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Quench your sports talk thirst with hosts Patrick Melton and Keenan Duke -- two long time friends, former teammates, and college roommates who share a passion for football, baseball, basketball, and yes, even soccer. Over the years one thing has remained constant, they love talking about sports and have fun doing it. You will too. So grab a drink and come join in on the conversation!

Quench your sports talk thirst with hosts Patrick Melton and Keenan Duke -- two long time friends, former teammates, and college roommates who share a passion for football, baseball, basketball, and yes, even soccer. Over the years one thing has remained constant, they love talking about sports and have fun doing it. You will too. So grab a drink and come join in on the conversation!
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Quench your sports talk thirst with hosts Patrick Melton and Keenan Duke -- two long time friends, former teammates, and college roommates who share a passion for football, baseball, basketball, and yes, even soccer. Over the years one thing has remained constant, they love talking about sports and have fun doing it. You will too. So grab a drink and come join in on the conversation!






Last Week with Patrick & Andrew

Patrick's back! What did they have to say last week about week 1 in college football, the NFL, and fantasy football? And are their NFL season predictions off to a good start? Listen and find out! You can find and follow Andrew and CFP4US on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Listen, subscribe, rate and review us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, TuneIn, Castbox and more. You can also email us at...


Players Wknd, State of MLB & Fantasy Football

Today we're joined by Dean Rickard, a comic book enthusiast and sports connoisseur. What did we think about MLB's Players Weekend and players' personalized cleats and bats (2:16)? Tangent #1 about Ronald Acuna Jr. (10:58). Thoughts on Players Weekend players' nicknames (19:35) and jerseys (24:42). Young talent is on the rise but does MLB still have an identity crisis (31:50)? Tangent #2 on Mike Trout & the Angels (33:24). Back to the identity crisis (38:44). Dodgers and top teams depth, and...


College Football is Back, Baby!

School is back in session and our Saturdays are once again filled with the sounds from marching bands and college football! Andrew's magnificent ode of an intro perfectly welcomes us back to the beginning of college football, but first, a SDC public announcement (3:16). The Tate Martell saga serving as a cautionary tale (6:05). The sports facilities upgrade race for recruiting (18:56). What we like and don't like about college football, and why (28:41). Schools we'd most likely go see play...


What's Your Favorite Sports Movie?

Everyone has a list of their favorite sports films, including us. So we decided to share ours by counting down our Top 10 Favorite Sports Movies. Before we jump into our lists, a congratulations is in order to Keenan on his new job (0:40)! Now, to our top 10 list (4:19): 10 (5:08) 9 (8:30) 8 (15:28) 7 (18:58) 6 (25:40) 5 (29:54) 4 (34:37) 3 (38:33) 2 (46:13) 1 (51:47) Honorable Mentions (1:01:17) And a quick look ahead (1:03:06). Intro: AyoWithTheMayo - Ultimatum Outro: Noah...


Bench Clearing Diamond Brawls!

Hey, it's our 25th episode! We're a quarter century deep and what better way to bring this special benchmark in than by talking about bench clearing fights? First we're celebrating 25 episodes (1:52)! The Reds v Pirates brawl was one for the books for so many reasons (3:50). Have Keenan and/or Andrew been in a baseball fight themselves before (12:16)? Ranking the most memorable fights to take place on the diamond (17:22). Quick update on Keenan's fantasy baseball season (34:08). SDC fantasy...


Transformation Tuesday w/ Neon

We welcome Yesenia Dominguez, aka Neon, to the podcast to get some insight on how she transformed into the glowing woman she is, brightening everyone's day. First, we gotta know, what kickstarted Neon's transformation (1:12), and how the name Neon came about (8:02)? What role does social media play in the landscape of society and within the growing trend of fitness brands (10:16)? Neon's sponsors and growing her own brand (16:05). The positive and negative impacts of fitness within social...


Madden, Broke Athletes & Fantasy Football

You know football is right around the corner when Madden ratings come out, Adrian Peterson is in the news, and mumblings of fantasy drafts start to percolate throughout workspaces everywhere. First, who's playing Madden this year (1:49)? Players aren't happy about their newly released Madden ratings, so Keenan tries to guess some of their ratings (4:52). Which players got snubbed and which players are flat out being overrated (12:45)? Why do so many athletes go into debt (22:57)? Fantasy...


Futpool w/ Brandon Berman

We're joined by Brandon Berman, the creator and founder of Futpool America. The company behind the newest and hottest event game combining soccer and pool. What's the backstory to the creation and startup of futpool (1:27)? How can the game of futpool be played (6:05)? Events that have featured futpool (8:42). The cost of play and potential places the game may soon find itself (15:44). Could futpool one day have leagues and professional players (19:31)? And finally, choosing sides between...


Soccer and Baseball and Basketball, Oh My!

At times like these, with so many sporting events going on it can be hard to keep track, but we absolutely love it! First, our 4th of July Food Tournament finished and you might be surprised by the winners (3:17). It's confirmed, Coco Gauff is a true tennis prodigy (7:33). The USA women's soccer team are still hands down the best in the world (11:20). Mexico beat the USA men's soccer team for the Gold Cup (17:04), and Brazil are once again top dog in South America (19:54). The HR Derby was...


4th of July Foods, World Cups, & NBA FA Frenzy

With the 4th of July here we hope everyone enjoys their time with lots of food, family, friends and sports! We're curious to know what your favorite 4th of July foods are (2:32). Our analysis on the Women's World Cup and the US (7:40), as well as the ICC cricket World Cup (16:03). A side note on our thoughts about the Lil Nas X news (20:37). And the NBA is in an all out frenzy with all these free agents on the move (23:18). We take a moment for some listener acknowledgement & appreciation...


Sports & Mental Health

With the recent loss of a friend of ours, we wanted to take a little time to speak on mental health as it pertains to our society today and within the confines of sports. We first recall a couple entertaining stories from our college playing days (4:27), and briefly touch on current events with the Women's World Cup, Copa America, Lebron James, the Cricket Wold Cup, and potentially starting our own fantasy football league with the NFL just around the corner (10:01). In seriousness, we did...


Season of Champions & Keenan's Twitter War

With so many events taking place in sports right now there are a lot of champions that have been crowned and more are to come. Keenan also started a Twitter war, so there's that. Patrick is back, so we had to catch up for a bit (3:24)! Congrats to the Toronto Raptors (9:40) and the St. Louis Blues (12:32) on winning the Finals and the Stanley Cup. College World Series for softball and baseball (14:43). International soccer tournaments and World Cups for women's soccer, cricket and rugby...


Transformation Tuesday w/ Kingsizegabe

We welcome Gabe Sly to the podcast to discuss how he transformed himself into the man he is today, Kingsizegabe. What's Gabe's favorite weight room excersice and how did he got into lifting in the first place (1:46)? And did he ever think he could or would get as big as he has (5:24)? Gabe shares his thoughts on why people gravitate to bodybuilding and weightlifting, and why the community is so supportive (7:18). He discusses not only the enjoyment he gets from lifting, but also when he's...


Introducing Allball, Your New Ultimate Sport

With Patrick out we welcome Andrew McCleary, from CFP4US, as our first guest host to speak with Tony Cerbo, the creator of the new ultimate sport, Allball. First things first, what is Allball and how is it played (1:41)? How did Tony come up with the idea for the sport (8:53)? What do we think Allball's potential is in becoming a more recognized sport (12:41). Tony breaks down some of the obstacles he's faced with Allball's startup and the journey to get it up and running (15:19). The only...


Journey of a Pro Basketball Player w/ John Roberson

We're happy to be joined by longtime friend John Roberson, a professional basketball player over in Europe. We jump off with how we first came to know of John in high school (1:21) and his experiences while playing at Plano (3:01). John reveals how the opportunity to play overseas manifested and the trials and tribulations that came with adjusting to the European game (5:11). He also touches on the work ethic needed in order to play at the highest levels (9:08), what it's like playing and...


HS Sports Edition w/ Kendrick Stevenson

We'd like to introduce our HS Sports Edition episodes, where we talk with high school athletes, coaches, and more! Keenan couldn't make today's episode, but Patrick powers on with our very first guest in our HS Sports Edition with Texas high school football player Kendrick Stephenson. First things first, we share how we came in contact with Kendrick (0:28). We discuss a bit about Kendrick, where he's from, where he goes to school, his positions in football, etc (2:32). He also sheds some...


Transformation Tuesday w/ Danielle Plana

We're super excited to welcome Danielle Plana, a bodybuilder and bikini competitor, to the second edition of Transformation Tuesday. Danielle actually competed in her first competition this past weekend so we wanted to know how that experience was for her (3:57), what made her finally decide to compete after doing the equivalent training for over 10 years (8:17), and how important the support of those you value is during the process of training (12:12). Danielle shares some of the sports...


Warriors Sweep, The Fastest Kid, and MLB Predictions Update

Today's a bit of a mixed bag for y'all! First off, congrats to the St. Louis Blues for advancing to the Stanley Cup Finals (0:43). Congrats are also in order to the Warriors who swept the Trail Blazers to make it back to the NBA Finals (4:09). How much longer can they hold their reign (11:59)? The Raptors have tied the series 2-2 with the Bucks, with an aside that basketball isn't Keenan's best sport (14:49). Can we talk about Drake doing the most (17:46)? And who is this ridiculously fast...


College Football w/ Andrew McCleary

We're joined today by longtime friend Andrew McCleary, an Air Force veteran heading the new blog CFP4US. Before we get into anything we confirm that a card is absolutely crucial for Mother's Day (2:06). It's also been awhile, so a quick life update on Andrew was necessary (3:35) as well as what urged him to start the blog (4:47). We get some insight into what the blog is all about, serving college football fans (5:16). Will the college playoff expand (7:51)? How is Andrew and his team...


Mother's Day Special w/ Keenan & His Mom

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms and soon to be moms out there! We hope you enjoyed the day meant to celebrate you! We're sad that we're missing Patrick in today's episode. But to make up for it, Keenan brought his mom onto the show in light of Mother's Day! Gotta show the moms some love. First things first, what's it like as a mom having kids in sports (2:09)? Does it get easier as your kid grows up (3:36)? Keenan's mom confesses that track was her favorite sport to watch him play...