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Episode 139: John Costacos

Famed poster boy-turned-author John Costacos returns to talk to the boys about all those times he and his brother Tock almost killed their subjects (turns out it happened a lot!), what current players they’d like to make posters of, the one guy who turned them down and, of course, his new book “Walls of Fame”.


Episode 138: Lew Temple

Recorded on the official last day of the baseball season, actor Lew Temple talks to the boys about his postseason picks and expectations, questions why the NFL always gets top-billing on, wonders what current-day pitchers might have flourished during 1968’s “Year of the Pitcher” and, naturally, Lou had to ask him about his upcoming role in Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”.


Episode 137: Rhea Butcher

Comedian Rhea Butcher joins the boys to talk about their podcast Three Swings, why men are afraid of women playing baseball, shares what it was like doing “Conan” and, along with Lou, starts preparing a “Racism in Baseball” college curriculum.


Episode 136: Kato Kaelin

America’s favorite houseguest, Kato Kaelin, joins the boys to talk about the postseason chances of his beloved Milwaukee Brewers, opens up about the downfall of being so outspoken on Twitter and, for some reason, introduces Shawn and Lou to the friendliest valets in all of Los Angeles.


Episode 135: Roy Wood Jr.

“The Daily Show” correspondent Roy Wood Jr. joins the boys to talk about the Chicago Cubs chances of going back to the World Series and whether or not they want (or even have room for) Bryce Harper, recalls that time Randy Johnson killed a bird with a pitch, explains why the Milwaukee Brewers remind him of Boba Fett and shares his desire to visit all the major sports stadiums/arenas.


Episode 134: Jeff Pearlman

New York Times bestselling author Jeff Pearlman finally returns to talk to the boys about his new book (Football for a Buck: The Crazy Rise and Crazier Demise of the USFL) and how Donald Trump paid a pivotal role in the demise of the league, shares the crazy story of Greg Fields and gives his theory as to why we’re fixated on years-old tweets and former sitcom actors bagging groceries.


Episode 133: Christy Colt

Christy Colt, the only full-time “girl beer vendor” at Nationals Park, joins the boys to talk about slinging brews at some of the biggest events in sports, knowing when to watch and when to work, serving beers to Kris Bryant during the All-Star festivities in DC, why mint juleps and, for some reason, Lou thinks way too much about the RV Hall of Fame in Elkhart, Indiana.


Episode 132: Sam Harper

To celebrate the 25 anniversary of his movie “Rookie of the Year”, screenwriter Sam Harper joins the boys to talk about where he came up with the idea of Henry Rowengartner, how long it takes to go from script to screen, what it’s like working with Steve Martin and realizes that he might just agree with Lou that The Rock probably makes everything a little bit better. Oh, yeah, and in a podcast exclusive, Sam also drops some knowledge on a likely re-boot of “Rookie of the Year”.


Episode 131: Muneesh Jain and Anthony Rapp

The hosts of the popular Clubhouse Podcast, Muneesh Jain and Anthony Rapp, join the boys to talk about their adventures together traveling the country, visiting all 30 Major League parks, hanging out with legendary ballhawk Zack Hample, Muneesh’s favorite moment as a baseball fan (spoiler alert…it involves Anthony singing) and who they would most like to have as a guest on their podcast. And, to appease his wife, Shawn asks Anthony to endorse her “passion project”.


Episode 130: Tanner Jones

Jose Canseco supercollector Tanner Jones joins the boys to talk about his massive baseball card and, specifically, his Canseco collection, how he got started in the hobby, that time he roadtripped to Las Vegas to hang out with his favorite baseball player and the coolest piece in his collection.


Episode 129: Jeff Katz

For a podcast-record fourth time, Jeff Katz, the now-former mayor of Cooperstown, joins the boys to talk about Curt Schilling for some reason, politely listens to Shawn blabber on and on about his summer concerts, tells the story of how he ended up officiating Brian Kenny’s daughter’s wedding(!), coins the term “Tony Danza Tribute Hat” and shares his all-time favorite broadcast team. Oh…Jeff also gives his annual re-cap of the Hall of Fame induction ceremony.


Episode 128: TJ Connelly

TJ Connelly joins the boys to talk about how he ended up the DJ for the Boston Red Sox (and, ultimately, the New England Patriots and Boston Bruins), explains the art of choosing the right walk up music, explains his bond with slugger David Ortiz and, ultimately, shares the one song he won’t play. Ever.


Minisode: The Pine Tar Incident

On July 24, 1983, MLB Rule 1.10(c) received national attention when Kansas City Royals great George Brett hit a go ahead two-run home run off New York Yankees closer Goose Gossage. Former big league infielder Greg Pryor was there, had a locker next to his friend Brett and witnessed the aftermath of the "Pine Tar Incident" firsthand.


Episode 127: Nicole Sherry

Baltimore Orioles head groundskeeper Nicole Sherry joins the boys to talk about how she almost quit baseball to work at a golf course in Hawaii, gets into the specifics of creating grass patterns in the outfield, recalls shagging flies for and getting lost in the dreamy blue eyes of Hall of Famer Cal Ripken Jr. and, yeah, brags a little (wouldn't you?) about how great her view is from her office window at Camden Yards.


Episode 126: Ngaio Bealum

Famed cannabis expert and comedian Ngaio Bealum joins the boys to talk about his unique look and style (is it "Funky Preacher" or "Sexy Professor"?), being a fan of his hometown San Francisco Giants, the main difference between 1980s baseball and now, hanging out with Doug Benson and, of course, his new Netflix show “Cooking on High”. Plus, Lou helps Ngaio plan his return trip to Milwaukee.


Episode 125: Greg Proops

Actor, comedian and baseball historian Greg Proops joins the boys to talk about his recent gig as emcee of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum’s annual Hall of Game ceremony, his experiences interviewing some of baseball’s greats, recalls the mysterious death of Rube Foster and shares his admiration for San Francisco Giants greats Willie Mays and Barry Bonds. Oh, yeah, Greg also joins in on Lou’s distaste of the 2013 movie “42”.


Episode 124: Rick Vaughn

Rick Vaughn joins the boys to talk about his time as the public relations director for the Baltimore Orioles and Tampa Bay Rays, his current gig working with Chicago Cubs skipper Joe Maddon’s charity and, most importantly, helps Shawn and Lou begin their quest to track down the infamous Billy Ripken “Fuck Face” bat.


Episode 123: Mike Reiss

Four-time Emmy Award-winning writer and producer of “The Simpsons”, Mike Reiss, joins the boys to talk about his new book, pretends to be interested when Shawn and Lou share their favorite episodes, goes behind-the-scenes of the iconic “Homer at the Bat” episode, grades Ted Cruz’s impressions of everyone’s favorite TV family and imagines a dark, gritty re-boot of “Alf”. And as a bonus...hear all about that time Lou was served a “meal” of toast!


Rewind: Ron Shelton

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the release of "Bull Durham", famed filmmaker Ron Shelton joins the boys to talk about the making of one of baseball's most iconic movies, his days in the minor leagues and Michael Jordan's brief stint as a professional baseball player. Episode originally aired August 26, 2016.


Episode 122: Matthew S. Robinson

Writer and director Matthew S. Robinson joins the boys to talk about his new play, “BlackBalled: The Rise and Fall of Negro League Baseball", what current players embody the spirit of the Negro Leagues, why Babe Ruth never got a shot at managing in the Majors and, along with Shawn and Lou, get real about kneeling, not kneeling, visiting The White House (or not) and the overall “patriotism” in sports.