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Episode 167: Maurice Marable

Emmy-nominated director and producer Maurice Marable joins the boys to talk about getting his start behind the camera, how he ended up working on IFC’s “Brockmire” and what it’s like working with Spike Lee, Hank Azaria, Bob Costas, Joe Biden and a slew of others. Also, Lou introduces the world to the “48-Hour Rule”.


Minisode: Remembering Field of Dreams

It's been thirty years since "Field of Dreams" was in movie theaters. What was it like to work with Kevin Costner? How hard is it to launch a home run into the cornfield?! Timothy Busfield knows. Also...some great "Revenge of the Nerds" talk.


Episode 166: Phil Hecken and Todd Radom

Longtime friends and uniform experts Phil Hecken and Todd Radom re-join the boys to break down their favorite teams (more specifically…their logos, jerseys and caps) taking part in this year’s Copa de la Diversión. Also…what is a bivouac?


Episode 165: Julie DiCaro

Attorney-turned sportswriter-turned radio host-turned Peabody Award winner-turned podcaster Julie DiCaro joins the boys to talk about her deep dive into investigating the murder of James Jordan, father of NBA superstar-turned minor league baseball player-turned NBA superstar Michael Jordan for her new podcast, The Score: Behind the Headlines.


Episode 164: Peter Kerasotis

Peter Kerasotis, author of Alou: My Baseball Journey, joins the boys to talk about how he got his start in journalism, the journey that led to him partnering up with former Major League player and manager Felipe Alou to co-write his autobiography, Alou’s relationship with Roberto Clemente and whether or not he believes the “Dominican Jackie Robinson” deserves a spot in Cooperstown.


Episode 163: Jon Shestakofsky

Jon Shestakofsky, the Vice President of Communications and Education at the National Baseball Hall of Fame, joins the boys to talk about how he went from Single-A ball with the Boston Red Sox to Cooperstown, the generosity of Ichiro Suzuki, why Ralph Carhart’s “Hall Ball” is something special and, of course, the museum’s newest exhibit…Shoebox Treasures. Oh, Jon also introduces Shawn and Lou to George “Honey Boy” Evans.


Episode 162: Lauren Meyer

Emmy-nominated director Lauren Meyer joins the boys to talk about what all went into the making of her new documentary “The Other Boys of Summer”, why she chose to spend more than a decade tracking down as many living members of the Negro Leagues in order to tell their story and that time she ended up in Mamie “Peanut” Johnson’s living room.


Episode 161: Jack Labosky

Tampa Bay Rays minor league reliever (and self-proclaimed “bus guy”) Jack Labosky joins the boys to talk about his plan to spend this upcoming season living in a renovated school bus with his girlfriend Madi, explains how he got her to agree to calling the J&M Express home, reflects on his painful time at the plate while with Duke and looks back at how he spent his first Spring Training. Oh…Jack also gets caught up wondering out loud how a basketball game between three Lous and one Zion...


Episode 160: Carl Tart

Actor, writer, comedian and Little League All-Star(!) Carl Tart joins the boys to talk about his podcast “Carl Alarm”, shares the specifics of his recent appearance on Comedy Central’s “Drunk History” and reveals just how drunk he was, recalls just how much fun it was to write for “Brockmire” and imagines just how far in life an email from Hank Aaron could get him.


Episode 159: Baseball Card Vandals

Beau and Bryan Abbott, the brothers behind Baseball Card Vandals, join the boys to talk about when (and how) they started defacing their baseball card collection, what their parents think of their favorite pastime, how their new book came to fruition and, of course, that time Lisa Loeb showed up at their job for an impromptu concert.


Episode 158: Hjordis and Jasmine Lee Ellis

The founders of The Dock Ellis Foundation, Hjordis and Jasmine Lee Ellis, join the boys to talk about the work they’re doing assisting victims of domestic violence, share what the legendary Major Leaguer was like as a husband and a father, update the status of the proposed Dock Ellis biopic (and who the pitcher would have liked to have played him) and reflect upon Dock’s relationship with his former teammate Roberto Clemente.


Episode 157: John Kruk

Three-time All-Star and current MLB analyst John Kruk joins the boys about to talk about the importance of young women playing baseball, why he took over the head coaching gig for his daughter’s softball team what it was like digging in against Randy Johnson.


Episode 156: Delino DeShields

Texas Rangers outfielder Delino DeShields joins the boys to talk about being part of an athletic family (his father played Major League Baseball and his sister is in the WNBA), the historic and cultural significance of his tattoos, his desire to get more African-American youth involved in baseball and, lastly, his connection with Sonic the Hedgehog.


Episode 155: Michael Connelly

New York Times bestselling author Michael Connelly joins the boys to talk about his return to journalism in the form of his podcast “Murder Book, how he nabbed Vin Scully for his hit Amazon show “Bosch”, that time he and his buddies took over George M. Steinbrenner Field in Tampa and, lastly, answers the age-old question “does dude REALLY name some of his characters after former Major Leaguers?”


Episode 154: Kieran Lovegrove

On the eve of reporting to Spring Training, San Francisco Giants pitching prospect Kieran Lovegrove joins the boys to talk about the day-to-day of training camp, taking the high road on social media (and how some Major League Baseball teams take the lead), playing for David Ortiz in the 2018 Futures Game and his plans for expanding America’s Pastime to his home country of South Africa.


Episode 153: Kurt Bevacqua

Former big leaguer Kurt Bevacqua welcomes the boys on to his podcast, Dirty Kurt’s Dugout, to talk to them about which players should (and shouldn’t) be in the Hall of Fame that aren’t already, why he hates the city of Milwaukee and Shawn shares a story about that time he found himself face-to-face with Pete Rose in Las Vegas.


Episode 152: Brian Cronin

Brian Cronin, the creative mind behind Sports Urban Legends Revealed, joins the boys to talk about the fact and fiction behind some of baseball’s greatest urban legends including Rickey Henderson’s million dollar check, Lou Whitaker’s missing jersey, Wade Boggs’ drinking habits, that time someone tried to maim Wally Joyner and more. And as a bonus…lots of comic book talk!


Episode 151: Larry King

Legendary broadcaster Larry King joins the boys (for the third time!) to talk about the 2019 Hall of Fame class, looks ahead at the 2020 ballot, reveals the one guy who he believes should be getting more love from the BBWAA and speculates as to who might be the next unanimous Hall of Famer.


Episode 150: Jay Jaffe

The Cooperstown Casebook author (and beer aficionado) Jay Jaffe joins the boys to talk about the 2019 Hall of Fame class, looks ahead at the 2020 ballot, shares his next pet project and reveals the one candidate he wishes he would have included in his book. Also, Jay admits to having never seen 1966’s “Batman”. Say what?


Episode 149: Scott Crawford

Executive director of the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame Scott Crawford joins the boys to talk about the history of and the differences between his Hall of Fame and that other one in Cooperstown, the recent remodeling that took place there in St. Marys, Ontario, 2009 inductee Larry Walker’s chances at getting inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame and, lastly, how Shawn and Lou might be able to influence future Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame elections.