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Episode 123: Bad Weather Football is THE WORST

Call me crazy, but I absolutely HATE bad weather in football games! I have played and watched football my entire life, and fully understand what people would consider "Football Weather" but I still hate it and always have. Find out why today! You'll also find out about what I've been up to lately in my podcasting journey and find out why it's been three months since my last episode dropped! Make sure to find me on all the platforms!


Episode 122: College Football Breakdown and What's to Come

Today I'm joining you guys by myself to give an update on what's to come with the show and the other shows coming down the pipeline! - The Gametime Guru - Gridiron Gametime - Nation's Best Ballers and Recruits Podcast I'll also be explaining why I am excited for the Ohio State and Boise State Football seasons coming up! Get ready for it! __________________________________________________ Where to Find Me: Apple Podcasts - Spotify -...


Episode 121: Torrey Fields - Sports Photography

For Torrey Fields, a major sports fan from Chicago, it wasn't originally in the works to be in sports photography. It wasn't until he was coaching that he realized he wanted to be able to capture some of those moments of his players, that he realized he had the "eye" and "drive" for taking pictures for teams. From little league, all the way to the pros, Torrey has quite the journey and it's great to see he is now allowed to be around the game he loves while doing something he truly...


Episode 120: Jay Brantley - And1 Mixtape, Hooptainers & Macleem Sports

Jay Brantley (J Boogie) is known as one of the best streetballers out of the state of California. He had stints with the And1 Mixtape Tour, the Hooptainers, and now uses his basketball knowledge and experience to run Macleem Sports (an active lifestyle brand). Today we'll talk about his early days as a streetballer (and we'll learn what streetball was all about), where the idea for Macleem Sports came from and even hear about some of the best players Jay has played against throughout his...


Episode 119: Jeff Harward - Head Coach of the Rocky Girls Rugby Team

Jeff Harward first joined The Gametime Guru Podcast last year on Episode 58, where we discussed the growth of Rugby! Episode 58: Growth of Rugby with Coach Jeff Harward We brought Jeff back to the show because in the last year, Jeff has moved back to his hometown to take on a new adventure in the sport of Rugby as he is currently the Head Coach at Rocky Mountain High School for the Girls Rugby Team. We'll discuss what he's learned in the last year as a coach, and talk about the...


Bonus Episode: Coach Jason Brown - Last Chance U

It's crazy how people can make assumptions on how an individual is, based on a TV Series. I was super intrigued by Coach Jason Brown's coaching style when the Last Chance U series went to Independence Community College for Season 3, but I knew there was more to him than what the show portrayed. Today Coach Brown joins me for an awesome discussion about his life, journey and what he intends on doing moving forward. You'll also hear about his book "Hate Me Now, Love Me Later" which you can...


Episode 118: eSports at Boise State - with Dr. Chris Haskell

The world of eSports continues to RISE! As we've discussed in the past, it is now a Varsity Program at some Universities, one of which is Boise State. Today, I meet with Dr. Chris Haskell, the Head Coach and Director of the Boise State eSports Team to talk to him about the program and what they have to offer. You'll be amazed at the different possibilities this program at BSU will provide to people. (Production experience, broadcasting (play by play), etc). It's opening so many...


Episode 117: Cameron Irvine - Simulation Football League

In the world we live in, there are many individuals who would LOVE to play football. The facts are, there are few who can actually do it. Athletes are rare, which is partially what makes them special, but what about those who still want to be a part of football? What do they do? The Simulation Football League gives people from all walks of life, an opportunity to play football on a competitive level. From players, to coaches, to owners, the SFL is providing many opportunities for people...


Bonus Episode - Coach Zach Smith

I've been a fan of Ohio State Football since I was in the 2nd Grade. So last season, when Urban Meyer was put in a difficult position due to a "report" from a "journalist" named Brett McMurphy, in regards to an Assistant Coach on the staff, I was worried. What concerned me the most though was the fact that so many people happened to run with the report that was given, before any of the full facts had been presented, and for some reason, I had it in the back of my mind, that this Assistant...


Episode 116: Dick Hartzell - The Rubberband Man

Coach Dick Hartzell noticed something when he was coaching young men. He noticed there was a different way to help them improve their explosiveness and vertical leap. What he did though, was take a different approach to it and created the Jump Stretch and implemented the use of Rubber Bands into strength training. He has the experience with some major organizations and big named athletes. He'll be launching his own website here in the near future as well so stay tuned. Also, make sure to...


Episode 115: Jason Spangler - College Football at 51 Years Young

Jason Spangler is no different than the typical college athlete. Oh, well, other than the fact that he runs his own roofing company while taking a full slate of credits at Texas Wesleyan. Did I also mention he's 51 years old? Spangler made the decision to play college football when he was 49 years old and his story on how that happened is unique. Find out how he was able to get through practices during his first year of spring ball with a broken rib and torn meniscus. Learn of how...


Bonus Episode: Tyson Fury vs Tom Schwarz

Tyson Fury is my favorite fighter and I'll explain why today on this bonus episode! The fighter from the UK is someone you can't truly dislike. He is so charismatic and is a lovable dude!


Episode 114: Toby Basner - Former MLB Umpire

Most of us who go through sports, have a "love/hate" relationship with the officials. They are truly there to do their job and help support the integrity of the game, but often times they get a lot of heat for the calls they either make or don't make (just ask the New Orleans Saints). It's tough to be an official, especially at the highest level. Today we speak to a former MLB Umpire about his journey being on the field and making calls. We'll discuss the stressful situations they are...


Episode 113: Ryan Watkins - Professional Basketball Player and the True Underdog Story

Basketball ran in the bloodline for Ryan Watkins and his family. That being said, nothing was ever given to him. He had to literally work for everything he had to get to where he is now. From his days in High School, to not being recruited, to finding a home at Boise State University, to now playing over in the ABL, Watkins has a true underdog mentality and story to go along with it. Learn about his journey as he discusses it all with us today on the show! We'll get to hear about his...


Bonus Episode - Game 3 of the NBA Finals

Game 3 was exactly what we all EXPECTED from the NBA Finals with Steph Curry going off and the Raptors winning. Find out why I think it's a dumb argument when people are complaining that the Warriors are injured? How does this compare to the 2015 Cavs? Thank you for being a subscriber to my show and I hope you enjoy this bonus episode! Don't forget to follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to join our discussions on multiple sports topics!


Bonus Episode - June 3rd, 2019 - NBA Finals Recap for Games 1 and 2

These Finals are strange... Just strange so far. Probably because I'm still trying to get used to the Cavs not being there and I'm trying to get used to a series that I thought the Raptors didn't stand a chance in originally. Game 1 - Raptors shocked the world and came out swinging. Game 2 - Warriors answered with some minor adjustments and big games from some role players. Why is Steve Kerr such a good coach? Who was the "X" Factor for the Warriors? What to expect moving forward? All...


Episode 112: Raphael Turner - The Art of Hitting

Anyone who has played the sport of Baseball will know that hitting is a VERY important piece to the game that will separate some of the best players from the great players. It could be the difference between playing in the Minors and the Majors. It's a difficult skillset to master, but today we bring on a Raphael (Raph) Turner, a former Minor League Baseball Player to speak to us about the art of hitting. He's always had this skillset and now teaches others how to hit. We talk about his...


Bonus Episode - May 29th, 2019 - Why the Raptors Won "The Trade"

Anyone else forget the Raptors had Home Court Advantage throughout the Finals? I failed in my duties as a sports "guru" and totally missed that piece. Could this potentially be an advantage for Toronto going into their first NBA Finals even though the betting public has Golden State as the favorite? Also, how in the world do I think the Raptors win the trade EVEN IF Kawhi leaves? Listen in and find out! Thanks for being a subscriber to the show! If you haven't done so already, please feel...


Episode 111: Jarratt Rouse - Spikeball Professional

It started as a backyard game that you'd normally play with family members at a bbq. A few years later it's now evolved into a world-wide sport which now has been featured on ESPN. Today we get to discuss the sport (which is actually called Round Net, which you will learn about in the show) with professional, Jarratt Rouse. We'll hear about how he got started with Spikeball and what it takes to compete at a high level. We'll learn of how pros get paid and where the sport has taken Jarratt...


Bonus Episode - May 20th, 2019 - Coaching

If you are a subscriber to the show, CONGRATS!! You get to hear this bonus episode of The Gametime Guru :) Something came to my mind the other night as I watched Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals. I remember the Blazers allowing five straight possessions to go on before they ended up calling a timeout... It truly got me thinking and I wanted to share those thoughts with you all. The Blazers are a GREAT team with a GREAT Coach. There is one small difference though, and that is the...