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Aaron Warbritton and Zach Ferenbaugh discuss deer hunting tips, tactics, and current conditions.

Aaron Warbritton and Zach Ferenbaugh discuss deer hunting tips, tactics, and current conditions.
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Aaron Warbritton and Zach Ferenbaugh discuss deer hunting tips, tactics, and current conditions.




#82 - Tracking Bucks in the Northeastern Big Woods w/Jeff Doyle

Jeff Doyle hunts in the big woods of the northeast and has a passion for tracking. If you find yourself hunting in big woods situations, tracking can be a great tactic and Jeff has a lot of information on the subject. In our conversation, Jeff even described situations where tracking could be a useful tool for hunting more open country in the midwest. Topics Include: -best conditions for tracking -where to look for tracks -when to move fast and when to slow down -how to know if it is a...


#81 - Expectations vs. Reality For New Elk Hunters w/Ben Robinson

Zach and Ben Robinson talk about their experiences elk hunting and how they compared to their expectations. The two grew up hunting in Ohio and always had dreams of one day hunting elk. The process of planning a trip ended up being much easier than they thought. After the trip, both hunters had things that they wish they would have known going into the hunt. So if you are thinking about making a trip out west these tips may help you out! Topics Include: -how to plan an elk hunt -how much...


#80 - Big Bucks on Pressured Land w/Dan Infalt, John Eberhart, Tethrd, and THP

Deer camp during The Public Land Challenge is full of strategy talk. Zach and Aaron sat down with John Eberhart, Dan Infalt, Ernie Power, and Greg Godfrey and talked strategy for finding big bucks on pressured land. Although everyone has different hunting styles the similarities of how everyone hunts may be surprising. Hopefully you are able to apply some of these tactics to your style when hunting big bucks on pressured land. Topics Include: -in season scouting -how to adapt to hunting...


#79 - Public Land Challenge! - Michigan Expectations and Plans

This episode was recorded during the first night of the Public Land Challenge in Michigan! We discuss expectations, how we prepped for the hunt, and what we are doing now that we are here. Topics Include: -expectations of MI public land -how we prepared by cyber scouting -what our scouting efforts are now that we are here -what we saw on the first day EXODUS TRAIL CAMERAS - Get 10% off w/ code THP10 - Trophy Ridge Bow Accessories - SAVE 20% OFF w/promo code THP20...


#78 - We Shot a Bull on a OTC Tag! - Colorado Hunt Breakdown

Zach and Ben breakdown the hunt that they had on their first morning in the Colorado backcountry. They had some intense action that has not been released on video yet! Topics Include: -our perspective of the hunt -our calling strategy -how we read the wind -stories from the pack out EXODUS TRAIL CAMERAS - Get 10% off w/ code THP10 - Trophy Ridge Bow Accessories - SAVE 20% OFF w/promo code THP20 - Woodhaven Turkey Calls - Use coupon code...


#77 - Elk Hunting Plans From the Mountain!

On this episode, Zach and his buddies, Ben Robinson and Colin Miller, recorded their thoughts on top of a ridge at 10,400 ft on their first day back in the elk woods. Ben and Colin are on their first elk hunt and ask questions about what to expect. They also discuss the preparations they took in order to make sure they were ready for the trip. The three also talk about their approach for the days of hunting ahead. Topics Include: -Ben and Colin's prep for the trip -questions from new elk...


#76 - Elk Hunt Recap w/Born and Raised Outdoors

Zach, Ted, Kody, and Wes recap their first hunting trip together in the Colorado backcountry. They discuss what they learned, how the hunt compared to their expectations, and if they had success or not! Topics Include: -what we learned -how elk hunting compares to deer and turkey hunting -what success means to us -how to start western hunting BORN AND RAISED OUTDOORS' YOUTUBE CHANNEL- EXODUS TRAIL CAMERAS - Get 10% off w/ code...


#75 - Elk Rut Action w/Born and Raised Outdoors

This episode we recorded from our camp in the deadfalls of the Colorado wilderness as we cooked dinner. We discuss some of the exciting action we have had and what we expect for the last few days of our hunt! Topics Include: -updates from the hunt -stories of our encounters -changing elevation to find elk -looking for hot sign in the elk woods BORN AND RAISED OUTDOORS' YOUTUBE CHANNEL- EXODUS TRAIL CAMERAS - Get 10% off w/ code...


#74 - Backpack Hunting for Elk - w/Born and Raised Outdoors

Recorded from our camp at 10,200 feet in the Colorado mountains, Zach, Ted, Kody, Wes, and Zach Sandau discuss the advantages of backpack hunting for elk. We also recap our recent encounters, why we move locations, and how we avoid hunting pressure. Hunting in the backcountry can be intimidating but we discuss how effective it can be. Topics Include: -backpack hunting and its advantages -why we switched units -stories of recent encounters -how to get away from other hunters BORN AND...


#73 - Zach and Ted's First Elk Hunt w/Born and Raised Outdoors

This episode was recorded in the mountains of Colorado, before Zach and Ted headed into the woods for their first ever elk hunt. They are joined by Kody Kellom and Wesely Smith of Born and Raised Outdoors and Zach Sandau from OnX. The group discusses expectations of the hunt, common questions about going on your first elk hunt, and how some of the tactics relate to Zach and Ted's experience hunting public lands in the east. This podcast will be the first in a series of podcasts recorded in...


#72 - Public Land Ground Hunting w/Jared Scheffler of Whitetail Adrenaline

Jared has strictly hunted public land, on the ground, for over a decade. This experience has lead him to continued success in numerous states across the country. What makes Jared's style unique is his ability to read an area that he has done no prior scouting on. In this episode, we will discuss Jared's strategy and how his experience has helped him know when it is time to stay in a public area or move onto the next. Topics Include: -when to stay and when to go -decoying bucks on the...


#71 - In-Season Scouting w/Joe Rentmeester

Joe is a very mobile hunter who is able to adapt from hunt to hunt based off of the fresh sign that he is finding. He has had great success using his ability to read hot sign to harvest specific bucks that he has targeted in a low deer density area. On this podcast we discuss in season scouting and what that means to us as mobile hunters. Topics Include: -Joe's pre-season scouting -what "hot" sign is -unique bump and dumps -hunting Wisconsin swamps JOE'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL-...


#70 - Deer Tour Has Started! - North Dakota Plans

While driving to North Dakota, Aaron, Jake and Dylan discuss what it takes to get on the road for an out of state hunting trip. They also discuss some of their plans for when they make it to their hunting location. Good luck to those of you hunting this weekend! Deer Tour is here! Topics Include: -what is in our vehicle -overlooked things to bring on hunting trips -strategies for early openers -plans for once we make it to camp EXODUS TRAIL CAMERAS - Get 10% off w/ code THP10 -...


#69 - Tennessee Velvet Hunt and Public Land Plans w/Catman

Catman is one of the lucky hunters that participated in the Tennessee velvet hunt this past weekend. On this episode, we will discuss Catman's plans for the velvet hunt. The hunt is limited to private land, so his approach differs from how he hunts other properties during the fall. We also discuss how he spends his time scouting public land during the summer and his plan of attack on public land this fall. Topics Include: -Tennessee velvet season -small properties vs public...


#68 - Aggressive Decoy Strategies During the Lockdown w/Garrett Roe

On this episode, we are calling Garrett Roe, the creator of Heads up Decoy. Garrett has a lot of experience hunting whitetails with a unique decoy strategy. We cover how he uses decoys throughout the season but the main theme is that he hunts aggressively! If you are looking for ways to think outside of the box during the whitetail season, this conversation will help you think of some new strategies. Garrett's favorite time to hunt is during the "lockdown" phase of the rut. During this...


# 67 - Hunting Different Terrain Types LIVE Q&A

In this episode we will be doing a live Q & A discussing the Mapping Series that we have posted to YouTube. We plan on covering the different habitat types more in depth and answering specific viewer questions along the way. This episode covers how we scout and hunt these different habitat and terrain types and the benefits of hunting each one. Topics Include: -river bottoms -ponds -grasslands -hill country Backwoods Grind Coffee - Save 10% with code THP - EXODUS...


#66 - 2019 Deer Tour Plans

We are making final preparations for the 2019 Deer Tour and Aaron, Ted, and Dylan are going to be discussing some of the areas that we plan to hunt. They also discuss plans for the Public Land Challenge, which we are excited to announce where we will be headed! Topics Include: -where we plan to hunt -public land challenge -our favorite whitetail states -traveling to deer hunt Backwoods Grind Coffee - Save 10% with code THP - EXODUS TRAIL CAMERAS - Get 10% off w/...


#65 - How to Modify Your Hunting Gear w/Garrett Prahl (DIY Sportsman)

With a background in engineering, Garrett is always thinking of ways to make his hunting gear more efficient. After meeting him during the public land challenge last season, he opened our eyes to great ways to adjust our tree stand and tree saddle setups to not only make them lighter but also make them quieter. In this episode, Garrett explains some of the best modifications that he has made over the years and how you can also make these modifications. Topics Include: -how to make your...


#64 - How to Plan an Out of State DIY Whitetail Hunt

Planning an out of state hunting trip can be an intimidating task, but is worth the effort for any deer hunter looking for a new challenge. Hunting out of state has become our favorite thing to do, and in this episode we cover the steps that we take when planning hunting trips in new areas. Hopefully this episode helps you become more efficient when planning a whitetail hunting adventure. Topics Include: HOW-TO -pick an area to hunt -setup deer camp -process deer at camp -pack food and...


#63 - Bloodtrailing Master Class w/Doug Fink

Doug Fink trains dogs for blood trailing deer. Through his experiences trailing tons of deer, he has a lot of knowledge to share that can be valuable for all hunters. Doug's experience has taught him everything from weapon setups to when to back out on a track job. No matter what your experience level is as a hunter, you won't want to miss the knowledge Doug has to offer for when you find yourself in a tricky tracking situation. Topics Include: -how to read blood -broadhead...