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TPM Episode 135, Todd Barber, Redbull Rampage, H5 Events

Todd Barber is an events guy. He's spent his life being the man behind the scenes for more than 100 events. And, he's known for being the guy who helped concept and deliver the best action sports event of our time, Red Bull Rampage. On the podcast we talk about coming up on snow, getting into events and of course, a lot of talk about the ins and outs of Rampage. It’s a business episode and another good one. Todd Barber Show Notes: 1:15: Whistler and his Proving Grounds event 9:00: Rampage...


TPM Episode 134 Steve Buckhantz, Sports Broadcaster

Steve Buckhantz, or as I like to call him, Uncle Steven, is a legend in the world of Washington DC sports broadcasters. He’s won Emmy Awards, was the voice of the Washington Wizards for the past 22 years, was inducted into the DC Sports Hall of Fame, the list goes on and on. His work speaks for itself, but in the world of business, that doesn’t matter. Weeks ago, the Washington Wizards parted ways with their longtime, hometown, announcer, in the worst way possible. We talk about his long...


TPM Episode 133: Parker White, Pro Skier

Parker White is one of the most creative, stylish skiers out there today. He’s known for his Level 1 Segments, his friendship with Darkness, and the style he brings to the backcountry. He’s one of the more likeable people in skiing and while he’s only 28, he grew up fast in the ski world, moving from the East Coast to Mammoth at an age when most people are thinking about getting a driver’s license. He’s also started brands, developed a line of skis and a whole lot more. Parker White Show...


TPM Episode 132: Chad Otterstrom, Pro Snowboarder

2005 Transworld Snowboarding ‘Rider of the Year’ Chad Otterstrom is on the podcast. When you win an award like that in 2005 and you’re a guest on a podcast, it’s usually a 'where are they now'. That's not the case with Chad. His pro shred career is still going and now, he’s a brand owner living that desk jockey life, all while remaining a pro rider. Chad Otterstrom Show Notes: 2:00: How long has he been riding and crazy birthdays 5:31: Minnesota, scars, and ski family 7:25: Switching to...


TPM Episode 131: Tim Durtschi, Pro Skier

It’s summertime and in the snow world, that means summer camp. This week I headed down to Windell’s Camp in Oregon to catch up with longtime camp veteran and TGR athlete Tim Durtschi. On the podcast, we walk through Tim’s life and times. Tim is one of those dudes that has no media training and is not afraid to answer anything which makes for an entertaining show and the “Inappropriate Questions” with Andy Parry may be the best yet. Tim Durtschi Show Notes: 2:00: Summer Camp, Kai Jones, and...


TPM Episode 130: Thomas Vanderham, Pro Mountain Biker

Thomas Vanderham is a living legend in the world of freeride mountain biking and he’s a guy that doesn’t do many interviews. Over the past 20 years, he’s let his riding do the talking and his riding has said a lot. I was lucky to get an hour with Thomas to walk through his career, that started when he was just 15 years old. We talk about how things came into place for Thomas, sponsor changes, filming and a lot more. It’s another do not miss episode. Thomas Vanderham Show Notes: 2:00:...


TPM Episode 129, Todd Richards, Snowboarder, TV Personality, 2X X-Games Gold Medalist

Todd Richards has done everything. He’s a two-time X Games Gold Medalist in the halfpipe, he has hardware from slopestyle competition as well, and he’s pretty much the voice of board sports. The funny thing is, he never really achieved the dream of being a pro skater and he had to settle for snowboarding. The history, insight, and stories that Todd brings to the table are awesome and it’s another entertaining show. Todd Richards Show Notes: 2:00: Todd and Chris Coté’s Podcast and Paxton,...


TPM Episode 128: Fabiola da Silva, 7-time X-Games Gold Medalist

Saying Fabiola da Silva is the best, and most underappreciated female athlete of our time is a bold statement…but it’s one that I fully believe. I can’t think of another case in sport where a woman was so dominant in her field, that the sport’s organizing body decided to cancel the woman’s event and have the women (Fabiola) compete against the men...And Fabiola did not disappoint, standing on the podium with her peers at some of the biggest events in the world. Fabiola da Silva Show...


TPM Episode 127: Casey Brown, Pro Mountain Biker

Casey Brown has one hell of a story. This bad ass mountain biker’s life has been filled with twists and turns that I will not spoil in this intro. I will say that Casey had an upbringing different than anyone’s that I have met in my life. Based on all that Casey shares, you would think that she would have a totally different, maybe even strange personality. I found none of that, what I did find was an amazing athlete who knows all about highs and lows. It’s another incredible story. Casey...


TPM Episode 126: Caroline Gleich, Mount Everest and The Climb For Equality

Once labeled a ski model, Caroline Gleich’s path to becoming a respected ski mountaineer has been quite the climb. From the billboards of Utah to the monsters of the Himalaya, there is no fear in this 5’1” ball of energy. The podcast gives a little of Caroline’s backstory and then a lot about Everest. It was a heavy year on the mountain and Caroline shares what she experienced. It’s a real look into a world that most of us only read about and it’s a great listen. Caroline Gleich Show...


TPM Episode 125: Rusty Malinoski, Pro Wakeboarder

Rusty Malinoski, aka The Bone Crusher, is a World Champion Wakeboarder living the Canadian/American dream. He’s got the house, the truck, the family, the CrossFit business and life is in a good place. But it hasn’t always been that way. On the podcast, we talk about being forced to enter the working world earlier than expected, moving to Florida with nothing more than talent, work ethic and a belief that he would make it, his long pro career, and a crazy road rage incident. Rusty Malinoski...


TPM Episode 124: Brett Tippie, Godfather of Freeride

Brett Tippie is a living legend. He’s one of the influential pioneers of freeride mountain biking, he was the first to absolutely send it on a bike, ride insane lines, and became the face of a sport. On the podcast we talk about being a pro snowboarder on Burton’s pro team, some amazing Craig Kelly stories, bikes, partying too hard, and coming back from that to sponsors and emcee gigs. This is a funny history lesson that you do not want to miss. Brett Tippie Show Notes: 1:30: Traveling...


TPM Episode 123: Cesar Mora, Vert Legend

Cesar Mora was born to become a professional soccer player and he was on track to make that happen. He moved from Australia to Spain and began training with Rayo Vallencano before visa issues forced him out of Spain. When he returned to Australia, he worked at a skateboard shop, found rollerblading, and within two years, was on top of the sport. He dominated vert from 95 to 99 and then he broke his arm. While Cesar continued to compete, he was never the same. It’s an interesting story with...


TPM Episode 122: Joel Gomez, Sessions Founder

Joel Gomez opened the first snowboard shop in the US when Sessions opened it's doors in Sunnyvale, CA in 1983. The shop spawned an outerwear line, a record label, and the careers of some of the most influential athletes in the action sports space. On the podcast he takes us through the history of Sessions, the legendary talent that happens to be his friends and what he is up to now. The show closes out with some 'Inappropriate Questions' with Pearl Jam's Jeff Ament. Joel Gomez Show...


TPM Episode 121: Graham Agassiz, Pro Mountain Biker

Graham Agassiz is way more laid back than you would expect for a mountain biker who looks forward to putting his life on the line at Rampage each year. He’s one of the best, who rides with a signature, loose style that really shines in a big mountain setting. On the podcast, we talk about leaving Kona, the influence of moto and snowboarding, getting bullied, rampage, and injuries. Aggy is one of those dudes that lives to have fun and that always makes for a great podcast. Graham Agassiz...


TPM Episode 120: Superpark 22, Crystal Mountain

Superpark is the signature event of Snowboarder Magazine. For the past 22 years, Snowboarder has created an event that showcases the talents of some of the best snowboarders on the planet sessioning insane park features, built by world class terrain park crews. It’s the end of the season celebration that is about having a good time in the name of progression. The risk factor is through the roof and the action is non-stop. This week I take you behind the scenes at Superpark 22. Superpark 22...


TPM Episode 119: Jim Rippey, Snowboard Legend, Pastor, Corrections Officer

By the time Jim Rippey made it to high school, his goals were clear, he was going to punt in the NFL. When football didn’t work for Jim, he found snowboarding. Within a couple years on a board, Jim was a sponsored rider with Burton, eventually had 7 pro models, and was the first to back flip a snowmobile. The interesting wrinkle is, one day in Alaska, Jim found god and everything changed for him. Fast forward 15 years and Jim is a man of god, a correctional officer living a completely...


TPM Episode 118: Colleen Quigley, Marketing Director, Dakine

Colleen Quigley’s life has been a series of dream jobs…. but nothing never really seemed easy for her. Coming up on the East Coast, Colleen was a shop rat who made a B-List pro snowboarding career happen. Her time as a pro shred was nothing flashy but it set her up to shine behind the scenes in the world of snow. On the podcast, we talk about her pro days, her desk jockey days, and being a woman on the office side of snowboarding. It’s the first business episode in a while and it’s a good...


TPM Episode 117: Cody Townsend, Pro Skier

Cody Townsend has been at the top of the ski food chain for over a decade but he wasn't supposed to be a skier, he was born into a football family with surfing and skiing habit. Well, Cody bucked the family tradition and chose skiing over team sports. He became one of the best of his time, married another one of the best skiers of our time, has created brands, projects and so much more. Another do not miss episode. Cody Townsend Show Notes: 2:00: Have you ever had technology...


TPM Episode 116: Anne-Flore Marxer, Pro Snowboarder, Activist

Anne-Flore Marxer is a lightning rod for change and the first Euro I’ve had on the show, and she’s super Euro.. She spends her life fighting for equality…being the squeaky wheel is something that she’s really good at and I’m sure every event organizer and Team Manager has heard her polite wrath. On the podcast we talk about her new movie “A Land Shaped by Women, her long snowboard career and her fight for gender equality. Anne-Flore Marxer Show Notes: 2:00: Movie Tour in Istanbul 7:00:...