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Episode 114: David Mickey Evans

David Mickey Evans, writer and director of “The Sandlot", joins the boys to talk about the making of the iconic film, speculates as to whether or not Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez was really safe at the plate, shares his plans for the 25th anniversary of the movie, marvels at those glorious Funko Pop! figures and Lou thanks David (on behalf of everyone) for creating Wendy Peffercorn.


Episode 113: John Costacos

John Costacos, the creator of some of the world’s most popular sports posters, re-joins the boys to talk about his latest creation for Adidas (SPOILER ALERT: it’s Aaron Judge!), shares what might be next for The Costacos Brothers and revisits what makes their artwork great.


Episode 112: Jeff Idelson

Hall of Fame president Jeff Idelson returns to talk to the boys about what’s new in Cooperstown and the growing anticipation for the Class of 2018 (and beyond!), shares the best Brad Ausmus story in the history of Brad Ausmus stories, explains what it is like hanging out with Bob Uecker and walks Shawn and Lou through the four “can’t miss” spots at The Hall and reveals his favorite museum pieces.


Episode 111: Gar Ryness aka Batting Stance Guy

Gar Ryness, aka Batting Stance Guy, returns to talk to the boys about the need for a great hype man, pulls the curtain back as to why he thinks he is so good at what he does, shares how Hunter Pence has become the new Kevin Youkilis, remembers the careers of players he thought were “can’t miss” Hall of Famers and, along the way, plenty of names are dropped. Among those names…the three most handsome men Shawn has even stood next to. Lastly, Gar makes a plea to his friends Randy and Jason...


Episode 110: Kirsten Karbach

Kirsten Karbach, the voice of the Clearwater Threshers, joins the boys to talk about being one of baseball’s only female play-by-play announcers, reveals what her ultimate goal is, cheers the Philadelphia Phillies off season moves and, lastly, answers the age-old question…what is a thresher?


Episode 109: Denny McLain

Denny McLain, Major League Baseball’s last 30-game winner, joins the boys to talk about the “Year of the Pitcher”, his love/hate relationship with former skipper Ted Williams (and how he thinks he would’ve fared against “The Splendid Splinter”), that time he was thrown off his Little League team and, lastly, shares his thoughts on working the talk show circuit as baseball’s preeminent organ player.


Episode 108: Maybelle Blair

Former pitcher Maybelle Blair joins the boys to talk about her time in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League and how she got started on the diamond, her quest to preserve the AAGPBL in Rockford, Illinois, why she had to hide her sexuality and shares who her favorite current Major Leaguer is. Oh, and Lou volunteers Shawn to do manual labor. Jerk.


Episode 107: Larry King

The legendary Larry King joins the boys to talk about his beloved Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers, who he says is the most exciting player and the best player he’s ever seen play, who he likes watching now, gives his thoughts on suspected steroid users in the Hall of Fame and shares his excitement over his son Chance being drafted by the Chicago White Sox.


Episode 106: Cody Decker

Longtime Minor Leaguer Cody Decker joins the boys to talk about Team Israel’s remarkable run during the 2017 World Baseball Classic, being part of the documentary “Heading Home”, the genesis of the Mensch on the Bench, pranking Jeff Francoeur and that time he did (or didn’t) play darts with filmmaker Jeremy Newberger following a robotics show in Japan.


Episode 105: Jeremy Newberger

Filmmaker Jeremy Newberger joins the boys to talk about his new documentary “Heading Home: The Tale of Team Israel”, details covering the World Baseball Classic and why he and his partners decided to follow the team, describes the fear of being in Israel during a terror attack and helps Shawn and Lou crack the code on what “Arrow”, “Lost” and “The Walking Dead” have in common.


Episode 104: Shane Obedzinski

On the eve of the 25th anniversary of the iconic film “The Sandlot”, actor-turned-restaurateur Shane Obedzinski joins the boys to talk about his role as Tommy “Repeat” Timmons, whether or not he believes Benny was really safe at the end of the movie (SPOILER ALERT: Lou argues he wasn’t), the lastly legacy of Wendy Peffercorn, getting hit in the balls (sorry, Shane!) during practice and hanging out with James Earl Jones and, wait for it…BURT REYNOLDS!


Rewind: Bruce Prichard

Bruce Prichard, host of the popular “Something to Wrestle with” podcast, joins the boys to tell them all about what happened when Pete Rose ended up in the WWF/WWE (and, subsequently, their Hall of Fame) and how he’s the perfect heel, the relationship between Wade Boggs and “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig and who came up with the ill-fated Abe “Knuckleball” Schwartz gimmick. Episode originally aired March 3, 2017.


Minisode: Life Lessons from Johnny Bench

Since his election in 1989, Johnny Bench has been sitting down and advising each and every new member of baseball's Hall of Fame. What advice does he give them?


Episode 103: Jay Jaffe

Baseball Hall of Fame expert Jay Jaffe joins the boys to talk about, naturally, the upcoming Hall of Fame announcement, why he thinks Lou Whitaker might still have a chance at Cooperstown, that time he took part in the famed Klements Sausage Race during a Milwaukee Brewers game and beer. So much beer.


Episode 102: Byron Motley

Author and screenwriter Byron Motley joins the boys to talk about his father, legendary Negro Leagues umpire Bob Motley, explains what happened to his screenplay about Effa Manley, gives his thoughts on instant replay in baseball and pulls the curtain back on why he absolutely adores Cuba.


Episode 101: Bob Kendrick

President of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, Bob Kendrick, joins the boys (for the third time!) to talk about the life and legacy of the late, great Mamie “Peanut” Johnson, educates Shawn as to who Rube Foster is and why he is one of the most important people in the history of the Negro Leagues and celebrates the inevitable Hall of Fame induction of longtime Atlanta Brave Chipper Jones.


Episode 100: Out of the Park Baseball

It's Episode 100, gang! Rich Grisham, TJ Lauerman and Kris Jardine from Out of the Park Baseball join the boys to talk about the history of their award-winning game, the recently completed Hall of Very Good Celebrity Tournament, reveal what’s next for OOTP 19 and explore Lou’s deep, personal hatred of a certain former Major Leaguer.


Minisode: A Christmas Miracle

In 1980, Willie Mays Aikens was seemingly on top of the world. Along with future Hall of Famer George Brett, Willie Wilson and Dennis Leonard, the former first baseman helped lead his Kansas City Royals to 97 victories and a spot in the World Series against the Philadelphia Phillies. The Royals would end up losing in six games, but, still…they’d walk away with some pretty sharp American League Championship rings. Less than a year later, Aikens’ ring was gone. Missing. It would stay...


Christmasode: Steve Christmas

Santa Claus’ favorite former Major Leaguer, Steve Christmas, joins the boys to talk about living with the last name Christmas, playing behind Hall of Fame catchers Johnny Bench and Carlton Fisk, how Tom Seaver got him traded, sharing a locker next to Lee Smith and his unlikely relationship with Rod Carew.


Episode 99: Jack McDowell

“Black Jack” himself, 1993 American League Cy Young Award winner Jack McDowell, joins the boys to talk about throwing inside (specifically the two batters he might have very much hit on purpose), steroid users in the Hall of Fame, the difference between coaching in the minor leagues versus college, reminisces on his lifetime in music and shares his most memorable concert experience.


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