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Robert M. Price hosts the definitive exploratory podcast of H. P. Lovecraft and the all-encompassing, eldritch Mythos universe. This Podcast was created using

Robert M. Price hosts the definitive exploratory podcast of H. P. Lovecraft and the all-encompassing, eldritch Mythos universe. This Podcast was created using
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Robert M. Price hosts the definitive exploratory podcast of H. P. Lovecraft and the all-encompassing, eldritch Mythos universe. This Podcast was created using




The Lovecraft Geek Podcast 19-002

Do you think that Lovecraft might have returned to straight science writing had he lived longer? Do you think a story can have a strong dose of humor in it and still be Lovecraftian? Wasn’t HPL’s grandfather quite wealthy? How did Lovecraft wind up dying of malnutrition because he couldn't afford the basic necessities of life? I'm contemplating writing an dramatic staged musical adaptation of The Call of Cthulhu. What aspects of the story do you think most ought to be explored, especially...


The Lovecraft Geek Podcast 19-001

If we consider the progression of Lovecraft's work over time, how do you think his writing would have evolved? Is the elder sign’s resemblance to a masonic cross purely coincidence? What is your personal Lovecraft action figure wishlist? What are your thoughts on “The Dunwich Horror” radio adaptation from the Suspense radio program in 1945? Do you think John Dixon Carr had anything to do with the production? What was your experience with the “Trap Door Spiders” literary society like? What is...


EPISODE33 - The Lovecraft Geek

Suppose that a Foundation type civilization encounters some non-Euclidean geometry from which enter Lovecraft's monstrous pantheon. Would such an advanced civilization be affected on the same basic level of sanity as one of Lovecraft's 1920-era protagonists? Do you feel that the excuse that Ridley Scott's "Prometheus" essentially tackled the same style of story is a sufficient reason not to make Del Toro's "Mountains of Madness" adaptation? Iâ??m curious if you are aware of a Mexican 1959...


EPISODE32 - The Lovecraft Geek

What would you say the most underrated Lovecraft story is? What is your opinion of the "unmentionables" where it seems Lovecraft keeps things intentionally vague? What do you think finally happened to the Rue d-Auseil and to Erich Zann himself! Do you feel that Lovecraft's work is in a renaissance of sorts? What is your favorite way to consume Lovecraft's works? A leather chair by the fireplace during a crisp New England fall air? How prevalent, in your opinion, should a magical element be...


EPISODE31 - The Lovecraft Geek

What was HPLâ??s opinion of Great Britain and its culture? Of the Empire? Or World War 1? Was he an advocate of America joining the war against Germany, or was he of a more isolationist tendency? Any comments on Stephen Kingâ??s very Lovecraftian story â??Nâ??? What did Lovecraft himself regard as his best works of fiction, and his worst? Arenâ??t there enough parallels between the Cthulhu Mythos and Godzilla films to consider the latter a species of the former? Check out the short films on...


EPISODE30 - The Lovecraft Geek

Do you think that the Necronomicon, a holy book known as the "Dead Name Image," is meant to be an homage/parody of Jesus as â??the Wordâ?? who bears the â??Nameâ?? that is above every name? Is the racist name of Delaporeâ??s black cat perhaps intended to hint at the manâ??s slave-holding heritage from Virginia and before that Exham Priory? Could you direct me to scholarly works discussing the possible origins of HPLâ??s creations? Could you recommend other lexicons, dictionaries, timeline...


EPISODE29 - The Lovecraft Geek

Why is â??Herbert West Re-animatorâ?? held in such low esteem? Should I feel guilty for enjoying Lovecraftâ??s fiction, since he was a racist? How come Lovecraft seems to have such a big following in Spain? Possible Hebrew roots of the name â??Shub-Niggurath.â?? Octavia E. Butler is now the face of the World Fantasy Award in place of that of the Rotten Old Racist from Providence. But sheâ??s not a fantasy writer! Rather SF. The Lovecraft influence in Andrea Pearsonâ??s novels.


EPISODE28 - The Lovecraft Geek

Iâ??ve heard you mention that you've spent some time visiting different parts of Lovecraft's New England and was wondering what kind of experiences or comments you had relating to the settings.. What are some of the things you can gain, or miss out on, by experiencing HPL through audiobooks? Am I the only person who has noticed that L. Sprague de Camp's Al Azif is 4 pages of Syriac text, turned upside down, and repeated? I haven't tried to identify the text, but the New Testament seems a...


EPISODE27 - The Lovecraft Geek

Is there any way to get ahold of your old Crypt of Cthulhu stuff, and/or has any of it been reproduced elsewhere? Have you considered self-publishing your annotated Lovecraft set? Zadok Allen seems to be a known drunk and babbler. The folks at innsmouth appear to have no trouble scaring out or killing any other outsider or insider that threatens their dangerous game. Why would they bother to let him live? I'd be interested to hear some of your thoughts on Lovecraft in comics, maybe broken...


EPISODE26 - The Lovecraft Geek

What is the mysterious Sign of Koth? Regarding the recently found Lovecraft text "The Cancer of Superstition," is the manuscript for public consumption, or because it was never published the collector has no obligation to disclose the tale? With the new troves of Lovecraftian writers joining the scene in the past decade, are there also new critics on the scene who review Lovecraftâ??s works in a new light? Besides Lovecraftâ??s parody of the Nativity in â??The Dunwich Horror,â?? are there...


EPISODE25 - The Lovecraft Geek

"How do you understand 'blasphemies' in a Lovecraftian context?"


EPISODE24 - The Lovecraft Geek

What you think is the most satisfying Lovecraftian crossover work with an established franchise character? Is there any link to or mention in Lovecraft to Arthur Conan Doyle's work? What about with Burroughs or Howard? What is your opinion of the Sherlock Holmes stories? If one were to pick one of the ancient Christian-offshoot cults to use as the basis for a Cthulhu Mythos cult, which cult would you pick and why? What entity would the cult be dedicated to? I recently watched John...


EPISODE23 - The Lovecraft Geek

Episode 23 - Murder House


EPISODE22 - The Lovecraft Geek

Episode 22 - Coven


EPISODE21 - The Lovecraft Geek

Episode 21 - Asylum


EPISODE20 - The Lovecraft Geek

Which among the non-direct literary descendants of Lovecraft do you feel matches his work most closely? Have you tried your hand at completing one of HPLâ??s fragments or Commonplace Book ideas? What is your favorite Lovecraft story and why? Can you share some anecdotes and remembrances of the greats youâ??ve met, like Lin Carter & DeCamp & Lumley & Bloch? Do you believe that Lovecraftâ??s stories are gaining in popularity because they provide a religious framework for a scientific view of...


EPISODE19 - The Lovecraft Geek

I would really enjoy hearing your opinion on what makes a good anthology or, for that matter, a good anthologist. Are you familiar with Caitlin Kiernan's work and how do you as a Lovecraft scholar feel it compares? Also, in that vein, who do you recommend to bulk out my modern author collection? Can you speak to how you assign a voice to a character? For example, when you read as Lovecraft, what do you base his voice on? Do you know of any stories by Lovecraft, his contemporaries or his...


EPISODE18 - The Lovecraft Geek

What purpose do the child sacrifices serve in The Dreams in the Witch-House? If Lovecraft did not provide a reason, did August Derleth find a place for it in his Christian-Cthulhu mythos?