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This is the only Fantasy Football Podcast you need, from the only unbeaten, undefeated, and unstoppable experts in fantasy sports history. YOU GIVE US 30 MINUTES, WE'LL GIVE YOU THE CHAMPIONSHIP.




This is the only Fantasy Football Podcast you need, from the only unbeaten, undefeated, and unstoppable experts in fantasy sports history. YOU GIVE US 30 MINUTES, WE'LL GIVE YOU THE CHAMPIONSHIP.








Season 2 Episode 1 - Welcome Back to Free Agency

You asked for it, and we're giving it. That's right folks, it's time for another DOMINATING season of the Fantasy Domination Podcast. Hosted by our heroes The Coach and Rusty, we're ready to bring you all the insight you need to DOMINATE your Dynasty leagues this year. In this season premiere, the boys talk about free agency and how it could change the landscape of the NFL and fantasy football in 2020. Where does Brady go? What do the San Diego Chargers (sorry, we just can't acknowledge...


Episode 22 - Namaste to Fantasy Championship Week

After missing last week's podcast due to The Coach's suicide watch (being upset in the first round of Alpha League playoffs will do that to a guy), our heroes are BACK to navigate the bloody waters that are Championship Week. The Coach and Rusty need a little therapy, but after that, it's time to help you DOMINATE and take home all the fantasy titles. Also, the NFL has passed Tom Coughlin by and he's a relic of a bye-gone era. Nobody is sad to see him go. You'll have no grievances with our...


Episode 21 - Circling the Toilet Bowl with the Dallas Cowboys

We think Jim Mora said it best when he said, "PLAYOFFS?!?!?!" That's right, it's fantasy playoff time, and who better than our heroes The Coach and Rusty to help you DOMINATE your fantasy playoffs. In this episode, we laugh at the Cowboys expense as we watch them lose to Mitchell Trubisky and the Chicago Bears and ponder what people would say about this team if it didn't have the Dallas name and the star. Would anybody care about a mediocre, choking, sub .500 team? In a perhaps related...


Episode 20 - Giving Thanks for Fantasy Football

It's Thanksgiving and our heroes The Coach and Rusty are back from an unexpected one week hiatus that saw them somehow end up in... Western New York for a Buffalo Bills game? Hear their harrowing tales of surviving poor tavern service, seemingly imminent death that turned into a pleasant surprise at an Irish-themed bar, and of course, a Buffalo Bills game. Also in this episode: the weekly fantasy rundown including a special look at the three Thanksgiving Day games, and The Coach and Rusty...


Episode 19 - The End of the QB Road?

Are we nearing the end of the vaunted 2004 QB draft class? Is the NFL setting up Colin Kaepernick to fail? Are these questions rhetorical? Find out a brand new episode the Fantasy Domination podcast!


Episode 18 - A Salute to the Veterans of Fantasy

It seemed like a classier title than "Rusty Hates the Indianapolis Colts and Is Glad They Lost". Our heroes The Coach and Rusty are back again with another episode of the Fantasy Domination Podcast. This week, Rusty is REALLY sore about losing in The Alpha League this week thanks to the Colts' injury reporting shenanigans on T.Y. Hilton. Add another NFL Coach to Rusty's Fat Pig Andy Reid Memorial NFL Coaching Crap List and another classic #RustyRant. On a more positive note, Coach and...


Episode 17: The Spooky Hallowe'en Spectacular

It's Hallowe'en and our heroes, The Coach and Rusty, are scared. Very scared. Scared of what might derail their fantasy seasons. Join us as we take you on a spooky journey full of ghouls, goblins, injuries, dumb coaching decisions, and other horrible fates that could spell your fantasy team's doom. No NFL team is safe, and you need to be ready. You give us 30 minutes, we'll give you the championship. And visions of ghosts even worse than Sam Darnold.


Episode 16: Skinny Pig Kliff Kingsbury

Our heroes, The Coach and Rusty, are back and Rusty is HOT over Kliff Kingsbury's David Johnson shenanigans this week. In addition to another #RustyRant, our hosts recaps some other key injuries from the week that was, and also preview the week to come. You give us 30 minutes, we'll give you the championship. And more reasons why Rusty should never visit Arizona again.


Episode 15: Pouring One Out for Mahomes

Or: Pat Go Splat Our heroes, The Coach and Rusty, are a little somber this week as they're recording this episode just after Patrick Mahomes' gut punch of a knee injury. They talk about that, and other quarterback situations around the league and what they mean for your fantasy team. And yes, The Coach does have a new potential team for Eli Manning to join, so there's that. Beyond QB talk, both The Coach and Rusty will give their one thought for each NFL game this week from a fantasy...


Episode 14: The Widowmaker

Our heroes, The Coach and Rusty, are back with more championship-winning advice for your dynasty leagues. It's Week 6, aka The Widowmaker, where teams with losing records will need to think hard about planning for next season and setting themselves up for the draft. Because if you can't be first, you want to be last. Also this week: Okay, NOW maybe we should panic about the Cleveland Browns. Plus, a look ahead to our top fantasy games of Week 6. You give us 30 minutes, we'll give you the...


Episode 13: Cuff Buddies

We're a quarter of the way into the season, and our heroes, The Coach and Rusty, are back once again to help you get out there and dominate. This week is another late recording so instead of looking back, they're looking forward to some of their most anticipated games of the week from a fantasy standpoint. This week also features a debate and examination of the practice of handcuffing in a segment we like to call "Cuff Buddies". You give us 30 minutes, we'll give you the championship. And...


Episode 12: Say it Ain't Saquon and the Week 3 Wrapup

Week 3 has come and gone, Saquon Barkley is hurt, and Rusty has a mouth infection that delayed the recording of the podcast. So The Coach and Rusty have some stuff to talk about this week! Our heroes break down The Return of Melvin Gordon, the emergence of Danny Dimes, and what to do about Barkley. You'll want to listen JUST to hear The Coach admit that he may have been wrong about something. Plus, the return of the Who Says No? and Panic of the Week. You give us 30 minutes, we'll give you...


Episode 11: Week 2 Recap - Panic! at the Miami Disco

Week two is in the books and has restored SOME sort of sanity to fantasy football. Well, besides that whole QB Apocalypse thing where we lost Big Ben, Drew Brees, and whatever the New Jersey Jets are trotting out at QB these days. That's why you need The Coach and Rusty more than ever to help you navigate the fantasy landscape. The week, our heroes break down Week 2, talk about who might be for real, the new young gun quarterbacks on the block, and more. Plus, it's the return of Panic of...


Episode 10: The Week One Panic

Week One is in the books, and if it was a good week for you, congratulations! If it wasn't, then our heroes The Coach and Rusty are here to talk you down from that ledge and remind you that it's only week one, and it's not time to panic... unless maybe you own Dante Pettis or Corey Davis. Or Antonio Brown depending what day it is. This episode talks about the week that was, and what it means for the season going forward. Plus, another scintillating instalment of Listener Questions! You...


Episode 9: Antonio Brown is a Knucklehead and Other Unfortunate Truths

The NFL season is finally upon us, and who better than The Coach and Rusty to guide you through what's happening as the 2019 season dawns. While suffering through an abomination of a season opener, our heroes talk about AB drama, RB drama, and TE drama. Okay, that last one was the conclusion of the Positional Tiers series, but it had plenty of drama. You give us 30 minutes, we'll give you the championship. Give us $30 million, and we'll wear whatever helmet you want.


Episode 8: WR Tiers, and the Colts Manning Renaissance?

Our heroes, The Coach and Rusty, dive once again into the wonderful world of Dynasty Fantasy Football. The Colts are all out of Luck, and that has a bit of an affect on this week's Wide Receiver Tiers episode. Also, is it time to revisit the glory days and see Manning playing QB for the Colts again? If you're The Coach it sure is. SPOILER ALERT: It's not who you think! You give us 30 minutes, we'll give you the championship. And if you get extra, that's just more awesome for everyone.


Episode 7: RB Tiers

The Coach and Rusty are back from vacation and ready to get back into things. This week, preseason is heating up, so it's time to look at more of our heroes' unique tiers, this time for Running Backs. Where will podcast favorite Leonard Fournette end up? You'll have to listen to find out! You give us 30 minutes, we'll give you the championship. And an extra 15 minutes, especially when there are lots of running backs to cover.


Episode 6: QB Tiers and QB Tears

The Coach and Rusty are BACK with another scintillating episode of the Fantasy Domination Podcast. In this episode, our heroes discuss the possibility of an 18 week NFL season and what that might mean for fantasy players. It also marks the beginning of our series on Dynasty positional tiers, starting with the Quarterbacks. It starts well, then goes to hell in a handbasket once Eli Manning is brought into play. You give us 30 minutes, we'll give you the championship. And if your podcast...


Episode 5: Mailbag Domination

We've got mail! On this Episode, our heroes The Coach and Rusty dive into the mailbag and answer listener questions around roster strategy and individual players. When should you start rebuilding? Is it ever too early to start trading in your dynasty league? What 3rd year receivers are poised to have the stereotypical breakout? How far would you go to acquire a dynasty lottery ticket on the cheap? Kareem Hunt Far? TYREKE HILL FAR? All these questions and more, answered. You give us 30...


Episode 4: Party Like It's 1999

Rather than obsess over 6th round rookie wide receivers "lighting it up" in mandatory minicamps against scrub-level talents, our heroes The Coach and Rusty instead hop in The Wayback Machine and take us on a trip down memory lane to the glorious fantasy football season known as 1999. Besides learning that fantasy football was a different game back then, we also learn that Rusty can't remember anything about pop culture from that time because he was too busy winning fantasy football titles,...