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STATE – DBP12 - The DakotaBall Podcast

Congrats to the Killdeer Cowboy's girls squad headed to state! I have been on the road due to some life changes - here is a quick update regarding the girls regionals and state tourney in 2018. To listen to the girls state B tournament visit I am also working on a brand new podcast series which is also related to small town basketball. Look for that in the coming months.


Paint it Black . . . and Orange – DBP 11 - The DakotaBall Podcast

In this episode the Cowboys of Killdeer travel to Glen Ullin North Dakota to play the GU/Hebron Lady Bearcats. We listen in, meet some new people and find out how the game goes. This episode of the Dakotball Podcast is brought to you in part by Dacotah Clayworks owned and operated by the award winning potter Robin Reynolds of Hebron North Dakota. f you would like to learn to make pottery using the raku technique, Dacotah Clayworks offers hands on workshops in two sessions for groups of 4...


Free Throws Like First Kisses – DBP 10 - The DakotaBall Podcast

In this episode we explore how to improve your free throw shooting without even leaving the comfort of your own bed. Also, a quick update on the standings around North Dakota as of January 25th, 2018.


Jamboree – DBP 09 - The DakotaBall Podcast

In this episode we travel to the Shiloh Christian Basketball Jamboree at the Bismarck Event Center. 16 girls teams and 16 boys teams made the journey in sub zero temperatures to enjoy 16 games of basketball indoors on Saturday January 13th. We meet 9 North Dakota basketball coaches and get their thoughts on dealing with parents, why free throws percentages seem to be dropping over the years, and many share their memories and thoughts of a North Dakota Basketball coach, the late Bob Waldal....


The Road to Minot – DBP 08 - The DakotaBall Podcast

This episode is made possible in part by The Dark Canoe Art Studio, run by Hebron, North Dakota artist Aron Anderson. Aron has won awards for his work including best of show and first place in the mixed media division at the 2017 Badlands art show, held annually in Dickinson, North Dakota. See sponsors for more info. Kicking off the girls' basketball season, this episode comes to you in three parts. Part I - Five year starter Kennedy Zuroff of the Glen Ullin/Hebron Lady Bearcats. Part II -...


Gwen Sebastian – DBP 07 - The DakotaBall Podcast

Meet country music singer-songwriter Gwen Sebastian. Gwen was born in Hebron, North Dakota, home of the dakotaball podcast. Gwen speaks out about growing up in this small Midwestern town, about playing basketball at Hebron High School , touring with Miranda Lambert, as well as about her appearence on 'The Voice' and her current life in Nashville Tennessee. Gwen's new album 'Once upon a time in the West' is coming on Nov 17th. She will be performing her 4th annual 'Home for the Holiday's'...


Kiana Schatz, A Lady Bearcat – DBP 06 - The DakotaBall Podcast

In Episode 6 we meet Kiana Schatz and her father Byron. Kiana is a returning starter on the Glen Ullin / Hebron lady bearcats basketball team. The lady bearcats were the Region 7 champions during the 2016 / 2017 season here in North Dakota. Kiana, Byron, community members, peers and other's share their thoughts on Kiana as a student, a basketball player and as a member of the local communtity. Go Bearcats!


EPIC EPPING – DBP 05 - The DakotaBall Podcast

EPPING 1977 In 1977 the tiny town of Epping North Dakota, with an enrollment of 22 students, placed 2nd at the North Dakota boys state B basketball tournament. This is their story. This episode is dedicated to the memory of number 42, Donnie Allard. View photos of the Epping Eagles here.


Cowboy Country – DBP 04 - The DakotaBall Podcast

This episode is sponsered by where the search for missing persons Kristin Joy Diede and Robert Michael Anderson continues. Check out for more information. From Donkey Basketball to Cowboy Poetry episode 4 introduces you further to Western North Dakota. Meet Ashlee Viveros coach of the Killdeer Cowboys girls basketball squad in Killdeer, North Dakota. Ashlee shares her thoughts on basketball, life in North Dakota and something called 'Donkey...


Lonely in a Crowd – DBP 03 - The DakotaBall Podcast

In episode three of the dakotaball podcast a well planned out roadtrip to discover and explore life in tiny towns in the Dakotas takes some unexpected and unplanned twists and turns as questions arise about alienation, belonging, acceptance, tolerance, assimilation and individuality. Music by The Tibor brothers of Hebron North Dakota and Jeffrey Barrie of Nashville. Golden Valley, ND Population 180 - Street View Hebron, ND school Population 750 Street View Turton, SD Population 45 Street...


Big dreams in small towns - The DakotaBall Podcast

EPISODE TWO In episode 2 we meet Angelo Pizzo, the creator of the movie Hoosiers. Angelo tells us about how the movie was researched as well as offers some advice to my own Glen Ullin / Hebron Lady Bearcats high school basketball team. We also meet Coach Bray Fox and talk about the girls basketball program in Glen Ullin/Hebron North Dakota. I was recently interviewed by North Dakota Public Radio about the podcast. If you are interested in listening to that interview you can do so here....


Starving on the Courts - The DakotaBall Podcast

EPISODE ONE Welcome to the first episode of The DakotaBall Podcast Coming to you from the vast and windy plains of North Dakota, this is The DakotaBall Podcast – an exploration into life in small towns and the phenomena of their dreams of big time, high school basketball. In Episode One, Starving on the Courts we hear from people who experienced high school basketball in the 1940s and 1950's before 30 second clocks, three point shots, and gatorade were invented. Produced by Everything...