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The Nerve Degree serves as a weekly podcast for video games, professional wrestling and entertainment

The Nerve Degree serves as a weekly podcast for video games, professional wrestling and entertainment
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The Nerve Degree serves as a weekly podcast for video games, professional wrestling and entertainment




Nerve Degree - Episode 49

E3 Press Conference Schedule is has been released and as advertised, Sony is nowhere to be seen... Yet. Retro gamers are getting more option to play their favorite Sega Genesis games with the newly announced Sega Genesis Mini and the Mega Sg! Sony and Microsoft has announced working together for the time being. And Epic Games is in the news, yet again... Will bleeding ever stop... Podcast: Novels: Gaming:...


Nerve Degree - Episode 48

Sony's State of Play gave us Monster Hunter World and Final Fantasy 7 Remake update (Yes, clowns... Square Enix are still making the fucking game... Get over yourselves with your trolling jokes). Plus, I talk about a potential US Bill that will ban loot boxes and micro-transtactions. Many Developers like CDProjektRED are scared off or weary about exclusivity deals handed by Epic Game Store. And Randy Fucking Pitchford... Yup! Podcast: Novels:...


Nerve Degree - Episode 47

Epic as bought out Indie Developer Psyonix, Activision Blizzard is stay relevant and in the black while not making any new games and Sonic... Yeah... Podcast: Novels: Gaming:


Nerve Degree - Episode 46

Bioware's Anthem is dead... Mortal Kombat 11 is a great game but has been marred by bizarre monetization and grinding methods... PlayStation 4 is about hit the 100 million units sold milestone... Podcast: Novels: Gaming:


Nerve Degree - Episode 45

BioWare's Roadmap of content and the excuses they are giving for not showing it are laughable, Gamestop have struck gold with this new 48 hour return policy of selected games and Kotaku... Nuff said... Podcast: Novels: Gaming:


Nerve Degree - Episode 44

This hasn't been a good week at all for many, me included. I talk about another expose from Kotaku as this time they talk about EA's Dragon Age 4 development. Plus, people demand and easy mode for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice... Yeah Whatever... Mortal Kombat Community has been rocked hard by YouTube algorithm structure deeming there game-play too lifelike. Many are trying to work around it with moderate success, and I speak out about the issue. Podcast:...


Nerve Degree - Episode 43

BioWare's Anthem was in developmental hell for six years with a lot in feuding between studios. The Kotaku article was indeed damning. Plus, The PC Port of Borderlands 3 is releasing exclusively on the Epic Store in September, leaving many Steam loyalist salty. Fallout 76 fans are unhappy that Bethesda is adding 'pay-to-win' items and the should be as they haven’t fixed most of the problems plaguing the broken game. And of course, half assed WrestleMania 35 Predictions.


Nerve Degree - Episode 42

Anthem Remains a Disaster One Month After Launch and Electronic Arts. Lays Off 350 Employees to "Address Challenges" and "Prepare for Opportunities." Yeah, right… Sony announced what's next for PlayStation with a Nintendo-style presentation called 'State of Play' and it went as expected. Fallout 76, Doom Eternal, Rage 2, and more Bethesda games confirmed for Steam. Good for Bethesda, I guess… Google announced Stadia, a new cloud-based gaming platform, at its GDC 2019 keynote Tuesday morning.


Nerve Degree - Episode 41

Epic Games Store is picking up steam... Bad Pun I know... But it has divided and angered the PC gaming community, and I'll try to explain why we are wasting out time doing so. Plus, Sony is taking a page from Nintendo by streaming game announcements regularly. Also, Bethesda has enough guts to show up at this year's E3, but it's not like they have a choice in the matter... Twitch...


Nerve Degree - Episode 40

So Epic Game Store is in the news for their software consisting Spyware. Players of EA' Anthem are not happy by the sudden fix of loot drops and plan on protesting the game. Plus, I go back to my roots and talk about pro wrestling as the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter Awards were released this week. Finally, I talk bout the tragedy in New Zealand and the stupidity of the media.


Nerve Degree - Episode 39

Once again, I talk about EA, Bioware and Anthem... Now the game is bricking consoles, making them useless... I am really sick and tired of their shit... I hate begging but, I hope you support me:


Nerve Degree - Episode 38

Everyone and their mother is in fear of Bioware’s demise due to the bad reception and sales of Anthem. So yet, why is it that Michael Gamble is stating that everything is fine even though we all know how Electronic Arts operate their predatorial business? What’s old is not new but hasn’t gotten away: Piracy. Sony is not seeking damages of a proud PS4 pirate. Rockstar has some issues with their Red Read Online game, the full roster of Mortal Kombat 11 was supposedly leaked to the public, and...


Nerve Degree Overtime - Kingdom Hearts 3 Raw Review

I finished Kingdom Hearts 3 on my streaming channel days ago and with some time to reflect on what I just played, I decided to do a raw review of the video game. They are some spoilers so you have been warned. My Twitch Channel: MY Kickstarter Project:


Nerve Degree - Episode 37

EA's Anthem is a broken mess and everyone is an agreement. With tanking review scores coming in, many fans are concerned of Bioware's future. We also say good bye to a Nintendo legend as Reggie Fils-Aime retires as President of Nintendo of America. Also, numerous reports surround this years E3: Microsoft is set to announce not one but consoles, Microsoft might have their own GamePass and app on the Nintendo Switch and Sony files a patent for Backwards Compatibility.


Nerve Degree - Episode 36

Things are going from bad to worse as investors launch Activision Blizzard investigation over possible fraud following Bungie split and Sweden’s tax agency targets ‘Candy Crush’ maker King with $397 million fine. Also, it appears Obsidian doesn’t want their fans to bash Fallout 76 or Bethesda (even though they still hate them…). Then, I talk about every Nintendo Switch game that has been announced at February 2019 Edition of Nintendo Direct. Also I talk about my Kickstarter Campaign I will...


Nerve Degree Overtime - Activision Blizzard Begins Laying Off Workers

Ahead of its fourth-quarter earnings report, Activision Blizzard has started the process of laying off members of its staff. During the call, it said the draw down will affect approximately 8% of its work force, or nearly 800 employees. They give us a reason why yet we all still don't understand...


Nerve Degree - Episode 35

Up is down and down is up this week as Surprisingly, Disney is “Happy” with EA's Star Wars Games yet Electronic Arts stock suffers largest drop in more than a decade after earnings miss. Activision's plan to cut hundreds of jobs caps tumultuous week puts a lot of perspective of what is truly happening. Despite not having a TV deal, All Elite Wrestling is shaping up to be quite amazing. And the first two games of the brand-new Alliance of American Football is actually good…


Nerve Degree - Episode 34

Still feeling the effects after the 12-hour Kingdom Hearts 3 livestream, I talk about the first impressionable 12 hours of the game. I even mustered up some energy to talk about my Satan Experience with the playable demo from Electronic Arts soon to be blockbuster bomb, Anthem. Also, the troubled video gaming retailer Gamestop is still in more trouble as they decided not to sell the company. Plus, Sony has filed a patent that involves “backwards compatibly” for the tentative PlayStation 5...


Nerve Degree Overtime (Kickstarter Announcement)

Cross Roads is set to be an urban fantasy/science fiction web novel that consists the theme of "magical girls". This is inspired by novel and shows. The whole entire trope of the magical girl will not be focused like any other type of cartoon show that consists of them. However, this is a deconstruction of this particular theme. What makes them popular and what makes them important in their own life. Pretty much, I will not be focusing on the glitz and glamour of a magical girl/superhero,...


Nerve Degree Overtime - EA's Anthem Microtransaction Controversy Starts Early

I just couldn't wait... I am really getting sick of their shit...