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The NFL Players Podcast is a candid, unscripted series sharing the stories and personal journeys of NFL players– as told by the players. Hosted by captain of the New York Giants, Logan Ryan, Legend and Walter Payton Man of the Year recipient Charles "Peanut" Tillman, and Hall of Famer Aeneas Williams, new episodes are released on Wednesdays. Follow @nflplayerspodcast for updates and new episodes.


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The NFL Players Podcast is a candid, unscripted series sharing the stories and personal journeys of NFL players– as told by the players. Hosted by captain of the New York Giants, Logan Ryan, Legend and Walter Payton Man of the Year recipient Charles "Peanut" Tillman, and Hall of Famer Aeneas Williams, new episodes are released on Wednesdays. Follow @nflplayerspodcast for updates and new episodes.






Holt Brothers on the GSOT, Holt House Battles, Honoring Mom Through Service

Watch Second Acts on YouTube: Follow Roman Harper on Instagram: @Harp_41 Follow Peanut Tillman on Instagram: @peanuttillman Ep #29: It’s a first on the NFL Players: Second Acts pod - a duo! The brothers’ Holt: Rams legend Torry Holt and his brother Terrance, who was also a six-year NFL veteran, join Peanut and Roman on the pod. It’s fitting that they’re on together since they've remained attached at the hip for much of their lives. They played at the same college - North Carolina St. - though they missed being teammates by one season. They competed against each other in many hard-fought battles in the six years their NFL careers overlapped. Today, they’re partners in the many business ventures of their company Holt Brothers Inc. In this episode, they talk about being the rare brother combo to make it to the NFL, the (friendly) sibling rivalry that bonded them and fueled their fires to make it to the league. Torry made a name for himself as one of the key cogs in the “Greatest Show on Turf” Rams offense that won Super Bowl XXXIV, and he talks about the intangibles that made them great. When he retired it was younger brother Terrance who gave Torry the blueprint on how to navigate the transition, which eventually led them to becoming business partners. Today, the brothers run their company and their foundation - Holt Brothers Foundation - to honor their mom Ojetta, whom they lost to cancer. Topic timeline: 2:52- what it was like growing up together 5:55 - Torry shares the Super Bowl connection to his “welcome to the NFL” moment 6:52 - Terrance recalls how he was welcomed to the NFL with a stiff arm 9:25 - Torry talks about why he won’t fix his now famous mangled middle finger 12:05 - The brothers share their pride of bothy making it to the NFL 16:53 - The Holt brothers and Roman share their real life attachment to the phrase “if you see it, you can be it” 17:50 - Peanut and the Holt brothers revel in their stories of friendly competition amongst brothers 22:56 - Torry talking about the experience of being on the Rams offense called “The Greatest Show on Turf” 27:22 - Torry talks about whether he believes he’ll get into the Pro Football Hall of Fame 30:36 - Terrance talks about preparing for his post-NFL life while still playing, battling depression, and finding purpose after football 38:12 - Torry talks about the expectations of being a professional ballplayer 39:02 - Torry shares how health led him to retire from the NFL 40:56 - Terrance shares how he tutored Torry about the business world 43:16 - The Holt brothers share the path to learning the business world and creating their construction company 46:54 - Terrance gives advice to players about the importance of using their pro athlete experience in the business world 51:07 - The Holt brothers share their plans for the future of their company “Holt Brothers Inc.” 56:33 - The Holt Brothers talk about the promise to their mom they’re fulfilling through their “Holt Brothers Foundation” 1:04:39 - The Holt brothers share the influence of their mom *NOTE: Timecodes are approximate The NFL Players: Second Acts podcast is a production of the NFL in partnership with iHeart Radio. See for privacy information.


D’Brick Ferguson: from open heart surgery, to NFL ironman, to nurse?

Watch Second Acts on YouTube: Follow Roman Harper on Instagram: @Harp_41 Follow Peanut Tillman on Instagram: @peanuttillman EP #28: The gentle giant D’Brickashaw Ferguson sits down with Peanut and Roman on the latest episode of the NFL Players Second Acts pod. D’Brick lived up to expectations as the No. 3 overall pick in the 2006 draft. He anchored the Jets offensive line during his 10-year career, started every game, and missed only one snap (there’s quite the story behind that play). For his work, in 2022 D’Brickashaw was inducted into the Jets Ring of Honor. Not bad for a guy who needed open-heart surgery at 9 years old to save his life. In this episode, D’Brickashaw expounds on the “miracle” of overcoming that circumstance to become the NFL’s ironman. He’s also on a journey to find his next calling, which has led him to…nursing school. D’Brickashaw has found success in many arenas, but he shares with Peanut and Roman the bumpy road he took to find himself. Topic Timeline: 1:00 - D'Brickashaw talks about the only snap he didn’t play in during his entire 10-year NFL career 2:18 - the evolution of the Key & Peele segment based on D'Brickashaw name 3:31 - How yoga and martial arts helped D’Brickishaw become an NFL ironman 6:36 - D'Brickashaw shares what led to him having open-heart surgery as a kid 7:45 - The value of playing different sports as a kid according to D’Brickishaw 9:56 - D’Brickishaw shares the “surreal” experience of being inducted into the NY Jets Ring of Honor 13:02 - D’Brickishaw shares the experience of finding himself after his NFL career 16:21 - D’Brickishaw shares his post-NFL journey to serve other players through financial literacy 18:56 - D'Brickashaw shares what led him to wanting to become a nurse 22:15 - D'Brickashaw talks about education being the foundation of The D'Brickashaw Ferguson Foundation 23:33 - D’Brickishaw shares his “welcome to the NFL” moment 25:15 - D’Brickashaw gives advice to a newly retired NFL player 26:16 - D’Brickashaw reveals why his own teammates fined him for his car choices 27:52 - D’Brickashaw shares who is on his personal Mt. Rushmore 32:00 - D’Brickashaw turns the table and asks Roman and Peanut how they’re transitions are going *NOTE: Timecodes are approximate NFL Players Second Acts podcast is a production of the NFL in partnership with iHeart Radio. See for privacy information.


LeRoy Butler talks his 16-year wait, Hall of Fame trials, being a forever Packer

EP #27: Peanut and Roman are back! This time they’re joined by Hall of Fame safety LeRoy Butler. LeRoy starts off reminiscing on his “Welcome to the NFL” moment taking us back to 1990, his rookie year. In this episode, the Hall of Famer walks us through his journey from growing up in poverty to becoming a Super Bowl champion, to joining football immortality in Canton. LeRoy gives us an inside look on the anxiety brought on by the Pro Football Hall of Fame selection process. The conversation turns emotional as LeRoy describes the life-changing visit and scholarship offer he received from then Florida St. coach Bobby Bowden. He also shares with us the importance of being financially free and “leaping” into the vodka business. Watch Second Acts on YouTube: Follow Roman Harper on Instagram: @Harp_41 Follow Peanut Tillman on Instagram: @peanuttillman Topic timeline: 2:32 - LeRoy’s welcome to the NFL moment 5:48 - LeRoy gives Peanut Tillman his flowers 6:50 - Why LeRoy was fined $10,000 after his first team meeting as a rookie 9:23 - LeRoy strong opinion on Aaron Rodgers leaving Green Bay 11:56 - Why LeRoy stayed with the Packers his entire career 16:00 - Why Leroy still calls Green Bay home 18:20 - Leroy explains the Hall of Fame selection process, and the side of rejection fans don’t see 27:00 - Leroy takes us back to Super Bowl XXXI, ending the city’s 30-year drought 30:15 - Leroy gets emotional reminiscing his life changing FSU scholarship offer from Bobby Bowden 36:15 - Leroy talks about overcoming poverty and his documentary film project 44:00 - Leroy talks business ventures, the creation of Leap Spirits vodka, and financial freedom 48:58 - Leroy reveals his greatest sports accomplishment 52:30 - Leroy shares who he believes are the top-5 defensive players of all time *NOTE: timecodes are approximate. NFL Players Second Acts podcast is a production of the NFL in partnership with iHeart Radio. See for privacy information.


Fred Taylor talks Being Called "Fragile," Girl Dad Power, his Podcast Pivot

EP #26: Fred Taylor, one of the toughest running backs to ever play in the NFL, joins Peanut and Roman on the pod. They’ve competed against each other and on the pod they share stories of how they all succeeded in the league with their brains as much as their brawn. Fred may not be in the Hall of Fame now, but he’s got a compelling case and he shares it here. But he’s also more than a football player. Fred shares his journey in and out of the game, and how becoming a #girldad is what unlocked his true strength as a man. He also gets candid about the pitfalls when doing business with friends, but how deal gone wrong led to a major pivot that’s led to major success. Listen to the full pod here. Watch Second Acts on YouTube: Follow Roman Harper on Instagram: @Harp_41 Follow Peanut Tillman on Instagram: @peanuttillman Topic timeline: 2:22 – The play where Fred suffered his worst career injury 4:25 – The demanding style of coach Tom Coughlin 10:26 – Why Fred believes he’ll eventually get into the Pro Football Hall of Fame 12:42 – How Fred’s career would’ve gone differently if he had a “Hall of Fame” mentality 20:08 – The business decision in trying to tackle Fred Taylor 21:05 – Why Fred would “do numbers” in today’s NFL 23:47 – The specific aspects of the game Fred misses 27:14 – Why Fred hates being called “Fragile Freddy” 28:18 – the moment Fred knew it was time to retire 33:22 – How Fred attacked life after football 41:07 – The fallout that led to the creation of “The Pivot Podcast” 50:10 – Fred’s first splurge purchase when he got the bag 57:30 – Fred’s top-5 running backs of all time 58:50 – Fred’s favorite current running backs 1:01:45 – Fred gets emotional talking about the people who made him the man he is today *NOTE: timecodes are approximate. NFL Players Second Acts podcast is a production of the NFL in partnership with iHeart See for privacy information.


Calvin Johnson on battles vs Peanut, the "Calvin Johnson Rule", medical cannabis

EP #25: Peanut and Roman are joined this week by Hall of Fame wide receiver, Calvin Johnson. Calvin starts by revealing his “Welcome To The NFL” moment, and his first impressions of Detroit when he first arrived after he was drafted 2nd overall in 2007 (02:54). Peanut and Calvin then go on to reminisce about all the great battles they had against one another for so many years as NFC North divisional foes (03:42). They also give us the inside story of the controversial no touchdown call that has been dubbed “Calvin Johnson rule” (06:48). With such a storied career and so many highlights, the guys ask Calvin when he knew he could dominate the league (11:27), and he reveals his favorite catch of his nine-year career (12:59). Finally, Calvin enlightens the guys on the work he’s doing now in the medicinal cannabis field and how he’s trying to raise awareness to help current and former players (14:28). The NFL Players: Second Acts podcast is part of the NFL Podcast Network in partnership with iHeart Radio. Also watch it on YouTube: See for privacy information.


Doug Pederson and Frank Reich

Ep. #24 This week, Peanut and Roman are joined by Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Doug Pederson. They start things off talking about Pederson's history with two iconic franchises; the Eagles and Packers (02:10). Pederson talks about being a football lifer and coaching being a natural progression (06:45). He also names the coaches who've shaped who he is today (12:30). Finally, Pederson talks about his transition to Jacksonville and how he approached changing the culture in the Jaguars locker room (22:30). After the break, Peanut and Roman are joined by new Carolina Panthers head coach Frank Reich. The guys start by remembering Super Bowl 44, and talk about what it's like winning and losing a Super Bowl (33:10). Reich talks about his desire to get the Panthers job, and the lessons he learned from his first head coaching job with the Colts (38:30). Reich also explains why he took time away from the game between his playing and coaching career (43:30). Finally, Reich wraps things up by taking us behind-the-scenes of the Panthers trading for the number-one overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft (46:00). Note: timecodes approximate. See for privacy information.


Kevin O'Connell and Ryan Poles

Ep. #23: This week, Peanut and Roman are joined by Minnesota Vikings Head Coach, Kevin O’Connell. Kevin starts off by discussing what it was like celebrating a Super Bowl win with the Rams while simultaneously doing all the preparation to become a head coach and how he wasn’t able to soak it all in. He also talks about how advantageous it has been to have worked with so many great coaches throughout his time in the NFL as both a player and coach and which individual he credits the most for his early success. Kevin goes on to discuss some of the challenges he's anticipating going into year two with the Vikings and talks about the importance of identifying the “why” with his players. Peanut and Roman are also joined by another man taking up the headlines, Bears General Manager, Ryan Poles. Ryan first gets into how the trade back from the #1 pick went down and what negotiating trades with other teams is actually like. He then talks about the journey that led to him becoming the General Manager of the Bears and how his 13 years with the Chiefs shaped his overall knowledge of the league. The guys also ask Poles what his first few months on the job was like and he details a signing-gone-wrong that was a serious gut-punch for his initial confidence. Finally, Ryan offers his own advice to those hoping to one day hold a position like his own. See for privacy information.


Ron Rivera talks about building bonds, coming up short, and overcoming cancer

Ep. #22: This week, Peanut and Roman are joined by Washington Commanders Head Coach, Ron Rivera. He talks about how important it is for him to build bonds with his players and Peanut and Roman recount their years together playing for Rivera and how much it meant to them. Ron also discusses the life lessons he picked up from his father and how so many of them have impacted his life and career. Roman and Peanut always talk about how much respect they have for Coach and Roman recalls receiving a thank you letter from him as his time with Carolina was ending and asks him how that all began. The guys also recount what made the 2015 Carolina Panthers such a unique team and how Coach wanted to approach his new opportunity with the Washington Commanders. In talking about his new team, Roman and Peanut ask Ron about the process of bringing in new offensive coordinator and assistant head coach, Eric Bieniemy, and why he is so excited to have him. Coach also talks about how he was able to overcome cancer and how important it was for him to be around the team at such a difficult time. We then get to hear about Rivera’s “Welcome to the NFL” moment as he began his coaching career while we also hear a little bit about Peanut’s own introduction to the league. Finally, they close things out by discussing Rivera’s Mount Rushmore and what his advice would be for players about to enter their second act. See for privacy information.


Andrew Whitworth: Hollywood couldn't script it better

Ep. #21: This week, Peanut and Roman are joined by Super Bowl champion, Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year, and Thursday Night Football analyst, Andrew Whitworth. Peanut and Roman start off by giving Andrew his flowers by sharing his long list of accolades he’s collected throughout his career. Andrew shares what the transition was like going from playing to the broadcast booth on Amazon Thursday Night Football and some of the challenges he faced in his first year. He also shares how he spent his first off-season not having to report to training camp after 16 years. Andrew also opens up about dealing with chronic pain as an athlete and how that put him through some dark days realizing there’s some things his body can’t do anymore. He also talks about his leadership style and how he took on the role of being a mentor to the people around him. Andrew then gives us the inside scoop on the exact point in his career when he decided to retire. He then wraps things up by sharing some of his top three old school hip-hop artists, Louisiana style! See for privacy information.


Delanie Walker on his journey to become a pro drag racer

EP #20: Former Pro Bowl tight end Delanie Walker joins Peanut and Roman on location in Phoenix, ARI. Roman and Delanie start out sharing a story of how the rapper Future influenced the 2011 Saints vs 49ers playoff game they both played in. Delanie then shares how his love for muscle cars started in his childhood in Southern California, and how it’s turned into a passion that’s fueled his current journey to become a pro drag racer. And just like in the football field, Delanie took a hard hit on the track. He shares how he avoided catastrophe during a recent crash. Delanie also gets introspective about how finding his second act in racing has helped him through a “tough” transition from football. And Delaney talks about his work with the NFL Legends Community, and his other racing hobby that doesn’t include cars. See for privacy information.


Tony Dorsett on his 99-yd TD run, being in select Heisman Trophy & Hall of Fame group, and being a grandpa

Ep. #19: Peanut and Roman are joined this week by NFL Hall of Fame running back and Cowboys great, Tony Dorsett. The hosts start off by asking what it’s like to be a Hall of Famer and how often he wears his gold jacket. They also find out that it’s hard to keep your jacket pristine and what happens if it gets ruined. Tony also gives the guys an inside scoop into his illustrious 99-yd TD run and what it’s like holding a record that can only ever be tied. Dorsett is one of only 10 players to have won the Heisman Trophy and be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He talks about how much of an honor it is to be in such elite company and how it feels surreal for him due to the amount of great players that do not share this accolade. Tony then discusses how much different the game of football is today and what it was like being a smaller back in such a physical era. Today, Tony spends his time with family and talks about how much joy he gets from being a grandfather. See for privacy information.


Super Bowl LVII Radio Row: Brian Dawkins and Akbar Gbaja-Biamila

Ep. #18: As we continue to wrap up the Super Bowl LVII festivities, Peanut and Roman are joined by NFL Hall of Famer, Brian Dawkins. B-Dawk shares the origin story behind his nickname “Weapon X” and gives the guys an inside look into the playing mindset that made him so ferocious and feared on the football field. Brian also talks about coming up short in his quest for a Super Bowl as a player, sharing that even though he missed out on the ultimate goal, there is no love lost. The hosts are also joined by former NFL player turned TV personality, Akbar Gbaja-Biamila to discuss his transition into the world of television. Akbar begins by enlightening the guys on the origin story of his full-name and, as a long-time Laker fan, discusses the significance of LeBron breaking the NBA’s all-time scoring record previously held by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Akbar also shares what it was like as his playing career was ending, having to scratch and claw his way into an unpaid, local San Diego media role that would eventually blossom into the career he has carved out for himself today. See for privacy information.


Super Bowl LVII Radio Row: Antoine Bethea and Darius Butler

Ep. #17: Former NFL defensive backs Antoine Bethea and Darius Butler join Peanut and Roman as they continue to truck along at Radio Row. Antoine and Darius share some of their experiences in the league and what kept them connected even after their time as teammates came to an end. They talk about hosting The Man To Man Podcast together and how they enjoy sharing their expertise as former players and more specifically, defensive backs. The guys also make their picks for the Big Game, share their personal “welcome to the NFL” moments, and the crew debates which is harder: being a starter in the league or a backup? See for privacy information.


Super Bowl LVII Radio Row: Brandon Marshall and Andrew Hawkins/Troy Jones

Ep. #16: Former NFL WR turned media mogul Brandon Marshall joins Peanut and Roman to share old war stories and talk about how he’s all-in when it comes to his post-football business ventures. Brandon shares what it was like making his way as a young player struggling with his own mental health in addition to what he thinks was one of the Bears' biggest mistakes back in those days. He also reflects on how amazing it was to play with so many great players throughout the years, why it was so important for him to set things up for life after football in the middle of his career, and what it has been like for his wellness company House of Athlete to partner with Tom Brady’s TB12. The guys also sit down with former football players turned entrepreneurs Andrew Hawkins and Troy Jones. Andrew and Troy are leading the way in football VR with their company StatusPro and they talk about how their backgrounds playing the game ultimately led to their passion in the video game sphere. They also discuss what it's like being African-American in a space in which there is not much representation and ultimately how they hope StatusPro as well as the game NFL Pro Era will change the video game industry. See for privacy information.


Super Bowl LVII Radio Row: Deion Sanders and Mike Golic

Ep. #15: Peanut and Roman are live from radio row for Super Bowl LVII talking to legends of the game about life off the field. This episode they’re joined by NFL Hall of Famer/University of Colorado head coach Deion “Primetime” Sanders and former NFL player/media personality Mike Golic. First, our dynamic hosts talk to “Prime” about his top 5 defensive players of all time and why he never ranks DBs. Deion also shares what he wants his coaching legacy to be and how he hopes to impact his players lives after college. Peanut and Roman then wrap things up with Mike Golic as he discusses how the game has changed, life after football, the ’88 fog bowl, and his health journey. See for privacy information.


Jake Plummer: Mushroom Farmer

Ep. #14: Jake “the Snake” Plummer joins Peanut and Roman on the pod to talk about how he dove headfirst into the world of functional mushroom harvesting for their medicinal benefits. Plummer shares how the pandemic led him to the mushroom industry. He talks about the mission of his company Mycolove Farm, the types of mushrooms they grow, and why he believes they should be an integral part of everyone’s health and wellness routine. Plummer doesn’t claim to be a doctor, instead he calls himself a mycophile who loves fungi and nature. He also talks about how he got back to nature in Idaho after his NFL retirement, and why he’s a proponent of players using mushrooms for their remedy effects. He also talks about handball being his go-to athletic outlet, how he makes a mean dandelion fritter, and why Bob Marley is on his personal Mount Rushmore. See for privacy information.


Reggie Bush on his Heisman case, being a HOFer, his journey to peace

Ep #13: Newly minted College Football Hall of Famer Reggie Bush joins Roman on the pod for a very personal interview between former teammates with the New Orleans Saints. They both share what it was like starting their careers in New Orleans at the same time the city was recovering from Hurricane Katrina. Reggie gets candid about being a “broken” man when he arrived in New Orleans, and how the city and the fans helped rebuild his spirit. He also shares the story of Sean Payton going rogue with the Super Bowl trophy during the Saints parade after the 2009 season. Reggie details what he calls a sham investigation by the NCAA which led to him to return his Heisman Trophy, and why he believes his College Football Hall of Fame induction could impact whether he gets it back. Reggie also talks about how his new career as an analyst for FOX Sports has restored his joy for college football. Roman and Reggie share the origin story of their friendship, which includes a Las Vegas pool party, how his wife saved him during a Hall of Fame speech, and trend-setting at USC. See for privacy information.


Peanut & Roman on their bromance, dos & don’ts of retirement, the Super Bowl high, Obama jokes

Ep #12: Peanut and Roman are their own special guests on this week’s episode to share their second act journeys. We hear how their bromance formed as teammates during the Carolina Panthers Super Bowl run in 2015, and why an alligator fits into the story (9:45). They share different perspectives on the post-NFL transition: Peanut gets candid about the one thing he regrets doing when he left the game, while Roman explains how he avoided the post-NFL blues thanks to advice he got from Saints GM Mickey Loomis (12:09). Roman also shares why he chose television over coaching like his father for his second act (21:47). Roman takes us back to the time when teenage Roman realized he was getting gray hair (29:03). He’s now all in on his trademark silver look, despite the jokes he says President Obama had for him during the Saints trip to the White House after Super Bowl XLIV (30:12). The “Peanut Punch” is as synonymous with the game as a tackle, and Peanut shares the evolution of his signature move. And the guys give flowers to who they place on their personal Mt. Rushmore (34:59) NOTE: Timecodes are approximate See for privacy information.


Eric Wood talks Damar Hamlin’s strength, finding competition in media, Kobe Bryant motivation

Ep #11: Former Bills center Eric Wood was in Payco Stadium in Cincinnati when Damar Hamlin fought for his life on the field during a Monday Night Football game against the Bengals and he joins Roman to talk about the eeriness in the stadium that night. They both also speak on Damar’s remarkable recovery, and how that fateful night displayed the deepness of the NFL brotherhood. Eric also shares his story of being told of his NFL career was over while in the delivery room with his wife in labor. He also explains how he’s maintained his 65-pound weight loss from the 308-lb playing weight. Eric talks of scratching his competition itch in his media career, and how Kobe Bryant has inspired his business career. And he offers Roman, and all men, marriage advice that includes a grading system. The NFL Players: Second Acts podcast is part of the NFL Podcast Network in partnership with iHeart Radio. See for privacy information.


Dr. Kevin Dyson talks being qualified to be justified

Ep #10: Dr. Kevin Dyson, the man who gave the Music City a miracle, joins Peanut and Roman. He reveals whether – 22 years later – he believes that fateful throw from Frank Wycheck that forever placed the 2000 Titans in NFL lore was a forward pass or a lateral (4:15). Kevin also gets introspective about the years it took him to stop blaming himself for being one yard short of the would-be game-tying touchdown in Super Bowl 34, and how a meme of that play in his office motivates him to this day (9:45). Kevin takes us inside how he fought through the depression, fear, and resentment he felt during his first year of retirement from the NFL (18:01). Education is where Kevin found his calling, and he talks to Peanut and Roman about reaching his personal Mount Everest when received his Doctor of Education degree. Kevin also shares how his love for children was the driving force for him becoming an educator (22:10). And the guys have fun with a game of “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader.” (38:50) **NOTE: All time codes are approximate See for privacy information.