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The Monty Show 113!

Monty & Jake are talking NBA Playoffs! Should Russell Westbrook be suspended for Game 5 of the Jazz series, well he won't be and Monty is not happy about it! ESPN floated the idea of the Giants trading Madison Bumgarner, is it a good idea? Jake says it will never happen, but the question is ...should it happen? The guys also have full reaction to Liverpool's domination of Roma in the Champions League today, is LFC playing the best football in the world right now? Monty thinks so! Monty of...


The Monty Show 112!

The Monty Show is talking NBA Playoffs! The Utah Jazz are making the guys look like a couple of fortune tellers as the Jazz are on the verge of taking control of the OKC Series ...can they send Paul George to LA early? Is this the year LeBron James does not go to the NBA Finals? Should the Spurs trade Kawhi Leonard in the West? Would you rather have Kawhi and PG or LeBron and PG? The NFL Draft is coming and the Browns have a choice to make, Monty has their answers! Is Tom Brady going to play...


The Monty Show 111!

Monty & Jake are talking "Bean Brawl 2018" as the Padres became a team today in Colorado! Monty says the Padres did what had to be done after the Rockies sent Manuel Margot to the hospital, and to the DL! Do you believe in the "Unwritten Rules" of MLB? Monty & Jake do! Meek Mill is in jail for minor parole violations, Bob Kraft went to visit Meek and said afterwards that he supports Meek, Jake says it's another ploy by a rich, white, NFL Owner to win favor with the players, Monty...


The Monty Show 110!

Monty & Jake open the show talking about Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifying in front of Congress. Monty is not convinced the hack was harmless to the victims, but Jake says he could not care less. Jake says Instagram is today's Facebook. The guys talk sports NBA Rookie of the Year, and Monty is convinced Donovan Mitchell is not only the ROTY, but also should be up for the biggest individual award in the NBA. Is the NL West emerging as one of the most unpredictable divisions in...


The Monty Show 109!

Monty & Jake are talking NBA Rookie of The Year, and Ben Simmons disrespecting Donovan Mitchell, Monty has strong feeling that Mitchell is running away with the award! Can the Jazz win the 3rd spot?Is Patrick Reed's personal life fair game after his win at The Masters? Some nasty details are coming to light. Is Shohei Ohtani proving the doubters wrong? Should the Cubs be worried about Anthony Rizzo being DL'd with a bad back? Are Padres fans making too much of Eric Hosmers error, and where...


The Monty Show 108!

As a Jazz fan, if you could go back one year, would you want to keep Gordon Hayward? Monty talks about the difficult Summer Jazz fans endured, and how securing the 4th spot in the Western Conference could go a long way to helping Jazz fans forget Gordon and the Summer of discontent! The guys wonder if Jazz fans would pick Gordon over Donovan Mitchell, and if the Jazz would be a better team if Gordon had stayed. Conor McGregor was charged with multiple crimes including a felony related to his...


The Monty Show 107!

Monty & Jake are talking Tiger Woods! The Masters got underway today and Tiger is +1 after the first round. Do you expect him to win? Monty says that is unrealistic, especially facing a leaderboard full of big names including a red hot Jordan Spieth. Tiger has a new girlfriend, Jake is skeptical of his motives. Kyrie Irving was ruled out for the season in Boston today, does this spell the end of any Playoff success for the C's? Monty says Irving is not the problem, the philosophy that went...


The Monty Show 106!

Monty & Jake are talking BYU to the MWC! Monty says there is a misconception about how MWC Commissioner Craig Thompson sees BYU...Monty sets the record straight! The NFL world was stunned to find out the Baltimore Ravens signed RGIII, and Monty wants to know if they asked their fans, like they did when they tried to sign Colin Kaepernick last summer! Why RGIII over Kap? Will RGII succeed in BMORE? The Padres got a huge offensive performance to win a game last night, and Monty is standing...



Monty & Jake are talking NBA as the Jazz and OKC have must win games! Can the Jazz beat the Lakers to claim a share of the 4th spot in the West? How will they do that? Is OKC going to regain their hold on a playoff spot or will they fall closer to the 8th spot? Five games in to the season and Monty sees serious flaws in the Cubs, and loves what he has seen from the Nationals. Are the Padres really as bad as their 0 wins say? Is Will Myers long for SD? Did Hosmer joining the Padres add...


The Monty Show 104!

Monty & Jake react to a big weekend in the NBA, can the Jazz make the playoffs? Monty thinks Dante Exum will play a big role! Is Paul George on his way out of OKC? Is Julius Randle playing his way back to LA? The Cubs are not off to a great start, Jake says not to be worried. The NL West continues to be the best division in baseball, is one team emerging already? Monty pours his heart out over Chelsea's demise against Spurs, and finally has moved to Conte OUT! Follow the show on twitter:...


The Monty Show 103!

The guys are talking KD's meltdown and ejection, how much does that situation impact your feelings about KD? Is KD on the same level as LeBron? How can the Ref/Player relationship be fixed in the NBA? The Padres were the surprise of Opening Day, can they sustain that success and contend in the NL West? Can the DBacks expect to get a quality start from Patrick Corbin on a regular basis, or the Giants with Ty Blach? Is the NFL's Wonderlic test outdated? Who is the #1 pick in this summers NBA...


The Monty Show 102!

Monty & Jake are talking Opening Day Baseball to start the show! The Cubs and Yankees got off to strong starts, the Angels and Cardinals did not, and Monty's sleeper, the San Diego Padres, performed just as expected! The guys talk about the Jazz loss to the Celtics, Jazz fans need not worry ...yet! But the Sixers got terrible news today on Joel Embiid, out for the year and Monty says there is one team impacted more than the Sixers! Can BYU win 8 games this season? Is Amazon killing retail...


The Monty Show 101!

Monty & Jake are fired up for Opening Day 2018! Will it be Cubs and Yankees? Which teams have a real chance and no chance? Does the NL West belong to the Dodgers or can the Giants make it a two team race? The Lakers will be without Isiah Thomas for the rest of the year I.T. done in Laker Land? The Cavs can't seem to win without Kevin Love, and LeBron seems like he has a foot out the door ...does he? Shaq spent $70K in a single trip to Walmart ...Monty has an unrealistic fear of...


The Monty Show 99!

Monty & Jake are talking March Madness you hate Grayson Allen? Who are the players and teams you love to hate? Can Loyola win the whole thing? Have you lost interest in the Tournament this year? Ndamukong Suh signs with the LA Rams and Monty says they won the NFC West with that signing ...but what about Odell Beckham JR ODB the next Rams acquisition? A rough weekend in the NL West with several big injuries; have things changed? Monty says they have. Did you watch the Stormy...


The Monty Show 98!

Monty & Jake talk about the expectations around BYU Football; is the schedule too difficult? Are the expectations too high? Monty says just win! Should BYU take their football program to the MWC or remain Independent? Will Lonzo Ball ever be a star? He shot 1-12 from 3 Vs New Orleans and his shot is U G L Y! Jake questions why Lonzo is not working to change his shot, while Monty believes that will have to wait for Summer ...Jake doubts it ever happens! With the latest revelations about...


The Monty Show 97!

Monty & Jake are talking LeBron for MVP! After a record breaking performance against the Raptors, did LeBron make his case for MVP? Can the Cavs go to Toronto and win a series? Are the Jazz in a must win situation in Dallas after dropping the Atlanta game? What are the Spurs going to do with Kawhi? Monty thinks they should trade him! Steph Curry returns Friday, and he plans to play in a low top shoe this a problem for a guy with ankles issues? Johnny Manziel impresses scouts in San...


The Monty Show 96!

Monty & Jake talk all things NL West; Can the Giants win the division? Monty points to one change the Giants made this offseason that makes it possible. Are the Dodgers legit? Can the Padres make life difficult? The Angels are keeping Shohei Ohtani on their MLB Roster ...Monty says their is significant risk in that choice, and uses George Steinbrenner as an example. The NFL Draft is all about the QB's ...who is the best? Did NBA Officials cost the Jazz a win? Is Aubrey O'Day worth a Trump...


The Monty Show 95!

Monty & Jake are talking the NBA! Kevin Love is back and LeBron was very happy to see him! Why are the Milwaukee Bucks 8th and not first? Have the Cavs passed the C's after the news that Kyrie is seeking a 2nd opinion on his aching knee? Richard Sherman is getting crushed for his contract, Monty believes it was a good move for both sides, and better than the Cousins deal in Minnesota! Are the Dodgers in trouble without Justin Turner? Monty makes the case another team in the NL West should...


The Monty Show 94!

Monty & Jake are talking Shohei Ohtani and his quest to make the Angels opening day roster, but Monty thinks that's a bad idea! How many really good teams are there in baseball? Monty & Jake say there are fewer than you might think...who are the truly elite teams in the Majors? The Cavs suffer another loss, this time with Tyronn Lue stepping away from the Cavs to deal with a serious health issue this good or bad for the LeBron's? The guys have differing views on Facebook and it's...


The Monty Show 93!

Monty & Jake are all over the NCAA Tournament; Can Sean Miller survive another early exit on top of an FBI Scandal? Has Pac 12 expansion been a failure? Monty makes the case that with lagging revenue and historically bad results in Football and Basketball, the Pac 12 needs a significant change in direction! LeBron had another shouting match with his coach and the Cavs lost again, is LeBron gone? Can the Jazz get to 4th in the West? Thibaut Courtois says he is staying at Chelsea, but is he...


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