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Fantasy Joes 43: Great Summer Value Buys

On this episode, the Fantasy Joes discuss a number of guys they think represent great summer value buys in dynasty. These are players to target right now that the Joes think are a tremendous value. This is actionable advice...rookie drafts may be over, and we may still be months away from real football, but there is no reason to not be proactive in making your dynasty teams better! You can find the Fantasy Joes on Twitter: Trey is @TreyBarrett, Will is @fantasyjoe_will, and Ryan is...


Fantasy Joes 42: Players we really love that we hope we are wrong about

The Fantasy Joes discuss some players they love, but feel they are getting overhyped and/or overvalued as we head deeper into summer. There isn’t a consensus on all of these players among the Joes, so there is plenty of healthy debate on this episode! Players discussed include JuJu, Allen Robinson, and Mike Gesicki. Plus, find out if any of the Fantasy Joes have ever pulled a Kareem Hunt and punched a dude at an Ohio’s a show you don’t want to miss! You can find the Fantasy...


Fantasy Joes 41: Salary Cap Talk with Dan Meylor

Dan Meylor @dmeylor22 from DLF joins the Fantasy Joes to talk salary cap. Whether you are completely new to the concept of a salary cap league or a seasoned veteran, you’ll want to listen in as Dan, one of the biggest proponents of salary cap leagues in the Dynasty community, share his deep knowledge about the salary cap format. From mistakes for new owners to avoid to listening to Dan’s thought process as he evaluates salary cap trades from #DynastyTwitter, you don’t want to miss this...


Fantasy Joes 40: The Joes’ Pros, players we believe in. Plus, a #DynastyTwitter game!

The Fantasy Joes plant flags this week on their “Joes’ Pros”, players they are buying that they believe will be significant fantasy performers in 2018 and beyond. The Joes also share players they don’t believe in that you might want to considering selling sooner rather than later. Also, Trey and Will face off against each other in a #DynastyTwitter game. And, the Joes make perhaps their first official “Grab Bag of Shame” bet in show history! You can find the Fantasy Joes on Twitter: Trey...


Fantasy Joes Episode 39: Narrative Street...The Good, The Bad, and the Joey

This is the time of year when you hear the same narratives over and over again about certain players and why or why not they’ll be successful in 2018 and beyond. Is Sony Michel someone to avoid drafting since “you can never trust a New England running back”? Should we be afraid of Rashaad Penny because, you know, he will be “running behind a horrible offense line” in Seattle? Royce Freeman absolutely “landed in the perfect landing spot” in Denver, correct? The Fantasy Joes act as a GPS to...


Fantasy Joes 38: Late Round Superflex Rookie Mock Draft Assessment and Strategy with Jordan McNamara (@McNamaraDynasty)

Ask and ye shall receive! Listeners were disappointed we didn’t dive into the later rounds of the Superflex Rookie Mock Draft on last week's episode. So, this week we are doing just that! And, the Joes are joined in this effort by none other than Jordan McNamara (@McNamaraDynasty), co-host of the UTH premium podcasts and contributor at Jordan doesn’t only offer his assessment of these later round picks, but also serves up some great late round rookie draft strategy that...


Fantasy Joes 37: Dynasty Superflex Rookie Mock Draft

The 2018 NFL Draft is over, so now we are into the rookie draft season for our dynasty leagues! The Fantasy Joes recruited nine of their favorite dynasty league mates to participate in a 12 team dynasty superflex rookie mock draft. On this episode, the Joes recap all the picks of the first two rounds and discuss their thoughts on these players and how they will be approaching their dynasty superflex rookie drafts. Who do the Joes like as their #1 QB of this rookie class? How do they rank...


Fantasy Joes Drafterparty Special: Day 2

The Fantasy Joes are joined by some of their favorite people in the dynasty community (@EmpireFFL, @TylerGheeNFL, @DFFShane, @McNamaraDynasty, @NFLdrafthub, and @pahowdy) for their 2018 Day 2 NFL Drafterparty! We attempt to pick up the pieces after a Day 2 of the NFL Draft that really didn’t give us many favorable dynasty landing spots. We discuss who should be the 1.02 in your dynasty rookie drafts, run through a 1QB league rookie mock draft, and run through a Superflex league rookie mock...


Fantasy Joes Drafterparty Special: Day 1

The Fantasy Joes are joined by some of their favorite people in the dynasty community (Jake Anderson, Peter Howard, Paul Perdichizzi, and Nick Whalen) for their 2018 Day 1 NFL Drafterparty! This originally aired on YouTube Live Thursday night after the draft and is completely unedited and uncut, so the sound quality might not be the best at times. But you can’t beat the great discussion and content! Join us live on YouTube for our Drafterparty Special Day 2 on Friday night after the draft...


Fantasy Joes 34: Matt Harmon talks 2018 rookie wide receivers, Next Gen Stats, and more!

The 2018 NFL Draft is this week! How should we approach this 2018 rookie wide receiver class with no true consensus on who are the best dynasty targets? This week we have on special guest Matt Harmon (@MattHarmon_BYB), creator of the Reception Perception and writer/editor for, who will tell us what dynasty strategy we might want to consider with these rookie wide receivers. The Joes also discuss with Matt the state of the wide receiver position in today’s NFL, NFL Next Gen Stats,...


Fantasy Joes 33: Matt Waldman (Part 2) discusses some of his 2018 Rookie Rankings (even though rankings in general suck) and more!

Special guest Matt Waldman @MattWaldman, staff writer for Football Guys and the creator of the Rookie Scouting Portfolio, joins the Fantasy Joes in this second part of a two part episode! On this episode, the Joes discuss with Matt some of his 2018 rookie rankings (even though rankings suck), just truly how much landing spot and draft capital should impact your 2018 rookie rankings (by the way, did we mention that rankings suck?), which player in this draft class lands more stiff arms than...


Fantasy Joes 32: Matt Waldman (Part 1) discusses his RSP and dynasty buy candidates heading into 2018

Special guest Matt Waldman @MattWaldman, staff writer for Football Guys and the creator of the Rookie Scouting Portfolio, joins the Fantasy Joes in the first part of a two part episode! On this episode, Matt discusses in depth his process for developing the RSP, lessons he's learned over the years, and some dynasty buy candidates heading into 2018. He even plays an impromptu game of "Am I older than Calvin Ridley?" Make sure you check out Part 2 of the Joes conversation with Matt Waldman,...


Fantasy Joes 31: Paul Perdichizzi of Saturday2Sunday Football talks undervalued and overvalued 2018 rookies and more!

We are less than three weeks away from the 2018 NFL Draft! We continue to get ready this week with special guest Paul Perdichizzi @paulie23ny, co-owner and co-host of the Saturday2Sunday Football Podcast @s2sfootball. Paul joins the Joes to talk 2018 rookies with a sprinkle of devy talk and reaction to the Brandin Cooks trade. You can find the Fantasy Joes on Twitter: Trey is @TreyBarrett, Will is @fantasyjoe_will, and Ryan is @RotoLibrarian. You can also follow the show on Twitter...


Fantasy Joes 30: Am I older than Calvin Ridley / You down with ADP?

The Fantasy Joes are at full force this week with Will’s return! In this episode, the Joes discuss Carlo Hyde’s age (0:54), Ryan and Trey face off against each other in the game “Am I older than Calvin Ridley?” (3:00), and the Joes discuss if they agree with Dynasty Twitter when comparing the value of players with similar ADP (13:09). You can find the Fantasy Joes on Twitter: Trey is @TreyBarrett, Will is @fantasyjoe_will, and Ryan is @RotoLibrarian. You can also follow the show on Twitter...


Fantasy Joes 29: Under the Radar Pro Day Performances and Post-Free Agency Actionable Advice

Minus a sick Joe, Ryan and Trey talk about two outstanding pro day performances from a couple of really intriguing guys flying under the radar right now that you’ll probably be able to get late in your rookie drafts. After that, the Joes identify players you should strongly consider acquiring that have increased in dynasty value post-free agency frenzy. You can find the Fantasy Joes on Twitter: Trey is @TreyBarrett, Will is @fantasyjoe_will, and Ryan is @RotoLibrarian. You can also follow...


Fantasy Joes Episode 28: Bradley Ylitalo talks 2018 rookies and the NFL Draft. Plus, Free Agency Frenzy!

Bradley Ylitalo (@NFL_drafthub) joins the Fantasy Joes to discuss the 2018 NFL Draft and his assessment of the incoming 2018 rookie class. The Joes discuss the major events that have happened with free agency this week. There is so much discussed in the episode, you won't want to miss the fun, check it out! Also, the Fantasy Joes have launched a weekly video series exclusive to YouTube this week! Check it out at Help us get better by...


Fantasy Joes Episode 27: “And the Barkley goes to…” It’s our 2018 NFL Combine Awards Show!

In honor of Saquon Barkley breaking the 2018 Underwear Olympics, the Fantasy Joes are awarding the first ever NFL Combine Awards...the Barkleys! Who will go home with a Barkley? Who will go home brokenhearted? The Joes discuss their favorite NFL Combine moments, performances, interviews, tweets, surprises, and so much more! Plus, the Joes speculate how the 2018 NFL Draft might unfold for the Cleveland Browns, throw out a suggestion for a dynasty buy low WR before the start of free agency,...


Fantasy Joes Episode 26: Rookie Superflex Mock Draft (and some early NFL Combine talk!) with Special Guest Tim Torch (Part 2 of 2)

The Joes are once again joined by special guest Tim Torch (@TimNFL) to wrap up their early, pre-combine, rookie superflex mock draft! The Joes discuss with Tim his thoughts on some of the early news from the 2018 NFL Combine, Will recounts his past encounters with Akrum Wadley’s “powerful” hands, Trey plants a flag on one of his 2018 rookie RB favorites, and Ryan is buying into the Twitter hype on a certain Maryland WR. All this, and much more, in this episode! Help us get better by...


Fantasy Joes Episode 25: Rookie Superflex Mock Draft with Special Guest Tim Torch (Part 1 of 2)

The Joes are joined by special guest Tim Torch (@TimNFL) for an early, pre-combine, rookie superflex mock draft! Which one of the many intriguing QBs in this draft class does Tim think is the best? Why should you consider taking running backs in rookie drafts over wide receivers? And why is Calvin Ridley so darn old anyway? All this, and much more, in this episode! This show is sponsored by Fantasy Gambit. Fantasy Gambit is a new app that searches fantasy podcasts for takes on the players...


Fantasy Joes Episode 24: Dynasty Crushes

To celebrate Valentine’s week, the Fantasy Joes equate some of their favorite crushes pre-marriage days with their equals in Dynasty. Whether the Joes are talking dynasty cougars (like Larry Fitzgerald), dynasty bad girls (like pretty much all of the Cincinnati Bengals offensive skill position players), or dynasty nerdy girls from the Omega Mu of NFL franchises (Duke Johnson, Jr.), this episode is sure to extend the love for some of your favorite dynasty players well beyond Valentine’s...