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If you're looking for a unique perspective on sports, we'll bring you the content you want. Through interviews with different guests around the sports industry, we are delivering a panoramic view on sports. My goal is to help you see the world of sports through a different lens!

If you're looking for a unique perspective on sports, we'll bring you the content you want. Through interviews with different guests around the sports industry, we are delivering a panoramic view on sports. My goal is to help you see the world of sports through a different lens!


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If you're looking for a unique perspective on sports, we'll bring you the content you want. Through interviews with different guests around the sports industry, we are delivering a panoramic view on sports. My goal is to help you see the world of sports through a different lens!






Episode 247: Taylor Hall - Women's College Basketball Player

Throughout her sports career, Taylor Hall never experienced a 'major' injury as she made her way through high school athletics and AAU basketball. She found herself playing at the collegiate level when she went through her first major hurdle of her career. A knee injury is a basketball player's worst nightmare. And for Taylor that was just the beginning. Today you'll hear about her journey through the basketball world and the ups and downs she experienced with not one, but TWO major...


Episode 246: Alex Hobbs - From Boise State to the Pros - Professional Basketball Player

Growing up in Texas, the basketball scene is pretty intense. The athletes from that state are no joke! And it helps you understand what it actually takes to improve your game and play at the next level. Which is exactly what Alex Hobbs did! Today we get to hear from Alex about his journey through high school ball, AAU, and then College where he competed at Boise State and was a major contributor during his time there. We'll also get to learn about his year in between college and his first...


Episode 245: Collin Castellaw - PlayersTV, Shot Mechanics, and More

Sports are a wonderful thing! Whether you are competing as an athlete, or you're coaching, or even if you build a business around the sports world. Collin Castellaw has been able to take his talents to the entreprenuerial space and build some really amazing businesses around sports. Today we get to learn about his first "major" sports business venture, when he created content for "Shot Mechanics" and placed his content on YouTube! Collin gained a ton of traction through this, and as you'll...


Episode 244: Isaiah Wright - from Boise to Professional Basketball

When I was covering sports for a different company here locally in Idaho, I remember the name coming up over and over again, Isaiah Wright from Borah High School! He was dominating all throuhgout high school. He was one of those talents that made an immediate impact from his freshman year on. What was awesome, is watching his journey from afar since then. From the time he spent at The University of Utah, as well as The University of San Diego, to the NBA G-League, and now playing...


Episode 243: Vinny Perretta - Former Boise State Wide Receiver

A young man from Southern California, who grew up with a father who played professional football, somehow finds his way to Boise, Idaho to play football for the Boise State Broncos. Today we get to find out more of the story behind it all. Listen in as Vinny Perretta shares his story about his journey to the "blue" and as he talks about the life lessons that football taught him! We'll have a great discussion regarding the Fiesta Bowl vs Oklahoma, arguably one of the greatest (if not THE...


Episode 242: Trey Moses - Professional Basketball Player & Mental Health Advocate

From the outside looking in, one might think professional basketball player, Trey Moses has it all. He's playing the sport he loves at the professional level. He even got to play at the Division 1 level (something many athletes never get to do), and he has a great support system. What many don't know however, is the struggle he's had for MANY years (dating back to when he was in the 7th grade) of battling with depression and anxiety. His struggles with mental health, along with his...


Episode 241: Darius Edwards - Walking On to His Dream School

Most athletes have aspirations to compete at the next level of their sport. Very few however, get the chance to compete at the Division 1 level. But when you have a dream, and a vision, mixed with a hard work ethic, truly anything is possible. Today we get to learn from Darius Edwards, who grew up playing football in Texas, and ended up finding a way to walk-on to his favorite school, Texas Tech. This is a story of perseverance. It's a story of shooting for your dreams. It's also an...


Episode 240: Delveion Jackson - Basketball and Mental Health

For many athletes, the sport which they play is basically therapy for them! For Delveion Jackson, that was the case with Basketball. Basketball was his therapy. That's where he'd be if he was feeling anxious and/or stressed. It was his "safe haven" if you will. And all through High School, Delveion was a stellar athlete. One of the better players in his school and the whole state for that matter. So what happened when he went to college? Listen in today to Delveion's story of how things...


Episode 239: Greg Graham - Former College Basketball Coach

From the time he began coaching in the late 70s, until just a few years back, Coach Greg Graham was blessed to be part of a lot of amazing programs and be surrounded by a lot of amazing people. We speak with Coach Graham about his career and the things he learned along the way. His ties to Boise go deep, as he spent 8 years as the Head Coach for Boise State Basketball, and in that time, he had a few groups of men that were super special, and one of those years included a trip to the NCAA...


Episode 238: Amari and Trent Whiting - House of Hoopers

The Gatorade Player of the Year in Idaho, Amari Whiting joins the show today along with her father, Trent, as we discuss hoops in the Whiting household. Amari is fresh off wrapping up a 4A State Championship in Idaho for her high school (Burley Bobcats) and her father Trent, is a former professional hooper. What a powerful duo!! I'm going to be asking both of them some questions to learn from two amazing individuals about the sport and what we can take away from both of their careers. With...


Episode 237: Jeff Reifman - Coaching Central

Jeff Reifman has experience as an athlete and as a coach! Today I'll be speaking with Jeff about his journey through the sports world, and we'll learn about some of the ups and downs while gaining his perspective on various topics. We'll chat about his coaching experience and learn who his biggest influence was to help him begin coaching. Jeff will also share some insight for those who are interested in coaching, on what they may want to know prior to starting. The bread and butter though,...


Episode 236: Myndee Kay Larsen - Deputy Commissioner of The Summit League

What a great opportunity to learn from someone who has been both on the playing side (at a very high level have you), the coaching side, and now the administrative side of things! Today we get to chat with Southern Utah Hall of Famer, Myndee Kay Larsen about her experience in basketball and we get to learn from her about The Summit League and what goes on behind the scenes for this type of role. Also, we have a good conversation on the money that's generated from making the NCAA Tournament...


Episode 235: Wesley Nelson - Cheer & Dance

Tournament Director and Owner of Shake It Up Cheer and Dance Competition, Wesley Nelson, joins the podcast this week to break down the sports of Cheerleading and Dance! We'll get his whole background and hear how things have changed since 1977 when he first got started in the coaching side of it all! Don't miss out when I ask Wesley about "whether or not, Cheer and Dance are considered a sport." His answer is probably the best and most thought out response I've heard in my day. At the end...


Episode 234: Colin Grove - Idaho Premier

Colin Grove and his wife Jessica, are the first ones to give me a chance with coaching at a higher level. I fell in love with coaching, and a lot of credit goes to them for allowing me that opportunity! Today, I speak with Colin about his basketball experience as not only a coach, but a player. But we're going to find out why Colin decided to start Idaho Premier! You'll learn about the importance of sports outside of the game itself. You'll also find out why Colin is so passionate about...


Episode 233: Brandon Walton - Sports Journalism Secrets

It's one thing to chat sports with buddies, but it's another thing to be able to actually break down sports as a journalist. There are deadlines to make, and a skill that is required to actually create solid stories about the players and the programs in which you cover. Brandon Walton, is a fantastic sports journalist. His passion combined with his skill, make for a fantastic end piece when he publishes his work. Today we'll get to hear from @MrIdahoPreps about his journey as a journalist....


Episode 232: Andy Blaser - US Olympian in Skeleton

The former track star from Meridian, Idaho, who ended up running track at the University of Idaho and breaking tons of records, is now on his way to the Olympics in China. But it's not in Track. It's in Skeleton!! It's been quite the journey to see Andy's progression in this sport, and today we get to hear from him about this journey and see what he's looking forward to as he preps for his first ever Olympics! He's an all-around athlete! From the time he was a young child, he's competed...


Episode 231: Sean McCaw - Former European Pro and Coach

From Arizona, to Dixie, to Southern Utah, then overseas to the professional game, Sean McCaw's journey has been nothing short of unique! But it's also what's allowed him the life experiences to share with others to help them grow! I'm sure he wouldn't have had it any other way, and boy his story is awesome! You don't want to miss out on his awesome conversation to learn more about the professional game overseas! There's a lot to learn about the game, culture, and overall struggles that you...


Episode 230: Ryan Kennelly - Club Director at Idaho Strike Volleyball

A few weeks ago, we heard from Kyle Homer about his experience playing volleyball at Idaho Strike! Today we get to hear more about the program itself, in this awesome discussion with the Club Director, Ryan Kennelly. Ryan played volleyball in college at the club level and knows just how amazing the sport is. Now as a coach and a club director, he's helping young men at Idaho Strike take their talents to the next level and is giving them opportunities that weren't here before in the state...


Episode 229: Max Hall - From NFL QB to Recovering Addict

Max Hall had what some would think, was "EVERYTHING" as he had made it to the NFL as a quarterback after having played extremely well at BYU, which was his life long dream! But what many don't know, are the struggles that happen to athletes at the highest level. See, Max will talk about it today, on how he struggled with the pressures of being an NFL QB that was fighting to keep not only his starting spot which he had earned, but simply keep his job after a few injuries occurred. Listen...


Episode 228: Sarah Meister - From Division 1 Volleyball to Sports Performance Therapist

What a story we have for you today! Sarah Meister played volleyball at the Division 1 level for Missouri, and she has quite a few stories to tell. While there were some people who may look at an athlete or a team at that level, and believe they all “have it made,” what the general public isn’t seeing is what’s going on behind the scenes. Today, Sarah will talk about the impact one simple person made on her and the rest of their program while in College, and how having a sports psychologist...