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The official podcast of The Knicks Wall featuring Anthony Corbo, Kyle Maggio & Bryan Gibberman. Making sense of New York Knicks basketball one episode at a time.

The official podcast of The Knicks Wall featuring Anthony Corbo, Kyle Maggio & Bryan Gibberman. Making sense of New York Knicks basketball one episode at a time.
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The official podcast of The Knicks Wall featuring Anthony Corbo, Kyle Maggio & Bryan Gibberman. Making sense of New York Knicks basketball one episode at a time.






The Clippers are in Kevin Durant's Mentions | The Knicks Wall Podcast

Anthony Corbo, Bryan Gibberman and Kyle Maggio discuss the importance of Mitchell Robinson making the All-Rookie Second Team before explaining why the Clippers are not as great a threat to signing Kevin Durant as one may think. TIMESTAMPS (02:34) Sleepy Kyle talks RJ Barret (12:57) Who is the best left-handed Knick ever? (15:45) Arguing about All-Rookie teams (21:00) These Durant-Clippers rumors are coming out at a VERY opportune time (33:18) Golden State-Portland capper (46:39)...


TKW Draft SZN - Is RJ Barrett the man for the Knicks? | The Knicks Wall Podcast

It’s TKW DRAFT SZN – a limited-edition, six-week series from The Knicks Wall Podcast. TKW writer Mike Cortez is joined by Harley Geffner and Jess Reinhardt to discuss the Knicks having the #3 pick what they will ultimately do with it? RATE, REVIEW & SUBSCRIBE!! FOLLOW US!! Mike: @CortezEra Jess: @JRein44 Harley: @harleygeffner The Knicks Wall Podcast: @TKWPodcast The Knicks Wall: @TheKnicksWall Blue Wire:...


The Third Pick, Eh? | The Knicks Wall Podcast

Anthony Corbo and Bryan Gibberman give you their reactions to the Knicks drawing the number three pick in the NBA Draft Lottery and how New Orleans drafting first effects the pick will affect New York's offseason. Later, Brad Rowland joins us to talk Hawks free agency. TIMESTAMPS (01:16) The New York Knicks will draft 3rd in the 2019 NBA Draft (04:55) Taking stock of the Knicks' warchest (07:33) Examining how the New Orleans Pelicans will now build their future (16:52) Taking a closer...


TKW Draft SZN – Creating a Game Plan for Where the Knicks' Pick Will Fall | The Knicks Wall Podcast

It's TKW DRAFT SZN – a limited-edition, six-week series from The Knicks Wall Podcast. TKW writer Mike Cortez is joined by Kyle Maggio to break down all of the Knicks' options for their pick, from taking a gamble with the fifth pick to taking Zion Williamson number-one overall and what happens from there. RATE, REVIEW & SUBSCRIBE!! FOLLOW US!! Mike: @CortezEra Kyle: @kylemaggio Anthony: @corboanthony The Knicks Wall...


Bizarro Knicks Offseasons & Clippers/Suns Summer Predictions | The Knicks Wall Podcast

The Knicks Wall Podcast is now part of the Blue Wire podcast network! The guys celebrate by running through some wild offseason simulations, laugh at what was likely Kyrie's final game as a Celtic and talk to Robert Flom about the Clippers' offseason and Kellan Olson about the Suns. TIMESTAMPS *recorded prior to Kevin Durant scaring the life out of all of us* (00:06) The Knicks Wall Podcast joins Blue Wire (02:16) Laughing at the Celtics & Paul Pierce is a moron (04:19)Most interesting...


Debating Rockets or Warriors Moving Forward & Hornets + Lakers Offseasons | The Knicks Wall Podcast

Anthony Corbo, Bryan Gibberman and Kyle Maggio debate which team will have more work to do this offseason between Houston and Golden State. Then, Chris Barnewall and Anthony Irwin drop in to talk Hornets and Lakers offseason plans. TIMESTAMPS (2:29) Rockets vs Warriors game 2, plus which team has a rosier outlook (17:08) Chris Barnewall of EA Sports & Dime joins to discuss the Charlotte Hornets' offseason, including what to do with Kemba Walker, how they can move on from bad money and more....


The Future of Mitchell Robinson with agent Mayar Zokaei | TKW Podcast

A wide ranging conversation with Mitchell Robinson's agent Mayar Zokaei. How he decided to become a sports agent, a look at Robinson's rookie season and what is in store for the future. RATE, REVIEW & SUBSCRIBE!! FOLLOW US!! Anthony: @corboanthony Kyle: @kylemaggio Bryan: @bryangibberman TKW Podcast: @TKWPodcast TKW: @TheKnicksWall MUSIC!! “TKW Podcast Theme”—Nadaboys @nadaboys "Agent 0"—Kenney Floreat @inz-kenney...


What will be Dennis Smith Jr. & Kevin Knox's role moving forward? | TKW Podcast

The 2018-19 has come and, mercifully, gone. Anthony Corbo and Kyle Maggio are back with thoughts about how the Knicks need to prepare to head towards the summer, take time to resurrect the name of Dan Gadzuric and question David Fizdale's ability to coach a contending team. TIMESTAMPS (04:14) Emmanuel Mudiay vs Earl Barron (09:32) The Knicks have (14:38) Are we through with Dennis Smith Jr. already? (21:08) Do the young players on the Knicks even fit on a team that may be contending? (29:33)...


Mario Hezonja's Time To Shine | TKW Podcast

TIMESTAMPS (01:50) Point God Hezonja ( 04:15) Dennis Smith Jr. isn't all the way back and a mash up of random topics (15:50) Mitchell Robinson and how the Knicks should handle the center position next season. ( 22:50) Cortez's look at the Knicks proclaimed reclamation projects. (25:30) Did David Fizdale unveil his entire offense this season? (27:10) Would you want Hezonja back? (31:00) Previewing the NCAA title game between Texas Tech and Virginia. RATE, REVIEW & SUBSCRIBE!!...


Alternative Free Agent Pairings & Mario Hezonja's Rage Game | TKW Podcast

Anthony Corbo and Kyle Maggio take a look at Hezonja's comeback rage-game vs the Magic, plus rumors of Jeff Bezos purchasing the Knicks and other potential free agent pairings. TIMESTAMPS (03:38) Charles Oakley thinks Jeff Bezos is purchasing the Knicks (10:12) Dennis Smith Jr remains out (12:24) Knicks @ Magic (14:18) Luke Kornet's major defensive struggles (16:43) Mario Hezonja's revenge game (19:40) Kevin Knox proving himself over a solid final stretch of the season (25:53) Mudiay shows...


End of Season Progress from Robinson & Knox, plus Final Four with Mike Cortez | TKW Podcast

Anthony Corbo, Kyle Maggio and Bryan Gibberman discuss an exciting first half vs the Heat, Mitchell Robinson claiming a spot in the starting lineup and Kevin Knox's late-season push before Mike Cortez joins to discuss the Final Four and the latest edition of his Draft Board TIMESTAMPS (01:53) Addressing the Kristaps Porzingis allegations (3:09) Knicks vs Heat (4:11) Mudiay's strong first half and stronger fall-off (6:30) Mitchell Robinson starting over DeAndre Jordan to close the year &...


Bill Simmons "Bets the House" on the Knicks & Sweet-16 Preview | TKW Podcast

TIMESTAMPS (01:30) "Tea Leaves" -- Bill Simmons tells Mike Francesa he believes the Knicks are getting Kevin Durant. (12:00) Mitchell Robinson is not an enigma. (30:30) Previewing the Sweet 16 with Jess Reinhardt RATE, REVIEW & SUBSCRIBE!! FOLLOW US!! Anthony: @corboanthony Kyle: @kylemaggio Bryan: @bryangibberman TKW Podcast: @TKWPodcast TKW: @TheKnicksWall MUSIC!! “TKW Podcast Theme” —Nadaboys@nadaboys "Agent 0" —Kenney...


Where Are David Fizdale's Minutes Going? | TKW Podcast

Finally reunited, Anthony Corbo, Bryan Gibberman and Kyle Maggio reconvene to discuss the Knicks' loss to the Clippers, David Fizdale sticking with the expiring vets, Frank Ntilikina's possible exit with Tyler Marko and the NCAA Tournament with Mike Cortez. TIMESTAMPS (01:49) Knicks loss to the Clippers (02:26) Deandre Jordan & Damyean Dotson kickstarting the Knicks (06:26) Fizdale minutes distribution and playing the vets big minutes (13:44) Does Mudiay deserve his playing time?(18:36)...


March Madness preview to distract us from the Knicks

TIMESTAMPS Pretty simple here...Bryan asks a dumb question to start, we talk about the Knicks for five minutes and then dive deep into the NCAA Tournament. RATE, REVIEW & SUBSCRIBE!! FOLLOW US!! Anthony: @corboanthony Kyle: @kylemaggio Bryan: @bryangibberman TKW Podcast: @TKWPodcast TKW: @TheKnicksWall MUSIC!! “TKW Podcast Theme” —Nadaboys@nadaboys "Agent 0" —Kenney Floreat@inz-kenney "Portal" —Evan Schaeffer@evanschaeffer...


Le'Veon Bell, Odell Beckham Jr. and James Dolan

TIMESTAMPS (01:40) The Jets signed Le'Veon Bell and a look at the rest of their offseason. (12:15) The Giants traded Odell Beckham Jr. hahahahaha! (17:00) James Dolan had an awkward moment in his interview with Michael Kay. (22:20) James Dolan doesn't hide his confidence about the Knicks' offseason. (26:15) James Dolan isn't selling the Knicks. (28:05) What is Dolan's level of involvement with the organization's decision making? (35:00) A look back at the Phil Jackson era. (42:15) Dolan...


Damyean Dotson & Mitchell Robinson Make Huge Strides While Ntilikina Remains Out | TKW Podcast

The Knicks lose their sixth straight game but Anthony Corbo and Kyle Maggio find a bright spot in the play of Mitch and Dot. TIMESTAMPS (01:35) James Dolan is becoming publicly frustrated with the fanbase (05:57) Is Kyrie Irving signing with the Los Angeles Lakers? Is Durant willing to sign with the Knicks on his own? (18:00) The woeful end-of-season push (21:57) Mitchell Robinson's legendary numbers through the 2nd-half of the season (33:16) Damyean Dotson's consistency is his biggest skill...


The Knicks Have the Strongest Tank | TKW Podcast

Anthony Corbo and Kyle Maggio take you through what they saw from the Knicks' struggling young core in a 107-96 loss to the 29th place Phoenix Suns plus what to expect from a packed weekend of games. TIMESTAMPS (00:51) Knicks-Suns game recap (04:43) Mitchell Robinson continues to make a solid impact game after game (08:06) Fizdale with solid rotational distribution (11:19) Is it just more of the same struggles with Kevin Knox? (16:26) Should Luke Kornet be receiving more minutes? (18:44)...


Hopefully, the Knicks Were Hungover in LA | TKW Podcast

TIMESTAMPS (01:10) It went poorly for the Knicks against the Clippers. (01:25) Gibberman tried to avoid talking about the Knicks for as long as possible. (03:25) Some Kyrie Irving "Tea Leaves." (09:55) What's gone well for the Knicks since they've traded KP (17:10) Another rant about Mudiay. (21:00) DSJ's jump shot has regressed. (25:30) MITCHELL ROBINSON! (32:00) A look ahead at the Knicks schedule this week. RATE, REVIEW & SUBSCRIBE!!...


Here's to You Mitchell Robinson & the Knicks Won Again! | TKW Podcast

TIMESTAMPS (01:10) The Knicks have actually won a few games! (1:50) Mitchell Robinson and Alonzo Trier carry the Knicks past the Magic in the fourth quarter. (2:55) Foaming from the mouth about Mitch. (14:40) "Tea Leaves" Stephen A. Smith gives the opinion that he thinks Kyrie Irving is going to leave the Celtics. (19:10) Mike Cortez stops in to continue to help us learn about the 2019 NBA Draft. (37:00) What did we think of the top 25 under 25 list released by Chris Herring, Kevin Pelton...


Dennis Smith Dropping Dimes | TKW Podcast

The Knicks took home a big home win and TKW Podcast's Anthony Corbo, Kyle Maggio and Bryan Gibberman celebrate in the only way they know how. TIMESTAMPS (03:22) Dennis Smith Jr's impact and chemistry with Mitchell Robinson, Damyean Dotson and the rest of the lineup (12:56) David Fizdale deploying competent rosters! (19:50) Kevin Knox shows the ability to contribute to winning (24:54) Quick Don Nelson and Baron Davis stories (31:09) Zach Lowe believes that Kritaps Porzinigs did not want to...