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The Monty Show 187!

Monty & Jake are giving you their locks of the week! But first there is an update on the Jimmy Butler drama in Minnesota ...the owner is now fielding trade calls! Baker Mayfield delivered more than a win on the field, he put up huge jersey and tickets sales, not to mention the game was one of the highest rated Thursday Night Football games ever on NFL Network. Now on to the LOCKS! College Football: Stanford @ Oregon, Notre Dame @ Wake Forest, ASU @ Washington, TCU @ Texas! NFL: Bills @...


The Monty Show 186!

Monty & Jake react to the news of that Baker Mayfield is now the Browns QB! When is it okay to start a rookie QB and which rookie in the NFL has the best setup. Ben Roethlisberger was named in Stormy Daniels book, where she wrote that Ben would not take no for an answer ...Monty says Big Ben has gotten a pass for his past behavior, like Ray Lewis and Kobe. Is Conor McGregor in the same situation? Conor made his return to the UFC today promoting UFC 229, he was his old self, and he did not...


The Monty Show 185!

Monty & Jake have the Top 5 and Bottom 5 teams in the NFL ...and the Top 5 has changed significantly from last week, the Bottom 5 has some new members too! Are the Patriots still one of the best teams in the NFL? Should Packers fans be worried about Aaron Rodgers knee after his comments today? After only two starts, is Patrick Mahomes legit or a flash in the pan? Jimmy Butler wants out of Minnesota, should the T'Wolves deal him, or should they move Karl-Anthony Towns? What is wrong with...


The Monty Show 184!

Monty & Jake are talking College Football: BYU upsets Wisconsin and find themselves ranked 25th in the country. Monty says the win should stop the "back to the Mountain West" crowd, and all the question surrounding Kalani Sitake and his staff! The Pac 12 South remains wide open and the guys think Utahs loss to Washington did not help their efforts to win the South. Is it time for the Utes to make a QB change, Whitt says no, Monty says you have to think about it! The Seahawks had a rough...


The Monty Show 183!

Monty & Jake are talking Week 2 NFL! The guys talk about the Vikings-Packers tie game, and the controversial hit by Clay Matthews, is the NFL taking the excitement out of the game? Monty breaks down the Vikings situation, and what they need to do to solidify their spot on top of the NFC North. Are we seeing the beginning of the end in Pittsburgh, or are the Chiefs that good? AB melted down after the game, but Jake says the issue in Pitt are not offensive! The guys talk about the surprising...


The Monty Show 182!

Monty & Jake are hooking you up with their NFL & College Football Locks! College Games: Ohio State @ TCU USC @ Texas Washington @ Utah BYU @ Wisconsin Also: Notre Dame, Vandy, Boise St, Oklahoma State, ASU, SDSU NFL: Seahawks @ Bears Texans @ Titans Eagles @ Bucs Panthers @ Falcons Vikings @ Packers Also: Pats, Jags, Giants, Cowboys, Chiefs, Steelers, Dolphins, Jets. Follow the show on Twitter: @TheMontyShow Follow the show online: www.TheMontyShow.Com


The Monty Show 181!

Monty & Jake are talking NFL Football! Who are the Five best, and the Five worst teams in the NFL? Josh Allen is starting for the Bills, will it matter? Would the Raiders really dump Derek Carr after this season? Big update on Aaron "Walks on Water" Rodgers, and Tom Brady set another record in Week 1. Monty is again losing his mind over the Cubs and Yu Darvish...and losing to the Brewers! Lonzo Ball has more knee trouble, as does Russell Westbrook. The guys have every detail of the Apple...


The Monty Show 180!

Monty & Jake are talking College Football! It's week 3, and the games are big for just about everyone in the Pac 12! The South is wide open, can Utah take out Washington this weekend? Can ASU got to SDSU and win? USC at Texas? Is Stanford the best in the North, and the South? BYU is heading to Wisconsin, can Tanner Mangum lead the Cougars to a win at Camp Randall Stadium? Is it time to give Zach Wilson a chance to shine? As the NFL heads to week 2, which QB's had the best and worst weeks?...


The Monty Show 179!

Monty & Jake are talking NFL Week 1! Monty is of course not happy to see the Packers win a game, or the Bears lose. Is Aaron Rodgers the best QB in the NFL? Is Trubisky going to be a franchise QB? Are the Vikings the best team in the division? Monty says yes! The guys talk about Week 1 surprises including the Ravens, Titans, and Browns. What about the plight of the Chargers? It seems no city wants them, and no fans care about the Bolts! There is a city in Louisiana banning all Nike logos...


The Monty Show 178!

Monty & Jake are talking FOOTBALL!!! It's Friday Locks in the NFL and CFB! The guys talk Matt Ryan and the Falcons dropping a dud on Thursday Night, is it time to be concerned Matt Ryan is no longer elite? More stories about the Seahawks meltdown are coming out, and Monty has the details! The Foo Fighters got Kentucky soccer players in trouble...but today is about LOCKS! The guys give you over a dozen locks in the NFL and CFB, including stunning upsets and no doubt about it winners! Follow...


The Monty Show 177!

Monty & Jake give you their thoughts on the 2018-19 NFL Season! Who's the best, who's going to the Super Bowl, and who will disappoint! Questions surround many of the best teams, but who will survive and win 13 games? Monty tells you the one coach who will have the biggest impact on his team! How much will gambling become part of the NFL norm? Monty thinks stadiums will have sports books in the near future, Jake is not so sure. The Padres got a big debut from Francisco Mejia, and Padres...


The Monty Show 176!

Monty & Jake are talking Pat Tillman. Monty opens the show by telling you why Pat Tillman is not the example to be used as the "Anti-Kaepernick". The guys talk about the Steelers without Le'veon Bell, who did not report for Week 1! Shohei Ohtani needs TJ surgery, but will he get it? The Angels have a long history of wrecking pitching and poor free agent contracts, is Ohtani any different? The owner of the Padres made a curious comment about Andy Green, and Monty says he better be kidding,...


The Monty Show 175!

Monty & Jake are talking Colin Kaepernick and Nike! Is Kaepernick bad for business? Nike signed Kap to a 10 year extension of his contract, and the sports world had very different reactions, as did the stock market where Nike lost billions ...but will they earn it back? Is this the end of Football for Kap? BYU had a big win in Arizona, and Monty says Kalani's defense has finally arrived in Provo! What do the Arizona and Washington loss mean for the Pac 12. Monty takes aim at a coach he...


The Monty Show 174!

Monty & Jake are talking Football! Do you prefer college or NFL Football? Does Washington carry the hopes of the Pac 12 season in to Atlanta this weekend? Urban Meyer put out another statement today, and the guys want to know why he is still talking! Colin Kaepernick got a big win in court against NFL Owners, is it time for the NFL to settle? Will Kap ever play Football again? Khalil Mack wants Aaron Donald money, but should the Raiders give it to him? Monty explains why it would be a...


The Monty Show 173!

Monty & Jake are talking Aaron Rodgers and his new $103M dollar deal! Is any one player worth that, and can the Packers win paying Rodgers that kind of money? Where does Rodgers fall among NFL QB's...and what would you do if you were going to make $67M dollars by the end of the year? There are new suggestions on how to "fix" baseball, the guys weigh in on those, as well as JD Martinez using Hitler to support gun ownership rights! Chicago is buzzing over rumors that Cubs Manager Joe Maddon...


The Monty Show 172!

Monty & Jake are talking Tiger Woods Vs Donald Trump. After Screaming A Smith called out Woods for his support of Trump, saying that Black America was angry with Woods for playing golf with Trump, Monty says it's insulting to say Woods HAS TO have a position based on his race. The PPV Price for Tiger Vs Phil is out and Jake is stoked! Jerry Jones says it is safer for players to play 18 regular season games instead of 4 preseason games ...the guys laugh at Jones. Monty is in full celebration...


The Monty Show 171!

Monty & Jake have a HUGE fight about Tom Brady! Monty says he is unable to defend Tom Brady anymore and feels the controversy surrounding Brady's personal trainer is tarnishing Brady's legacy ...Jake does not agree and says it's going too far to insinuate that Brady may be dirty. The guys also discuss Odell Beckham Jr's new contract, and wonder if he is a top WR anymore. Donald Trump did not want to lower flags in honor of AZ Senator John McCain, Monty was not amused, but says it's not about...


The Monty Show 170!

Monty & Jake are talking the NFL, Cleveland Browns and Hard Knocks! Is the show making the Browns look good or bad? Dez Bryant turned down an offer from Cleveland, and Hue Jackson is being questioned over his coaching decisions. President Trump is all over ESPN, CBS, and FOX for not showing the National Anthem before games, should the networks show it? BYU ended Fall Camp today, and the QB competition ended just as Monty thought it would. The MLB pennant races are tight, who has the...


The Monty Show 169!

Monty & Jake react to the news Urban Meyer will be suspended for the first 3 games of the Ohio State season. Monty says the details of the suspension and Urban's apology show that Ohio State is more worried about wins than morality! The guys are looking forward to Tiger Vs. Phil on PPV. How much would you pay? Jake says not much! What other 1 on 1 matches, in any sport would you watch...Monty says there is only one! The 2019 MLB schedule is out and the guys love Red Sox Vs Yankees in London,...


The Monty Show 168!

Monty & Jake come out swinging on MLB Trades! The Cubs get Daniel Murphy from the Nats. Are the Cubs good enough to go to the World Series? Did the Nats do the right thing not trading Bryce Harper ...did the Dodgers need Bryce? Is Bryce Harper on par with Giancarlo epic debate ensued! According to reports, Urban Meyer may simply get a punishment of "time served" from Ohio State and Monty is not amused! Is Urban Meyer another example of winning trumps all? Could Kobe dominate the...