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Welcome to the Home of the Empty Promise… Podcast A weekly podcast where two best friends shoot the shit, talking about games, tv, film, news and more. Brought to you by Xite Gaming

Welcome to the Home of the Empty Promise… Podcast A weekly podcast where two best friends shoot the shit, talking about games, tv, film, news and more. Brought to you by Xite Gaming
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Welcome to the Home of the Empty Promise… Podcast A weekly podcast where two best friends shoot the shit, talking about games, tv, film, news and more. Brought to you by Xite Gaming






85: Fantastic Human Feats - Aron Ralston & Juliane Koepcke

*** Timestamps Below *** Join us on episode 85 of the podcast where we astound ourselves with two stories of survival against all odds in our Fantastic Human Feats Series. First up was Aron Ralston who, after being pinned at the arm against a rock canyon by a boulder for five days, decided to take matters into his own hands (no pun intended) and do what most of us couldn't even fathom, in order to survive. Juliane Koepcke was only seventeen years o;d when she became the sole survivor of...


84: Bucket Lists - A 'Do Before You Die' Scenario

***TimeStamps Below *** "For Your Edification" After a two week hiatus due to some ill health, we reunited behind the mics and below the lights to stammer our way through episode 84. This week we discuss how to fall from the sky without a parachute and live! Joe Rogans 2020 presidential debate moderation campaign. Ninja joining Microsofts' 'Mixer' and revisit 'Storm Area 51' which appears to have died. Moving on from the news though, this week its all about Bucket Lists. We discuss some of...


83: Am I The Asshole? A Reddit discussion

*** Time Stamps Below *** This week on the podcast; We get hung up on milestones regarding our ages, discuss past cinema experiences and we learn some stuff about Sugar. We talk briefly about Comic Con 2019 (I know we're late) and speculate about a Gears of War Movie Starring Terry Crewes. The main topic this week sees us delve into Reddit and into the 'Am I The Asshole' thread. Trying our best to answer morally difficult and brutally dramatic questions from the thread some of which are...


82: Conspiracies -Area 51, Bob Lazar and Hidden Documents Leaked!

*** Timestamps Below *** This week with the public getting behind a supposed 'storming of Area 51' and Bob Lazar's Netflix documentary generating some heat, we decided it was the perfect time to dig a little deeper into the mystery surrounding the secretive government base in Nevada. What exactly is Area 51? Who is Bob Lazar and why is he convinced there are UFOs being reverse engineered in the compound? What do these secretive meeting notes leaked to the public through imgur have to do with...


81: How Much Do We Really Know? - The Empty Promise Quiz

This week on the podcast the guys are joined by Aaron as quiz master as they undertake a series of general knowledge questions to find out if they know just as much as they think they do about anything... and everything! D also gives the guys some stellar restaurant recommendations, there's news, happenings and general life talk all in episode 81 of the podcast.


80: Serial Killers - The Golden State Murderer

*** Mild Viewer Discretion is advised for this weeks topic *** This week on the podcast the guys catch up on all the news the world has had to offer over the past few weeks. From Piranha Executions, Leopard Killings and Airport Scanning Technologies to The latest from Loch Ness and Monster sightings. The guys do their best to briefly recap what caught their attention at this years E3 event and also discuss as usaual what games their sinking the hours into lately. D then takes us on a...


79: Champions League Final, Joshua Upset and Detective Pikachu

Bright and early on a Sunday morning, the guys got together for the latest podcast, so forgive them of their weariness and frequent brain farts as they discuss... The Champions League final, Anthony Joshua's shock upset, the Salem Witch Trials, Detective Pikachu and some silly random reddit shower thoughts! All in a weeks work


78: Conspiracies III - MK Ultra & The Osama Bin Laden Raid

*Apologies in advance - we had a slight technical issue with D's mic during his conspiracy. Was it our fault? Or is this too a conspiracy... We talk about the news to date, some interesting facts about forced perspective, movie news and all the usual nonsense. Conspiracies are back with MK Ultra and The Osama Bin Laden Death and we wrap up by discussing our weeks upon planet earth.


77: Endgame - Game of Thrones - Champions League Drama

After a long delay, the guys are back with a catchup episode of all the going ons from the last month. And its been a busy month! So make sure and listen to the thoughts, opinions and rants about Avengers Endgame, how the final season of Game of Thrones has been going and the crazy scenes in european football!


76: What Would Your Final Meal Be? - The Death Row Experience

This week on the Empty Promise Podcast, the guys chat about whats been happening, the fire at Notre Dame, a Champions League classic, and McDonald's war on plastic straws. Stick around and hear our Death Row picks, final meal, final book and final movie. It should be an in-depth look at our choices when facing our own mortality - its not. If you want to tell us your death row picks, or talk about literally anything else, contact us through: Twitter: @XiteGaming Facebook: @TeamXite Instagram:...


75: Downtime - Our perfect lazy days...

This week on the podcast, we talk about our perfect lazy sunday, nothing to do, without a care in the world. How would you spend it? Also catch up on the latest weird and wonderful news and random tidbits we have to offer.


74: Abducted in Plain Sight: You wont believe this...

This week on the empty promise podcast, the guys talk about the latest Netflix true crime sensation, Abducted in plain sight. An unbelievable case of kidnapping, which some parts you simply cannot believe happened


73: Fantastic Human Feats, And Where To Find Them - Apollo 13 and Touching the Void

Welcome back to another epsiode of the Empty Promise Podcast, where this week we are bringing you the first episode in a series of incredible stories of human will power, bravery and endurance in the most disasterous scenarios. Kicking things off we have the ill fated lunar mission Apollo 13 which suffered catastrophe over 200,000 miles from Earth, and the story of Joe Simpson who endured the harshest of conditions while mountain climbing in the Andes, bitterly cold, without food water, or...


72: Film Club: Watchmen - 10 years on

The Empty Promise podcast returns from its spring time hiatus, just in time for the 10 year anniversary of Zack Snyder's Watchmen. How does it hold up 10 years on, and will the upcoming TV show do the comic books justice. You can also catch up with Chris and D and all the many things they've been up to in the last month


71: Desert Island Survival - Are We Tough Enough?

Join us for the first podcast of 2019 as we discuss what we think it takes for us to survive on a desert island. D also tells another fascinating story and Chris milks a boar. ***Find the video version of the podcast on YouTube - Just search Empty Promise Podcast OR Xite Gaming


70: 2018: A Year in Review

We take a look back on the year that was 2018. From eating Tide Pods to the miraculous Thai Cave Rescue, we talk about the highlights and low lights of 2018.


69: Roswell, Area 51 and D.B Cooper - Conspiracy Theories II

Back with the Conspiracies this week. Roswell 1947 - What the hell happened. Whats being covered up and what exactly is area 51. D.B Cooper - Who was this enigmatic stranger who performed the only unsolved case of aviaition piracy, and more importantly, what happened to him?


68: Things Discontinued from our Childhoods | Minisode | Ep.68

With conflicting schedules this week, Chris sat down with his brother to briefly discuss the discontinued items from their childhoods. A much shorter episode in preperarion for part 2 of the Conspiracy Series coming next week.


67: Lets Ask Reddit

This week we sat down with all the news of the week. A man legally changing his age, Sex crazed tribes killing in the name of and Kanye and fellow celebs doing their bit for charity...But was it enough? Then we took to Reddit to pose eachother with some life changing questions and some down right nonsense.


66: Food Nightmares, Detective Pikachu and RIP Stan Lee

This week we talk about some of the worst eating experiences we've had, and some of our weird food vices. In the news we talk about the Detective Pikachu trailer, the Game Awards nominations and of course the sad passing of Stan Lee. *** Find the video version on YouTube! Search 'Empty Promise Podcast' or 'Xite Gaming' ***