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February 14 – Hour 1 — Who Are You More Upset With: Bridich or Tucker?

Jeff Bridich and Mel Tucker have both effectively ticked off their fan bases (or previous fan bases) this week. Who are you more upset with? Bridich for his undue arrogance and mishandling of the Nolan Arenado trade rumors situation. Or Mel Tucker for lying to Buffs nation that he was committed to Colorado and the rebuild?


February 14 – Hour 2 — More Bridich and Tucker | NBA WC Standings Battle

Brady breaks down the Western Conference standings in the NBA and the Nuggets' hopes for a finals appearance. Plus the best things to look forward to during the All-star break.


February 13 – Hour 1 — Nuggets Loss to Lakers | Issues Within College Sports | Kelly Lyell

Denver Nuggets suffer a tough loss in OT to the hands of Lebron and Davis. Jokic made two glaring mistakes, possibly costing the game. More on Issues Within College sports. From NCAA to Coaching and unrealistic standards for 'student' athletes. Kelly Lyell calls in to talk CSU Rams.


February 13 – Hour 2 — Jeff Bridich and the Rockies | Thursday Nigh Special

Jeff Bridich oozes smugness, when none is deserved. The Rockies in their entire history have zero World Series to their names and only a few playoff appearances. The off-season, Nolan Arenado, situation has been botched, possibly beyond repair, and Bridich has nothing for fans. Thursday Nigh Special: Brady goes College Basketball and his pick may surprise you...


February 12 – Hour 1 — MEL TUCKER TURNS BACK ON CU | Mark Johnson

Mel Tucker after confirming with a tweet that he was not going anywhere just two days ago, successfully completes and about face and runs straight into the arms of Michigan State! Mark Johnson, Voice of the CU Buffs calls in to share his thoughts and insight on the matter.


February 12 – Hour 2 — Nuggets/Lakers Preview | Chris Dempsey

The Denver Nuggets have a huge game at home against the Lakers tonight! Can they keep up their winning ways and take it to the Western Conference leaders? Chris Dempsey of Altitude Sports calls in to give us a preview! More on Mel Tucker and the Buffs.


February 11 – Hour 1 — Nuggets HUGE Comeback Over Spurs | Issues In Youth Sports

The Denver Nuggets came out with a huge win over the Spurs after Murray gets halftime pep-talk from his father. A local basketball tournament venue made the news with decision to end post-game formalities for fear of violence. Was it the right decision?


February 11 – Hour 2 — Michael Peterson, Owner of Power 2 Play Sports Calls In | Youth Sportsmanship Discussion

The owner of Power 2 Play Sports calls in to defend his decision to end post-game handshake lines between teams. He cites a nationwide trend of bad actors from coaches, to parents, and kids in youth sports.


February 10 – Hour 2 — Brian Howell on Mel Tucker | Broncos 1st Draft Pick Look?

Brian Howell of the Buffzone shares his thoughts on Mel Tuckers flinch on MSU rumors. The Broncos are reportedly in talks to trade around for the 1st overall pick in the 2020 draft, creating concerns on whether or not they are 100% committed to Drew Lock. Are they going to screw this up again?


February 10 – Hour 1 — Mel Tucker Doesn’t Deny Interview w/ MSU?!? | Mark Knudson

Big news from the weekend: Mel Tucker taking calls from MSU Head Coaching position. After one, five win season with the Buffs, the head coach is already wavering? Fans are rightfully upset. Mark Knudson calls in to talk on the subject plus the XFL.


February 7 – Hour 1 — Which CO Team Crushed Signing Day | Brian Howell

Brady discusses which CO College football team have added the most impact to their roster for the 2020 season. Brian Howell of BuffZone talks specifics on CU recruits and his hopes moving forward. Plus Brady grades the Nuggets trade announcements after yesterday's deadline.


February 7 – Hour 2– XFL Hopes and Dreams! | Rockies Talk | Tj McBride

Tj McBride calls in and share his unique insight into the Nuggets and their recent trade moves. The XFL debuts on Saturday 2/8/20 for the second time. It may be a situation where low expectations won't lead to any disappointment, and leave room for a nice surprise!


February 6 – Hour 2 — Thursday Night Special | Mark Johnson Buffs/Cal Preview

Does Brady go NBA? College? Buffs? UNC Bears? All we know is: When Brady pick Basketball, he doesn't miss. It's a fact. Mark Johnson calls in to give us a preview for tonight's Buffs/Cal game.


February 6 – Hour 1 — Nico Carvacho Calls In | Nuggets Amazing Win | Kelly Lyell

Nico Carvacho, big man, for the CSU Men's Basketball team calls in to talk the season. The Denver Nuggets get a huge win over Utah with only 7 players?!?! Jokic is the REAL DEAL. Kelly Lyell calls in to speak on FB signing day.


February 5 – Hour 1 — Chris Dempsey on Nuggets | Broncos and The Future

Nuggets take down a tough rival at home, against the Trailblazers. They have been able to maintain a certain level of dominance, despite many starters out due to injury. Chris Dempsey calls in to talk recent trades and what it means for the rest of this Nuggets season.


February 5 – Hour 2 — Dave Baldwin, UNC Bears O-Coordinator on Signings | More Nuggets

The Offensive Coordinator for the UNC Bears calls in to speak on signings for the Bears and his hopes for the season, with a completely rebuilt coaching staff.


February 4 — Hour 2 — Super Bowl 54 – How Those Teams Were Built | More Rockies

How were this year's Super Bowl teams built? Can the Broncos hope to capture anything close to what the Chiefs or the 49ers have done? Are they forever doomed?


February 4 – Hour 1 — The Colorado Rockies and a 94 Win Season | Top Text Tuesday

Brady dives deeper into Dick Monfort's '94 win season' comments. Reiterating that it was not an actual prediction, and was in fact, a mild joke. Though we are sure, Mr. Monfort does have confidence in his 2020 roster.