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Episode 39: The One With Josiah Williams

Jenna and Blue are back with a brand new episode. Did they fall for WWE’s okey doke by switching the start of Raw with the women superstars, or was it the same ol same ol to them? They have special guest Josiah Williams skype in and chit chat a little about wrasslin’ and his his actual love for wrestling and hip hop. They also discuss how life has changed for him since going viral with his remixes to wrestlers’ theme music. That plus hot topics and more!


38: The One About The Worst Raw Ever

Blue and Jenna are back from Thanksgiving break and get into a disappointing week in wrestling. Was this past week’s Raw the worst ever? Jenna and Blue sure think so. They discuss again their frustrations with the product, and look into current hot topics. Is the WWE’s recent survey sent out to fans a marketing ploy or an attempt to change the product for the better? Is competition heading WWE’s way? The tag team gives their opinion and more!


37: The One About Becky 3:16

Before Blue heads off to LA, Jenna and him get into another hot week of wrestling, and give their predictions for Survivor Series, and NXT War Games. Which brand, are the two siding with? They also discuss the coming of Becky 3:16, how on fire Becky Lynch is right now, and the unfortunate injury that has her sidelined for Survivor Series. The duo looks into if there should be any repercussions for Nia Jax’s actions, and is the schedule to blame for all the recent injuries.


36: ‘The One Where The Beast Returned’

Blue and Jenna go over things that stuck out to them about Crown Jewel, although they chose to not watch the PPV. They get into yet another heated debate about Brock Lesnar, and him capturing the Universal Championship. They recap the rest of the week in wrestling, hot topics, and discuss Ronda Rousey being the number 1 woman wrestler on PWI’s Top 100 list. For argument sakes, they pick their top choice, and more!


35: The One On Halloween 👻

Jenna and Blue plans for dressing up for Halloween didn’t go as planned, but the show must go on right? The two discuss how amazing Evolution wound up being, and their takeaways from the PPV. They recap the week’s shows and hot topics. Lastly, they discuss if they plan on watching WWE’s Crown Jewel this Friday or not. That and much more!


34: The One For The Big Dog

One week after Blue and Jenna questioned their interest with the current WWE product, they discuss an explosive week in wrestling with the shocking news of Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose expected yet unexpected heel turn, and the sudden news of possible venue change for Crown Jewel. They give their predictions for Evolution, and discuss who’s the greatest women’s wrestler of all time. That and more!


33: The One About The US Cup

Jenna and Blue discuss another week in wrestling, and voice their frustrations about how they’re not enjoying the current product. Did they at least enjoy Smackdown 1000, and did it do a good job taking the attention away from Evolution momentarily? The two also discuss how WWE’s “World Cup” is looking more and more like a “US Cup” instead, which poses the question, was the deal with Saudi Arabia a good one? That plus more!


32: The One Without the Women

Episode 32: Blue and Jenna go over the results of WWE’s SuperShowdown, did they predict right? The two also discuss their frustrations with the product, and how little promotion we’ve seen for the upcoming PPV Evolution. They discuss the week’s shows, hot topics, and more.


Episode 31: The One During the Chase for 28

Jenna and Blue break kayfabe in order to keep up with the Yankees wild card game. They gear up for another week in wrestling, give their predictions for Super ShowDown, and discuss the week’s hot topics. They also look into WWE possibly taking a page out of NJPW’s book, and doing seasons instead of their normal format, and if it would work or not.


30: The One for Dirty Thirty

Blue and Jenna reached their 30th episode! As WWE gears up towards to Super Showdown, the duo focuses more on the women, and the upcoming Evolution PPV. They discuss a recent article about The Bella Twins, and their impact on Evolution, and how bad Brie Bella’s Yes Kicks were to Liv Morgan this past week on Raw. They look into Sasha Banks’ mysterious injury, Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker rumored for Survivor Series, and much more.


29: The One After Hell In A Cell

After Hell in a Cell, Jenna and Blue talk about the results, and their overall feelings about the PPV. The two also took in some call ins, as the listeners expressed their thoughts about HIAC. The duo also discuss the past week’s shows, hot topics, and also look into if the PG era is hurting the product. Make sure to voice your opinion by tweeting @TheMixedTagShow


28: The One When They Missed Back in the Day

Blue and Jenna discuss their frustrations with WWE’s current product, and how the past week’s shows didn’t feel so much like “go home shows.” They give their predictions for Hell in a Cell, discuss hot topics and more.


27: The One When They Were All In

Blue is back from his road trip from Chicago. Jenna and him, discuss the big weekend events with All In. The duo also breakdown the week’s shows and hot topics. They debate if Shawn Michaels, and The Undertaker should have one more match. They also discuss if any Bullet Club member should jump ship to the WWE.


26: The One That Didn't Make Sense

Before Blue leaves for his road trip to Chicago for All In, Jenna, and him break down the inconsistencies of the past week's shows and hot topics. As usual, they take on the role of creative, and map out how they would book, and change certain segments. They also debate about none other than Roman Reigns, and his popularity . The duo lastly discuss if SD Live should be extended for another hour.


25: The One With The Jobber Tears

Jenna and Blue are back at it again after their long Summerslam week! This time they brought along some friends over from The Jobber Tears Podcast, Janelle from HR and Sir Wilkins! The four team up, and talk everything from their week, and their reaction to Summerslam, Takeover, and more. They also break down diversity in the WWE.


24: The One Before Summerslam

Blue and Jenna comes together as we are days away from Summerslam!. The duo discuss the go home show for both brands heading into this weekend. They also give their predictions for NXT Takeover Brooklyn 4 and Summerslam. Somehow this led to them debating over AJ Styles title reign and more. I guess it’s no sleep till Brooklyn.


23: The One With The Draft Screwjob

With their season of fantasy wrestling coming to an end, Jenna and Blue has started the draft for next season with 7 lucky listeners. The duo try to manage the draft as the managers make their picks and take shots at each other. With a season ending at Royal Rumble, this looks to be a promising, hilarious season.


22: The One Time They Matched

Jenna’s planned worked! Her and Blue unexpectedly wore the same shirt, find out which one it was. The duo are back at it again breaking down the week’s shows and hot topics. They revisit a discussion they had last week about who was The Rock’s real rival. Stone Cold or Triple H? After Paul Heyman’s interview, the two discuss who could possibly be Paul E’s new client.


21: The One On Opposite Day

Jenna and Blue decide to do a opposite week thus making this opposite day. The tag team duo discuss this past week encounters on Raw and Smackdown Live. They also talk about possible teams for the women tag team titles tournament. Jenna and Blue also pick past superstars who should’ve won the WWE/F World Title. Did the duo make it through opposite day? Tune in and find out.


20: The One About Evolution Too

Blue and Jenna make it to their 20th episode! They discuss the big announcement from this week’s Raw; the first ever women’s PPV “Evolution” coming this October. The duo breaks down the historic event, and how they would book it. They also bring back TBTopics. They debate if Shawn Michaels is really the greatest of all time.