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At Baja’s

In this episode: -Someone has a gripe with Baja’s -Notable futbol Transfers, including Real Madrid acquiring a new goalie -NCAA institutes new rule for basketball players -NFL News -Dez Bryant situation ***Make sure you check out our new blog where we will be talking about different things and giving more of our opinions and thoughts on all things life and sports: Instagram: Twitter:...


I Promise

In this episode: - Shenanigans - Lebron James and his foundation opened the I Promise school in Akron, Ohio - Carmelo Anthony clearing waivers and set to sign with Houston - Is Wade coming back? - Falcons cave and agree to revise Julio Jones’ contract for this year - Eric Decker to Pats - Urban Meyer and the Domestic Violence situation …and more… ***Make sure you check out our new blog where we will be talking about different things and giving more of our opinions and thoughts on...


Back To Regularly Scheduled Programming

The Empanada Boyz are at it once again. Now with the World Cup over (moment of silence…), they dive into other pertinent stories that have been going on this summer and give you their thoughts. Among some of those are: - IT signing the Vet Minimum deal with Denver - Footy talk, who will win each league - Josh Hader and fan reaction - Some NFL Offseason talk Enjoy, and as always, tell a friend, family, lover about our show and share with them. Thank you to everyone sticking with us, we...


The Empanada Boyz Present: The Waterboy Report

The Fellas are joined by very special guest Luca Rosano, founder of The Waterboy Report. We talk all topics ranging from World Cup reactions, Cristiano Ronaldo’s transfer to Juventus and the expectations surrounding the move, the Toronto sports scene, NBA talk and his appearance on ESPN’s First Take where he debated the one and only Stephen A. Smith. You can follow him on: Instagram: Youtube:...


World Cup: Semifinals review & Finals preview with special guest Diego Montalvan

In this episode: - Ronaldo packs his bags and makes the trip to Turin and will now be playing for Juventus - Recap of what happened in France vs. Belgium, how did France pull this one out? - England is…GOING HOMEEEE just like they’ve been saying…You don’t want to miss die hard England fan Moe’s reaction to this loss…it begins at 33:30 lol - Preview of the finals and what matchups to keep on eye on for Sunday’s final game! *Once again thank you to Diego Montalvan for joining the...


World Cup: Quarterfinals review and Semifinals preview

The fellas are back once again reviewing what exactly happened in: - Brazil vs. Belgium - Uruguay vs. France - England vs. Sweden - Croatia vs. Russia They give you the breakdown of how each team was able to advance past the quarterfinal stage of the best competition in the world and then they go ahead and preview the great Semifinal games we have: England vs. Croatia France vs. Belgium You don’t want to miss this one as they guys will get you ready to watch the games and give you...


World Cup: Round of 16

The Empanada Boyz are back with recaps of the round of 16 games that have gone down to this point. The fellas break down what went right for the winning teams and what went wrong for those that are now going home. They also touch briefly on the two remaining round of 16 games and who they think will come out victorious. Also, as we have always said, please subscribe and tell your family and friends who aren’t listening to jump on board! Thank you for the support as always.


World Cup: Who’s in and who’s out???

The Empanada Boyz go in and break down each group for you and talk about the remaining match day 3 games remaining. Also who they see advancing now from their respective groups. You don’t want to miss this one.


The Empanada Boyz present: World Cup Preview - Groups G & H

The last of the group previews from the fellas has them breaking down who the heavy favorites are in each group, possible surprises and players to keep an eye out for. They give you everything you need to know before these games kick off and this is probably their best preview yet. They will keep the content coming during the world cup with group reviews and game breakdowns as well as rating player performances throughout the world cup. So stay tuned!!! They are keeping all your World Cup...


The Empanada Boyz present: World Cup Preview - Groups E & F

Back at it again giving you everything you need to know about Groups E and F in this edition of the greatest sporting event in the world. The Empanada Boyz give you their favorites and discuss the heavy favorites for the entire tournament which are included in these groups. Stay tuned as the fellas have one more preview to go after this one and you do not want to miss out! Share share share and tell everyone you know to take a listen to make sure you and them are World Cup Ready!


The Empanada Boyz present: World Cup Preview - Groups C & D

The Empanada Boyz are back giving you everything you need to know about Groups C & D in the World Cup. They go into some specific players they like and believer will have a bit impact on the outcome of the games. They also give you who they believe will be making it out of each group, so if you are the betting type, you heard it here first Make sure to stay tuned as the fellas are dropping an episode each day to get you ready for all of the groups before the start of the greatest sporting...


The Empanada Boyz present: World Cup Preview - Groups A & B

The greatest sporting event in the world is upon us and the Empanada Boyz are here for you breaking it all down. In this episode they dive in to Group A and Group B in the World Cup. They give their breakdown and how they predict these groups shaking out in the end. You don’t want to miss this one. Stay tuned as well as each day leading up to the World Cup they will be dropping previews for the rest of the groups.


The King and His Apostles

In this episode: - J’s Shenanigans - Lebron and his ridiculous game 1 - JR Smith is an idiot - Cavs vs. Warrios Game 2 - Who do we believe are the best athlete role models? *Music from Uncle Mike


What else is new? Lebron to the finals once again…

In this episode: - Cavs beat the Celtics in Game 7 to advance to the NBA Finals once again - Lebron and his legacy - Celtics and their future - Rockets vs Warriors thoughts - Champions League! - Is Ramos dirty? - More footy talk *Music from Uncle Mike


A Ship With No Captain

In this episode: - J’s Shenanigans - What changed in Cleveland? - Have the Rockets closed the gap? - Las Vegas lovin’ with the “Band of Misfits” - Tom Brady is full of crap (his absence at OTA’s, big deal or not?) - Will the dynamic offensive Trio of Liverpool be enough on Saturday? - US Soccer, Still a mess…what else can we say? - Some World Cup losers and snubs *Music from: Uncle Mike


The Empanada Boyz Present: DR. JESS

In this special episode: - The Empanada Boyz have a great conversation with Dr. Jessica O’Reilly. Dr. Jess is a sex and relationship expert, keynote speaker, television personality and host of the Sex with Dr. Jess podcast. She holds a PhD in human sexuality with a focus on sex education. Her practical relationship advice reaches millions each month via mainstream media outlets and she travels extensively across the globe to work with couples (including royalty and presidential...


NBA Playoff Surprise?

In this episode: - Western Conference Finals - Eastern Conference Finals - NBA Draft Lottery *Music from: Uncle Mike


The Empanada Boyz Present: ANTONIO REYNOLDS-DEAN

In this episode: - The Empanada Boyz were joined by Antonio Reynolds-Dean, current Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach at Clemson University. We had a great chat about all things hoops, including the legendary run he was a part of with Rhode Island basketball and his memories from that run and his role at Clemson University right now. We also talked about his opinions on basketball now and he broke down his idea of how the NCAA can pay their athletes. You don’t want to miss this...


NFL Draft: Recap Special

In this episode: - The Empanada Boyz recap some of the memorable moments from the NFL Draft with some news and notes mixed in as well *Music from: Uncle Mike


The Empanada Boyz Present: JimmyOfTheSaints

In this episode: - Champions League talk - Don Andres retirement thoughts - NBA Playoff talk - Interview: JimmyOfTheSaints *Music from: Uncle Mike