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Podcast about Crystal Palace FC by LGBT fans of Cpfc. Join Stephanie, Emma and Mark as they look at recent Palace action, upcoming matches and we’ll just anything generally Palace. We will also have fans off opposing teams and special guests on the Pod.

Podcast about Crystal Palace FC by LGBT fans of Cpfc. Join Stephanie, Emma and Mark as they look at recent Palace action, upcoming matches and we’ll just anything generally Palace. We will also have fans off opposing teams and special guests on the Pod.
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Podcast about Crystal Palace FC by LGBT fans of Cpfc. Join Stephanie, Emma and Mark as they look at recent Palace action, upcoming matches and we’ll just anything generally Palace. We will also have fans off opposing teams and special guests on the Pod.






26: The Big Ben Theory!

Transfers we’d wish to see, unravelling the mysteries, that all started with a Big Ben!!! It’s the latest pod, the Big Ben Theory!! We are trying to lighten the mood……Emma lets daylight in on magic and explains the reasons for misfiring Palace!


25: See Wilf, Everton aren't all that!! Palace 0 Everton 0 let the games begin!

The Pod is back and Steph, Emma, Mark and Dan head to the back bar (it looks like a hair salon) at the Pawsons Arms and give their reaction to the draw with Everton.


24: We've finally replaced André Moritz - the football is back!!

On the eve of the transfer window closing, Steph, Mark and Emma try and make sense of the Palace Transfer Strategy and look forward to the new season. As this is recorded the evening before the Transfer window slams shut- they could end up looking rather silly!! They also talk about the Marathon March and you can sponsor them here


23: End of Season Review recorded from the Beer Festival... ;-)

This is the final pod of the season, it's rather loud but stick with it as the back ground noise does drop off! Steph, Emma, and Mark look back at the season and what comes next. They award the Proud and Palace Goal of the Season, Player of the season and also the fan of the season!! We discuss transfers and hopes for next season. There is also some chat about the Marathon March and London Pride. And we may have had a couple of drinks to be honest. Thank you all for listening this season and...


22: Do tortosie make a noise when they....... oh and a Cardiff City preview....its another hot mess of a pod discussing all things CPFC and all things!!

Steph, Mark and Emma are in the Craft Beer Cabin in South Norwood to discuss the cpfc awards night, Cardiff away.... and building your own Julian Speroni! Its one of those episodes


20: Arsenal Beaten!! Christian rises at Easter!

Emma, Steph, Luke and a cast of 100's attempt to pod in the Drayton Park Pub Garden after Palace win at Arsenal. It's very noisy! Also on the pod @HC15onTour @CPFCDetroit @CPFC_Buffalo @goestoshowpod


19: The women of Wakefield!! Three Part Pod including Angus from the Arsenal Gay Gooners. In part three we ask who is busy in July?

A packed episode as we Emma, Mark and Steph are joined by Angus from the Arsenal Gay Gooners to discuss the game at the emirates, we consider things Wayne may not know....... and in part three who wants to meet Harry the Hornet!?


18: Post match reaction from the Clifton - Boring, Boring Man City ;-)

Mark, Steph, Luke, Emma and Dan, gather in the Clifton to pick the bones out of the defeat to City, It's a 15 minute pod, so perfect for those short journeys!!


17: Glass half full?? We review Spurs and Newcastle away and ask, are we expecting too much????

Mark and Steph discuss trips Spurs and Newcastle, preview City at home and ask, is expectation the problem at Palace? or is Roy under performing?


16: Huddersfield Beaten, what is sauce!? and pints that fill through the bottom....yup!!

The pod, is back, it's in three parts, it's chaotic......but you will learn what the hell the Sauce FC actually means! Oh and we beat Huddersfield (who hasn't this season!) So join Luke (your host) Steph, Dan, Emma, and Mike....I mean Mark for the latest pod........lets face it you've gained an hour, so waste it here!!


15: Huddersfield Preview and we talk to a Block E season ticket holder that is losing his seat

Emma, Steph and Mark try and draw a line under what was an awful week for Palace and look to how CPFC can bounce back against Huddersfield. They are joined for this Pod by John a Block E season ticket holder that will be losing his seat along with 399 other Palace fans as a result of the singing section. It's one of our more serious pods........


14: Glory days, oh they'll pass you by - Watford away FA Cup reaction

Mark, Steph and Emma are joined by Luke and Dan at Euston Station straight after arriving back from the defeat at Watford. To be honest they aren't happy! It's more talking therapy from the @proudandpalace crew @gyf87 @indigosteph @emmabethwright @lukefuller04 @cunners23


13: Buzzing for the FA Cup

Emma, Mark and Steph meet for beers in London bridge to discuss the upcoming game with Watford. In part 2 Peter from Proud Hornets gives the Watford view on the match....and by part 3 well Emma, Mark and Steph are showing the signs of a few beers!! #CPFC


12: Brighton review, or group therapy?

Straight after the final whistle Stephanie @indigosteph, Mark @gyf87 and @emmabethwright are joined by @marcwilliams22 fresh from his appearance in a fizzy drink advert to discuss the flat performance against the seaweed. Marc then has to travel back to Northern Ireland after watching this shambles!


11: The Amex looks like what!!?? listen to part two for the answer.

Stephanie, Emma and Mark take a brief review of the games against Leicester, Utd and Burnley, they also discuss the different routes taken by Schlupp and Meyer in to the hearts of Palace fans. In part two of the Pod they are joined by Stuart from Proud Seagulls to preview the game this Saturday, and Stuart makes a shocking revelation regarding the Amex stadium!


10: Preview of game against MUFC and with United fan Eric, yep he's really called Eric.

This is a very short pod that was a pre-recorded a week ago when Emma, Mark and Stephanie spoke to Eric from @RainbowDevils about the upcoming game at Selhurst. This was recorded before they had a few injuries; that will obviously be the excuse when we beat them.......we hope!


9: A thick tome! Donny review, Foxes Preview..and footnotes for an AWB song.

@indigosteph @gyf87 @emmabethwright are joined by @rishimadlani from @foxesPride to preview the clash with the foxes and perhaps put his reputation on the line! Luke Fuller offers insight in the Cup game with Watford and AWB. We have provide some audience're all over the planet, including Hove! And as you may now expect, it's all a bit chaotic, with the final part of footnotes at the alternative AWB song.....for which we apologise in advance!! If you enjoy the pod,...


8: Donny Preview with unexpected AVB!? Along with do you own a Louis Tomlinson DVD?

Oh heck, we wish you well with this episode, as Emma Wright, Mark Gyford, Stephanie Fuller and Nigel (Stripey Nigel) Symonds look forward to the Doncaster game in the FA CUP, share a few short updates on Proud and Palace as a group, and get to grips with more topics than is acceptable in a 20 minute pod. Anyway, enjoy! PS Nige properly joins the pod in the second half.


7: Rename the Pawsons Arms! Palace take a point from West Ham and the Ref.

Straight after the final whistle, Steph and Emma are joined by Amy from @ThisFanGir1 to review refereeing, missed chances, and a brief look at Leicester away, as Amy is Leicester fan. And a bunch of other stuff!