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Ep 2.15: AFL Rd 21 -2018

A deep dive into the AFL after Rd 21. What do we learn? What did we like? What did we dislike? All this and a whole lot more.


11. Origin 2 Special

Boz and Pav are joined by Dan from the Sportress to discuss all thing State of Origin 2. The boys discuss Queensland injury scares, Kevin Walters' job security, whether Mitchell Pearce will get JT to take his photo with the Origin Shield, Tim Glasby, James Tedesco, Andrew Fifita and the myth of Queensland loyalty. It is a jam packed edition. As always thanks to Libby for her vocal support and LynneMusic for all their cowbells, hand claps and guitars in their surprisingly apt track Bearded...


10. NBA Finals Disection

The boys are back and talking to Dan from The Sportress about the NBA Finals. If talk about LeBron and Kevin Durrant isn't enough, tune in for our takes on Mark Robinson, Alastair Clarkson, the World Cup Qualifier and the Confederations Cup. Thanks again to Libby for her vocal support and LynneMusics Bearded Weirdos for all the necessary Cowbells, guitars and handclaps a growing podcast needs


9. Roland Garros Clay

The Boys are back again with your weekly dose of sport hard and fast. This week they get all the inside word on the French Open from SEN's Scott Cooney and talk Alex Fasolo, Jumper Punches, Champions Trophy, the Socceroos World Cup Qualification, Rodney Hogg's ability to spot talent, and Love Child? As always the boys would love to hear from you, you can find them @BozandPav on Facebook and Twitter or you can email them Thanks again to Libby for her vocal support and...


7. On the metaphorical road to Wembley

Back again the boys talk with friend of the show Wiglet about the FA Cup Final. They also talk Origin, John Terry, Giro D'Italia and the death of the bounce in AFL. Thanks to Libby for her vocal sports and to LynneMusic and their Guitars and Cowbells on their track Bearded Weirdos.


4. Is there ANYONE who knows what the 'Get Out Challenge' is?

Boz and Pav are back with their unique take on the sporting week. The boys discussed City vs Country, the state of the Allianz Stadium pitch, Perth Morning radio presenters and everything in between. Dan from The Sportress ( joined them to talk NBA Playoffs. Does anybody know about the 'Get Out' challenge or was Bozza making it up? Send your answers to or @BozandPav on Facebook or Twitter. As always the boys want to thank Georgie, Maxine and...


3. The Return of Jack Steven

Boz and Pav return to share their unique take on the sporting week. This week the boys discuss the return of Jack Steven, the Hawks return to the winners list, A-League Finals and the Deliberate Out of Bounds rule (Again!!) Boz and Pav welcome your feedback so please drop them a line @BozandPav on Twitter and Facebook or if you want to send an email. Again The Pinch Hitters thank Georgie, Maxine and Justine for their vocal assistance and wish to point out all guitar,...


2. The End of a Brown and Gold(en) era

Boz and Pav are back for the second installment of The Pinch Hitters. This week the boys discuss the Third Man up Rule, Glenn Maxwell's displeasure at a question in India, the Super Rugby drama and Bozza grills Pav about his beloved Hawks. Boz and Pav would love to hear from you, so send your thoughts, queries or job offers to @BozandPav on Facebook and Twitter or if you prefer to send emails you can drop them a line at Enjoy.. Again Boz and Pav would like to thank the...


1.1 - Humble Beginnings

Welcome to the Pinch Hitters with Boz and Pav, your new home for sports news and views hard and fast. Sporting tragics bring Boz and Pav dissect world sports biggest stories in their own inimitable way. This week the boys discuss the AFL's Deliberate Out of Bounds rule, the ARU's shambolic attempts to remove a team from Super Rugby and Nick Riewoldt's glorious return to action amongst many others. Feel free to get in touch, you can contact Boz and Pav on Facebook and Twitter @BozandPav or...