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Bringing parents, players, and coaches together around the stuff that matters.

Bringing parents, players, and coaches together around the stuff that matters.
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Bringing parents, players, and coaches together around the stuff that matters.




#46 – Synergy on the Sidelines and the Power of Relationships - The Soccer Sidelines

Don't Miss or Underestimate This! Something powerful happens when a group of good people come together around a common goal. Bringing character, development, and fun to kids in our community not only benefits the kids, but brings adults together in really positive and powerful ways. There are more than two teams on the field for every practice and every game. If we underestimate the team team of parents, the teams of coaches, or the teams of volunteers and staff that make these activities...


#44 – Effective Weather Policy for Youth Soccer - The Soccer Sidelines

Who Cares?"How's the weather?" is a common conversation opener, but when I hear it, I brace myself for a boring discussion. I get it. This is important stuff though. People have been hurt or killed, and thousands of games get cancelled or delayed every season. I've heard parents and coaches complain about a closure or delay and I understand that too. We came to play soccer, not sit in our car or worse - go home without grass or turf jammed in our cleats. An effective policy is one that keeps...


#42 – Resilience in Sports - The Soccer Sidelines

Making Lemonade out of LemonsThose with the power to take anything that is thrown their way and turn it into something positive truly have the power to save the world. When instead of seeing lemons, we see lemonade - when instead of seeing failure, we see opportunity, we rise above the common person and become invincible. Power is not in the illusion of control of the world around us, but in our ability to perceive the world around us in a healthy and productive way - no matter what comes...


#41 – Gaining Confidence Through Youth Sports - The Soccer Sidelines

The Confidence ChallengeOne afternoon during a practice session, the mother of a young girl on my team approached with a request. "Can we do something about my daughter? Her confidence is low. Her sister plays at home and her confidence is growing. This is causing some conflict at home and I want to see both daughters enjoying themselves." I love when parents approach me like this. I lifted my clipboard and pointed to an empty space. "See this space?" I asked. "I use it to remind me of...


#40 – National Soccer Camp - The Soccer Sidelines

National Soccer Camps offer a channel for kids interested in soccer to pursue higher levels of competition, gain exposure to many coaches (often world class coaches), a chance to build unique memories, and to gain exposure on a much larger stage for those interested in college or professional soccer careers. This experience is not for everyone, but for those it serves, it can be a life changer. Our club, the Damascus Soccer Club in Maryland, formed a partnership with Global Image Sports...


#39 – Measuring Performance - The Soccer Sidelines

Insert Custom HTML What Are Soccer Stats? Not hard to understand, soccer statistics are simply a set of recorded actions. Think of them as a journal of activities. As a game unfolds, player actions generate counts and percentages. Each touch, for example, might be counted. Each successful pass, each shot, each shot on goal, etc can all be recorded by a statistics keeper, and attributed to specific players during a game. Some statistics that are typically kept during a soccer match are listed...


#38 – Soccer Cleats The Basics - The Soccer Sidelines

Choosing a "Boot"Don't let the word "boot" raise an eyebrow! Soccer cleats are also called soccer "boots," "cleats," "football boots," and even "soccer shoes." These are all the same thing. I'll use them interchangeably in this article. For newer parents, having a lot of names for the same thing creates only the first bit of confusion. Sorting through the differences between indoor and outdoor cleats, futsal shoes, American football cleats vs baseball cleats vs soccer cleats, metal studs vs...


#37 – Getting the Most From Training - The Soccer Sidelines

The World Cup is Coming to AmericaThere isn't an American soccer player who isn't already talking about and thinking about the World Cup in 2026. The excitement such a world-class event will bring to our continent is huge! That said, there is also a lot of thinking going on around not only how do we get our US team into the next World Cup, but what we have to do at home to bring our game to the next level. Discussions are already underway and escalating in some very positive ways. Keeping in...


#36 – Bad Sideline Behavior - The Soccer Sidelines

A National EpidemicWhat I'm about to share with you is a problem of National consequence. I'm not exaggerating! Producing this podcast, acting as Club President, and coaching, I tend to be reaching out and connecting with a lot of people. I'm hearing the same story from all corners of my world. Bad sideline behavior is a having a crushing effect on youth sports! What is Bad Sideline Behavior?Bad sideline behavior is typically rooted in good intention, fueled by emotion, unsupported by...


#35 – Getting To Play Soccer - The Soccer Sidelines

"Necessity is the Mother of Invention."PlatoPlaying Soccer Can Cost Money and TimeWhile "the Beautiful Game" can be played with just a ball, a flat surface, and bare feet; in the US, we tend to throw in paid coaches, paid referees, field fees, travel fees, uniform fees, and we need to pay someone to organize all of this stuff into leagues, publish schedules, etc - then we throw insurance on top of that, specialty trainers, athletic trainers, and in some areas - even golf carts to get VIP's...


#34 – English Football in America - The Soccer Sidelines

Partnering with Stoke CityIt's taken months to put together a partnership with Stoke City Potters and Global Image Sports. This past weekend, we realized a major benefit from that partnership: an ID camp for kids throughout the region. We got rained out for part of the camp, but the camp continued - even when wet. Camp LocationsCamps like ours are happening all over the United States. Hosted by one Club per state, these camps give kids a chance to get in front of world class coaches and get...


#33 – Soccer is Coming to America – Bid For the 2026 World Cup - The Soccer Sidelines

North America Won The Bid for the 2026 World Cup! What Did We Win? The United States, Canada, and Mexico will co-host the 2026 World Cup. This will be a 48 team World Cup - a global phenomenon - with 80 games played in total. 60 games will be played in the US. 10 games will be played in Canada. And 10 games will be played in Canada. North America won this bid by a FIFA Congress vote of 134 to 65. What North America won, however, is much bigger than the humble numbers above suggest. For the...


#32 Earning and Owning What You Do - The Soccer Sidelines

It Goes Back Thousands of Years If you wanted to be a medicine man (a Shaman) you couldn't get there without some help. You needed to be recognized by your community as a Shaman before you could officially call yourself a Shaman. Someone else would have to see the Shaman in you and name what they saw. Your community would give you the title. In this way, you would know that you have earned it. No matter what your passion - being an artist or a shaman - being recognized by the people you...


#31 Three Common Mistakes Made on the Soccer Pitch - The Soccer Sidelines

Playing Next to One Another vs With One AnotherIt takes human beings a few years to figure out that there are other humans in the universe. When kids are young - in the earliest years of soccer development - kids do what's called parallel play. We witness this phenomenon as kids playing next to one another as opposed to with one another. This happens with all soccer players in the beginning. They're head's down, searching for the ball, watching their foot make contact, seeing what happens to...


#30 – The Soccer Mom Uber - The Soccer Sidelines

Mom and Dad's Investment is SignificantMom and Dad's investment in soccer is not just money. It's shopping for stuff, replacing stuff, cleaning stuff, picking up stuff, vacuuming the lawn of dead grass and astro turf bits that multiply in corners, cleaning scuff marks from car footwells, cleaning scuff marks from walls, scooping up a never ending tide of water bottles, and patching up boo boo's. It's choosing not to do something we want to do in favor of driving, fighting traffic, sitting...


#29 – Improving Skills Off the Soccer Pitch - The Soccer Sidelines

We have experienced a lot of rain this past week and a half. We were able to get games in last Saturday, but practices were all called off this past week. As we wind down the end of the Spring season and look forward to the summer, many Clubs are facing several months of no soccer program. With kids sitting under shelter this week - many in front of video games, and we look at potentially 3 months of soccer down time, it got me thinking about what we can do to improve our game off the pitch....


#28 – Empowering Our Kids to Succeed - The Soccer Sidelines

Who is Youth Sports For?Sometimes we forget one of the most important elements in youth sports - who everybody is working for. It's not the coach, the Club President, mom or dad... it's our future. It's our future expressed by, shaped by, and executed by our children. I don't mean to suggest that kids have the knowledge or sophistication to tell everybody what to do in the youth sports environment, to modify or enforce the rules, or should be allowed to control the ways things are going - at...


#27 – Safety on a Soccer Field - The Soccer Sidelines

Who is Responsible for Safety in Youth Sports? Players Parents Coaches Referees Host Org Pre-Season checkBe sure to be fit enough for the stresses of youth sports on the body and mind. If you need help addressing any of these items, seek help from a parent or coach. In-Season checkHydrate the day before youth sports activities. Not only will you be able to maintain your body core temperature better, but you will help to prevent injuries, and keep your energy level high. See Episode #6 _The...