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The Monty Show 204!

Monty & Jake talk WWE Crown Jewel. Should the WWE cancel their event in Saudi Arabia because of the Jamal Khashoggi murder? Should they cancel their 10 Year deal with the Saudi's? Monty has strong feelings about it! The guys also talk about responsibility in media on the heels of Megyn Kelly's insensitive comments on The Today Show. Then there is Darius Bazley's Million Dollar internship with New Balance, how will a year of not playing competitive basketball hurt Bazley's chances of NBA...


The Monty Show 203!

Monty & Jake are talking Pipe Bombs, NFL Football, HOA's, and men crying in the NFL! The guys deliver their NFL Top 5 / Bottom 5 teams, and there was a shake up in the Top 5 ...did the Chiefs fall? Are the Chargers getting enough respect, and can anyone knock off the Rams at the top? The Giants did not trade Eli, but was that the right move? The Raiders are a mess, is Jon Gruden a bad coach, or is he sticking to the plan? Derek Carr says he did not cry, but "sources" say his Raiders...


The Monty Show 202!

Monty & Jake are talking NFL ...but first the guys dream about winning the $1.6 Billion dollar Mega Millions jackpot, and Monty talks about his weekend in Bristol at ESPN Radio. There was an interesting passenger on the flight home too. The guys talk Week 7 NFL, and QB play is an issue across the NFL. Are Dak, Darnold, Baker, Mitchell, and Mariotta QB's who can lead their teams to the Playoffs? Of the young QB's, which one is going to be the next star? Eric Reid had strong words for Malcom...


The Monty Show 201!

Monty & Jake have 7 big football locks for you, but first they talk LeBron and the Lakers. Should Lakers fans be excited or disappointed after an opening night loss in RIP City to the Blazers? Monty says 3 point shooting won't be the issue, but Lonzo is a BIG issue. The Red Sox are going back to the World Series, and the question is who gets the game 1 start? Jake says you have to go with Sale, Monty says it should be Eovaldi! Did David Price redeem himself with the stellar showing in game...


The Monty Show 200!

Monty & Jake celebrate their 200th Episode by doing what they do ...talking sports! Top 5 & Bottom 5 teams in the NFL! Are the Rams still on top? How far did the Chiefs fall? Is Phillip Rivers an MVP candidate? The 5 worst teams in the NFL all have something in common! The guys discuss which QB's are legit and which are living on the edge? Can the Chargers survive in Los Angeles? Monty says no chance, and there is one specific reason. The guys also talk about the Brewers trickery with...


The Monty Show 199!

Monty & Jake are talking NBA Tip Off 2018! How many teams have a legit shot at winning the championship this year? According to Monty it is a shockingly low number. How many games will the Lakers win? Is Houston still one of the elite teams in the West? Can OKC improve on their early exit to the Jazz? Can the Jazz make a deep run in the West? Boston looked great on opening night, is there any other team in the East who can press the Celtics? Are the Raptors better with Kawhi? Can Ben...


The Monty Show 198!

It's Friday and that means LOCKS! Monty & Jake have 7 big games in College and NFL Football for you! Among the games: Chiefs & Pats on Sunday night, Can the Rams go to the snow and beat the Broncos? Can Georgia go to LSU and cover 7? BYU makes a BIG announcement at QB as they host Hawaii and USC has the undefeated Buffs coming to the LA Coliseum ...can the Trojans protect their 18 game home winning streak? The MLB League Championship Series start tonight, and the guys discuss Clayton...


The Monty Show 197!

Monty & Jake are giving you their Top 5 and Bottom 5 teams in the NFL! The Rams are dominant, but is there signs they are fading? Can the Chiefs continue to play well enough to overtake the Rams at the top? How did Josh Gordon save the Patriots season? Is it time for the NY Giants to move on from Eli? Can the Raiders find a way to get the most out of Derek Carr? The Pac 12 has another "scandal" on their hand, as a Pac 12 administrator changed calls during replay reviews ...Monty says the...


The Monty Show 196!

Monty & Jake are talking BYU Football! Should BYU join a conference? USA Today says they should join the AAC or MWC, Monty wants to know the difference between Central Florida in 2017 and BYU as an Indy? TCU in 2010? Oklahoma State in 2011? Should Zach Wilson start vs Hawaii? The guys make a comparison to Baker Mayfield. There is a new "Jimmy Butler Is a Jerk" story in Minnesota! Is Jimmy a Top 20 NBA player? Lonzo and LeBron finally play together tonight, but if they are both healthy, can...


The Monty Show 195!

Monty & Jake are giving their College Football and NFL Locks! But first the news! Lonzo Ball had a baby in July ...he is already being called a deadbeat dad by his baby momma! Should the Lakers be concerned? Tom Brady threw his 500th career TD, is TB12 the best QB ever? Le'Veon Bell turned down INSANE money from the Steelers, will he ever make that money back? Now on to the LOCKS! NFL: College Football: Jags @ Chiefs Notre Dame @ Va Tech Vikings @ Eagles Oklahoma Vs Texas Cowboys @ Texans...


The Monty Show 194!

Monty & Jake give you their Top 5 - Bottom 5 NFL Teams for Week 5! There is a new team in the Top 5, and two new teams in the Bottom 5! The USA Today put out their annual list of top paid College Football Coaches and the Pac 12 is noticeably absent from the rankings! But why? Pac 12 Commissioner Larry Scott is the highest paid Commissioner in College Athletics, and Monty has a big problem with that! The Cubs are done so Theo Epstein did his annual end of season press conference; with $179M...


The Monty Show 193!

Monty & Jake are talking BYU Football ...but first Monty gives his thoughts on the Cubs situation. Is Theo Epstein getting a free pass? Why are the Cubs struggling and what can be done about it? Are the Cubs still one of the best teams in baseball? BYU had a rough trip to Washington, but with a 3-2 record and a chance to get back to a bowl game, the guys wonder why so many BYU fans are down on the Cougs. Speaking of down, is the Pac 12 in a down cycle for Football? The guys talk about the...


The Monty Show 192!

Monty & Jake are talking Week 4 NFL ...after, of course, Monty loses his mind over the Cubs loss to the Brewers! Monty blames Theo Epstein for poor free agent spending and not developing pitching. Is it too late to think the Cubs will be a dynasty? Monty says it is. The guys talk about the biggest stories in the NFL Week 4. Is Mitch Trubisky legit after dominating Tampa? The Atlanta Falcons lost even with Matt Ryan throwing for 419 yards! Are the Steelers done? They lost again, and now...


The Monty Show 191!

Monty & Jake are giving you their locks of the week! Some Kavanaugh, Trump, Flake ...Nonsense ...and some Cubs baseball. But you are here to get winners! The guys are 10/13 on the season, and 3-1 last week! The locks this week: BYU @ Washington Tampa @ Chicago Notre Dame Vs Stanford Baltimore @ Pittsburgh Ohio State @ Penn State Miami @ New England USC @ Arizona New Orleans @ NY Giants Follow the show on Twitter: @TheMontyShow Follow the show online: www.TheMontyShow.Com


The Monty Show 190!

Monty & Jake are giving you their 5 best, and 5 worst NFL Teams ...but first an argument about the Cubs! Monty has strong takes on the job Theo Epstein has done buying pitching, has Theo done well? Are the Cubs going to win the NL Central? Now on to the NFL ...who are the 5 best and worst teams in the NFL? Is Patrick Mahomes capable of being this good all season? Will Carson Wentz bring back the passing attack in Philly? How far did the Bills jump after their win in Minnesota? ESPN...


The Monty Show 189!

Monty & Jake are talking College Football: Is this the week several teams hopes of a College Football Playoff appearance die? Monty says Stanford and Ohio State are on death watch! Can BYU shock the world AGAIN by going to Seattle to knock of the Huskies? Can the Pac 12 keep their Playoff hopes alive? Does the NCAA have an issue if Alabama and Georgia are undefeated going to the SEC Championship game? PAC 12 Commish Larry Scott says the late kickoffs are here to stay, neither of the guys are...


The Monty Show 188!

Monty & Jake are talking Week 3 NFL! Which teams are real, and which are just not very good? How far will the Vikings fall after the Bills embarrassed them at home? Did Josh Allen explode on the NFL in Minnesota? Is Allen on par with Mahomes, Mayfield, and Darnold? What about Josh Rosen in Arizona? The guys wonder if Mitch Trubisky is the guy to lead Chicago back to the NFC North? Why is O-Line play so bad across the NFL? Monty has an idea. The guys talk baseballs final week, and the crunch...


The Monty Show 187!

Monty & Jake are giving you their locks of the week! But first there is an update on the Jimmy Butler drama in Minnesota ...the owner is now fielding trade calls! Baker Mayfield delivered more than a win on the field, he put up huge jersey and tickets sales, not to mention the game was one of the highest rated Thursday Night Football games ever on NFL Network. Now on to the LOCKS! College Football: Stanford @ Oregon, Notre Dame @ Wake Forest, ASU @ Washington, TCU @ Texas! NFL: Bills @...


The Monty Show 186!

Monty & Jake react to the news of that Baker Mayfield is now the Browns QB! When is it okay to start a rookie QB and which rookie in the NFL has the best setup. Ben Roethlisberger was named in Stormy Daniels book, where she wrote that Ben would not take no for an answer ...Monty says Big Ben has gotten a pass for his past behavior, like Ray Lewis and Kobe. Is Conor McGregor in the same situation? Conor made his return to the UFC today promoting UFC 229, he was his old self, and he did not...


The Monty Show 185!

Monty & Jake have the Top 5 and Bottom 5 teams in the NFL ...and the Top 5 has changed significantly from last week, the Bottom 5 has some new members too! Are the Patriots still one of the best teams in the NFL? Should Packers fans be worried about Aaron Rodgers knee after his comments today? After only two starts, is Patrick Mahomes legit or a flash in the pan? Jimmy Butler wants out of Minnesota, should the T'Wolves deal him, or should they move Karl-Anthony Towns? What is wrong with the...