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The New Ultras brings new views on European and world football. We do this for the culture of the beautiful game.

The New Ultras brings new views on European and world football. We do this for the culture of the beautiful game.
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The New Ultras brings new views on European and world football. We do this for the culture of the beautiful game.




Ep. 98 - BET Uncut

The gang is back! There was Madrid on Madrid Crime, Chelsea and Sarri are in meltdown, and the Ole bubble has burst. Crew: @ProblematicProf @TheJonTolbert @Nigerianscamsss @Feelz_____ @Jimmy_Tries Send in a voice message: Become a supporter of this podcast:


The New Ultras Podcast Ep. 97: Middle Passage FC

The Ultras focus their attention on England. Spurs and Arsenal battle for the worst weekend in North London, United moonwalk to another win, City are reborn, Chelsea make some moves, & Liverpool keep chugging along. The Ultras also answer some fan questions. Crew: @Jimmy_Tries @Feelz_____ @ProblematicProf Send in a voice message: Become a supporter of this podcast:


The New Ultras Podcast Ep. 96: Apple Care

Football, bloody hell. The Ultras get you updated on the leagues and some have taken breaks, some leagues are effectively over and England is up to its regular funny capers. Lionel Messi, he is really good. Dominos sponsors a league and the festive season in England gave us gifts. What’s the difference between Utd under Mou and Ole? Klopp has everyone buying in, City are frustrated, Arsenal stink and the rest of England are up to...


The New Ultras Podcast Ep. 95: Chasing Stars

The Ultras get you back up to speed on nothing that’s happened during our absence. Best team in feetball hasn’t changed, but Bayern has gotten its act together. Serie A update is Juve for the remainder of the season. Will they ever have a full slate of Ligue 1 games again? Messi really did get insulted by the fifth place finish, Griez is still carrying Atleti, Real have stopped taking on water but have lost rudder control. Arsenal were undefeated for 22 straight games, and no one cared....


The New Ultras Podcast Ep. 94: Motown Records

The crew recaps the best team in sports continue to run wild, and Bayern been poor but are still within striking distance. Is the Serie A fast or does it just appear as such? Real Madrid have run off two wins in a row and Toni Kroos commented after the first league win in almost 2 months. Kylian and Neymar are becoming the '03 Bonnie & Clyde of France. The English Premier League was rocked by scandal of City cooking the books, and they responded by cooking Southampton. The MLS Playoffs are...


The New Ultras Podcast Ep. 93: Already Home

The best league in the world is lead by the best team in the world, Dortmund, benched Philipp, easy 3-0 in the first 30 mins, Schalke starting a re-charge and Bayern started playing well to ward off Wenger rumors and Five Good Minutes on Robin Bormuth. Donnarumma has a moment and Icardi pounced at the opportunity sending Milan back to the drawing board. On this weeks FIFA career mode legends "Where Are They Now?" we feature Domenico Berardi. Poor Player=Great Manager and Monaco lost but the...


The New Ultras Podcast Ep. 92: Where Are Your Dressing Rooms?

The current climate in Europe’s top 5 leagues is a tense one. In the Bundesliga BVB have figured out the rope a dope while there’s major discord in Bavaria and a locker room lost. La Ligas 3rd favorite club, Real Madrid, haven’t scored in a fortnight and Lopetegui has lost the locker room. AS Monaco, once a beacon of success, now possibly the worst team in Europe. Jardim has likely lost the locker room. Kylian is rather good. Serie A, made great, made boring, go figure. The feelings of a...


The New Ultras Podcast Ep. 91: This Is Us

The fellas return to anoint the Bundesliga as the greatest league in the world with the epicenter of all the greatness located in Dortmund. The Serie A is back to its match fixing normal. Alen Halilovic, FIFA 15 wonderkid where are they now finds him in Milan. Lille finally have their groove back. Real Madrid and Barca are attempting to out petty each other and so are United, Mourinho and Pogba. Arson continues the drive for .500 with more advice and we take a trip back to our first podcast....


The New Ultras Podcast Ep. 90: Jumping to Conclusions

The guys take a look back at the week that was in La Liga as the title race heats up and the collision course between Real and Atleti. Milano had to suffer for victories, Juve the Great continues cruising and Roma is slowly drifting into a nervous breakdown. The German Football Pyramid is littered with US connections and historical battle sites. Lyon had themselves a week and lack of a W has Pogba talking to the press again. Crew: @Jimmy_Tries @CombMyAfro @Nigerianscamsss @CamryGod Send in a...


The New Ultras Podcast Ep. 89: Time Off

The fellas catch you up the international scene with Miazga-Lainez fallout, George Weah dusting off the boots against Nigeria. The Bundesliga relegation fight is going to be an ALL-TIMER between Schalke, Leverkusen, Leipzig and Hoffenheim. In Serie A the only good thing outta Milan are the Pepperidge Farm cookies, but CR7 finally scored and Doug went full Bill Romanowski earning a 3 month vacation. Mbappe didnt play for PSG over the weekend, Neymar neither yo, Lyon are not in a good place...


The New Ultras Podcast Ep. 88: Shake

The crew are working the International Break and bring you just some catch up from a week that lacked any massive shakeups in the top 5 Leagues. Barca threw up a touchdown plus a cheeky 2 pointer vs Huesca, White Madrid keep rolling on with Gary Goals taking over and Color Madrid are in disarray. The Bundesliga is upside down as 3 contenders for places 2-4 are currently in the relegation region. All is finally well in Milan but have Roma missed their window? CR7 is certainly missing, but...


New Ultras Podcast Ep. 87: Cover 2

All the Big 5 European Leagues are back in session, and Bayern is already rolling up the competition, but surpsingly, striker-less BVB are top of the table after dismantling Hypezig. The PSG trio finally got back together, each bagging a goal against Angers. Juventus are winning no thanks to Chris Chiano, Inter and Milan are NOT winning and Pastore got a little cheeky. Arson interrupted to let you all know 2 goal leads suck, and folks were failing to cover the spread. Atleti withstood an...


New Ultras Podcast Ep. 86: Static

You want drama? You want passion? You want grit?! We got you. MLL( Arson, Chris and Scams) and Jimmy discuss the state of affairs in the top 5 leagues. Chris poetically ends his affiliation with Cristiano Ronaldo, Jimmy is proud of Liverpool and Man Utd lost to Brighton, therefore, Arson & Scams recreated Juice (1992). Crew: @Chris726 @CamryGod @Nigerianscamsss @Jimmy_Tries Send in a voice message: Become a supporter of this podcast:...


Real Madrid, Barça, Atletico. Who has the best chance at winning La Liga?

In this episode, Chopp breaks down the changes for Barca, Atletico and Real Madrid and gives his predictions on which club has the best chance to win La Liga this season. @NewUltrasMedia @TheJonTolbert Send in a voice message: Become a supporter of this podcast:


New Ultras Podcast Ep. 85: Wealth of Average Talents

The fellas discuss two more Super Cups, one was fake competitive. Leagues are kicking off, and Arsenal continued their big game form from last year. Chelsea United Spurs and Liverpool all get the three points. Wolves Wednesday might need to have Richarlison as a guest. Memphis has continued his form since his breakup with United and that young man Tim Weah is carrying France’s best attack. Arson gives you some gambling tips and also calls you broke. Crew: @Jimmy_Tries @CombMyAfro...



THE PREMIER LEAGUE IS BACK LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! On this episode I give you my winners and losers of the premier league transfer window. @thejontolbert Send in a voice message: Become a supporter of this podcast:


The New Ultras Podcast Ep. 84: State of Emergency

The Premier League and Ligue 1 kick off this weekend after two non-competitive Super Cups and the fellas discuss the bizarre state of the transfer market. Courtois is backpacking across Europe, and Kovacic is reportedly in open rebellion. The Barca ball is drunk insulted Manchester United in a bid to grab Pogba after grabbing Vidal and putting their foot on Madrid's neck. Chris is in wait and see mode about Madrid, but someone already has pulled the fire alarm. Marcus Rashford takes branding...


Box To Box: Episode 15

THE PREMIER LEAGUE IS JUST A WEEK AWAY 😱 We cover the top clubs summer transfer window and their needs, recent transfers like Higuain to AC Milan, if Luka Modric is going to Inter, the MLS All-Star game and their gimmicks, and more. Plus, Love It Don’t Love is back! Thanks for listening 👂 Send in a voice message: Become a supporter of this podcast:


Box To Box: Episode 14 - PL Cash Rules Everything 💰

In this episode, Chopp talks about the big cash in the Prem, transfer talk, the terrible preseason, and a new segment called Love It, Don’t Love it. Send us your Love It, Don't Love It on Anchor voice messages or tweet them to @newultrasmedia Send in a voice message: Become a supporter of this podcast:


The New Ultras Ep. 83: Cash Advance

The fellas talk about the Mesut Ozil walking away from the German team, race in football, transfers & Real Madrid's bank balance, the International Champions Cup and more. Crew: @Jimmy_Tries @CombMyAfro @TheJonTolbert @Nigerianscamsss @FEELZ_____ Send in a voice message: Become a supporter of this podcast: