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Episode 76 - Other Facial Hairstyles Are Available

In this weeks veritable post-lockdown-lite smorgasbord of conversation we are delighted to offer you a range of topics as diverse as a first look at undercoated Victrix 12mm German infantry, 28mm medieval transfers as a rival to Bitcoin, The Tale of the Heinkel Knights and that Whole Snow Nazi Thing, Khurasan stock levels, ADLG v4, 50cal Roman bolt shooters, decal choice for bazookas in cold and warm climates, the use of gold spray paint to don General Custer fancy dress, the best Vallejo...


Episode 75 - Runners Funk

In this epic pre-bank-holiday episode the gang is reduced to just 6 as the triple-headed wargamer-unfriendly spectres of gainful employment, exercise and fresh air consumes one of our regular team members at least temporarily. Even so we manage to ramble on close to the 2 hour mark with an episode that features yet more analysis of 6mm ACW hat bandings, octagonal basing for paratroopers, hoplite madness, ship construction, glue debates, and in which we again all ask ourselves "Museum's...


ADLG List Building : The Meso-American Special

In this week's L'Art de la Guerre Army Building podcast I'm again joined by regulars Dave & Richard as we venture into the little-visited back of the book to take a gander at the Meso-American armies in an effort to see if we can pick some nuggets of golden Aztec goodness out of these rarely-seen army lists. As usual we conjure up a variety of quite different lists, all of which manage to extract very different and intriguing play styles and approaches from what initially seemed the slim...


Episode 73 - Humbrol Beginnings

The 10th in the 2021 "UK Lockdown III" mini-series rolls into town with a rather lite painting week in which we are all rather distracted by the announcement of ADLG v4 coming out in the next few weeks. Meanwhile the hussar-wing-glue debacle rolls on, an accidental company-level purchase of WW2 Artizan Designs paratroops somehow seems to happen without conscious human intervention, the Perry Twins make another £20 from us all with those black-undercoated medieval horsemen, Pitshanger Lane...


Episode 72 - 50 Shades of White (or Ivory)

In this weeks cavalcade of conversation the team assemble and then kick off with an immediate foray into the best tools to use to bend the legs on cavalry riders together. A surprisingly lengthy chat about whether Ivory is a better colour for painting things white than actual white then diverts into the age-old question about deck white being better or worse than deck tan, rounding off with whether black-grey is a better black than, erm, black? Atlatl pronunciation debates occupy us all...


List Building for Byzantium & The Bulgars in ADLG

The latest in's regular L'Art de la Guerre Army List Building Podcast series focuses on another matched pair of historical foes - this time the Bulgars and the Byzantines. The Bulgars were both enemies and allies of Byzantium in the near-ceaseless wars and feuds which swept across the Balkans in the period from roughly 600-1100AD. In this Army List Building Podcast we look at both the Bulgar and the Nikeforian Byzantine army lists, and myself, Dave and Richard put forward...


Episode 70 - The Oprah Winfrey of War

In this week's 70th episode (and the 8th week of 2021's Lockdown) the team manages to hang on for almost two very solid hours indeed of chat, banter and lead-based quasi-entertainment without anyone storming off set at all (although to be fair we have no official weatherman on the team). Making a fast start with an electrifying discussion on how best to wire an shock-giving glow-in-the-dark rat wheel we move seamlessly onto a segment about the fraught subject of mast erection glue...


Episode 69 - Honey Badger Nonsense

This week we hit the not-quite-70 mark with a whole slew of actual proper wargaming podcast-type content, including a discussion about how to cheat when painting tartan, Danish infantry coat colours, whether hobbits featured in the ACW, as well as a first look at the new O Group rules, a quick flirt with how to make money selling rats on eBay, what basing might look like in ADLG v4, the merits of waterslide vs LBMS transfers, and a chat about how big Victrix horses (and specifically their...


Episode 68 - Is that your Ion powered fully-stabilized Vortex Mixer ?

In this week's episode the full team contemplate the possibility of having to actually meet each other again in the real world as the route out of lockdown is revealed to a skeptical British public. All of the regular features return (or more precisely "both") with Dave this week taking the lead on ISITYAA with his unhinged rant about just how much mispronunciation is wrecking his wargaming life. We also visit the drive-through and order a skeleton-bone mocha from Starbucks, the American...


Episode 67 - Camels, Slippers and Comedy Glue

A dichotomy of a week this time as the by-now standard issue 7-pack of contributors accidentally engage in what in retrospect feels suspiciously like a sensible, nuanced and (sort of) well informed discussion about the merits and drawbacks of properly proportioned wargames figures, most notably 28mm Perry plastics and Mirliton 15mm metals during their reviews of the last weeks paint-table antics. That high point is quickly left behind though, with a delve into the prevalence of camels in...


List Building for The Crusades : Later Crusader & Ayyubid in ADLG

This weeks L'Art de la Guerre List Building Podcast is another episode in our "unloved matched pairs" sequence, featuring the Later Crusaders of Richard the Lionheart, and the Ayyubid army of his erstwhile opponent Saladin. These two very different lists bring some astoundingly chalk and cheese-like capabillities to the tabletop. The headlong aggression of the Crusading knights in the Later Crusader list is tempered by the solidity of their stoic spear and crossbow-armed infantry, while the...


Episode 65 - Collars & Cuffs

Not one, but two whole brand new features slide onto the wet pallette of natter this week as the team extend their normal discursive discussion of painting and online shopping in a pair of new directions. Padding out the timeline more than most features is a sometimes insightful but often meandering chat in which we all discuss how the concept of morale has evolved during our wargaming lifetimes from it's literal beginnings to its mostly abstracted present expression. A whole new theme...


List Building for the armies of Britannia in ADLG

The Ancients Britons together with the Caledonians, Scots, Irish and Picts are armies that many wargamers will keep a special place for close to their hearts, but also which they will keep an equally special place for securely tucked away in the storage drawer as a result of their often underwhelming reputation on the tabletop. In this Army List Building Podcast the regular team try and pick the juicy bits out of these two L'Art de la Guerre army lists 98 & 99, and in the process manage to...


Episode 63 - Go 240 volts, or go home.

With all seven particiants now itching to "jab and go" (or, possibly just "itching"), the third Lockdown sees the Lockdown Podcast series lumber into Episode 63 territory as the complete suite of contributors yet again step up to the painting microphones. This week's range of eclectic topics cover the full gamut of land, sea and air (but without air) as we discuss whether anyone has actually played Cruel Seas more than once, decide if Victrix' Shermans might not actually be "too good", take...


List Building for 100YW French & English

A classic "matched pair" of armies in this week's L'Art de la Guerre List Building Podcast from as I'm joined by regular guests Richard & Dave to run the rule over these two famous medieval behemoths. Will it be massed longbowmen who come out on top, or will the flower of French Chivalry (and Joan d'Arc) catch the list-makers eye as we delve deep into how to make these armies into not only Crecy-winners but proper world-beaters as well. There are 7 different lists going under...


Episode 61 - So you think you're Brad Pitt?

In this weeks snow-tinged smorgasbord of wargaming and painting chitchat the team wrap up warm in their eskimo boots to cover topics as diverse as painting horses, working out the best rules mechanics for simulating uncontested airport construction on Indian Ocean Islands, toss out a rare wargaming-related namecheck for Canadian songstress Shania Twain, take in some single file wargaming with Osprey's latest title "Deep Jungle B-Road Warfare 1939-45", stage a vaguely useful segment on...


Episode 60 - Goes Well with Yorkshires

With UK Lockdown III in full effect, and seemingly due to continue well into March (at best), the Lockdown Podcast team are reassembled in a sequel that no-one was clamouring for. Fear not however - in the 6 weeks since December 11th (when the last Lockdown Pod was published) the intrepid 7 have gained absolutely nothing in terms of insight, polish, erudition or knowledge worth sharing, and so this landmark 60th episode of the Madaxeman Podcast carries on pretty much exactly where the last...


List Building for Justinian Byzantines in ADLG

The first Byzantine (or perhaps the last "Roman") list in ADLG's roster of armies is one which covers some of the Empires greatest victories, and which spans the career of one of their greatest generals, Belisarius. But despite that historic success the Justinians are often overlooked, especially when set against other, later Byzantine lists which can be stuffed with many more interesting wargamer-friendly exotic troop types! This video podcast seeks to redress that balance a little,...


List Building for Camillan & Republican Romans in ADLG

Featuring highly on anyone's "first army to collect" shopping list, the Camillan and Republican Roman armies always seem to flatter to deceive. The legendary Legions provide a powerful core to the army, but the relative paucity of support troops and the seemingly unavoidable need to go infantry-first in any design can make these challenging lists to construct and play with succesfully. This ADLG listbuilding podcast helps you face that challenge head-on as I'm joined again by Dave Saunders...


List Building for Hoplite Armies in ADLG

Despite being very much the textbook Classical era warrior, Hoplites often suffer from being the baseline 'man with sharp stick' troop-type who's battlefield capabilities underpin a vast array of far more interestingly-armed and equipped infantrymen in the troop-type taxonomy of ADLG, and indeed in many other previous rulesets as well. This ADLG Listbuilding Podcast seeks to pan for gold amongst the broken pottery shards of Greek military history, and in so doing possibly tease out a few...