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What Sarah Spain Said

Melissa talks with ESPN's Sarah Spain about carving her unique multi-platform role at ESPN, her comedic beginnings, crushing social media trolls and the Bears' strange obsession with Cody Parkey.(4:52). To support the TFG Pod, please leave a good rating and review on Apple Podcasts:


The Amazing Journey of Bucs Coach Lori Locust

In this episode of The Football Girl Podcast, Melissa goes in depth with new Tampa Bay Buccaneers assistant defensive line coach Lori Locust (10:59). 'Coach Lo' tells the incredible story that led to Bruce Arians offering her a full-time coaching gig (12:05), the importance of carrying the coach title with extreme expertise (22:25), the folding of her former team Birmingham Iron and the AAF (28:15), what it’s like to play semi-pro football (30:55), and embracing being a role model for women....


The Tyreek Hill Problem Rages On

Melissa begins this episode of the TFG pod by questioning the Bears continued obsession with kicker Cody Parkey (5:58). Then Melissa welcomes Brooke Pryor of the Kansas City Star to discuss the troubling Tyreek Hill situation. (10:10). Brooke breaks down the latest and provides a glimpse into the Chiefs’ strategy (11:13). She also examines the impact of Hill on the locker room not far removed from the Kareem Hunt dismissal, and wonders if there will be a cultural shift. (26:15). Brooke was...


It's Getting Drafty in Here

A new NFL rookie class is about to be anointed and Yahoo NFL expert Liz Loza joins the pod to break it all down. Liz and Melissa share skepticism about the top QBs in the draft including Kyler Murray and Dwayne Haskins (12:02), and Liz is in no way buying the Daniel Jones hype. (21:30) She sees Iowa TE TJ Hockensen as a possible breakout rookie (30:55), and Melissa and Liz agree on Quinnen Williams over Nick Bosa for San Francisco at no. 2 (35:26) Later in the convo the two discuss the...


NFL Agent Nicole Lynn's Inspiring Rise

Young, black and female NFL agent Nicole Lynn (who reps probable Top 5 pick Quinnen Williams) joins Melissa to discuss her unique journey and successes in the shark-infested waters of player representation. (12:35) Nicole shares her harrowing first experience trying to sign a player (23:55), illuminates her ultra competitive business (29:25)and explains why her world is a particular challenge for women (38:15). Also in the episode, Melissa has PLENTY to say about Antonio Brown going off the...


Meet the Chef Turning NFL Players onto Plant-Based Diets

Melissa opens the show by dissecting the week’s big NFL news – no not Andy Reid’s Hawaiian shirt, the expansion of instant reply! (5:47) Will it bring more integrity to the football? Melissa also points out a few of her favorite quotes from the head coaches breakfast.(10:06) Then…Tom Brady eats a mostly plant-based. Cam Newton gave up meat in February. They are just the beginning. Meet the woman who is trying to turn the entire NFL onto a diet with immense benefits. Chef Charity Morgan joins...


The Authenticity of 49ers Coach Katie Sowers

In this episode, which Melissa has been anticipating FOR MONTHS, 49ers Offensive Assistant Katie Sowers (6:06) joins for a wide-ranging conversation full of fascinating anecdotes from her unique journey and lessons learned about stereotypes that extend well beyond football. Katie opens up about coming out and the importance of authenticity (33:02), as well as embracing her newfound platform to inspire women while she strives to someday be an NFL head coach. After Katie, Melissa gives out...


What's In An Unfortunate Sports Name?

Melissa opens by sharing the story of Bruce Arians declaring he would create a full-time coaching position designated for a woman. She also explains why this position is needed. Then an emergency convo with Football Date Night's Dave on the Bears signing a kicker named Chris Blewitt. Melissa and Dave also share their favorite unfortunately named sports figures with Dave providing a glimpse into their marriage by misunderstanding the assignment. The two also dissect the MNF opening and...


Scouting Combine Special with NFL's Sam Rapoport and ESPN's Stephania Bell

Melissa is back and in Indy straight from the hotel room of ESPN injury analyst Stephania Bell who breaks down the most crucial aspect of the NFL combine - the medical evaluations. Bell explains the intricate process of a prospect's medical check including the various types of medical personnel in the room. Melissa and Stephania also relish the unique accessibility at the combine, and share Stephania's many serendipitous encounters with SF GM John Lynch. Then Melissa is joined by NFL Senior...


Diana Moskovitz on Domestic Violence, Assault and the NFL's Role

Melissa welcomes Deadspin Senior Editor Diana Moskovitz, a premier sports journalist on cases of assault and violence against women, to talk about how we should be covering these cases and whether it's possible for a player to truly reform when they're given a quick second chance like Kareem Hunt. Diana also explains the difference between assault and DV, why a zero tolerance policy is dangerous, and takes issue with the NFL for trying to be the moral police. Then we learn more about what...


(Football) Girl Power with Sam Gordon and Jen Welter

Melissa opens by explaining why Super Bowl LIII was a bore despite the defensive mastery (4:34) + ponders the game's great mystery (Where the hell was Todd Gurley???). (9:45) Then Melissa welcomes 15-year-old Sam Gordon, the football phenom who appeared toward the end of the NFL 100 spot. Sam takes us behind the scenes of the shoot (17:49), what it was like to become a YouTube sensation at age 9 (20:59), and explains why she is working diligently to promote equality for girls wanted to play...


Football Date Night: Wrapping up Super Bore 53

In the final, Super Bowl episode of Football Date Night, Melissa and Dave close down the NFL season by recapping the Patriots’ 13-3 victory over the Rams and all the hoopla that surrounded it. Dave started by giving the unsung MVP award to Gisele because the one time CBS showed her in the broadcast clearly inspired him to (finally) throw a decent pass (1:30). The duo then broke down the actual game, including why it was such a defensive snoozefest, why Jared Goff played so poorly, why Todd...


Super Bowl Spectacular with CBS's Tracy Wolfson

With the Super Bowl looming, Melissa chats in person with CBS sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson who will man the Rams sideline for Super Bowl 53. Tracy shares fascinating stories of her past Super Bowls which include filling in on the broadcast when the lights went out in New Orleans (12:41) and conducting Peyton Manning's last interview as a player. Wolfson also shares her gutsy climb in the broadcast industry and offers very pointed advice for those who want to follow in her footsteps....


Football Date Night: Off To Atlanta

On this (not so) special episode of Football Date Night, Dave and Melissa break down the Pro Bowl and the upcoming Super Bowl with the help of their special guest (and son), Cyrus. The duo began by addressing Roger Goodell’s deafening silence in the wake of the Saints-Rams officiating debacle (2:00). Dave drew a contrast to what Adam (don’t call me David) Silver would have done and theorized that Goodell (6:00) may be avoiding the limelight because he’s such a lightning rod for controversy....


Will America Unite Behind the Los Angeles Rams? (ESPN's Lindsey Thiry)

The Super Bowl is set and Melissa welcomes ESPN Rams Reporter Lindsey Thiry to dissect the team that may capture America's heart by default. (They're not the Patriots!) Thiry takes us inside the Rams locker room moments after the controversial win over the Saints. Sean McVay letting loose? (18:10) Check. Jared Goff showing off his dance moves? Check. Turns out Goff has a sneaky funny side to him as well. (20:02) Thiry then takes a wider lens to this Rams team and ponders how McVay would be...


Football Date Night: Championship Round Officiating Crisis

On this episode of Football Date Night, Melissa and Date recounted the epic round of championship games and looked forward to the Super Bowl clash between the Rams and Patriots. Both were depressed that the Patriots took down the Chiefs, depriving the nation from seeing Patrick Mahomes on the biggest stage, but Melissa expressed some appreciation for the Patriots’ longevity. Dave wasn’t as appreciative and questioned why the Chiefs didn’t blitz Tom Brady more. Melissa was more upset about...


Valerie Bertinelli, NFL Superfan

Melissa opens this episode by relishing in the offenses that are making up the NFL's final four (2:33). She also examines the deep emotional vitriol so many feel toward the New England Patriots. (14:17) Then Valerie Bertinelli, actress and Food Network host joins to talk about her Saints!(14:17). Bertinelli explains the origins of her Saints fanhood (16:39) and why she proudly never put a paper bag over her head in the dark days. Speaking of previous dark days, Bertinelli explains why she's...


Football Date Night: Divisional Round Domination

On this episode of Football Date Night, Melissa and a rejuvenated Dave break down the NFL divisional round and look forward to next week’s Championship games. Melissa began (1:00) by explaining what a brutal week when it was dealing with Dave as he mourned the Bears loss. Dave explained (3:30) how he recovered by enjoying the Eagles’ loss (and Alshon Jeffrey’s failure), which Melissa objected to. Melissa then pondered (7:30) which quarterbacks would have consoled Jeffrey like Nick Foles did....


Ageism and Women in Sports Broadcasting: Laura Okmin

In the midst of the NFL playoffs, a familiar topic arose on social media: Why do all the female broadcasters in the NFL have to be young and attractive while the men have no rules? FOX Sports' Laura Okmin, a prominent post-40 NFL sideline reporter, dives deep into this topic (26:00) including how much she thinks about appearance (32:15), the need for female bosses and how the IG era is impacting aspiring female reporters (36:15. Laura also talks about her favorite stories from the 2018 NFL...


Football Date Night: Wild Card Woes and Wackiness

Wild Card weekend has left Bears fan Dave very dejected. Dave explains why there is never solace when your team loses in the playoffs (4:30). Melissa attempts to pivot and dotes on the Chargers and explains how they are well positioned to take on the Patriots (11:30). Dave and Melissa somewhat disagree on whether Joe Flacco should have supplanted Lamar Jackson (13:35) and also disagree on the power of Nick Foles (22:30). Dave finally comes to life and explains why he believes the Rams are...