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The Golfer's Journal Podcast with host D.J. Piehowski

The Golfer's Journal Podcast with host D.J. Piehowski
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The Golfer's Journal Podcast with host D.J. Piehowski






Episode 20: Keith Cutten

Keith Cutten is a Canadian golf course architect and the author of the new book, "The Evolution of Golf Course Design." He joined the podcast to talk through his career in architecture, how he came up with the idea for his book and the current state of the golf industry.


Episode 19: Job Fickett and Adam Heindorff

Job Fickett was the TGJ reader that pitched the story that ended up becoming "Game of Pixels" in TGJ No. 5. We talk through the ins and outs of the most in-depth golf video game there is and Job explains what it takes to be one of the game's standout course designers. We also chat with Adam Heindorff of Links & Kings about the gift all premium subscribers receive this year.


Episode 18: Jim Dodson (Live at Pinehurst)

Jim Dodson has written more than 10 books about golf, ranging from his personal experience with the game to biographies of titans like Arnold Palmer and Ben Hogan. He joined us live at a TGJ subscriber event at Pinehurst Resort to share stories from a career of covering the game, as well as his thoughts on golf and media at large.


Episode 17: The Long Road to the PGA Tour

There are thousands of professional golfers in the world and most never make it to the PGA Tour. After seven years of grinding toward that goal, Adam Long finally broke through this year and will begin his rookie season on the PGA Tour next week. He joined the podcast to discuss the highs and lows of his path to the Tour.


Episode 16: Gil Hanse

Gil Hanse is one of the most prolific architects working in golf today. His original work can be seen everywhere from The Olympic Course in Rio to the wild Streamsong Black, while his restoration work has touched many of the United States’ most prestigious clubs (from Winged Foot to Los Angeles Country Club). Hanse joined the TGJ Podcast to discuss his complete renovation of Pinehurst No. 4 and a variety of other topics.


Episode 15: Jim Moriarty

Jim Moriarty has covered golf for more than 40 years as a reporter, author and photographer. He joins the podcast to talk through how golf has changed throughout his career and why he’s still excited to watch the action on Sunday afternoons. Jim also makes his Golfer’s Journal debut with an essay in TGJ No. 5.


Episode 14: The Links Episode

On the heels of The Open at Carnoustie, we put together an episode celebrating the things that make links golf special. We start with a reading of D.J. Piehowski’s piece, “Beneath the Machair” from TGJ No. 1 (1:35 mark), which details the history of the once-lost Askernish golf course. Up next is a conversation with contributor Tom Coyne (17:37 mark), who has played (nearly) every links course in Ireland and Scotland. The episode concludes with a reading of his essay, “Sacred Sands” from TGJ...


Episode 13: Australian Golf with Curtis Luck

In our TGJ No. 4 Q&A, we discussed a number of things with young Australian standout Curtis Luck – where he grew up, winning the U.S. Amateur, playing the Masters and more. In this episode of the podcast, we had Curtis break down his five favorite Australian golf courses and why they each make the list.


Episode 12: Jamie Kennedy's Golf Marathon

This week marks the Bandon Solstice event, where a group of people get together to try to play all four courses at Bandon Dunes on the longest day of the year. As impressive as that is, Jamie Kennedy laughs at the feat. To raise money for a Scotland charity back in 2012, Jamie walked 10 rounds in one day – a total of nearly 60 miles – and he shares the story in this episode of the TGJ Podcast.


Episode 11: Inside TGJ No. 4

Managing editor Travis Hill takes you step-by-step through the latest issue of The Golfer's Journal with stories and context on how each feature came together and why it was chosen. TGJ No. 4 marks one full year in the life of our magazine and we couldn't be more thankful to have all of the readers (and listeners) that have helped support it.


Episode 10: No Scars - The Story of Len Mattiace

People like Len Mattiace often turn into footnotes of history as the guys who almost got it done. But his story is more complicated than near-misses on big stages. In a special Golfer’s Journal podcast, Mattiace shares the story of his career – from watching a major slip away to gaining perspective from injuries.


Episode 9: The Courses That Stick with Andy Johnson

Andy Johnson is a TGJ contributor who first started writing about golf course architecture for his website and newsletter, The Fried Egg. In this episode of the podcast, Andy reflects on the five golf courses that had the biggest impact on shaping his views on the game.


Episode 8: Riley Johns and Keith Rhebb

Our guests today are Riley Johns and Keith Rhebb, two golf course architects who recently completed work on their first solo design at the Winter Park 9. Johns was featured in TGJ No. 3 while guiding us on a tour of his home course, the Stanley Thompson-designed Banff Springs.


Episode 7: Shane Bacon and Chris Solomon

TGJ contributors Shane Bacon (Fox Sports) and Chris Solomon (No Laying Up) join the podcast to discuss the unbelievable hospitality details that come with playing one of South Korea's most private golf courses. Shane also recounted his experience in TGJ No. 3, a piece brought to life in part by Chris’ dramatic aerial photos of Whistling Rock Country Club.


Episode 6: Will Leitch

Will Leitch is not a golfer, which, in a strange way, is a major reason we wanted him to write for The Golfer's Journal. As a sportswriter who has appeared in every outlet from the New York Times to Deadspin (which he helped found), Will has a unique perspective from outside the world of golf. He discussed his complicated relationship with the game in an essay in TGJ No. 3 and elaborated on what's kept him away from golf in this episode of the podcast.


Episode 5: Brendon Thomas and Travis Hill

With TGJ No. 3 about to ship to subscribers, we wanted to look back at how and why The Golfer's Journal got started. Publisher Brendon Thomas and Managing Editor Travis Hill discussed where the idea came from, the 2-year struggle to put TGJ No. 1 together and much more.


Episode 4: Geoff Cunningham

Geoff Cunningham is – among many, many other golf things – the creative vision behind Linksoul. His art and photography is featured prominently in TGJ No. 2. He joined the podcast to discuss his golf artwork, his visit to Louisville Golf, the revitalization of Goat Hill Park and much more. You can find his work at and on Instagram: @parnography


Episode 3: Tom Coyne / Sacred Sands

Tom Coyne has played every links course in Ireland and Scotland, written four books and a screenplay. He brings a lifetime of golf experience and opinion to The Golfer's Journal and, for the first time, the TGJ podcast.


Episode 2: Travis Hill / Sweetens Cove

Managing editor Travis Hill talks through his transformative trip to Sweetens Cove, a nine-hole gem in Tennessee that's changing how people think about the game.


Episode 1: Caleb Hannan / Bally Bandon Sheep Ranch

In our debut episode, writer Caleb Hannan explains what it's like to play the mysterious Sheep Ranch near Bandon Dunes, golf's equivalent to a choose-your-own-adventure novel.