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The Mile 99 Interview is the brainchild of Auburn, CA area ultrarunners as a way to keep the community in touch and share each other's knowledge during the COVID-19 pandemic. We're always interested to find some great insights and stories from all of the incredible ultrarunners in this area and in the sport as a whole!

The Mile 99 Interview is the brainchild of Auburn, CA area ultrarunners as a way to keep the community in touch and share each other's knowledge during the COVID-19 pandemic. We're always interested to find some great insights and stories from all of the incredible ultrarunners in this area and in the sport as a whole!


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The Mile 99 Interview is the brainchild of Auburn, CA area ultrarunners as a way to keep the community in touch and share each other's knowledge during the COVID-19 pandemic. We're always interested to find some great insights and stories from all of the incredible ultrarunners in this area and in the sport as a whole!




Episode 49 - Megan Roche and Jonathan Levitt

Episode 49 gets down to the bone. Megan Roche and Jonathan Levitt have been instrumental in a multi-year Western States Endurance Run study looking at bone health in ultrarunners. We snagged some of their time to talk about this study! Megan Roche is a medical doctor, a researcher at Stanford, ultrarunner, coach, author, and podcaster. Jonathan Levitt is an ultrarunner, host of the For the Long Run podcast, and endurance athlete liaison for InsideTracker, who is providing the blood testing...


Episode 48 - Robert Ressl-Moyer Remo

A toenail saved his life! From a humble upbringing in a small village to a long career playing soccer, Robert finally landed in Sacramento where his coaching and training is now based. He has always been an accomplished athlete but with his Masters in Exercise Science, he focuses on a holistic approach to training humans. We could have spent much longer listening to Robert. One of a kind human. Download today! Psssst, don’t forget our Patreon! IG: Robert Ressl-Moyer (@robertcorre) •...


Episode 47 - Beverley Anderson-Abbs

Join us for Episode 47 and find out about the Queen of the South, Beverley Anderson-Abbs. We go way back to her roots in Canada and learn how racing and competing started at a very early age. We chat all about her years in the Adventure Racing Scene, road and mountain bike racing, ultra trail racing, the Barkley Marathons, and her recent transition to super long-distance road racing across the Heart of the South and the Last Annual Vol State Road Race. Tune In!! IG: Beverley Anderson-Abbs...


Episode 46 - Melissa Penwell

Episode 46 was a deep dive into road running with Melissa Penwell. She has a drive for success that is almost tangible throughout the interview. She gave us a glimpse into how she qualified for the Olympic Trials in 2019 & training/racing that lead up to that. Once again we discussed community and how uplifting runners are. We had a great time. Download today! But wait, don't forget to rate & review our podcast! Let's get this trending. See ya on the trails! Melissa Penwell - U.S. Olympic...


Episode 45 - Reggie White and Rob Myers - Bear 100

Bear 100 Mile Endurance Run runners download this episode today! Reggie White and Robert Myers walked us through their training leading up to the Bear 100 Mile Endurance Run, gear picks and some important discussions about hash browns. Don’t forget to review our show so we can get this thing trending! See ya on the trails. Reggie USU: Reginald White's Results ( Reggie FB: (2) Reggie White | Facebook Reggie IG: Reggie White (@19regional81) • Instagram photos and videos Rob...


Episode 44 - Christine Vincent

This episode was all about a patient & grateful runner lining up to the 2021 Western States Endurance Run 100. Christine Vincent fought cutoffs, blisters and unusual heat to finally get to cross the finish line in 29 hours and 44 minutes during the Golden Hour. Download to hear her story about how she manages personal anxiety & depression, raising two daughters, training through a pandemic and the community and support systems she has built around herself! Christine's results Anxiety and...


Episode 43 - EJ Maldonado

Episode 43 with EJ Maldonado is not one to miss. EJ gives us so many reasons why the trail community is one of the most supportive and kind communities to be a part of. We discussed huge life changes, transgender athletes, gender equality, alcohol abuse disorder, mental health, and, of course, some awesome races. Download for a feel-good episode with a progressive and kind human, EJ. Ej Maldonado's Results ( the streeeker v.2 (@ejmaldonado74) • Instagram photos and...


Episode 42 - Tim Stahler - Inside Trail Racing

For this episode we sit down with the guy behind many of our favorite local and Bay Area trail races like the Woodside Ramble, Knickerbocker Canyon, Marin Ultra Challenge, and the Ordnance 100K, Inside Trail Racing’s very own Tim Stahler. Join us to hear all about what's on the 2021 race schedule and be ready for a FULL 2022 calendar. Inside Trail Racing | Ultramarathon, Half Marathon & 10K Trail Runs Throughout the SF Bay Area Volunteer | Inside Trail Racing | Ultramarathon, Half Marathon...


Episode 41 - George Ruiz - Tahoe Rim Trail Endurance Runs

We are super excited to talk to the guy behind the Tahoe Rim Trail Endurance Runs. He is not only a well-loved and happy-go-lucky race director, but he is also a well-accomplished endurance athlete in both road and trail racing with 19 hundos under his belt and endless amazing races of all distances, from the mountains to the streets. Tune in to get the origins of both George and the Tahoe Rim Trail Endurance Runs... AND NEW COURSE CHANGES for 2021!!!!! 20K feet vert for the Hundo!!! Tahoe...


Episode 40 - Julie Fingar - NorCal Ultras

We are super excited to talk to the woman who has brought us Way too Cool 50K, American River 50, Rio Del Lago 100 Mile Endurance Race, She Rocks the Trails, and numerous other amazing races. Julie Fingar is not only a loved and admired race director, she is a well-accomplished athlete in both road and trail racing with 150+ marathons and ultra-marathons under her belt including eight 100-mile wins. She is a successful business owner and has given endlessly back to our community. Take a...


Episode 39 - Western States Week - Live at the Aid Station

The town of Auburn is vibrating with excitement! The 2021 Western States Endurance Run is in the final countdown for race day. The Mile 99 Crew sits down at the Auburn Aid Station to celebrate LIVE IN PERSON for WSER100 storytelling. Take a listen and see you on the Western States Trail. --- Your hosts: Jessica Harris / Greg Larkin / Mike Turner Artwork/logo by Krista Cavender: | IG: Intro/outro music: Joseph...


Episode 38 - Ben Mitchell

This episode is packed with epic adventures and race details for some of our Bucket List races. Ben R.E. Mitchell has created and set FKTs, traveled far and raced long. Tune in to hear about his adventures. Subscribe to our Patreon for a shout-out on the live! Support the show (


Episode 37 - Craig Thornley, Diana Fitzpatrick and Dr. Andy Pasternak

The Western States 100 Endurance Run crew joined us again for the latest updates, talked us through new policies and what this 2021 race year will look like. Download this episode with RD Craig Thornley, board president Diana Fitzpatrick and medical director Dr. Andy Pasternak today! See ya on the trails. #SeeYaAtStates Medical volunteers needed: Medical – Western States Endurance Run ( All other volunteers: I Want To Volunteer – Western States Endurance Run ( Western...


Episode 36 - Paulo Medina - Single Track Running

Paulo Medina is a race director for SingleTrack Running and owner of The Aid Station in Auburn, CA. We spent the episode learning how he became a runner, business owner, and a pillar to our local Auburn, CA running community. Join us for a feel-good hour of community and some exciting news about Paulo! Our Patreon is up! Support us for $1! SingleTrack Running – No benches, no half-time, no time-outs…Welcome to my world. 100 miles to Auburn SingleTrack Running Shop online:...


Episode 35 - Danny Murphy

Hot off an 8 hour finish at the American River 50 race, Danny Murphy, the creator of UltraPacer, sat down with us to walk us through his ultrarunning career. As a dad to two young children, a husband and a busy civil engineer, Danny had to find a way to maximize his training. He has done so with a variety of techniques including his own software project and lots of early morning runs! Download his episode to hear how you can use UltraPacer today and get those same benefits! Instagram:...


Episode 34 - Maria Steinhauser

Grand theft auto? Podium finishes? Master’s degree? Episode 34 featured Maria Steinhauser and her journey through single parenting, grad school, full-time teaching, and podium finishes. We shared an hour laughing and reliving some of her adventures. Maria is a driven, successful, compassionate, and hard-working human. Her pacers might have accidentally stolen a car while she was running as well! Tune in to hear how it all played out. Don’t forget to rate and review. Subscribe to our Patreon...


Episode 33 - Jamil Coury

Jamil Coury joined us for Episode 33. We dove right in and discussed the good, bad and ugly that came from a year of pandemic race directing. We touched on the 2021 Barkley marathons and how Jamil’s day(s) unfolded. Mike is running Cocodona 250 while Jess and Greg are crewing him. We were itching to get all the extra details for this race. It is going to be a great week built on years and years of planning. Download to hear the full conversation. Rate and review! COCODONA 250 runners: Don’t...


Episode 32 - E3 Epic Endurance Events

Calling all Canyons 100k runners! Our 32nd episode features Chaz Sheya, Abigail Drake, and Sean Flanagan race directors for Canyons 100k. Get to know all three and how they became directors for E3 Epic Endurance Events. Canyons 100k is a Western States Endurance Run and UTMB qualifier, and a Golden ticket race. They had to find a new route during the pandemic to prevent a super spreader event. We were first to get the inside scoop on what aid stations will look, shuttle questions, and...


Episode 31 - Michael Li

For our 31st episode, we sat down with Bay Area Ultrarunner, Race Director, Running Coach, and now JamOnTam200 FKT holder, Michael Li. Michael just completed a record-setting 21 ascents up Mt. Tam, covering 200 miles, 57,162 feet of vert in 108 hours, 24 minutes, and 20 seconds. But Michael has not always been the lean, mean, climbing machine we all know and love. Leading up to 2008 he had built a successful IT consulting and training company, speaking at conferences worldwide. But his...


Episode 30 - Sarah Estrella

During 2020, we saw the rise of FKT attempts while so many races had been cancelled and postponed due to the pandemic. The 2021 FKT season is off to a blistering start with the Death Valley N-S standard route crossing (off-trail) FKT being taken by Sarah Estrella, a local runner from Davis. Sarah joined us for episode 30 to talk about this this multi-day challenge in the famed Death Valley and what it took to take it on and get it done. Along the way, we also learned about her mental and...