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Description:'s Wargames Podcast, moving Wargamings most ambitiously promoted website into the 21st century






Episode 60 - Goes Well with Yorkshires

With UK Lockdown III in full effect, and seemingly due to continue well into March (at best), the Lockdown Podcast team are reassembled in a sequel that no-one was clamouring for. Fear not however - in the 6 weeks since December 11th (when the last Lockdown Pod was published) the intrepid 7 have gained absolutely nothing in terms of insight, polish, erudition or knowledge worth sharing, and so this landmark 60th episode of the Madaxeman Podcast carries on pretty much exactly where the last...


List Building for Justinian Byzantines in ADLG

The first Byzantine (or perhaps the last "Roman") list in ADLG's roster of armies is one which covers some of the Empires greatest victories, and which spans the career of one of their greatest generals, Belisarius. But despite that historic success the Justinians are often overlooked, especially when set against other, later Byzantine lists which can be stuffed with many more interesting wargamer-friendly exotic troop types! This video podcast seeks to redress that balance a little,...


List Building for Camillan & Republican Romans in ADLG

Featuring highly on anyone's "first army to collect" shopping list, the Camillan and Republican Roman armies always seem to flatter to deceive. The legendary Legions provide a powerful core to the army, but the relative paucity of support troops and the seemingly unavoidable need to go infantry-first in any design can make these challenging lists to construct and play with succesfully. This ADLG listbuilding podcast helps you face that challenge head-on as I'm joined again by Dave Saunders...


List Building for Hoplite Armies in ADLG

Despite being very much the textbook Classical era warrior, Hoplites often suffer from being the baseline 'man with sharp stick' troop-type who's battlefield capabilities underpin a vast array of far more interestingly-armed and equipped infantrymen in the troop-type taxonomy of ADLG, and indeed in many other previous rulesets as well. This ADLG Listbuilding Podcast seeks to pan for gold amongst the broken pottery shards of Greek military history, and in so doing possibly tease out a few...


List Building for Classical Indians in ADLG

Pulling together a Classical Indian army list for L'Art de la Guerre is often seen as a rather formulaic exercise, with a widely held view that there is only one real way of cobbling together, deploying and using the army. This Madaxeman List Building Podcast, with regular contributors Dave & Richard, looks into whether it is possible to blow that set of cliches wide open, helping you pull together a number of different, interesting Indian lists, and discussing how to use them to play...


Episode 55 - When the lights all go out in Harrow

Having snuck in a bonus army-themed podcast last week our half-hearted festivities are now brought to you as Episode 55. in possibly the least festive "Wargaming Christmas Special" ever committed to a digital recording medium. This week the intrepid band of coughing witterers open a suitably disappointing set of conversational presents from under the podcast tree. The surprise packages include The (literal) Army of Cheese, whether running machines with ashtrays were ever a thing (outside of...


List Building for Seleucids in ADLG

In this special one-off Podcast episode I'm joined by Dave Saunders and Richard Case to chew over one of the classic Successor armies - the Seleucids. In the pod we chat a bit about the history of the Seleucid dynasty, why they seemed to end up with quite such a good collection of toys in their armies, and then consider as many as 8 different options for putting the list together. Unfortunately we did have some recording issues with this one, so the sound is a bit spotty in places and it...


Episode 53 - The Price is Right, Come On Down!

As the festive vaccination season looms large in the minds of wargamers around the world, the podcast team are back with all of the usual painting, gaming and Gallic techno-driven military themed obscure general knowledge to fill your early December weekends and evenings as well as another honest to goodness actual discussion about a topic which seems to be on everyone's Christmas list, why are wargamers more obsessed with the price of a figure than the quality? There's also a quick...


Episode 52 - Basing Instinct

With the UK gripped in a weird interim world of pseudo-lockdown the entire team reconvene again this week to chat through the usual mix of painting and gaming, before running riot with a freewheeling exploration of the different basing techniques they all deploy to try and make their figures look better than they really are from "wargaming distances".* As well as enticing talk of flocking and slathering on gritty emulsions there is a potentially dangerous liason with the entire concept of...


Episode 51 - I Like Big Battles (And I Cannot Lie)

In this week's podcast the full team trot out again onto the pitch for a wholesome kickabout that starts with a rapid application of nail varnish, moves seamlessly onto (in possibly the closest we've ever come to a proper review) the merits of small plastic tanks, floats a long ball out to the right wing under somewhere between 2 and 3 bars of pressure, crosses it back into the middle to yell "Margaret!" in a note-perfect tabletop recreation of the Pirate Memory Game, nod it into the 6 yard...


Episode 50 - The One for Clive

With the half-century now achieved the regular team opt to celebrate this milestone by completely forgetting to plan anything different at all to the usual chat about what they have painted, what they might be thinking of painting, and dad-dancing along on Zoom to Andy's quiz music. This week the topics covered include a far deeper delve into the world of miniature trowels than many independent observers thought possible, contemporary fashion trends in Wurttemburger collars and cuffs, the...


Episode 49 - Late Imperial Love Eggs

With a proper Lockdown sweeping the UK, the Madaxeman team return after a 2-week boiler-related hiatus with a typically rambling episode combining painting chat, Andy's Quiz and a barely in-depth look at the history behind the Late Imperial Roman army, and which are the best manufacturers to choose when cooking one up on the tabletop. In between these vitally important topics we also cover the ethics of using an elephant brush on a horses' ass, how to wargame the long-awaited...


Episode 48 - Getting Haberdashery with it.

Inbetween the all important haberdashery and specialist scissor purchasing news this week the full team manage to sneak in another unstructured ramble to try and answer your key questions of the day, including whether Not the Nine O'clock News comedy sketches are still relevant, the ins and outs of International Fighting online, how Tier 3 Socially Distanced Competitions work in an age of free tea, why everyone is going to be going Aechemenid-mad in the new year, do Monster Munch baps count...


Episode 47 - The Lockdown Crew are back in Podtown

OK, perhaps that's a smidge overdramatic, but with the shutters coming down on social gaming across the UK right now it seems like the right time to toss another podcast into the ether for your indoor painting-accompaniment over the coming week. This episode sees all 7 regular contributors Zooming in, with an increasingly un-rare unplanned guest appearance from Mrs Andy yet again stealing the show early doors. As well as a gallop through everyone's painting achievements, we attempt to dip a...


The Lockdown Specials - Part 20

This 20th, epic (aka "extra long") episode marks the final chapter in the first series of Weekly Lockdown Podcasts, with the full crew eventually assembling to take a standardly discursive tour around the usual array of wargaming topics - but with a twist! The regular "What did you paint last week" morphs seamlessly into "You've painted how much in the last 20 weeks !!??" , Teaching Timmy About Napoleonics goes all Abba and hits the giddy heights of the most coveted piece of terrain in...


The Lockdown Specials - Part 19

19 weeks in and things are getting even more weird in the virtual Madaxeman Lockdown studio, as the regular team of 7 expands with a couple of pithy, succinct and historically accurate contributions from Mrs Andy in this weeks rambling episode. Mixed in amongst the usual melange of gaming- and painting-themed content the happy podcastonaughts today ponder whether it is fair to say that nude badgers are indeed living the dream, whether any 8th century axe-makers would have considered...


The Lockdown Specials - Part 18

As Lockdown gently unwinds across the UK, the full team are assembled again for a seven-hander episode that reaches the parts other gaming podcast cannot reach, gives them a good old scratch and then eats whatever is under it's fingernails for good measure. In this week's episode consideration is given to how to choose the best filling for an LBMS transfer sandwich, we ask the vital question "wet palettes - vital painting tools, or just margerine tubs with pretentions?", the contentious...


The Lockdown Specials - Part 17

With the UK lockdown gently easing the team are still a 6-pack this week (although more in the "beer" than the "washboard stomach" idiom) as they canter through the full set of features and distractions in another 2-hour session to accompany your wargaming painting. This week the thorny subject of Reverse Vodka Brexit rears it's ugly head, Vallejo Urban Graffiti'ed Concrete paint gets evaluated in comparison to their very handy Vallejo Tartan dropper bottle, the discussion on jam or clotted...


The Lockdown Specials - Part 16

In a week that is very lite on, erm, me (due to holiday) the Gang of 6 attempt to make a break for freedom and stage a guerilla podcast all on their own. Led heroically by G'Day Simon the truncated team try to cover topics as varied as making tea with toothbrushes, if charm bracelet charms have a role in wargaming, how to tell which beach is which when it comes to 1970's episodes of Dr Who, what a Scotsman would wear under his badger onsie, just how close a miss is a cannonball between the...


The Lockdown Specials - Part 15

Now deep into it's troubled teenage phase, the Madaxeman Lockdown Podcast series continues to boldly go where few if any wargaming-themed podcasts have dared to go before. This week the foolhardy seven consider whether a Napoleonic LoTR crossover movie could stage its apocalyptic final battle scene in Bramall Lane stadium, how toothbrushes helped the British Army of the Rhine ward off a Warpac invasion in the 1980's, the current statistics for underpants-wearing in Harrow, fashion trends in...