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A shambolic mash of stats, unqualified opinions, and chat about the beautiful game. In short, a bunch of miserable sods that hate half and half scarves and your half time skinny latte's.

A shambolic mash of stats, unqualified opinions, and chat about the beautiful game. In short, a bunch of miserable sods that hate half and half scarves and your half time skinny latte's.
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A shambolic mash of stats, unqualified opinions, and chat about the beautiful game. In short, a bunch of miserable sods that hate half and half scarves and your half time skinny latte's.




Episode 15 - Tinker Rio Warnock Spy

The Half and Half Scarves Podcast is back to look at another week of Premier League football. The guys discuss stupid opinions, the Leeds spy and break down all of the games from the weekend. Oh, and Kieren is neutral about Arsenal. Find us at


Episode 14 - Festive fixtures and FA cup arguments

The Half and Half Scarves podcast returns after a Christmas/New Year break. The guys catch up on all of the festive Premier League fixtures, FA cup results and the latest from the transfer window. Kieren manages to insult the FA cup, Gooner Dave agrees that Arsenal's defence is rubbish, Drew still lives in denial about Marcus Rashford and Colin finds out that Neil Warnock was caught treating himself.


Episode 13 - ...oh what fun it is to see Man U slide away...

The guys are back for another week of Premier League round up and football chat. Drew unleashes a verbal assault on the quality of Manchester United players, Kieren still doesn't seem to realise that Fulham are in trouble and Colin states a FACT about Rafa Benitez.


Episode 12 - They Need A Bloody Good Kicking

This week, the guys tell racists where to go, Kieren accuses David Luiz of taking drugs and it gets a bit heated ahead of the Fulham/West Ham clash.


Episode 11 - Two Game Weeks Are Better Than None

The guys discuss two full game weeks of Premier League football. Drew couldn't make it but doesn't miss out. We finally talk about Harry Redknapp in the jungle....peng and ting...Sandra.


Episode 10 - It Was a Dirty Pea Roller

This week Colin talks about Chelsea's humiliating defeat to Tottenham, Kieren compares Lidl hamburgers to fillet steak, Gooner Dave stays positive ahead of the north London derby and Drew proves that nobody should invite the guys to join their pub quiz teams.


Episode 9 - Dilly Ding Dong Rooney's Goodbye, Will McDonald's Phone Be Ringing?

There is no Gooner Dave this week so Colin, Kieren and Drew are joined by their mate Mike from Germany. The lads discuss the International break, the Tinker Man bringing McDonald's to Craven Cottage and Mike talks about being an English football fan living in Germany.


Episode 8 - City Liberties and Charlie Austin Wins the Internet

The Half and Half Scarves lads discuss the weekend's games, City taking liberties, referee disasters and Drew does some interesting Karaoke.


Episode 7- European Super League My Arse

In this Episode, Adam is absent so Colin takes the host's chair, Drew reveals his worst nightmare if the European Super League did happen. Gooner Dave says "main" a lot, and Kieren reveals why he doesn't want 7:45 football to be a regular thing. Plus your usual banter, reviews and quiz at the end. Interact with us @halfandhalfpods


Episode 6- Half Time Substitution and Diving C***s

In this week's episode, Adam and Draw are switched at half time, Kieren thinks Fulham played well, Dave is feeling under the weather and Colin launches a new segment at the end. There is also some bonus footage post recording that slips in at the end (after the outro). Follow us @halfandhalfpods and also rob your mates phone and download and subscribe the pod on their phone. Photographic proof of this, as well as writing a review, will be entered to win a prize. More next week.


Episode 5- Kieren Faces the Music and Handbags at the Bridge

In this Episode, Kieren relives the nightmare of Cardiff away. Colin witnesses a cracker, with a side of handbags. Drew live tweets a defeat for his beloved hammers. Dave sits back and enjoys the madness of the weekend, whist Adam finds new ways for you to spend your money. Oh and Kieren updates the Prediction League. Follow us on twitter @halfandhalfpods


Episode 4- Tourists, P*ss Stories and Predictions

In this episode, the boys wear black armbands to mourn Drew, who is absent due to work. Kieren keeps shouting tourists out at random intervals. We hear about Gooner Dave and the time he nearly wet himself, Colin's favourite game and why Adam's best purchase related to football is some beers in Cardiff. Also Kieren launches the Prediction League. Follow us on twitter @halfandhalfpods to join us for some live tweeting on big games


Episode 3- A One Cabbage Review

In this Episode, Drew takes a Road Trip, Colin tells the boys where to go, Kieren defends the indefensible, Gooner Dave shows off his Ashley Young knowledge and Adam goes on about International breaks... again! Oh and what's with the cabbage?


Episode 2- Hot Takes and Old Man Gripes

Join Adam, Colin, Kieren, Drew and Dave for more gripes and hot takes. In this episode the boys discuss the name of the podcast, what is going on a United, Spurs still homeless, the weekly review and some news! Lastly there is a sponsor quiz. Also, what has Troy Deeney been doing this week at the Emirates. Plus find out what really winds up Adam.


Episode 1- A New Beginning

Colin (Chelsea fan), Adam (Murf- Arsenal Fan), Dave (Arsenal Fan), Kieren- (Fulham fan) and Drew (West Ham fan) come together for the first epsiode of The Half and Half Scarves Podcast. In this episode you will hear how we came to do this pod and why, sum up the weekends Premier League action, as well as who winners and losers are for the week. The end is a test of trivia with Starting XI. It's meaningless banter mixed in with some useless stats and strong opinions. Enjoy!