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Football Date Night Week 10: What the Hell Happened to the Eagles?

On this episode of Football Date Night, Melissa and Dave try and diagnose the Eagles' woes. They also try to make sense of a confusing NFC East. Dave beams about his Chicago Bears and compares Mitch Tribusky to an unlikely QB. Then Dave and Melissa finish by discussing the Patriots stunning loss to the Titans, and whether or not the NFL world is prepared for a possible Tom Brady regression. Bonus: Dave does his best Carrie Underwood impression. The Timeline: 1:20: Melissa and Dave discuss...


Calling Joe Horn

Last Sunday Saints WR Michael Thomas celebrated a late TD against the Rams in shocking fashion, by emulating Joe Horn’s infamous flip-phone celebration of 15 years ago. Horn joins Melissa this week for a wide-ranging conversation that showcases the former Saints WR’s unique mindset. Among the topics discussed: the meaning of Thomas’s homage, why he would kneel during the anthem, how he believes the NFL has mishandled cases of DV, the physical ramifications of playing and so much more. Before...


Football Date Night Week 9: Going on a GOAT Strike

On this Week 9 episode of Football Date Night, Melissa and Dave close the barn door on all this GOAT talk and recount an exciting Sunday of football. Here’s a breakdown: 1:00 - Melissa is sick of GOATs, but intrigued by goat yoga. Dave doesn’t quite understand the appeal. 3:00 - The duo discuss the Packers deficiencies, starting with their head coach and his bland, vanilla offense. 5:00 - Dave explains why it's impossible to argue Brady is not the GOAT. But Rodgers is like Dominique Wilkins...


Inside 'Carruth' with Scott Fowler

This week Melissa welcomes Charlotte Observer sports columnist and the reporter/host behind "Carruth," Scott Fowler. Fowler details the magnificent reporting that became a seven-part serialized podcast about one of the most disturbing criminals in sports history, Rae Carruth. (Quick primer for those unaware: Carruth, a former no. 1 overall pick for the Panthers, hired a hitman to murder his pregnant girlfriend because he didn't want to pay child support.) The child survived, albeit with...


Football Date Night Week 8: From Worst to First

On the Week 8 episode of Football Date Night, Dave and Melissa rejoice about their son’s first NFL game experience (5:00) and the Chicago Bears’ abrupt turnaround from last to first place in the NFC North after beating the Jets (well, just Dave for the second part). Dave explains why Mitch Trubisky has finally won over Bears fans and their defense got their groove back (7:00). Melissa’s gives some love to Cam Newton, who she sees as under-appreciated and still in his prime (10:20). The duo...


ESPN's Dianna Russini on the Art of Breaking News

Melissa opens the show by analyzing a report that Derek Carr has lost the Raiders locker room after he shed some tears in the Raiders-Seahawks game. Whether true or not (Carr denies he cried), the NFL’s skewed definition of toughness needs some serious adjustment. This week’s featured guest ESPN NFL Reporter Dianna Russini joins to discuss a slew of hot button NFL issues including the big Cowboys-Raiders trade, who may emerge from the NFC East, whether Pat Mahomes will regress and her...


Football Date Night Week 7: Silver Linings Patsbook

On this episode of Football Date Night, Melissa consoles Dave (again) on (another) Bears loss but offers up a couple silver linings to ease his pain (2:30). Dave gives his thoughts on why the Bears defense has flatlined but why the arrow is still pointing up (6:00). Melissa explains why the Panthers were winners this week and stumps Dave on what Cam Newton’s new superhero nickname should be (7:45). Melissa and Dave then have a spirited debate on the proper pronunciation of the Atlanta...


The Worst Kind of Losing; The Athletic's Lindsay Jones

Scene: Monday Night Football at Lambeau Field Date: Monday, duh Who: Aaron Rodgers What: Fate Melissa talks about the 49ers’ dejecting loss on Monday Night Football (1:17) and examines which type of losing is worse: a blowout or just falling short. She also notes some of the NFL’s most devastating losses in recent years and the common thread they all hold (7:57). Then The Athletic’s Lindsay Jones joins from the NFL Owners Meetings to break down the Broncos’ woes (17:02) and the only scenario...


Football Date Night Week 6: QBs Brock Out

Week 6 in the NFL was quote the departure for Melissa and Dave, It was the worst of times for Dave as the Chicago Bears lost in painful fashion. Melissa enjoyed a minor victory as beloved ex-49ers Frank Gore, Alex Smith and Vernon Davis had strong days. The duo whipped around all the Week 6 Sunday action and discussed the greatness of Tom Brady, the Cowboys' bounce back, Jalen Ramsey's brutal bout of speechlessness, ageless wonder Philip Rivers, roughing the passer, and much more. Follow...


All Hail Drew Brees; State of the NFL in London

Melissa opens the show with a LONG overdue appreciation of Drew Brees (1:00) and ponders where Brees winds up in the pantheon of modern QBs (Because how can you compare him to Y.A. Tittle?) (6:42) Then Melissa welcomes Alistair Kirkwood, the Managing Director of NFL UK for a deep dive into all things NFL and London. Kirkwood starts by breaking down the demographics of UK fans, including females, which are far different from American NFL fans (13:30). He also addresses the challenge of...


Football Date Night Week 5: A Tale of Two Coaches

On this episode of Football Date Night, Melissa and Dave celebrate their anniversary early by breaking down the dominance of the Chiefs and Rams. However, their matrimony hits a bump when Dave insensitively gloats about the first place Bears, and the return of Mason Crosby’s yips, despite Melissa’s depression over her hapless 49ers. But the duo rekindle their flame over agreement that Jason Garrett was the clear loser of the day, that Hue Jackson was the clear winner, and that touchdown...


Hall of Famer Andrea Kremer Continues to Soar with TNF

This week’s show features a robust conversation with iconic Hall of Fame broadcaster Andrea Kremer. (Starts at 11:12) Kremer made history last week as part of the first all-female booth, along with Hannah Storm. The duo will be calling Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime throughout the season. Kremer discusses how she found out about this historic opportunity (11:56), demonstrates her outstanding ability to dissect football terms like DPI and RPO (22:21) and explains why her and Storm...


Football Date Night Week 4: Mitch Trubisky's Arrival!

On this episode of Football Date Night, Dave is so overwhelmed by the Chicago Bears’ 48-10 beatdown of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers that he can barely contain himself. Dave explains why he thinks the Bears are a legitimate Super Bowl contender, which Melissa humors out of love. The happy couple then run through their list of the day's winners and losers, including: the Patriots (winners), drinkers of Steelers Haterade (winners), Le’Veon Bell (winner), Adam Vinatieri (both winner and loser),...


Sam Ponder Gets Real

A year ago Sam Ponder was given the biggest of shoes to fill when she replaced Chris Berman as host of Sunday NFL Countdown on ESPN. In this wide-ranging convo, Ponder discusses the myriad ways Year 2 has been much more comfortable than Year 1, some of which may have to do with how she inspires Rex Ryan to dance during commercial breaks! Ponder also delves into motherhood including how her newborn's recent emergency surgery has drastically changed her perspective on parenting. Plus how she's...


Football Date Night Week 3: Mourning Jimmy G's Injury

On this week’s Football Date Night, Melissa mourns the loss of the 2018 49ers season following Jimmy Garoppolo’s devastating knee injury while Dave revels in the Bears’ sudden emergence at the top of the NFC North. The duo also run through their list of Week 3 winners—including Josh Allen’s personal trainer, Dean Blandino, and the Miami Dolphins—and losers—including Steve Wilks, Jon Gruden, and Rule 12, Section 2, Article 9(b) of the NFL rulebook.


Josh Gordon fallout, Jeff Pearlman on his juicy USFL book

Think the new NFL rules are too stringent? So does host Melissa Jacobs who contemplates how to even tackle anymore. Melissa also shouts into the void: JOSH GORDON NEEDS HELP, NOT FOOTBALL. Then Jeff Pearlman joins to discuss his new book, Football For a Buck: The Crazy Rise and Crazier Demise of the USFL on the ambitious league that lasted just three seasons (1983-1985), despite producing names like Herschel Walker, Jim Kelly and Steve Young. Pearlman discusses his love of the long defunct...


Football Date Night Week 2: Rollin' with Mahomes

Melissa and Dave find romance in another Football Date Night by going over their winners and losers on Sunday. Melissa reveals the common heritage that unites all seven 2-0 quarterbacks while Dave sees a silver lining for Cardinals and Bills fans. The couple finds agreement on the potential greatness of Patrick Mahomes, whether there is now a permanently “good” Blake Bortles, and the tragic saga of Browns kicker, Zane Gonzalez. But they sharply diverge on whether it should be Baker Mayfield...


A Legendary Conversation with ESPN's Suzy Kolber

Melissa opens the show with a quick review of the new MNF football squad, a defense of Jon Gruden taking the long view and has a message for those making a snap judgement about Beth Mowins. Then....Suzy Kolber loves football more than anyone and that passion and knowledge shine through in a special in-person conversation. Kolber, host of ESPN's Monday Night Countdown, takes a trip down memory lane sharing the story of the time she tried to play organized football as a young girl, plus how...


Football Date Night Week 1: The Chicago Bears Blues

On the inaugural Sunday Date Night subsidiary of the The Football Girl Podcast, Melissa welcomes her husband, Dave, to exercise his devastation over the Chicago Bears heartbreaking loss to the Green Bay Packers. Melissa torments Dave about Aaron Rodgers’ greatness, having just roared back from a 20-0 deficit and a seemingly devastating knee injury to win 24-23. Dave also explained what concerns him about Mitch Trubisky, providing the unique perspective of a beaten down fan who is just...


2018 NFL Season Preview: The Five Most Intriguing Teams

Hallelujah! Real live football that actually counts! In this super-sized episode, Melissa picks the five teams she believes are the most intriguing headed into the regular season, and dissects each one with a notable reporter from that team. Both fans in those markets and NFL fans at large should appreciate these scene-setting conversations. And now for the big reveal, Melissa's five most intriguing teams are.... RAMS 9:45: Lindsey Thiry of ESPN takes us to the land of stars and sky high...