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The most serious topics in hockey.

The most serious topics in hockey.
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The most serious topics in hockey.




The Pigeon Coop Episode 14: Basketball Advice

We're joined this week by Sixers writer and podcaster Josh Lyons to talk about International hockey, what could make Sixers fans as negative as Flyers fans and the Flyers version of the Mike Scott Hive. We help a basketball player get over performance anxiety, force a dad to connect with his gamer son and tell a high schooler to follow a different dream.


Overtime 2: Unprepared

We missed a week, so to make up for it, we made some extra content! We answered some questions from Twitter, played a game of hockey definitions and thought about more things that are different, but not necessarily better. We also decided to try going live and got a follow up to the time we called the NHL offices.


The Pigeon Coop Episode 13: Remember the Rat Tail Boys

We talk about the Flyers new assistant coaches, the downsides to Michele Therrien and if we prefer "different" or "better". We help out a guy transitioning from college hockey player to college hockey coach and a girl whose new hockey player boyfriend can't comprehend a girl who can't sate. We also try out Dietz & Watson's new "Gritty Sauce" and build a sandwich around it


The Pigeon Coop Episode 12: Charity Asshole

This week we talk about the Flyers newest goalie Kiril Ustimenko, Brad Marchand getting away with things, and an NHL rule that maybe should mean "intent to blow" is completely fake. There's a new frozen food for Ryne and another sweet burger that isn't as tempting as the last one. Then we judge a charity hockey game that got away from the participants and find out the true asshole of the situation and how it could be helped.


The Pigeon Coop Episode 11: So You Wanna be a Ref?

We talk about the end of the first round of the playoffs and Game sevens on the East and West coast. We do predictions for the 2nd round, talk about Wayne Simmonds current situation and try our hand at prospect talk with Jay O'Brien. We help out a teen who wants to be a referee, dive into a wacky new sport, and talk to a teammate with a temper.


The Pigeon Coop Overtime 1: Starks on Ice

It's our first extra content episode! We talked for way to long recording the last Episode, so we're giving you a shorter bonus episode! In this overtime episode, we get into Game of Thrones...fanfiction. A two-parter, Sansa falls for Jon Snow in college and then watches as he's traded to the Penguins in the same season they win a Cup.


The Pigeon Coop Episode 10: 24 Hour Flow

We talk about the first round sweeps, the Flyers new coach Alain Vigneault, and wonder briefly about Scott Gordon's future. We get nerdy with a bit of a Star Wars distraction before offering advice on the best way to take on a 24-hour charity hockey game and picking the Flow that's best for you.


The Pigeon Coop Episode 9: St. Louis Style

In a special supersized episode, we're joined by Alex McIntyre, credentialed Flyers, Phantoms, and Wings photographer and co-creator of The Daily Puck. We talk about losing Quenville to Florida, Scott Gordon's qualifications and who might be the next coach. Then we do what every hockey fan does around the playoffs, make a bracket! We introduce Heinz's newest abomination and make some food abominations of our own, before answering some advice about a no-contact Beer League and getting a job...


The Pigeon Coop: Episode 8 Sellouts

We clean the cage with some talk about the Flyers plans for their future coach and talk a bit about the CWHL shutting down. We get into some wild food courtesy of the start of baseball season, answer some questions about starting a business,and handling a beer league suspension. Ryne asks for help with a new social media identity, we try to persuade Coach Q to come to Philly and entice a handful of sponsors.


The Pigeon Coop Episode 7: Hockey Language

We briefly talk about the favorites for the Jack Adams, and Michael Raffl being on the team for two more years. There's new information for the Dean Lombardi watch, a cockwatch winner, and a hockey dad who thought he was a lot smarter than he actually is. Then we take a look at some hockey slang and clear up the definitions and proper use with the help of Macho Man Randy Savage (impression).


The Pigeon Coop Episode 6: A Good Sign

How much trouble can you get in for calling the NHL? Guess we'll find out. In the meantime, we talk about the emergency call-up rule. We enter the mascot dick discourse before yelling about Don Cherry again; no impressions this time. Sean Couturier's newer nickname is made public and we decide to investigate the phone number that the Bruins accidentally tweeted out. We also get into fan etiquette with a question about bringing a sign to an NHL game.


The Pigeon Coop Episode 5: Cheesesteaks and Tampering

We talk about the Voracek suspension and the possibility of Chuck Fletcher spending "Stupid Money" and handing out offer sheets. G's Grilled Cheese gets fancy with a $120 cheesesteak and the world's biggest piece of chicken. We ask one simple favor from Bryce Harper: Help Fletcher recruit players.


The Pigeon Coop Episode 4: New Rules

We talk about the Flyers injuries and playoff chances and, as usual, are unable to stay on topic. Dean Lombardi is still with the organization in case you forgot, and maybe he's eating one of Heinz's new mayonnaise monstrosities. We introduce the Powerpoint rule, the Buttend rule, and the Pie rule to the NHL and talk about Islanders fans' inability to spell and form a proper chant.


The Pigeon Coop Episode 3: Gerald?

We spend a lot of time talking about the trade deadline and getting off topic about the trade deadline. We daydream about Wayne Simmonds possibly coming back to Philly and complain about Carter Hart's injury. There's another episode of G's Grilled Cheese, new nicknames for the whole team and the most recent Cockwatch.


The Pigeon Coop Episode 2: Gritty Love

We're forced to talked about a Ghost trade for a second time while Chuck Fletcher mulls over being deadline sellers. We celebrate Valentine's day way after the fact with some hockey pickup lines and a special Gritty fan fiction. We also do some awful Don Cherry impressions and talk about the rooster trick that almost was.


The Pigeon Coop Episode 1

In the first episode with a bit of effort, we talk about the trade rumors about Wayne Simmonds and Shayne Gostisbehere, and punishing referees for dumb calls. We also talk a bit about the grilled cheese options around the league, the Flyers record of getting coaches fired and share some of YOUR best stories about going to games.


The Pigeon Coop Episode 0

After long minutes of deliberation and many nights of drinking we’ve finally decided to record our thoughts for the world to hear. Join us for a hockey podcast unlike any other. We think that the airwaves are clogged up with plenty of great podcasts that provide you with in depth information and great stories, well we’re going to do things a little different. A podcast with skin deep content and half assed humor.We’ll drink, complain and see where it goes.