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Monthly podcast about motorcycle events, news and people in the Pacific Northwest.

Monthly podcast about motorcycle events, news and people in the Pacific Northwest.


Seattle, WA


Monthly podcast about motorcycle events, news and people in the Pacific Northwest.




#2003, March 2020 – Toodle Time

Our special guest this month is Jeff Henshaw, organizer the Tulip Ride, a fund raiser for Seattle Humane. Derek shares some interesting news on a recent helmet review by the DOT. Spring is on the horizon and it’s time to plan your sanity escape route. Is there some spring training in your future? All that and more on this month’s show.


#2002, February 2020 – Love and Potholes

A prominent dealer in the North Sound is calling it quits, SR! event registrations are open, Honda takes a Dakar win, Ducati sales are flat, Peter Starr releases a new book, an overview of this year’s Vancouver Motorcycle Show and more on this month’s show.


#2001, January 2020 – Welcome to the roaring 20’s

It’s a new year, a new decade and the beginning of the 6th year of the show. Tom and Derek lay out their New Year’s resolutions and provide highlights of happenings from 2019. Newsbytes takes some interesting turns, and even though it’s winter there are a lot of events on the Calendar. How about a look back at the previous decade as the guys postulate about what’s on the horizon? All that and more on this month’s show.


#1912, December 2019 – Word Problems - Solved

On this month’s show, we’re bantering about several new models unveiled in Milan. There are new licensing guidelines for WA riders come January as well as new fines for unendorsed riders. We look at some sensible gifts for the riders on your list. Tom crafted some special word problems to entertain your brain with this winter. Wenatchee Powersports gets a new owner and much more.


#1911, November 2019 – One to Remember

Things are really cooling down and the guys have the tips you need to ride through the fall. Tom recaps the recent Café to Café Grand Tour. There’s lots of changes at a popular south sound dealer, as well as a prominent training company. The 2020 race season may have a serious rivalry between two clubs. Toy Runs abound in the calendar as well as a re-enactment of a life or death ride 90 years ago.


#1910, October 2019 – Now what?

Janell Mattson from the Dainese store in Seattle joins us to talk about the custom fitting program available in the store. Tom and Derek share their views on the recent demise of the Noble Rush chain of motorcycle shops in Puget Sound. Newsbytes abounds with a look at new models hitting the stores. And even though we’re rolling into fall, there are plenty of rides and events to tell you about that are happening this month. All that and more.


#1909, September 2019 – We B H-D?

Today we’re talkin’ tools, travel and high tech. Fresh back from the Rally in the Gorge, the guys give a brief recap and kudos to all the support team. Derek has a report on a recent FMX event he attended. We look at all the latest tech coming your way that will make it so you don’t have to have a brain anymore to ride a motorcycle. The calendar is full of great events for the month as the weather subsides. Then the guys discuss Derek’s latest project, Washington Wrenches in which he...


#1908, August 2019 – You gotta love this weather

Connie joins us as we review the upcoming Rally in the Gorge. Plenty happening in all the usual segments as well.


#1907, July 2019 – 7 Seconds of Silence

Derek reports on his recent visit to the LeMay Motorcycle Days and Tom shares details about two recent PNW rides. Do you really need to speed on I-90? Washington State Patrol releases a new video to address the high rate of crashes this year so far. Alaska Off-Road Warriors, could it spark a real-riders rally? July is packed with events and we go through the highlights of the upcoming Rally in the Gorge.


#1906, June 2019 – Can Ya Hear Me (from 75 feet away)?

The self-appointed editor at large and the Hurdy Gurdy concert master are at it again, working their way through the weather changes, citations on Alki Point and bike impounds on the Death Highway. The calendar is jam packed with things to do all month and beyond. In fact, with such a robust summer ahead the guys break down in more detail, some of the events you will not want to miss. But you’ll need to pack beforehand and the show closes with some useful tips for doing that.


#1905, May 2019 – Bathed in Magnesium

This month’s guest is long PNW moto ambassador, Rolf-Immo Gabbe sitting in with us to talk about the upcoming Lemay Motorcycle Days in June. Derek’s been traveling taking in the recent Desert 100 and Bunny Run ride. Tom recently rode the 3 Pass Blast and has a report. There’s new pavement at Pacific Raceways, riders in Washington are now required to have liability insurance and a new video game comes out of Bend Oregon. The calendar holds a number of track and race days and a major fund...


#1904, April 2019 – 5 minutes with Liam

Walt Greenwood with the Washington Vintage Motorcyclists drops by to tell us the latest about their upcoming swap and show. Then Liam Stewart stops in between his circumnavigations of the poles. And as if that’s not enough, our old friend Lee Stewart steps into the studio to discuss tips for spring riding. The newsbytes are abuzz with the latest local and national tidbits, there’s plenty of events on the calendar and as always, we close the show with some use tips.


#1903, March 2019 – More miles just ahead

We’ve dug out from the snow, the path to the garage is clear and the guys are ready for some early riding. The new Nikken is looking good, the Kawi Versys 1000 LT SE in gold is Canada only, H-D will split the cost of training with you and someone wants an Autobahn in California. Could it happen here? All that and more on this month’s show.


#1902, February 2019 – Gothic Electric Potato

Harley-Davidson announced its pricing for the upcoming Live Wire bike. Derek defends the price tag and we’ll tell you what dealers will sell it in the PNW for the first-year release. There are some high prices happening on the Mecum floor in Vegas and science says motorcycling is good for you. We also look at upcoming moto events in the PNW and review a number of new items hitting dealers’ showrooms soon. Richard Blair provides the stellar musical backdrop for the show.


#1901, January 2019 – Bridging the Gap

Our guests today are Lisa and Anne from the Rainier Ravens. It may be the beginning of winter, but there is plenty going on in the motorcycle world, both in the PNW and beyond. New bikes are hitting the showroom floors, a popular rider is honored, and women ridership is increasing. The January calendar is packed with spectator events and upcoming shows. Our tips today focus on rainy weather hacks.


#1812, December 2018 – Moto Chutzpah

We’re heading into winter, but the mild weather allows for more riding. Where will you go? We discuss the new 6 month/no interest payment plan from Aerostich, ponder the new ownership of a Renton dealer, answer why the Whidbey Island community could care less about the noise from the new MX track and talk a little Seattle delivery history. Shop events and club rides fill the calendar, then we look at the newest subscriber profiles. The show closes with some hot tips for riders.


#1811, November 2018 – Vancouver Island, Vegas and Back Again

While Derek has been busy visiting area dealers, Tom has been traveling and taking it all in. A woman falls asleep on her motorcycle, Kodi takes a drone, and Piaggio moves the Aprilia and Moto Guzzi lines to Bellevue. The calendar spotlights an upcoming toy ride, club rides and news of a Thanksgiving week extravaganza. Our interview segment is packed with interviews from manufacturers at the AIMExpo held in Las Vegas last month. All that more on the Sound RIDER! Show


#1810, October 2018 – Going, going, gone

Two longtime Pacific Northwest dealers have closed their doors, a U.S. motorcycle manufacturer has called it quits and a deal between another U.S. manufacturer and an Electric motorcycle company has fizzled. We envision a supermall near Seattle to rebuild the market, Tom reveals how he was tracked by Flo for 8 months and we reveal dates for 2019 Sound RIDER! events.


#1809, September 2018 – Smoking the Vodka

A vintage Yamaha is tearing up on the Bonneville Salt Flats breaking records in a most unusual way, vintage bikes will soon be rolling into The Dalles and we’ve got live segments recorded during the Rally in the Gorge.


#1808, August 2018 – Wheels off the Roadway

It’s August and things are heating up. We have two feature segments to go with that as we cover the highlights for the upcoming Rally in the Gorge and share multiple Tips and Tricks to ride cool this summer. The show kicks off with news of a top-secret project, and how the Washington Attorney General is messing with our marketing. Newsbytes reveals a deer strike to one of our own, Niken pricing and the rise in hooligan deaths in the PNW. The calendar is packed with car and bike shows, track...