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Episode 93: All Elite Wrestling (AEW) - with C.C. Hawkley

C.C. Hawkley is back in the house with me today on the show and we'll be discussing the new AEW (All Elite Wrestling) organization which is coming about and ready to take the fight to the WWE. C.C. will break down the current struggles the WWE is going through and why the new AEW is a possible threat. It's extremely entertaining and the different ways the AEW is breaking into the market seems like something that could really take over. With the proper financial backing, proper marketing,...


Episode 92: Professional Bodybuilding and Rugby - with Rob Smith

Rob Smith is featured on's series: Everyday Beast. Check that show out here: Rob will talk to us about his experience in Bodybuilding which will show you just how much dedication it takes to take yourself to the next level. We'll discuss the struggles you go through and how you have to get past the mental barriers that come with the sport. We also chat about the sport of Rugby. Rob has been playing for quite a while and shares his...


Episode 91: Relm Diggie - Music and Sports

One thing about sports fans is the passion they have for their teams. We all display that passion in different ways. I do my podcast to share my passion for sports with the rest of the world. Well, for Relm Diggie, he shares his passion for Ohio State through music. Today he'll break down his new hit single, "I'm a Buckeye" which caught my attention as I scrolled through a Facebook Fan Page for Ohio State. We'll learn of Relm's upbringing and why he has such strong roots in Columbus,...


Episode 90: Matt Bauscher - Professional Basketball Journey

I followed Matt Bauscher from his days in High School all the way through Boise State as well as his days overseas playing professionally. "Too Short, Too Slow, Too Idaho" were the words used to describe him as he was coming up through the ranks. Today, Matt joins me on the show to discuss his journey through the basketball world. He overcame obstacles and had an amazing career. It wasn't EASY... He had to WORK... which has taught him many life-lessons. He had a Hall of Fame career in...


Episode 89 - Kyle Lamb - College Football and THE Ohio State Buckeyes

Before the college football season began, there was a Twitter battle amongst those who sided with Brett McMurphy and those who sided with Urban Meyer when the news broke of the former assistant, Zach Smith's alleged domestic violence "charges" that came out. It was at this time I discovered Kyle Lamb, a journalist from Ohio who covers the Buckeyes on the Unscripted Ohio Podcast. The way in which Kyle approached the entire situation was amazing (which we'll discuss today). I began...


Episode 88: Mike Prater and Damon Amendolara

This episode is very special as we bring on two amazing guests to share their knowledge with The Gametime Guru listeners. A few months back we interviewed Alex Gold in which we were able to hear more about his background and his show, which at the time was called "The Drive" on ESPN Boise. Just a few short weeks later, ESPN Boise announced they would no longer be doing work in the treasure valley and instead made a change to an alternative rock station. This left just one major sports...


Episode 87 - Part 2 - Coach Mike Christianson

Picking up where we left off in part 1 of this interview, we'll learn more of Coach Mike's days working in the NFL. Go back and listen to part 1 here 👉 He moved around quite a bit and landed at various locations (NFL and College) and even spent time with Jim Harbaugh in San Francisco. When he moved back to Boise, we were blessed by his presence on the radio each afternoon when he worked for ESPN Boise. The man is knowledgable and is willing to share his...


Episode 87 - Part 1 - Coach Mike Christianson

A few years back, when ESPN Boise was still here, I remember listening to Mike Christianson "Coach Mike" on the radio and thought, man, I really like this guy and what he's brining to the Treasure Valley. Coach Mike was bringing something not a lot of people had here in Boise, a tenured coaching career at the highest level. He had been around the game for many years not only as a player but as a coach. In part 1 of this episode, we'll learn about the sport which Mike played and then how...


Episode 86: Boxing Legend Cleveland Corder - "The Christian Warrior"

What began as a quick "scuffle" with a friend of his in his neighborhood, ended with an illustrious boxing career later on down the road. Cleveland "The Christian Warrior" Corder joins me on the show to talk boxing and how he was able to make an amazing career out of the sport. He is someone I looked up to when I was boxing for Golden Gloves of Idaho because he made a name for himself out of this small state. Find out in our interview what it took for this man to train and become the...


Episode 85: Vern Law - Part 3 - World Series and Beyond

In the final part of our 3-part episode where we will learn about Vernon Law's 1960's World Series win over the mighty New York Yankees. We will get to hear about this amazing series where the Yankees scored more than double the runs of the Pirates but ended up losing the series. What an incredible story! We'll also learn about the life after baseball where Vern's family has some of the same baseball genetics too! Listen in on what they've accomplished as well. Enjoy this episode and...


Episode 85: Vern Law - Part 2 - The Professional Days

When Vern arrived at the professional level of baseball, he started in the minors before making his way to the Pittsburgh Pirates. We'll learn about his days as a professional where he was dealt with different opportunities to demonstrate his faith in his professional career. Learn of Vern's pitching career and how he also ended up serving two years in the service during the war. How did that impact his professional career? We'll hear about his faith, injuries, and his overall career...


Episode 85: Vern Law - Part 1 - The Early Days

Before the days of pitching for the Pittsburgh Pirates, Vern Law made his mark in the town of Meridian, Idaho. In Part 1 of the Episode, Vern will discuss his early days in detail. We will listen to his experience playing in Meridian where the sport of Baseball truly wasn't established. Vern will talk about his team where he played together with his brother and will talk about his style of play. You'll find it incredible how Vern was able to gain so much exposure without even knowing...


Episode 84: Perry Orth - Playing Quarterback in the SEC

The SEC is known to many as the strongest conference in college football. To play and compete for any school within this conference is an accomplishment. To make your way from the 6th string quarterback, to earning the starting gig is a whole different monster. Perry Orth was able to climb the ranks to become the starting quarterback in 2015 for the South Carolina Gamecocks. He will speak with us about his experience playing in the SEC. We talk about his own journey and how he made it....


Episode 83: Paul J Schneider - "They'll talk about this for years to come"

January 1st, 2007. Boise State was taking on Oklahoma in one of the greatest College Football games ever to be played. As Boise State broke the huddle for their game-winning two-point conversion. On the radio broadcast you hear the words "They'll talk about this for year's to come no matter how this play comes out." This goes down as one of the greatest radio calls in Boise State Football history. Today, Paul J Schneider (better known as "Paul J") reflects on his amazing career and what...


Episode 82: GTG - Getting to know the Guru - Shane Larson

I've had many people ask me about my story and how I got into podcasting. This interview is an amazing opportunity for me to share my story. I chose to have my good friend, C.C. Hawkley join me and perform a reverse interview. Why C.C.? Well it's because he's been a major reason the branding of The Gametime Guru has grown to where it is. From day one, C.C. has been supportive of the show and has helped in many ways, including joining me for multiple interviews and also acting as a...


Episode 80 - Tanner Leighton - Professional Baseball Player

Tanner Leighton is a longtime friend of mine dating way back to the good ol' Optimist Football Days when he played quarterback for our "powerhouse" team. He has always been an athlete and took that gift he had been given to a high level by playing professional baseball. Find out how Tanner ended up in Australia before playing in multiple countries and what he learned along the way. You'll hear about cultures, quality of play, funny stories like getting banned from the country and much...


Episode 79 - Jay Tust - Sports Director at KTVB

If you are active on Twitter and have followed Boise State Athletics for a while, you'll know the name Jay Tust. If you don't know, this is going to be an awesome opportunity for you to get to know the man. We'll be learning about Jay and his life. Most won't be surprised to hear of his fascination with statistics when he was younger as you can see how this interest has translated well into his current job. Learn about what it takes to do his job and how he makes it with his crazy work...


Episode 78: Todd Carlson - MMA Licensed Matchmaker

Todd Carlson is the Licensed Matchmaker for the MMA Promotion, Front Street Fights. With smaller promotions like Front Street Fights, you will typically see them fade out. With hard work in finding quality fighters to take on these responsibilities, Todd has a major role int he success of this promotion and has been provided with opportunities to assist with larger organizations. Bellator has come to Boise two times now, and Todd has been able to help with the preliminary fights for them....


Episode 77: Hunter Horenstein - Myrtle Beach Pelicans

We've had many interviews from different people within the sports industry. Today's interview with Hunter Horenstein is a first though. When we attend a sporting event, we see the finished product and get to see the actual event itself. What we don't see is what truly goes on behind the scenes to get the event set up and to keep fans involved. Today's interview will provide you with a greater appreciation of what goes on behind the scenes to get the events put together. We have the...


Episode 76: Reggie Larry - Professional Basketball Player

Reggie Larry is well known around Boise as being one of the best players to come through Boise State University. It didn't come without a lot of practice, effort, and perseverance. Learn how he went from New Jersey to Idaho, and from a JUCO to Boise State. You'll also learn about his journey through the professional level of basketball as he continues to play today. When you play overseas, you get an opportunity to play for many countries. What is it like? What are the contracts like?...