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The path to success in golf has many roads to the finished product. At the professional level, the toolbox is full of a variety weapons; Analytics, strokes gained stats, technology, launch monitors, nutrition, fitness, psychology and more mold golfers into ultimate golfing machines. Veteran golf broadcaster Will Haskett tackles them all, plus their impact on fantasy sports, wagering, rankings and history.


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The path to success in golf has many roads to the finished product. At the professional level, the toolbox is full of a variety weapons; Analytics, strokes gained stats, technology, launch monitors, nutrition, fitness, psychology and more mold golfers into ultimate golfing machines. Veteran golf broadcaster Will Haskett tackles them all, plus their impact on fantasy sports, wagering, rankings and history.








Episode 126 - Wrapping it All Up

What a run it has been! Not just the end of a 50-event PGA Tour season, but nearly four years of this podcast. Let's wrap all of it up together. Will breaks down the stat winners from the PGA Tour season, discusses the PoY race along with Ryder Cup thoughts. He dives into biggest improvers to keep an eye on in 2021-22 and also those whose games are struggling. Finally, this is the end (for now?). Thank you to all of the loyal listeners, amazing guests and helpful knowledge. Until we pod again.


Episode 125 - Dr. Troy Van Biezen

Of all of the modern advancements in the game of golf, especially at the professional level, the acceptance of and investment in physical training has been a major part of the revolution. Naysayers on the PGA Tour are being passed by stronger, fitter and healthier peers. Aging players are getting longer and staying stronger. Why? Because of the work of people like Dr. Troy Van Biezen, a PGA Tour trainer for nearly 20 years. What has he learned? How has his work evolved? And how does the understanding of biomechanics influence the game's best... and you??


Episode 124 - Open Championship Picks with Reid Fowler

The final golf major of 2021 is here and it's the hardest to handicap!? Or is it? Reid Fowler from DraftKings joins the pod to talk favorites, ownership percentages, game theory, value, longshots, betting strategy and a few other things. Don't set your lineup or place your bets without it.


Episode 123 - Paige Mackenzie

Golf's major season is jammed packed, and the winners are living up to the hype. Fresh off the heels of not one, but two US Open championships, Golf/NBC analyst Paige Mackenzie joins the pod to break it all down. What wins by Jon Rahm and Yuka Saso mean to the sport. Is a traditional USGA setup the way to identify a champion? How does all of the data inform those opinions in the men's game, versus how we frame the same opinion in a women's game with less data? Plus, the exciting horizon on the LPGA.


Episode 122 - Suzy Whaley

Golf has been changed by Phil Mickelson winning the PGA Championship at the age of 50. How? It has offered us a way to study his path, his process, and connect with his success to bring good golf to our games. Who better to discuss this trailblazing win than another trailblazer. Suzy Whaley is an accomplished player and coach, and - as the first woman to be named PGA of America President - had a front row seat for Phil's win. She discusses the lessons learned from Kiawah, how coaching has changed in golf and why data strategy can actually free your mind.


Episode 121 - A Data Golf PGA Championship Preview

With the PGA Championship here, all eyes are on Kiawah. Who has the best chance at winning? How does one tournament in 2012 inform course fit and history? Who has the best value? How do you merge European Tour stars into the field? All of these are discussed with the Courchene brothers of Data Golf. They lend their expertise and also share some of the new tools on their site that fans can use to make their own predictions.


Episode 120 - Ryan Smit, World Axe Throwing Champion

How golfers could learn from... axe throwing??? Golf is a repetitive sport. Trying to repeat the same motion, in the same manner. The same golf swing must battle doubt, nerves and failure. Understanding and overcoming those is a major key to success. The same can be said in the very new sport of axe throwing. Ryan Smit picked up an axe in early 2019 and was a world champion a little over a year later. How? Amazing dedication and research. He shares his secrets, which can transcend across many sports and disciplines.


Episode 119 - Justin Silverstein

Golf on the PGA Tour is not the only place where you will find players and coaches unearthing every morsel of data and information to get better. The embracing of stats, technology and fitness is rapidly improving the women's game, including at the college level. Justin Silverstein leads the powerhouse program at USC, and pulls back the curtain on their improvement philosophy, data gathering, stat programs and more. Plus, we chat the growth of the women's game and its potential.


Episode 118 - Luke Kerr-Dineen

Is there a sport that breaks down the intricacies of the process more than golf? The swing is dissected to takeaway, positions, angles, heights, impact, balance, finish and any other number of factors. Added technology has increased those measurements. What is available? What are we learning? How are the best professionals looking at their swings? Is it actually allowing more variety again in swings? Luke Kerr-Dineen covers all things golf improvement for and joins. That, plus our own journeys with our swings on video (or not).


Episode 117 - Ward Jarvis 2.0

The first time Ward Jarvis came on the podcast, he said Brendon Todd was close to winning. Todd then won back-to-back PGA Tour events. Jarvis joins the pod again to discuss the mental side of the game, infusion with stats, growth, perspective and more. We use it all to discuss Max Homa winning, Tony Finau not, Jordan Spieth's return, Koepka's Alpha male, length, pressure and more. Great chat with takeaways for all levels of golfer and fan.


Episode 116 - Jamie Greaves

Of all of the finely tuned elements in golf, the one still being figured out may be fitness. How do golfers fuel their strength gains? How do the best setup a week of eating to maximize performance? What in-round snacks and drinks are used to keep a golfer at his best? Jamie Greaves has been working with golfers of all levels with their fitness and nutrition and sheds some light on strategies to keep the fuel efficiency a peak levels.


Episode 115 - Johnny Watts

Okay, this episode is personal. One of the earliest stops in my golf journey was as a club professional in northeast Indianapolis. I met a young kid (6 at the time) through his family and junior clinics. Today, Johnny Watts is three years removed from an all-everything college career and trying to make it in pro golf. We catch up to talk improvement, tracking success, perspective during the shutdown, tiers, thin lines, teams and bucket lists. Nobody is rooting harder for Johnny than this podcast!


Episode 114 - Michael Carroll of Fit For Golf 2.0

Increased strength and athleticism in golf has become the biggest non-equipment gain in the modern sport, with professional golfers becoming highly tuned athletes first in many cases, and then golfers second. Why? The proof is in the results, with speed and power directly correlating to success. How does that trickle down to the average golfer? How are pros tailoring their workouts? What can be done with a pandemic still around us? Michael Carroll returns to the podcast to discuss it all.


Episode 113 - Ben Crane

A detailed conversation with Ben Crane and how he found success on the PGA Tour. The value of knowing your strengths. Understanding more about those strengths through data. The power of a good team and what those closest to a golfer should be doing. Is golf one-dimensional? What makes a good putter? First tee reality checks. Stats to ignore and others to love. Insightful stuff from one of the more thoughtful pros in the game.


2020, Year in Review Part 3 - The Rollback Debate

Golf is divided right now on what to do with equipment. Pros hit it too far and amateurs chasing the same distance are doing a disservice to the game. Are they? Is Bryson's bulk year really that big of a story or just a part of the evolution of the sport we've seen throughout history? How do we look at this debate objectively? Maybe we don't at all. We reflect back with some clips from episodes throughout the year to try and sum the debate up.


2020 Year in Review, Part 2 - Race and Golf with Damon Hack

2020 will be a year defined by world-changing events. One of them is the continuation of the movement for racial equality and acceptance. Golf has a complicated history with race, and its inherent inequalities make it a perfect sport to discuss societal problems and how we can improve to make the world better. But how? Damon Hack has been a steady voice in the golf community and joins the podcast to discuss what has been learned this year, what can be done by all and optimism for how golf can be an agent of change.


2020, Year in Review Part 1 - Mayakoba and 2021 Picks

Hard to believe in a stop-and-start year of professional golf that the final PGA Tour event is here, which gives us a great chance to reflect and project. Who fits El Camaleon this week? Who is trending into the next year? We take a look at the numbers from 2019 and 2020 to show who is rising, a few who are falling and make some bold predictions for who to keep an eye on this week and beyond.


2020, Week 47 - Masters Recap, Sea Island Preview + Inrange

The Masters is both behind us and in front of us, and the golf world got treated to a tour de force from Dustin Johnson, putting an exclamation point on his spot as the top player in the world. We recap his recent run, his historical place in the sport and how his week impacted the storylines around the final major of 2020. We also introduce our audience to Inrange, the latest in smart ranges, where golfers of all skills can learn, improve and play together. RSM Picks at 38:00


2020, Week 46 - Masters Prep and Picks + Reid Fowler of DraftKings

Will the wait be worth it for the 2020 Masters? The golf world thinks so. What makes a Masters winner? How will a wet forecast and November impact the favorites, if at all? How many guys truly can win? How do we analyze the favorites? Who are the value plays this week? All of this is discussed from front to back on the pod, including a chat with Reid Fowler, analyst for DraftKings.


2020, Week 45 - Josh Gregory Part 2 + Houston

The polarization in golf right now about how the game should be played misses the point. The best play the game, attack the game and practice the game with a balanced, multi-faceted approach. Josh Gregory continues his chat this week about how he works with players on the PGA Tour to improve. We talk about practice games, learning from stats and embracing what it takes to make a living playing golf. Houston Open advice at 33:00