Drolet’s Paris Apartment Design, National Potato Day, Jane Loudon, Ellen Willmott, Elizabeth Lawrence, Potato Poetry, Dahlias by Naomi Slade, and Ogden Nash’s Victory Garden

Today we salute the English orphan girl who wrote her own destiny with science fiction writing. We also remember the English gardener who is still ghosting us after many decades. We revisit a letter from Elizabeth Lawrence to her sister Ann. We'll celebrate National Potato Day with some Potato Poems. We Grow That Garden Library™ with a gorgeous book about Dahlias. And then we'll wrap things up with the birthday of a beloved American creator of light verse. But first, let's catch up on...


August 18, 2020 Houseplants and Air Quality, Benjamin Alvord, Olav Hauge, Ozaki’s Cherry Trees, the Camperdown Elm, World Daffodil Day, Dream Plants for the Natural Garden by Piet Oudolf and Henk Gerritsen, and the Cherokee Rose

Today we celebrate the Brigadier General, who described the Compass Plant. We'll also learn about the Norwegian poet who gardened and tended 70 apple trees. We remember the gift given to American by the Mayor of Tokyo. We also honor an extraordinary tree that was discovered on the estate of the first Earl of Camperdown. We'll celebrate World Daffodil Day with a Daffodil Poem. We Grow That Garden Library™ with a book called Dream Plants for the Natural Garden - it's a classic. And then...


August 15, 2020 Ground Cherries, Storm Damaged Garden, Karl von Schreibers, Elias Friesz, John Torrey, Walter Crane, Robert Bickelhaupt, National Relaxation Day, It's the Little Things by Susanna Salk, and Arthur Tansley

Today we remember the man who helped to establish the Natural History Museum in Vienna. We'll also learn about the Swedish botanist who specialized in mycology. We salute the American botanist who wrote the Calendarian - a marvelous phenological record. We also recognize a fanciful botanical illustrator who anthropomorphized flowers in his book. We honor a husband and wife team who created a magnificent arboretum in the middle of the country. We'll celebrate National Relaxation Day with...


August 14, 2020 Top Five Landscape Considerations, Saint Werenfrid's Day, the Liberty Tree, Letitia Elizabeth Landon, Forest and Stream, James Dickson, Ada Hayden, Audubon's Masterpieces by John James Audubon, and the 1975 Canning Lid Shortage

Today we celebrate a historic elm tree in Boston. And we remember the Romantic English poet who went by L.E.L. We'll also learn about the magazine that helped launch the National Audubon Society. We salute the Scottish nurseryman who elevated to the top echelons of British horticulture. We also remember the Iowa botanist who dedicated her life to protecting the vanishing prairie ecosystem. We celebrate the fleeting summer with some poetry. And, we Grow That Garden Library™ with a book...


August 13, 2020 The 10 Berries Birds Love, Peter Kalm, the Snowberry, Edward von Regal, Benedict Roezl, John Gould Vietch, Richard Willstätter, August by Maggie Grant, Not Your Mama's Canning Book by Rebecca Lindamood, and Albert Ruth’s Twinflower

Today we celebrate an early Swedish explorer of Niagara Falls. We'll also learn about a plant that Thomas Jefferson loved. We salute the Russian botanist who arranged plants by geography. We also recognize the Czech, who became the most famous collector of orchids in the world. And, we'll remember the lives of a British plant hunter and a German chemist. I've got a wonderful poem about August for you today. We Grow That Garden Library™ with a book about canning - the author says you'll...


August 3rd, 2020 Dahlias 101 by The Empress of Dirt, Joseph Paxton, Michel Adanson, Louise du Pont Crowninshield, Alwyn Howard Gentry, Katharine Stuart, Watermelon Poetry, From Garden to Grill by Elizabeth Orsini and Gallant Soldiers

Today we remember the busiest man in London. We'll also learn about the man honored by the Baobab tree. We salute a daughter of Winterthur, We also recognize a life cut short in the world of tropical botany. And we'll look back on a letter from one garden writer to another written on this day in 1961. We Grow That Garden Library™ with a book that puts your focus on the grill for preparing your garden harvest. And then we'll wrap things up with a story about Gallant Soldiers. But...


August 2, 2020 How to Brighten Up the Garden with Hollyhocks, Thomas Gainsborough, Hawaii’s First Potato, John Bartram, Wallace Stevens, August Weather Folklore, How They Decorated by P. Gaye Tapp and Charlotte Moss, and Andrea Brunsendorf’s Container

Today we remember the master landscape and portrait painter who grew up with a magnificent mulberry tree. We learn about the planting of the first potato in Hawaii, and the discovery of a tree named for Benjamin Franklin. We also remember the poet who was inspired not by his day job at an insurance company, but by a beautiful park that was across the street from his house. We review some August Weather Folklore - and all I have to say is you might want to grab your coat. We Grow That...


August 1, 2020 The Largest Seed in the World, Richard Savage, Charles Henry Bass Breck, Edwin Way Teale, Franklyn Hugh Perring, August Poems, In Bloom by Ngoc Minh Ngo, and the Origin of Plant Names

Today we celebrate an English poet who didn't want gardens to be monetized. We'll also learn about the 8th generation seedsman of a beloved Boston company. We remember the naturalist who followed the seasons up and down the country. We also recognize the exuberant botanist, who created the Dot Map. We welcome the new month with some poems about "the Queen of the Ripe Season" - August. We Grow That Garden Library™ with a book that was created by one of the world's best garden...


July 31, 2020 How To Grow A Mood-boosting Garden, Daniel Defoe, Mary Vaux Walcott, Richard Morris Hunt, Francis Ledwidge, Sydney Dylan Ripley, Outstanding American Gardens by Page Dickey, and National Avocado Day

Today we remember the beloved English writer who was punished for treason but adored with flowers. We'll also learn about the female botanical illustrator who is known as the "Audubon of botany." We celebrate the Dean of American Architecture. We also salute the "poet of the blackbirds." We honor the establishment of the horticulture program at the Smithsonian Gardens. In Unearthed Words, we say goodbye to July and hear some poems about the fleeting summer. We Grow That Garden Library™...


July 30, 2020 A Call to Decolonise Botanical Collections, Castor Bean, Emily Brontë, Ellis Rowan, the Arkansas State Flower, Alfred Joyce Kilmer, Natural Living Style by Selina Lake and Disney’s Flowers and Trees

Today we celebrate the author and poet who wrote some beautiful garden verses. We'll also learn about a magnificent Australian artist and botanical illustrator, and her art is now part of Australia's national library. We celebrate the selection of the State Flower for Arkansas - and the very cute story of how it came to be picked. We honor the life of the poet and WWI soldier who wrote what is probably the most popular poem ever about trees. We Grow That Garden Library™ with a book about...


July 29, 2020 Why Front Gardens Matter, Thomas Nuttal, Edith Coleman, Vincent Van Gogh, Beatrix Potter, Ryan Gainey, Tomato Poetry, Shrubs & Hedges by Eva Monheim and Charles Clemon Deam’s Beef with Honeysuckle

Today we remember the botanist who jumped in a birch bark canoe with Aaron Greeley and paddled to Mackinac Island 110 years ago today. We'll also learn about the woman who was a housewife until the age of 48 and then transformed into one of Australia's leading naturalists. We celebrate the artist who died today among his canvases of sunflowers. We also hear the letter Beatrix Potter wrote about her garden on this day in 1924. We honor the life of a marvelous landscape designer who died...


July 28, 2020 Thriving in Nature Guide, John Evelyn, Andrew Jackson Downing, Roger Tory Peterson, Women and the Garden, The Pollinator Victory Garden by Kim Eierman, and Bill Cullina’s 2011 garden

Today we celebrate the botanist and writer who published the first book about salad. We'll also learn about the horticulturist whose life was cut short on this day when the steamship he was on caught on fire and sank. We celebrate the man who helped generations of people fall in love with ornithology. We also hear some garden poetry that features women. We Grow That Garden Library™ with a book about creating a Pollinator Victory Garden by having a garden that is healthy, diverse, and...


July 27, 2020 Piet Oudolf Finds Solace in the Garden, Jeanne Baret, Horatio Hollis Hunnewell, Benjamin Lincoln Robinson, Hewett Cottrell Watson, William T. Hutchins, Silly Garden Poems, Rustic Garden Projects by Marianne Svärd Häggvik, and Bernadette Co

Today we remember the first woman to have circumnavigated the world. We'll also learn about the wealthy horticulturist who built a magnificent estate on the shores of Lake Waban. We celebrate the botanist who was the first editor of Rhodora, the New England Botanical Club's journal. We also salute the father of British plant geography. We honor the Reverend, who wrote two sweet little books for Burpee about sweet peas. Today's Unearthed Words feature some silly light-hearted poems about...


July 26, 2020 How to Grow Blueberries, Garden Self-Care in the Heat, Roland Hallet Shumway, George Bernard Shaw, Aven Nelson, July Folklore, Once Upon a Windowsill by Tovah Martin, and Winthrop Mackworth Praed

Today we remember a pioneering seedsman out of Rockford, Illinois, whose company became the world's largest mail-order seed company. We'll also learn about an Irish playwright and critic who had a unique writing hut in his garden. We recognize the botanist who botanized in Yellowstone for an entire summer. We also revisit some July Folklore in Unearthed Words. We Grow That Garden Library™ with a book about the History of Indoor Plants by one of my favorite authors. And then we'll wrap...


July 25, 2020 L.A. Music Producer Mark Redito, Cleome, Oxford Botanic Garden, William Forsyth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Charles Joseph Sauriol, Elizabeth Lawrence, Walt Whitman, Weeds by Richard Mabey, and A Case of Floral Offerings

Today we remember the founding of a garden that inspired the book Alice in Wonderland. We'll also learn about the botanist remembered with the Forsythia genus. We'll salute the Lake poet who likened plant taxonomy to poetry. We also revisit a diary entry about a garden visitor and a letter from a gardener to her sister. Today's Unearthed Words feature an excerpt from a July Afternoon by Walt Whitman. We Grow That Garden Library™ with a book about the unloved flowers as they have been...


July 24, 2020 Moss by Robert Miller, Benning Wentworth, Henry Shaw, Alexandre Dumas, Pigeon Peas, Chasing Eden by Jack Staub and Renny Reynolds, and the Dial-A-Garden-Tipline

Today we remember the man who brought Lilacs to America. We'll also learn about the man who created the Missouri Botanical Gardens, also known as "Shaw's Garden." We celebrate the French author, who exchanged his personal library for a lifetime supply of cantaloupe. We also look back at an article from 1938 and the topic was tropical peas. In Unearthed Words, we'll hear an excerpt from Vita Sackville-West. We Grow That Garden Library™ with a brand new book for 2020 about creating...


July 23, 2020 Garden Hose Love Hate, Mukdenia rossii 'Crimson Fans', St. Phocas, Frances Ropes Williams, John Goldie, Garden Poetry, Mister Owita's Guide to Gardening by Carol Wall, and Radish, Salmon, and Radish Green Salsa Verde Toasts

Today we remember a gardener who became a saint. We'll also learn about the woman remembered forever in the name of one of the world's most popular hostas. We celebrate the Scottish botanist who was the first to describe the Prairie Buttercup. We'll also hear some wonderful words about simply being in the garden. We Grow That Garden Library™ with a book about gardening and friendship in a heartwarming book from 2015. And then we'll wrap things up with a wonderful pesto recipe. But...


July 22, 2020 16 Drought-Tolerant Plants for Your Garden, Drying Flowers, Neil Muller, John Drayton Hastie, Louise Klein Miller, The Sleep of Seeds by Lucia Cherciu, Making More Plants by Ken Druse, and San Jose Scale

Today we remember the kind Harvard botanist who was a friend of Darwin. We'll also learn about the botanist who specialized in South American flora and found the Cinchona tree: the source of quinine. We salute the pioneer of the study of allelopathy - when one plant species releases chemical compounds that affect another plant species. We also recognize the man who transformed the springtime landscape at the beautiful Magnolia Gardens. We honor the first woman to attend Cornell...


July 21, 2020 Hosting a Garden Tour During COVID, Central Park, Maine State Flower, Edith Wilder Scott, Summer Poetry, Philosophy in the Garden by Damon Young, and Rose Care During Summer

Today we remember the creation of legislation that turned 778 acres of land into a beloved park in New York City. We'll also learn about the State Flower of Maine - it's the only floral emblem that does not produce a blossom. We salute the Swarthmore ("SWATH-more") College alumni and horticulturist who created a magnificent garden at their home known as Todmorden ("Todd-MORE-din"). We'll also read some poems that celebrate the new habits we cultivate in the summer. We Grow That Garden...