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Join host Allen Stiles as he gives his unique take on sports, music, food, and everything in between through his experiences and hilarious stories.

Join host Allen Stiles as he gives his unique take on sports, music, food, and everything in between through his experiences and hilarious stories.


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Join host Allen Stiles as he gives his unique take on sports, music, food, and everything in between through his experiences and hilarious stories.






Lead Columnist at The Athletic Marcus Thompson Joins the Show

In Allen's 58th episode, Lead Columnist at the Athletic Marcus Thompson joins the show. They spend the first half of the show talking about how Marcus got started writing and social justice in sports, and they spend the second half talking about Kevin Durant's time on the Warriors and what the Warriors should do heading into the draft.


Sports Director Jason Dumas Joins Allen to Speak about the Current Sports Landscape

In Allen's 57th episode, he announces that KRON4 Sports Director and Anchor Jason Dumas will join the show periodically for a special segment. In this week's segment, they talk about what happened in the NBA and subsequently in the rest of the sports world.


SportsCenter Anchor Kevin Negandhi Joins the Show

In Allen's 56th episode, fellow Temple University Alum and SportsCenter anchor Kevin Negandhi joins the show. He talks about how he got into sports media and what happens behind the scenes. They also talk about favorite memories from their time at Temple and favorite places to eat in Philly. Allen closes the show with his newest segment of "Please Stop."


Grabbing Drinks, NBA, NFL, MLB, and Listeners Call into the Show

In Allen's 55th episode, he talks about grabbing drinks for the first time since the pandemic began, Jonathan Isaac's social justice stance, why MLB will probably be fine, why the NFL might not be, and for the first time he takes callers.


Sports Director and Anchor Jason Dumas joins the Show

In Allen's 54th episode, Sports Director and Anchor for KRON4 News Jason Dumas accompanies him on the show. They talk about Jason's path to becoming a sports anchor, how diversity in sports media can improve, and their favorite spots in Philadelphia to grab a cheesesteak.


Co-host of the Raider Cody Podcast Kenny King Jr. Joins the Show

In Allen's 53rd episode, he is joined by co-host of the Raider Cody podcast, Kenny King Jr. In addition to talking about Kenny's path to becoming a part of one of the biggest Raider podcasts around, Allen & Kenny discuss expectations for the Raiders this year, specifically Derek Carr. They also talk about dealing with trolls on social media and speaking out in the name of social justice.


Red Sox Beat Writer for the Boston Globe Julian McWilliams Joins the Show

In Allen's 52nd episode, Red Sox Beat writer and friend of the show Julian McWilliams joins for his second visit. Allen & Julian discuss a powerful article McWilliams wrote highlighting some of the African American players in the Boston Red Sox minor league system, how MLB plans to pull off this season, and how they feel about the new rules.


Celebrity Chef, TV Host, & Musician Roger Mooking Joins the Show

In Allen's 51st episode, chef, TV host, and musician Roger Mooking joins the show. They talk about his path to Food Network and his most recent album. They also discuss social justice and how we can continue to improve as a society.


50th episode - Race Relations, What we do next, & Feelings on the NBA

Allen's 50th episode is a raw, unedited episode with Allen talking about his experiences with race, how he feels about where we are as a nation, and what else he believes needs to be done. He also talks about the NBA & his feelings on if they should play.


Catching up, the NFL Draft, The Last Dance, Draymond's comments on KD, and "Top 5"

In his 49th episode, Allen gives an update on how his life has been affected by the pandemic, talks about who the Niners and Raiders should pick in the draft, gives his thoughts on The Last Dance & Draymond's comments on KD, and a new segment of "Top 5".


Dad's 60th Birthday Party, Top Albums of 2019, Giants, Warriors, Top Moments of the Decade

In his 48th episode, Allen recaps his Dad's 60th birthday party, reveals his top albums of 2019, discusses the Giants losing Madison Bumgarner, talks about the Warriors being named 'Franchise of the Decade', and lists his top 10 moments of the decade.


Wedding/Vacation in Cancún & Miami and "Please Stop"

In his 47th episode, Allen talks about his crazy vacation in Cancún & Miami, and gives his newest segment of "Please Stop".


"Tall Girl" trailer review, update on current cable shows, Raiders, NBA Opening Night, Family Time

In his 46th episode, Allen complains about a movie called "Tall Girl" being made, gives updates on the shows that he is currently watching, explains why the Raiders should move on from Derek Carr, gives his take on Opening Night in the NBA, and talks about hanging with his niece and taking her to the park.


Birthday Parties, MLB Playoffs, NBA Predictions, and Upcoming Shows

In his 45th episode, Allen details attending two birthday parties in one day, discusses the MLB playoffs, gives his NBA predictions, and complains about the process of buying tickets for live shows.


More fights with Bartenders, First Bachelor Party, Eat Real Festival, and Austin City Limits

In his 44th episode, Allen talks about another argument he had with a bartender, his first bachelor party which was in Tampa, attending the Eat Real Fest in Oakland, and reviews his first experience at Austin City Limits.


First Wedding, Trip to Philly & AC, Noisiness on Planes, Seeing Hamilton, and "Top 5"

In his 43rd episode, Allen breaks down his experience at his first wedding, his trip to Philly & Atlantic City, complains about noisiness on planes, reviews Hamilton, and focuses on jobs that people really love during his newest segment of "Top 5".


Popeyes vs. Chick-fil-A, music in Ubers/Lyfts, Album Review, SF Giants, Euphoria, and "Please Stop"

In his 42nd episode, Allen hops into the twitter debate to compare who has the better chicken sandwich between Popeyes and Chick-fil-A, asks whether or not people care what music is played in lyfts & ubers, reviews Snoh Aalegra's album & the hit show Euphoria, gives an update on the SF Giants' playoff push, and his newest segment of "Please Stop".


Views on Food & Health, Fleas, Music Festivals, Summer Activities, and Allen joins fellow podcaster Lucas Askew on The LAE

In his 41st episode, Allen discusses his frustrations with all the conflicting views on food & health, dealing with fleas for the first time, whether or not music festivals are overrated, activities to do before the summer is over, and joins fellow podcast host & friend Lucas Askew on his podcast, The LAE.


Food & Music Reviews, NFL, MLB, Overrated, Underrated, & Properly Rated, and "Top 5"

In his 40th episode, Allen reviews chicken sandwich shop The Bird and Chance the Rapper's new album, talks about the NFL and the MLB playoff race, gives his newest edition of Overrated, Underrated, & Properly Rated, and focuses on foods that smell better than they taste in his newest segment of "Top 5".


Jon Bellion Concert, Guys Weekend in Tahoe, MLB Trade Deadline, and "Please Stop"

In his 39th episode, Allen discusses all that he remembers from the Jon Bellion concert, his wild weekend in Tahoe with the guys, life in Oakland, the Giants heading into the MLB trade deadline, and his newest segment of "Please Stop".