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Episode 69: "Books and Ball" with Coach Davern Williams

Coach Davern Williams is a fan favorite from the Netflix documentary, Last Chance U. The first two seasons were in Scooba, a small town in Mississippi where one of the most dominating Junior College Football programs was built. At EMCC, Coach Williams worked with the defensive line. You'll hear about his experience while he was there, what his struggles were, what the biggest blessings were and what it was like working with the cameras in their faces all the time. You'll also learn about...


Episode 68: Ty Hawkins - Journey of a Journalist

I met Ty Hawkins when I was working for as a play-by-play announcer for High School Football in 2010. I've since followed his journey as he made it where he wanted to go. He is a major sports fan and used this along with his passion for journalism to catapult him to the top. From Boise State, to USC, to Great Falls Montana, Ty has quite the story. Through his story, you'll learn about the dedication, the networking, the opportunities you must grab, the hustle and grind...


Episode 67 - Major League Rugby - with Matt Wirken from NOLA Gold

With Rugby continuing to grow, we now get to hear from a professional. We have Matt Wirken on the show to speak to us about the MLR (Major League Rugby) which is in its first season here in the United States. Through Matt you will learn more about the MLR, the team in New Orleans and then you'll learn about the growth of the sport of Rugby as a whole. Matt will give us his advice and his insight so you have a better understanding of what's going on in the Rugby World. Don't miss...


Episode 66: National Women's Hockey League with Sophia Agostinelli

Professional Hockey is a big time sport, but did you know that we have professional hockey for women, right here in the United States? That's right, the NWHL (National Women's Hockey League) is growing and today we have a solid discussion on the League itself with Sophia Agostinelli, who played for the Connecticut Whale of the NWHL. We're going to learn more about women's sports through Sophia's story as you get to know her through this interview. She started competing at a young age...


Episode 65: Women's Professional Basketball Player - Jori Davis

Jori Davis finished in the Top 10 for scoring at the University of Indiana. She went on to be drafted in the 3rd round of the WNBA Draft and continued her career overseas. She now plays in Italy and will provide us with an in-depth look at her career as well as the state of Women's Sports. Why aren't the women getting the same coverage as the men? What does the WNBA Draft process look like? What is it like playing overseas and what is the compensation like? All of this will be covered...


Episode 64: C.C. Hawkley and non-traditional media markets

C.C. Hawkley joins me this week as we break down the following media outlets: The Athletic The Sin Bin The Gametime Guru The Ringer Barstool Sports iSportsweb These media outlets are the new wave of sports information and as sports fans it is important to look to new outlets for your information. We'll explain it all on today's show.


Episode 63: Alex Gold - from ESPN Boise's "The Drive"

Those who listen to sports radio here in the Treasure Valley probably have heard of Joey and Gold on ESPN Boise. They host a show from 2-6 each weekday called "The Drive" and today I get to learn more about Alex Gold as he tells us about his story. Being a sports show host is much more than spewing out statistics all day long. You have to be able to relate to your listeners with allowing them into your personal life (to some degree). Alex does exactly that. Learn about Alex's story from...


Episode 62: "A Vehicle for Life" - with Pro MMA Fighter, Brendon Raftery

Brendon Raftery began fighting from a very young age when he took up Kenpo Karate. He knew this is what he wanted to do ever since then. With the ups and downs that life brought him, you'll learn how Brendon used his Martial Arts background to make it through the tough times. From karate, to wrestling, to MMA and from Boise all the way to San Diego, Brendon Raftery has a unique story that you do not want to miss! Where to Find Me: iTunes - Spotify -...


Episode 61: Integrity of the Game

With sports betting getting the "go-ahead" from the Supreme Court, what impact will this have on sports? I'll discuss why I believe this could have a negative impact on the integrity of the game. I'll talk about the impact it has on Fans, Players and Referees by giving you real-life experiences of how it had impacted me in my own life. Subscribe to my show on any of the following platforms Where to Find Me: iTunes - Spotify - Stitcher...


Episode 60: Journey to the CFL with Jacob Firlotte

Jacob Firlotte has been playing football his entire life. Now he has an opportunity to do what so many young athletes aspire to do: compete at the professional level. In this interview you will not only learn about football in Canada, but you will learn about the process for Firlotte to get picked in the CFL draft. Make sure to share with all your friends and subscribe to the show! Where to Find Me: iTunes - Spotify - Stitcher - ...


Episode 59: Lacrosse at College of Idaho with Marcel Reed

After health issues hindered his ability to compete in Lacrosse as a player, Marcel Reed took his talents to the coaching side of things. From the JV level at a local High School, to Varsity where the team he coached won a State Championship and now to the Collegiate level where the team is on their way to Nationals, Marcel has been making his mark in the Lacrosse world everywhere he goes. Marcel's story is unique so listen in and educate yourself on the sport of Lacrosse!


Episode 58: Growth of Rugby with Coach Jeff Harward

Jeff Harward has been a big part of the growth of Rugby in the Tri Cities of Washington. The Tri Cities Rugby Club is new but has already been growing. Coach Harward will be discussing the overall growth of the sport by discussing how he was introduced to the sport as well as his experience coaching. If you want to learn about the sport of Rugby, this is a great opportunity to do so! Also if you are in the Tri Cities and are interested in joining the Club or would like to see how...


Episode 57: Sports, Business & Buckeyes - with Eric Kazsimov

I've said it from day one: Sports help in many aspects of life, including business. There are many things that we can learn from sports that are outside of just playing a "game." Listen as Eric Kazimov joins me to discuss sports, business and THE Ohio State Buckeyes. You don't want to miss this one. Eric is the CEO of KazSource but also is the main content producer of SportsEpreneur and a host of the podcast "Entrepreneur Perspectives." He's an avid sports fan and has found a way to...


Episode 56: The Spring League - with Ezra Levine

While the NBA has the "G-League" and Baseball has the Minor League system, we always seem to forget about Football. Professional Football players don't seem to have an avenue to develop when they no longer are on an NFL roster or a CFL roster. That is why The Spring League is so important for them to gain exposure. Today I have Ezra Levine who happens to be the COO and CFO of The Spring League joining me for a discussion about the league and how it was formed. The Spring League:...


Episode 55 - More Than a Kicker - with Kyle Brotzman

Kyle Brotzman was known for quite some time as being the "guy who missed the field goal." In 2010, Nevada upset Boise State in a nationally televised football game which included two missed field goals at the end of regulation and overtime. I wanted to show people that Kyle Brotzman is much more than just a "kicker that missed a field goal." In fact, he's a very accomplished kicker who actually played at a higher level after college. Kyle will tell us all about his sports history,...


Episode 54 - A Diving Champion - with Jordan Windle

If you want to hear about the sport of Diving, make sure to check this interview out! Jordan has one of the coolest stories that I've come across since I began interviewing athletes. Originally from Cambodia, Jordan was adopted by a loving father who helped bring him to the United States. From a young age, Jordan became interested in the sport of Diving and has become one of the very best in the country to actually do it. He's now a Freshman at the University of Texas and has his eyes...


Episode 53 - Boise: "The Hidden Gem" - with Shawn Smith

Shawn Smith is the founder & editor of He began the website because he wanted to share his passion for the Kentucky Wildcats with everyone else. He now works full-time as a media member for the Wildcats and gets to travel with the team wherever they go. During the 1st round of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, Shawn made the trip with the Kentucky basketball team to Boise, ID. Find out what Shawn thought of Boise while he was here. You'll be surprised to hear...


Weekend Wrap Up - 3-19-2018

UMBC takes down Virginia and a few other topics regarding the first and second rounds of March Madness. Also, don't blink or you'll miss the Western Conference Playoff magic!!!


Episode 52: The Art of Coaching - with Derek Etzel

It takes a special person who has a very special skillset to be a solid coach. It's much like a manager and you must adjust to each team you coach because you have different players ever year. Different ages, personalities, talents, etc. I brought on my good friend, Derek Etzel to talk with me about coaching today. Derek has recently started his coaching career so we're going to get to know him a little better and hear what he's learned so far during his time as an assistant and absorbing...


Episode 51 - Shot Clocks in High School Basketball - with Tyler Bates

It's been a discussion for years and has come up multiple times recently. Tyler Bates (better known as TB) joins me again on the show to help educate everyone on the different pros and cons of implementing shot clocks in High School basketball. We're giving you our opinions, experiences and overall thoughts on why we should add shot clocks to High School basketball. (And not just in the 8 states that currently do have them) Believe it or not there are some cons to adding them. Make sure...