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Episode 82: GTG - Getting to know the Guru - Shane Larson

I've had many people ask me about my story and how I got into podcasting. This interview is an amazing opportunity for me to share my story. I chose to have my good friend, C.C. Hawkley join me and perform a reverse interview. Why C.C.? Well it's because he's been a major reason the branding of The Gametime Guru has grown to where it is. From day one, C.C. has been supportive of the show and has helped in many ways, including joining me for multiple interviews and also acting as a...


Episode 81: Daniel Buhler - College Football Referee

Many of us sports fans have had our moments of either talking back to a referee or screaming at them through the television. We've all placed blames on them for the losses and the game changing calls. We often times look at the refs as the "enemies" or the "bad guys" and we don't give them any credit (unless it's credit for losing). So I decided to swallow my pride and learn from one of them. Today I'm brining on Daniel Buhler who happens to be a College Football Referee and he'll be...


Episode 80 - Tanner Leighton - Professional Baseball Player

Tanner Leighton is a longtime friend of mine dating way back to the good ol' Optimist Football Days when he played quarterback for our "powerhouse" team. He has always been an athlete and took that gift he had been given to a high level by playing professional baseball. Find out how Tanner ended up in Australia before playing in multiple countries and what he learned along the way. You'll hear about cultures, quality of play, funny stories like getting banned from the country and much...


Episode 79 - Jay Tust - Sports Director at KTVB

If you are active on Twitter and have followed Boise State Athletics for a while, you'll know the name Jay Tust. If you don't know, this is going to be an awesome opportunity for you to get to know the man. We'll be learning about Jay and his life. Most won't be surprised to hear of his fascination with statistics when he was younger as you can see how this interest has translated well into his current job. Learn about what it takes to do his job and how he makes it with his crazy work...


Episode 78: Todd Carlson - MMA Licensed Matchmaker

Todd Carlson is the Licensed Matchmaker for the MMA Promotion, Front Street Fights. With smaller promotions like Front Street Fights, you will typically see them fade out. With hard work in finding quality fighters to take on these responsibilities, Todd has a major role int he success of this promotion and has been provided with opportunities to assist with larger organizations. Bellator has come to Boise two times now, and Todd has been able to help with the preliminary fights for them....


Episode 77: Hunter Horenstein - Myrtle Beach Pelicans

We've had many interviews from different people within the sports industry. Today's interview with Hunter Horenstein is a first though. When we attend a sporting event, we see the finished product and get to see the actual event itself. What we don't see is what truly goes on behind the scenes to get the event set up and to keep fans involved. Today's interview will provide you with a greater appreciation of what goes on behind the scenes to get the events put together. We have the...


Episode 76: Reggie Larry - Professional Basketball Player

Reggie Larry is well known around Boise as being one of the best players to come through Boise State University. It didn't come without a lot of practice, effort, and perseverance. Learn how he went from New Jersey to Idaho, and from a JUCO to Boise State. You'll also learn about his journey through the professional level of basketball as he continues to play today. When you play overseas, you get an opportunity to play for many countries. What is it like? What are the contracts like?...


eSports Mini-Series - Part 4 - Chad Mann

The final interview of the series is with the founder of our sponsor, The Idaho Gaming League (or IGL for short), Chad Mann. Chad has a background in traditional sports, which is something we have seen multiple times during our interviews for this project. Chad realized the two worlds are beginning to "collide" and that is a part of why he began the IGL. Competition, team work, socializing, having fun, are just some of the different parts of competing in a formal setting. The IGL gives...


eSports Mini-Series - Part 3 - David DeVries

David DeVries has over 10 years of experience with the gaming world. While he has not competed in a formal competitive gaming setting, he has thoroughly enjoyed gaming from a young age. What drew him to gaming was his strong love for competition. This is why he was heavily involved in traditional sports as well as gaming throughout his life. His love for gaming has now spilled over into the business side of things. He is working hard to build his apparel company, "Good Game." His apparel...


eSports Mini-Series - Part 2 - Alex Rogers

Alex Rogers is the Head Coach of the Bellevue University eSports Team - In the 2nd interview of the series, we'll learn the behind the scenes information of what it's like to be a coach in this industry. Are there any parallels between this and coaching traditional sports? What are the practices like for a college eSports Team? Do they do drug testing for the students who play now that it is considered a varsity sport? We will learn...


eSports Mini-Series - Part 1 - Kenon Fenton

Kenon Fenton joins me to kick off the first of four interviews on the mini-series as we learn of his experience at The Overwatch League Grand Finals. We'll get to know what it's like to be a fan in the eSports world and discuss ticket prices to the major event, the pre-game festivities, atmosphere and overall experience at the Grand Finals. How does it stack up next to a major sporting event from a traditional sport? All of this and more on Part 1 of the Mini-Series!! The Overwatch...


Episode 75: Jordan Brady - Coach of the NBA G-League's Wisconsin Herd

Jordan Brady is currently the Head Coach of the Wisconsin Herd of the NBA G-League. His story on how he got there is very intriguing. He went from being a JUCO basketball player to making his way to a bigger school (Utah Valley University). He then made his way through the professional ranks where he spent time overseas as well as being here stateside. His perspective is unique because before coming a coach, he actually played in the D-League (now known as the G-League) for various teams....


Episode 74: Robert "Stix" Mitchell - NY Ballers of the JBA

Coach Robert "Stix" Mitchell joins me to discuss the inaugural season of the JBA (Junior Basketball Association). We'll discuss his time as an Assistant Coach of the New York Ballers and what he has learned and appreciated. We'll discuss the league as a whole as there are many who have their doubts. Hearing it from Coach Mitchell will bring a whole new perspective to everything as he will explain why you may be seeing scores that are so high. The last half of the interview consists of a...


Episode 73: Kyle Aslami - "Kid Flash" MMA Fighter

From Afghanistan all the way to Idaho. This young man has quite the journey to get here and he has found his niche in the MMA industry. Growing up with wrestling in school and watching UFC fights, he knew he wanted to get in the cage. With a record of 2-0 (currently) and looking for his next fight, Kyle joins me to discuss his journey. Listen as we'll discuss his story and break down some fun things such as what his pre-fight rituals are, what music he likes, and where we will see him in...


Episode 72 - Smoochy Davis - Legion of Greatness Network

Smoochy Davis is breaking it down for us all the way from New York City today. We'll break down some NBA talk regarding the Phoenix Suns, Carmelo Anthony, Kawhi Leonard, the Warriors and more. You'll also want to listen in and find out more about Smoochy's podcast network The Legion of Greatness which can be found here so go give them a follow: Don't forget to sign up for my newsletter so you can get to know me, the guests, and win free stuff...


Episode 71: Tragedy to Triumph - Wheelchair Rugby with Josiah Sullivan

We all go through struggles but as a sports fan, I don't know exactly how I would react to being physically unable to compete in basketball or football. Josiah Sullivan had to experience a situation just like this when he went through a terrible car accident after high school. He was left paralyzed from the chest down and has limited mobility in his limbs. That is when he turned to sports to help him. Not only did he begin coaching, he also got a wheelchair rugby team together. Through his...


Episode 70: Adnan Virk - ESPN Analyst

For those who watch and follow ESPN, you know the name, Adnan Virk. The man has an amazing story and it was such a great time speaking with him to pick his brain about his journey. He grew up in Canada and has since made his way to the United States and works for ESPN. There are life lessons he learned along the journey which is why I love this interview. We talk about school, internships, work, knowledge, Boise Fry Company, Ohio State Football, NBA and more on this week's episode. Don't...


Episode 69: "Books and Ball" with Coach Davern Williams

Coach Davern Williams is a fan favorite from the Netflix documentary, Last Chance U. The first two seasons were in Scooba, a small town in Mississippi where one of the most dominating Junior College Football programs was built. At EMCC, Coach Williams worked with the defensive line. You'll hear about his experience while he was there, what his struggles were, what the biggest blessings were and what it was like working with the cameras in their faces all the time. You'll also learn about...


Episode 68: Ty Hawkins - Journey of a Journalist

I met Ty Hawkins when I was working for as a play-by-play announcer for High School Football in 2010. I've since followed his journey as he made it where he wanted to go. He is a major sports fan and used this along with his passion for journalism to catapult him to the top. From Boise State, to USC, to Great Falls Montana, Ty has quite the story. Through his story, you'll learn about the dedication, the networking, the opportunities you must grab, the hustle and grind and...


Episode 67 - Major League Rugby - with Matt Wirken from NOLA Gold

With Rugby continuing to grow, we now get to hear from a professional. We have Matt Wirken on the show to speak to us about the MLR (Major League Rugby) which is in its first season here in the United States. Through Matt you will learn more about the MLR, the team in New Orleans and then you'll learn about the growth of the sport of Rugby as a whole. Matt will give us his advice and his insight so you have a better understanding of what's going on in the Rugby World. Don't miss...