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The sports podcast that's just good enough.
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The sports podcast that's just good enough.






Episode 38: The Sports Monarchy - Week 4 Recap, Baseless Baseball Playoff Predictions, NHL Talk

This week the boys look back at all the Week 4 action and discuss if the Steelers are done, They also look forward to Week 5 including the Done Bowl. We bring back Baseless Baseball with the MLB playoffs starting. Also, some NHL talk as the season begins later this week! Follow us on Twitter @TSM_Monarchy


Episode 37: The Sports Monarchy - Rookie QB's Impress, Fitzpatrick Record Chasing, Flyers New Mascot

This week on TSM Kory and Ricky recap a wild Week 3 in the NFL including heavy rookie quarterback talk. Ricky goes over his "dead" teams to decide if any of them have risen from the dead. We have hockey talk (a little) including the Karlsson trade to the Sharks and if it's #sharksyear. They also discuss the new Philadelphia Flyers mascot...Gritty. Also, Quick Picks! Follow on Twitter: TSM_Podcast


Episode 36: The Sports Monarchy - Kory Gets Married, Heavy NFL Talk, Quick Quick Picks

The Monarchy is finally back (for good?) after a month long hiatus. Kory is now a married man and the boys talk quickly about the wedding and a genius idea that Kory has hatched. Kory and Ricky then get into all of the NFL action from Week 2 and look forward to Week 3 (including what game is most likely to tie). The boys then talk which teams are already eliminated from playoff contention. The show ends with Quick Quick Picks where Kory gives the answers and Ricky has to come up with what...


Episode 35: The Short Reign - Bachelor Party Recap

On this episode of The Short Reign Kory & Ricky recap Kory's bachelor party in Vermont and touch on some other tidbits of news.


Episode 34: The Sports Monarchy - NFL Training Camp Takes, Dez Flips On Twitter, Kawhi Traded

Kory and Ricky are back and excited because training camp has begun around the NFL! They discuss the divided opinion on Josh Allen, Sam Darnold not reporting to Jets camp, Mahomes impressing so far. The boys then get into the Dez Bryant situation and his tweets about his former teammates and coaches. Brief recap of the Kawhi Leonard trade as well as talk about comparing Toronto and San Antonio. Also, would you got to China to play basketball? Baseless Baseball makes its return as Kory...


Episode 33: The Short Reign -Kory's Injuries, Jimmy G Date Night, Chick-Fil-A Baby, Best GIF's

The Short Reign is back! Things covered in this episode: Kory has had a bad habit of hurting himself this past week Jimmy G was out on a date with a porn star and for some reason people are getting on his case about it A Tennessee man steals a car while on a date to go on another date Chick-Fil-A gives birth to a baby Kory is actually winning sometimes on Fortnite Kory and Ricky go through some of their favorite GIFS (with some help from internet lists)​


Episode 32: The Sports Monarchy - LABron, NHL Free Agency, Mr. Brickster Interview

The boys chat about NHL Free Agency, with Johnny T being a jerk and going to the Leafs. Ricky gets a little too excited about LeBron in LA. Currenty wrestler and former reality TV star Ricky ”Mr Brickster” Perillo joins to chat about the Indy Wrestling Scene. Interview starts around the 39 minute mark.


Episode 31: The Short Reign - Kory and Ricky get personal, crappy Fox News stories, Drake Draft

The Short Reign never disappoints, especially when Kory and Ricky break down our mid 20's intermural sporting life. The boys also discuss if a pilot was in the right trying to freeze passengers off a plane and Bill Gates sexed up mosquitos.


Episode 30: The Sports Monarchy - Ovechkin Loves The Cup a little too much, Warriors Dynasty and Lebron Watch 2018

The boys are back and on this episode they recap the exciting Stanley Cup Finals and whether there is a "Kory Curse" or not. The NBA Finals get talked about as well as Kory and Ricky debate about the Warriors dynasty, if KD should leave, where Lebron might go (because it wouldn't be a sports podcast without Lebron free agency talk) and more. Ricky briefly talks lacrosse...and of course Quick Picks. Follow on Twitter: TSM_Podcast


Episode 29: The Short Reign - Music Videos are Back, Technology Taking Over, CDC Freaks Twitter Out

It's another Short Reign Episode with Ricky and Kory as they delve into the "This Is America" music video by Childish Gambino and talk about other music videos in 2018. Ricky is concerned about Google's new technology. Kory and Ricky discuss a story about a woman letting a man walk on her resulting in her having a miscarriage before realizing the story might not be real. The boys discuss the CDC posting a picture on Twitter that got every one upset. Kory discusses a real life cop car crash...


Episode 28: The Sports Monarchy - Devin and Jason McCourty interview - Ovi and the Caps beat Crosby - NBA Finals... uhh playoffs talk

Special interview with Devin & Jason McCourty of the New England Patriots at 17:30 (follow them on Twitter @McCourtyTwins)! Ricky and Kory talk NHL playoffs including the Capitals FINALLY getting past the Penguins, Marchand's licking coming to an end, and how rich they could've been if they could go back and time and bet on Vegas. Kory then interviews Devin & Jason McCourty as they look forward to their first season playing together on the New England Patriots. Good Guy Bad Situation as a...


Episode 27: The Short Reign - Ricky and Kory totally watched the Avengers - Papa John with the Devils Smile in the bathroom - Syrian battle truck trade in

Kory and Ricky discuss the new Avengers movie that they DEFINITELY saw (fake spoilers ahead) and question if we've jumped the shark on superhero movies. The boys then discuss the best national pizza chain and Kory searches Reddit for the craziest stories of the day (of course Ricky wants to talk about the one involving sex). Follow on Twitter: TSM_Podcast


Episode 26: The Sports Monarchy - A NEW HOPE FOR BUFFALO - NFL Draft Talk - NHL Playoff/Lottery - NBA playoffs

Kory and Richard finally have some positive stuff to talk about, as Richards Jets land Sam Darnold and Korys Sabres win the 1st overall pick in the NHL Entery Draft. Quick picks are great as usual, and the boys chat about the NBA playoffs.


Episode 25: The Sports Monarchy- The last show before the draft, NFL Schedule review and NHL playoffs

It's the final episode before the 2018 NFL Draft. Kory and Ricky give their final thoughts on what they think is going to happen and the excitement surrounding the draft his year as Bills and Jets fans. The 2018 NFL schedule has also been released! The boys bring up how Monday Night Football looks like trash and other match-ups. Stanley Cup Playoff talk makes the rounds as well as some NBA Playoff talk...and of course Quick Picks to end the show. Follow on Twitter: TSM_Podcast


Episode 24: The Short Reign - Fortnite has taken over - The Robo Zuckerberg - Aldon Smiths record breaking BAC

Ricky and Kory debut the first episode of The Short Reign where they babble about non-sports things. This episode the boys talk about how Fortnite got so popular (and if it will end any time soon), if Mark Zuckerberg is a robot and Aldon Smith posting a BAC that they could never think about reaching. Follow on Twitter: TSM_Podcast


Episode 23: The Sports Monarchy - AFC and NFC East Draft Review - Divided Attention Drake Bracket - Quick Picks

Matt Danwin joins Kory Reid and Richard Cumpston to cover the NFL Draft. The boys review what each team in the AFC and NFC East should do. Ricky carries the team in Fortnite as the Monarchy gets deeper into the Drake Bracket.


Episode 22: The Sports Monarchy - NFL AFC & NFC Draft talk, NCCA Basketball talk and Quick Quick picks

Draft expert Matt Danwin joins Kory Reid and Richard Cumpston Jr. to cover the NFL draft.The AFC and NFC East are covered heavily, and favorite QBs are picked. Kory is also totally reason of the Ricky and the Jets at 3. They also dive into NCAA Tournament talk with Vilanova winning March Madness and debute Quick Quick Picks.


Episode 21: The Sports Monarchy - NCAA Final 4 talk, Divided Attention, The post free agency NFL

Ricky and Kory try something fresh... by doing a Drake Bracket all while playing a round of Fortnite. Can they finish the first round before they die? Also, the boys cover the post free agency NFL, and predict who will be the NCAA Champion out of the remaining four teams. Check out the twitter page to see Kory and Ricky battle the Fortnite world!


Episode 20: The Sports Monarchy - Super Bowl wrap up, Gronks WWE Gimmick, Good Guy Bad Situation featuring JJ Redick

Ricky and Kory cover the Super Bowl, including what each commerical taught them, explore what Gronks future and past WWE gimmick would be, Good Guy Bad Situation with JJ Redick and as always Quick Picks along with much more!


Episode 19: The Sports Monarchy -Sal Capaccio Interview, NFL Divisional Round, 2018 NBA All-star

Kory and Richard speak on the crazy NFL divisional round, come up with a new NBA game... game and talk with WGR550's Sal Capaccio!