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Fantasy Joes 61: Who will be next year’s Tyler Boyd? (Mini Show Dynasty Stashes)

Which player will come out of nowhere and be next year’s Tyler Boyd? In this “mini” episode, the Fantasy Joes throw out some possibilities as they get into some of their favorite dynasty stashes. Players discussed include Deon Cain, Ryan “Nick” Switzer, Chris Warren, Taywan Taylor, Mike Gesicki, Justin Watson, and more. You can find the Fantasy Joes on Twitter: Trey is @TreyBarrett, Will is @fantasyjoe_will, and Ryan is @RotoLibrarian. You can also follow the show on Twitter @ffjoes. Help us...


Fantasy Joes 60: Misses like Mason Crosby...players we were wrong about

Just like Mason Crosby missed several kicks last Sunday, we missed on some of our preseason calls as well. What guys have been huge so far in 2018 that we didn’t see coming back in August? What guys did we expect good things from that haven’t come through so far? Why were we wrong about these guys, and what lessons did we learn to improve our process in the future? And what are the actionable takeaways? The Joes discuss several players including JuJu, Drake, Lamar Miller, and more! Plus, the...


Fantasy Joes 59: Fantasy Joes Uncut, Earl Thomas Middle Finger Edition

Ever wonder what the Fantasy Joes discuss on their weekly Patreon shows? Well, wonder no more! This week the Joes are putting out their weekly "Fantasy Joes Uncut" Patreon show for all to enjoy! This episode features trade talk, DFS advice, dynasty strategy, and spicy takes for Week 5. Don’t have time to listen to all the segments? Just skip around the show using the guide below: NFL Scoring and RB1 values (1:48) Mitchell Trubisky Moment and Earl Thomas Middle Finger of the week (7:53)...


Fantasy Joes 58: Early Season Buy Targets

We are three weeks into the season, and there is no time to sit back and admire your perfect 3-0 start, nor is there time to give up hope about your team that started 0-3. It is time to be active! On this episode, the Fantasy Joes identify several guys to go out and target in order to improve your team! No, you probably can’t afford Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas, and even if you could, their current owners probably aren’t selling. However, there are several guys that can help your team...


Fantasy Joes 57: If I could turn back time...regrets and dynasty lessons learned

Even though we are just two weeks into the regular season, the Fantasy Joes have learned a few lessons they feel they have learned that can be applied to your dynasty leagues. The Joes get into the importance of depth on your bench, trusting your process over a diversification strategy, and so much more! Become a better dynasty owner and don’t make the same mistakes as the Joes! Also, the Joes discuss a great buy low RB no one seems to be talking about and give their Hot, Bold, and Spicy...


Fantasy Joes 56: You Make the Call Overreaction Week Edition

Week 1 is in the books and the Fantasy Joes are here to give their opinions on how you should be reacting to what we saw (spoiler alert, the key takeaway is don’t overreact!). Players discussed include Amari Cooper, Sammy Watkins, Royce Freeman, Phillip Lindsay, Matthew Stafford, Leonard Fournette, Zeke, DJ, and Chris Hogan. Plus, the Joes give their Hot, Bold, and Spicy Takes for Week 2 of the NFL season. You can find the Fantasy Joes on Twitter: Trey is @TreyBarrett, Will is...


Fantasy Joes 55: Uncut and Unedited 2018 Supersized Season Kickoff Show!!!

Get pumped for the start of the 2018 NFL season with this special uncut and unedited Fantasy Joes 2018 Supersized Season Kickoff Show!!! On this episode, there is so much fantastic discussion about the players that will have the greatest impact on the success of your fantasy football teams in 2018. Topics/players discussed include: Khalil Mack (just an FYI, if you want to turn this episode into a drinking game, just drink whenever Khalil Mack is mentioned) Tears for Jerick McKinnon and...


Fantasy Joes 54: Joes' Bros with Jordan McNamara

On this episode, Jordan McNamara @McNamaraDynasty joins the Fantasy Joes to discuss Joes’ Bros! These are the players that the Joes are putting all their poker chips on in 2018 as guys that will exceed their ADP / market value and give you the edge you need to win your fantasy football leagues. Discussed on the show: Pre-order Jordan’s book The Analytics of Dynasty prior to September 1 by clicking here and get an exclusive one-on-one dynasty strategy session with Jordan! Check out Jordan’s...


Fantasy Joes 53: John Bosch talks auction strategy and buying/selling injured studs

John Bosch joins the Fantasy Joes to discuss the beauty of auctions and strategies for how successfully navigate an auction. Prior to getting into the auction discussion, John and the Joes discuss the best strategies for buying and selling injured dynasty assets such as Derrius Guice. Plus, Will raps and the frogs of the Florida Panhandle crash the show! You can find the Fantasy Joes on Twitter: Trey is @TreyBarrett, Will is @fantasyjoe_will, and Ryan is @RotoLibrarian. You can also follow...


Fantasy Joes 52: Dynasty Startup Superflex Mock Draft, Part 2

It’s Part 2 of the Fantasy Joes Dynasty Startup Superflex Mock Draft! If you missed Part 1, you can check it out first here, but you’ll get a quick recap on what happened the first part of the draft at the start of the show if you just want to dive in with this episode. This episode will once again provide you with a glimpse into the head of each Joe as they talk through their thought process and the strategies they employ during startup drafts. Also, the Joes discuss lessons learned from...


Fantasy Joes 51: Dynasty Startup Superflex Mock Draft, Part 1

If you are anything like us, you might just be squeezing in a new league (or seven) before the NFL season starts. The Fantasy Joes team up to do a Dynasty Startup Superflex Mock Draft, and this episode provides you with a glimpse into the heads of each Joe as they talk through their thought process and strategies they employ during a startup draft. Join the Joes for this episode, as this draft gets pretty wild and the path the Joes use to attack this draft is quite unexpected! A special...


Fantasy Joes 50! Featuring #DynastyTrades with the one and only Ryan McDowell!

Can you believe it, the Fantasy Joes are at fifty episodes! Joining them on this special 50th podcast is a guest that needs no introduction, the great Ryan McDowell! The Joes talk to Ryan about the start of training camps and Josh Gordon before getting into a #DynastyTrades (as seen on Twitter) game. Trades discussed include Amari Cooper for Allen Robinson, Tyreek Hill for CMC, and Fournette for Sammy Watkins, Fitz, and a 2019 1st, and two Superflex trades involving multiple pieces. To end...


Fantasy Joes 49: Cleveland Browns Hype Show (Part 2) with Tim a few Hot, Bold, & Spicy 2018 Takes!

Part 2 of the Fantasy Joes conversation with Tim Torch (@TimNFL) of,, and USA Today’s @brownswire gets into David Njoku, a (somewhat dated) conversation about Josh Gordon, Sammy Watkins versus Jarvis Landry, the right time to target buying Antonio Callaway, and how we should treat Corey Coleman. Plus, the Joes begin their countdown of their Hot, Bold, & Spicy Takes for the 2018 season! Tim, being true to his last name, gives one that will melt your face off! You...


Fantasy Joes 48: Cleveland Browns Hype Show (Part 1) with Tim Torch

Tim Torch @TimNFL of,, and USA Today’s @brownswire joins the Fantasy Joes to talk about the Cleveland Browns, and it seems like everybody is buying into the Cleveland Browns hype except Will (22:15). But first, Tim and the Joes discuss the Le’Veon Bell situation in Pittsburgh, and the Joes have some really strong feelings about it. And, of course, SFB8 is discussed, with the Joes reminding everyone that missed out this year that they should enter into the Fantasy...


Fantasy Joes 47: 2018 NFL offenses we are excited about and why, “You Make the Call!” SFB8 edition, and announcing the Fantasy Joes Bowl (#FJB1)!

The Fantasy Joes are joined by Caleb Pierson, writer for FFD260, to discuss the 2018 NFL offenses the Joes are most excited about and why. The Joes also introduce a new segment, “You Make the Call”, which examines what choice you should make when faced with a tough decision between players you value the same when on the clock in a draft. This is a SFB8 edition, but the conversation should have some value to you in other leagues as well, including the just announced Fantasy Joes Bowl! The...


Fantasy Joes 46: Lessons learned from a 2018 dynasty startup done in 2017...and #SFB8 is finally here!

The Fantasy Joes are back in full force with Will’s return! On this episode, the Joes discuss the lessons they learned from reviewing the results of a 2018 dynasty startup draft...that they did back in June of 2017 (it starts at the 19:30 mark if you want to skip the #SFB8 talk). From successes (like Trey grabbing Todd Gurley, Keenan Allen, AND DeAndre Hopkins in the 2nd round) to failures (like Ryan drafting Corey Davis in the 1st and Dez in the 2nd, doh!), hear the Joes discuss the major...


Fantasy Joes 45: Talking #DynastyTrades with Peter Overzet and the Bad Boys of Dynasty with The Manz

Peter Overzet, host of Fantasyland, the amazing podcast from RotoViz, joins the 2/3rds of the Fantasy Joes (where are you Will?) to talk about some #DynastyTrades. Not to be outdone, The Manz himself crashes the party to discuss with the Joes the “bad boys” of the NFL and how to value them in Dynasty. Mentioned on the show: Fantasyland by RotoViz - Everything You Didn’t Know You Wanted to Know About Fantasy Sports You can find the Fantasy Joes on Twitter: Trey is @TreyBarrett, Will is...


Fantasy Joes 44: Uncut (sort of), Unedited (-ed), and (somewhat) unscripted (or 26 year-old WRs, the Joes rookies, and a Saquon song)

All too often, some of the best discussions the Fantasy Joes have never make the podcast. This minimally edited episode gives you a behind-the-scenes listen into what these conversations are like. From a brief discussion of a 2018 startup dynasty mock draft the Joes did back in the summer of 2017, to a “How well do you know 26-year-old WRs” game, to the world premiere of “Hey There Saquon” (at the 1 hour and 12 minute mark...saving the worst, er, I mean best for last), this episode is full...


Fantasy Joes 43: Great Summer Value Buys

On this episode, the Fantasy Joes discuss a number of guys they think represent great summer value buys in dynasty. These are players to target right now that the Joes think are a tremendous value. This is actionable advice...rookie drafts may be over, and we may still be months away from real football, but there is no reason to not be proactive in making your dynasty teams better! You can find the Fantasy Joes on Twitter: Trey is @TreyBarrett, Will is @fantasyjoe_will, and Ryan is...


Fantasy Joes 42: Players we really love that we hope we are wrong about

The Fantasy Joes discuss some players they love, but feel they are getting overhyped and/or overvalued as we head deeper into summer. There isn’t a consensus on all of these players among the Joes, so there is plenty of healthy debate on this episode! Players discussed include JuJu, Allen Robinson, and Mike Gesicki. Plus, find out if any of the Fantasy Joes have ever pulled a Kareem Hunt and punched a dude at an Ohio’s a show you don’t want to miss! You can find the Fantasy Joes...