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Motocross fans of the world connect to their sport every week on the groundbreaking Show. Tune in Monday nights at 5PST/8EST for an entirely new way to get your bench racing fix.

Motocross fans of the world connect to their sport every week on the groundbreaking Show. Tune in Monday nights at 5PST/8EST for an entirely new way to get your bench racing fix.


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Motocross fans of the world connect to their sport every week on the groundbreaking Show. Tune in Monday nights at 5PST/8EST for an entirely new way to get your bench racing fix.








Pulpmx Show #445 Wrap Up

This week Darkside welcomes on Mason from Seal Savers and Kellen Brauer from Racer X about the silly season talk, Weege's stories, great guests, Weege coming back soon, politics and more


Show #445 - Martin Davalos, Colt Nichols, Phil Nicoletti, Tim Cotter with Jason Weigandt In-Studio

Marty comes on to talk plans for his second full-time 450 season with the Tedder Team. Colt Nichols joins us to talk plans for 2021 and hopes to finally make a full year of racing healthy. Tim Cotter from MX Sports fills us in on what racing Motocross could look like for 2021 and we call up Phil Nicoletti to talk about the folding of JGR and how bad that news is for the sport. We have Jason Weigandt in studio and you know that means GREAT RADIO BRO!!


Pulpmx Show #444 Wrap Up Show

On this gold medal wrap up show, Darkside welcomes on Checkerz from Race Tech and Ryan Gauld to cover the GH Vet Weekend, prep, starts, friendships, is Craig the main to beat and Keefer being serviced. Special responses by Heather Keefer and Jericho


Show #444 - Christian Craig, Trey Canard with Kris Keefer and Randy Richardson In-Studio

Christian Craig has started riding his new Star Yamaha YZ250f and we are eager to hear about how he feels on it and how it compares to the Honda he's been on seemingly forever. Trey Canard hasn't been on in a long time and he joins us to talk about all things Honda. The World Vets were last weekend and Keefer is in with Randy Richardson to talk about it and for sure drop plenty of one liners. Great show!


Pulpmx Show #443 Wrap Up Show

This week Darkside welcomes on Skippy and Wes Williams to talk about Tony Alessi being so open on the latest Pulpmx Show, other podcasts on Moto Spy, great guests, Pookie's rant and grocery talk, and we discover why Steve is so hard on Darkside


Show #443 - Justin Barcia, Josh Woods, Tony Alessi, John Anderson with Wes Williams In-Studio

Justin Barcia's move to GAS GAS is not complete and we talk to him about what was involved in making that deal happen. Tony Alessi is on to talk 2021 SmartTop Bullfrog Spas team stuff and their goals. Josh Woods of GPF call up to fill us in on his Facilities goings-on during Covid and beyond. John Anderson of Dubya USA is on to talk The Vet Nationals at Glen Helen and all things wheels. We have Wes Williams of Vurb Moto, yup they're back, in studio cohosting!


PulpMX Show #442 Wrap Up Show

This week Darkside welcomes Kellen Brauer & Connor Olson to cover National numbers, Weege’s love for JB10, Steve & Troll Train, pony tails, Future Headlines, & rants.


Show #442 - Justin Brayton, Seth Hammaker, Ben Watson, Daniel Blair with Max Steffens and JT In-Studio

ustin Brayton joins us to talk about his 2021 plans and thoughts on this oddball 2020 year. Seth Hammaker is going to be debuting for Mitch's Pro Circuit Kawasaki team in 2021 and he comes on to talk about the big jump into the Pro's. Ben Watson of the MXGP's comes on to fill us in on things over the pond. Daniel Blair calls in to talk pods, SX 2021 and (snicker) the Dallas Cowboys this year. JT and Max from Fly Racing are in studio for a great time.


Classic Pulpmx Show #196 Wrap Up Show

In this throwback episode Darkside welcomes on Connor Olson and Nic Still to talk about this classic episode including Tomac's first interview after his 450SX, Future Headlines, will Steve be in JT's wedding, The King, drunk Pookie, some hilarious stories and then Pookie herself makes an appearance!


Pulpmx Show #441 Wrap Up Show

In this episode Darkside welcomes on Charles Castloo and Mason Mills to discuss RC on the show, his and Dungey's thoughts on coming back to racing, the rants, Pulpmx employees still shitting on Steve, a new Hello Pookie and more


Show #441 - Zach Osborne, Ricky Carmichael, Ryan Dungey, Oscar Wirdeman, Chris Betts with Charles Castloo and Justin Starling In-Studio

Zach Osborne comes on fresh off his 450 Motocross title! We talk to the peoples Champ about his long career that looked like it may never get to this level. The day has finally come, Ricky Carmichael comes on to talk 450 Motocross, a crazy year of racing and his work on the Supercross broadcast. Ryan Dungey also joins us to talk Intense Cycles, a possible comeback to racing and being a Dad after racing. Charles Castloo and Justin Starling are in studio holding down the cohosting chairs.


Pulpmx Show #440 Wrap Up Show

This week Cade Clason hosts the Wrap Up Show with Checkerz & Darkside. They cover topics like Justin Cooper’s podium drama, Filthy Phil’s PDA opinion, the PulpMX employees’ respect, Darkside’s review, and Cade “totally agrees”.


Show #440 - Justin Cooper, Marshal Weltin, Carson Mumford, Phil Nicoletti, Damon Bradshaw with Darkside and Kris Keefer In-Studio

We've got the Lakewood 250 winner and DOG LOVER, Justin Cooper on to talk about his late series surge and thoughts on Jett Lawrence piping up about professionalism on the podium. Carson Mumford comes on to talk about turning pro in a weird year. Marshal Weltin comes on to talk racing up everywhere from the US to Europe to Canada. Darkside is in studio with Kris Keefer!


Pulpmx Show #439 Wrap Up Show

On this weeks show, Darkside welcomes Derek Rankin and Travis Marx to talk about the latest Pulpmx Show including Chiz rants, A Ray and Cade, Steve being mean to kids, a random fan on the couch and more funny stuff from #439


Show #439 - Dean Wilson, Justin Rodbell, Stu Baylor, Kyle Chisholm with Cade Clason and Alex Ray In-Studio

Dean Wilson joins us to talk about coming back from another injury during the off week but the saving grace of having great sponsors already supporting him through 2021. Justin Rodbell has been the 450 Fantasy savior for 2020 MX and he comes on to talk about his amazing series and A-Rays polar opposite 2020 MX experience. Stu Baylor comes on to talk winning GNCC's and we have A Ray and Cade Clason in studio!


Pulpmx Show #438 Wrap Up Show

This week on the Wrap Up Show, Darkside has Dave Drakes and Brandon Judd on to discuss the J Mart deal, Weege's fantasy debacle, an ironic Race Tech rant, media in the sport and more


Show #438 - Adam Cianciarulo, Jeremy Martin, Jeremy Albrecht, Kris Keefer with Michael Lindsay In-Studio

Mart comes on to finally hash out the "dealership" issue between he and Matthes. Friend of the show, J-Bone comes on to talk JGR and of course Filthy comes up. Adam Cianciarulo backed up his Red Bud overall win with an impressive 1-1 at Millville and put himself squarely in this title fight. Keefer joins us as well as Michael Lindsey is in studio!


Pulpmx #437 Wrap Up Show

This week Darkside has on Kris Keefer and Justin Jennings to discuss all things Pulpmx Show #437 including Stew coming back to the races, Discord, Steve not wanting unplanned guests, graphics and friendships, Liz's slogan and Keefer After Dark


Show #437 - Jett Lawrence, Darian Sanayei, Chris Canning, Chris Betts with Connor Fields and Kris Keefer In-Studio

Jett Lawrence comes on after his exciting double header at Red Bud. Chris Canning cleaned up at the Maine Event and Baja Brawl and he comes on to talk about collecting hardware. Darian Sanayei had himself a few great moments at Red Bud and comes on to talk about that. Chris Betts comes on to talk allllll about the DOMINATING ride by AC this weekend. Kris Keefer is in studio and Olympic Gold Medalist Connor Fields stops by as well to talk about his PulpMX Fantasy skillz.


Pulpmx Show #436 Wrap Up Show

In this episode Darkside welcomes on Mason from Seal Savers as well as Kyle DuVall to discuss Steak Gate, the guests on the show, Soundchecks, shitting on Darkside's graphics, the Black Sock Mafia and a new Hello Pookie!