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The official home for audio programming from The Daily Gopher, SB Nation's community for fans of the Minnesota Golden Gophers.




Ski-U-Pahdcast - Ep 6.17: They murdered the Pahdcast

Friends, this is the final ever Ski-U-Pahdcast. After today, we’re hanging it up. No more Pahd. No more Great Takes. No more Minnesota Nice (though let’s be honest that one died about 4 seasons ago...RIP Woodchipper logo). Vox Media, aka The Mothership, has decided that they don’t want to pay for podcasts like our little slice of Minnesota talk anymore. A very large % of the SB Nation Network’s podcasts are getting axed. As much as we enjoy doing this, doing it at loss (we currently get a small stipend, but more importantly all the hosting fees are covered) isn’t something we can cover. And so it is with sadness in our hearts that we share with you the final Pahd. At least until Vox pivots back to podcasting in 3 years when they decide it’s worth the money again (probably when TikTok starts finding a way to incentivise it, don’t ask me how that’s possible social media is dumb and media companies are even dumber so they’ll find a way). We’ve loved doing this, and judging by the numbers at least some of you have enjoyed listening. Or maybe everyone just hate listened. We can’t be sure. We’re appreciative of your ears either way. This episode’s format is more free form. There will be no talk about basketball. Losing the Pahd is depressing enough. We talk about hockey (eventually) and that’s it. The rest is a version of what we call Pahdcast After Dark. Basically it’s the sort of free-wheeling convo we have always had with each other before/after recording an episode. The history of TGIFridays is discussed. We learn that Blake didn’t know that Cheers was set in Boston. Chris is accused of sabotaging the Pahd by not eating at Chili’s. We remember the time that Rutgers fans tried to cancel Andy on Twitter for saying their football team sucked. And that only covers about 15% of the episode’s content. Enjoy. Or not. Your opinion can’t save us (but we love you all the same). Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Ski-U-Pahdcast - Ep 6.16: National Signing Day

UStreet, gopherguy05, and Blake break down the highs of the Gophers' recruiting class, decide if the Midwest is a state of mind and if so is Kansas part of it, and preview the Bad Boy Mowers Pinstripe Bowl. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Ski-U-Pahdcast - Ep 6.15: The Axe is Still Here

The Pahd is in a joyous mood recapping the win over Wisconsin. UStreet, gopherguy05, and IowaGopher bask in the warm glow of a repeat Axe win, consider where Mo Ibrahim ranks among all time Gopher greats, discuss how we feel about going 8-4 as Gophers fan, and preview the Women's volleyball first and second round NCAA matchups. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Ski-U-Pahdcast - Ep 6.14: Black Friday Takes

A hearty and abundant thanks to all of you who listen to the Pahd every week. Hopefully you've recovered from spending too much money online (or from fighting people in the stores) and are ready for a new voice to join the Pahd. WhiteSpeedReceiver picks up the mic this week and we're glad to have him. We obviously had to talk about Iowa a little bit before getting into the Border Battle this weekend. WSR helps UStreet fill us in on what's up with the world of Gophers basketball. Andy gets us up to speed for hockey before WSR turns "Ask Blake a Hockey Question" on its head. And of course, PREDICTIONS. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Ski-U-Pahdcast - Ep 6.13: Bringing home the bacon

Welcome to Floyd Week everyone. We start by arguing over whether the Northwestern game was any good or not. We then assess whether the Gophers can avoid handing this weekend's game to Iowa via screwups. Someone makes me ask a QB controversy question, which I detest. We look at what if anything CBJ can do to get the Gophers winning without Jamison Battle. We celebrate the strong WBB freshman class while noting that without a post, they're still going to lose some really frustrating games. We preview two really big hockey matchups. And of course, PREDICTIONS. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Ski-U-Pahdcast - Ep 6.12: A Controversy Erupts in Pahdland

After a victory to retain the Broken Chair, the Pahd is filled with controversy over who will be the new host going forward with GoAUpher on vacation. UStreet, gopherguy05, and IowaGopher touch on the win at Nebraska, preview a probably not very fun game against Northwestern, and bask in the glow of victories in Men's and Women's basketball and hockey. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Ski-U-Pahdcast - Ep 6.11: Winning ugly is still winning

Hey hey! Look at that, the Gophers can still win football games! We reflect on Rutgers before turning our attention to Bugeaters from Lincoln. Most importantly, it's BROKEN CHAIR TROPHY WEEK! With basketball about to tip off, we ask Blake a bonus shootyhoops question before Andy breaks down the men and women hoops teams. With the hockey teams still making us (mostly) happy, we reflect on their weekends. In a surprise move, we see Blake achieve near perfection in "Ask Blake A Hockey Question" before we get to PREDICTIONS. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Ski-U-Pahdcast - Ep 6.10: Things are going great /sarcasm

Hey there Gophers fans. Are you as happy as we are? Things sure are going great, so let's talk about them. Football things? Great. Super. Neato. We've got the loss to Penn State. We've got a prediction from Blake that Minnesota will lose to a rutger. One of us is SUPER EXCITED (not) about the 2023 schedule already, which feels unnecessary in October of 2022 but that's how happy everyone is right now. And yes, we know things aren't negative in hockey, volleyball, and soccer and we talk about those good things too, but we're only human. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Ski-U-Pahdcast - Ep 6.09: Reality sets in after Illinois

Whooooooo boy. Getting smoked by Illinois (even a much improved, good Illinois team) has a way of bringing things into focus. We break down what's wrong with the Gophers, look at the state of the Big Ten West (have fun Illinois/Purdue), and reset our expectations for the rest of the season. Blake fails to convince anyone that Minnesota will win at Penn State with his preview, which we can always hope means a reverse jinx is in order. UStreet gushes about a recruit, which should tell you how monumental the verbal commitment of Dennis Evans is. And of course, we offer PREDICTIONS. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Ski-U-Pahdcast - Ep 6.08: A huge game in...ILLINOIS?

Welcome back from the bye week everyone! We carried over a little bit of B1G West talk, as Iowa and Brian Ferentz take offensive football to new depths. We look ahead to Illinois this weekend, a game I did not think was going to matter when I decided to drive to it. We celebrate the arrival of Alabama to the non-con schedule in a decade (we'll all be SO OLD). And we talk Volleyball and Hockey before getting to PREDICTIONS! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Ski-U-Pahdcast - Ep 6.07: Big Ten West Thoughts

What do the Gophers need to do with the rest of their season to be successful? That's what was on our mind as we recorded this week. Who are the biggest threats to Minnesota as they chase a B1G West crown and what games loom largest? We also delve into the madness in Madison, as we take in the sheer audacity of the Badgers making a bold in season coaching move. We round out the Pahd with recaps for the Olympic sports and HOCKEY, which is definitely a thing that is happening now that it's October. Also, we learn what UStreet does with a bye week. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Great Takes Less Filling - 6.04: Putrid against Purdue

Well that was a Homecoming game to forget. We do our best to explain what it was that we saw, which was hard to given the fact that the Gophers offense made us want to gouge our eyes out. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Ski-U-Pahdcast - Ep 6.06: A busy Homecoming week!

Things feel good. Minnesota is still undefeated, Michigan State stood no chance at all, and it's Homecoming! This week we cover A LOT on the Pahd, including: Laughing at many different foes, even those from America's Hat The launch of a Minnesota NIL Collective (hats off to Dinkytown Athletes) Being ranked in a dumb poll system is better than not being ranked Previewing Purdue PLEASE WEAR THE CORRECT COLOR TO THE HOMECOMING STRIPE OUT A smorgasbord of quick hitter questions Men's hockey preview Volleyball and golf in review PREDICTIONS! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Great Takes Less Filling - Ep 6.03: Michigan State was outmatched

Goodness. If you'd told me before the season that the Gophers would thoroughly outclass Sparty like that, I'd have been surprised. Now that we've seen what the Gophers can do for multiple weeks in a row (combined with knowing Michigan State has flaws) this feels much more on brand. We break down the absolutely thumping that Fleck and Co. delivered to Mel Tucker, including our Nektons of the week. We also try to understand why MSU fans were booing their team so much when it's not Mel Tucker's fault that his administration was stupid enough to guarantee him 95 million dollars. And we take a moment to look ahead to Purdue and Homecoming. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Ski-U-Pahdcast - Ep 6.05: Sparty No!

IowaGopher and gopherguy05 preview the upcoming MSU game. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Ski-U-Pahdcast - Ep 6.04: The Colorado Buffaloes are pretty tame

Please join us in thanking the rest of the Quadrangle of Hate for all of the laughter they provided the Pahd this week. Iowa is a Cyclone State, Wazzo throws up the W in Madison, and Scott Frost sealed his very expensive fate. Could you ask for anything more? With the fun out of the way, the Pahd looks ahead to an underwhelming Colorado team that should provide Minnesota with another easy win this Saturday. We discuss our expectations for the final non-conference game and gopherguy05 talks about how Volleyball and Soccer are doing. And of course, PREDICTIONS. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Great Takes Less Filling - 6.02: Breaking in the Leathernecks

Most points in a game for the Gophers since 2006. Third most total yards in a game in Minnesota history. Backups playing with over 6 minutes left in the 3rd quarter. A thriller this was not. But for a fanbase that has had to bite their nails through the non-con on more than one occasion this game was a welcome one. Smooth, tasty, and light. We lift our glasses to the Gophers as we reflect on our Nektons of the Week, what if anything one can take from a win over such a terrible opponent, and our thoughts as Colorado comes to town. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Ski-U-Pahdcast - Ep 6.03: Unlike Iowa, the Gophers don't need to fear a FCS foe

It almost feels like a bye week. I mean, what can you say about Western Illinois besides that they are overmatched? Blake does his best to fill us in, but before that we enjoy the moments from Week 1 that made us laugh (/waves at Iowa). We also look at our keys for Saturday's game against the Leathernecks. To close it out, Andy breaks down Minnesota Volleyball's hot start and their upcoming ranked opponents (yes, there are more of them). Also, PREDICTIONS! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Great Takes Less Filling - 6.01: A dominating home opener over NMSU

A non-conference opener with essentially no complaints from the TDG crew? That's the best way to spend your Thursday night. New Mexico State is bad, but GoAUpher and UStreet do their best to break down key takeaways from Minnesota's 38-0 win, including two special Nektons of the Week. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Ski-U-Pahdcast - Ep 6.02: Game week is here!

The Pahd doesn't feel like shaking anyone's hand. That's right. Your heard us. We're opposed to the most basic courtesies on a philosophical and moral level and want you, the fans, to know all about it. Coincidentally, it's also New Mexico State week! Can't imagine what those two have in common. We take time out of previewing NMSU to enjoy Nebraska's loss to Northwestern before breaking down the Aggies. Spoiler: They are not good, though you shouldn't assume that means Minnesota will blow them out (because we should know better than to assume the Gophers will blow anyone out in the non-con). We also make predictions for how the offense and defense will fare before recapping Volleyball's opening weekend sweep. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit