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A podcast series focusing on the Edmonton Oilers and the National Hockey League. Each episode will feature a guest to discuss current events, team performance, player evaluation and roster construction. You can find my hockey commentary and statistical analysis on my blog at




A podcast series focusing on the Edmonton Oilers and the National Hockey League. Each episode will feature a guest to discuss current events, team performance, player evaluation and roster construction. You can find my hockey commentary and statistical analysis on my blog at






The SuperFan Podcast - Episode 52 - Previewing the Edmonton Oilers post-season with Dennis King

Joined by Dennis King to preview the Edmonton Oilers post-season, what to expect against the Los Angeles Kings, who the contenders are in the west. And what has to go right for the Oilers to make a deep run.


The SuperFan Podcast - Episode 51 - Oilers trade deadline, goaltending and more with Jeff Chapman

Joined by Jeff Chapman (@NewWaveOil) from The Copper & Blue on the show to talk about the Oilers recent success, their activity at the trade deadline and how the new additions can potentially help the team. We talked about the goaltending issues and potential solutions. And we discussed which teams in the western conference have the best odds of making a deep run in the post-season.


The SuperFan Podcast - Episode 50 - Talking Oilers and prospects with Bruce Curlock (@bcurlock)

Joined by Bruce Curlock (@bcurlock)on the show to talk about the Oilers success heading into the All-star break, the key drivers and how the Oilers have performed differently. Bruce shared his thoughts on the youngsters on the team and in Bakersfield, the key prospects in the system and how he'd like the Oilers to approach the NHL trade deadline.


The SuperFan Podcast - Episode 49 - Talking Oilers recent success with Zach Laing, OilersNation

Joined by Zach Laing from OilersNation to talk about the Edmonton Oilers recent success, the key drivers and the players who have made positive contributions. We talked about the Oilers youngsters who have made some progress, how the defence core could shake out, and the issues to watch for heading into the NHL trade deadline.


The SuperFan Podcast - Episode 48 - Checking in on the Edmonton Oilers with Dennis King (@dkingbh)

Talking all things Edmonton Oilers with Dennis King. We covered the first 45 games of the season, Woodcroft's performance, line combinations, Klim Kostin, the youngsters making a push and Holland's impact on the future of the franchise.


The SuperFan Podcast - Episode 47 - Oilers goaltending with @OilinGoal

Joined by @OilinGoal to talk about the Edmonton Oilers goaltending heading into the 2022/23 season. We discussed the different goaltending metrics available and how they've evolved over the years. We covered the signing of Jack Campbell and the risks involved, the development of Stuart Skinner and potential prospects in the system.


The SuperFan Podcast - Episode 46 - Brad McPherson (@BlueBullet1981)

Joined by Brad McPherson (@BlueBullet1981) from the Blue Bullet Report to talk Oilers, gaining value through the NHL entry draft and some of the key prospects in the system. We discussed the Oilers off-season, where the Oilers might have some challenges and our overall expectations in 2022/23.


The SuperFan Podcast – Episode 45 – Matt Henderson (@Archaeologuy)

Joined by Matt Henderson (@Archaeologuy) on the show to discuss the Edmonton Oilers, the lessons management hopefully learned from the regular season and playoff run, and some of the off-season gossip that's currently out there. We talked about the importance of Jesse Puljujärvi to the team, the youngsters like Holloway and McLeod pushing for bigger roles and the front office changes that are needed to help with their decision-making processes.


The SuperFan Podcast - Episode 44 - Romulus' Apotheosis (@RomulusNotNuma)

Joined by Romulus' Apotheosis (@RomulusNotNuma) on the show to talk about the Oilers playoff run, what's gone well, what the key drivers have been, and what the weak spots are. We talked about the impact this playoff run will have on the decision-making process in the off-season and if management learned the right lessons.


The SuperFan Podcast - Episode 43 - Dennis King (@dkingbh)

Joined by Dennis King to discuss the Oilers first round series against the Los Angeles Kings, what's gone well and what to keep an eye on. We also shared our thoughts on the Oilers upcoming off-season, what to do with Evander Kane and how the Oilers might handle Jesse Puljujärvi's next contract. We also discussed the potential roster options for next season, including the prospects that could push for spots and which free agents the Oilers might be targeting.


The SuperFan Podcast - Episode 42 - Rob Soria (@Oil_Drop)

Joined by Rob Soria, author of Connor McDavid: Hockey's Next Great One, and writer for The Copper & Blue, We discussed the Edmonton Oilers, the improvements since the coaching change, and the key drivers for their success. We discussed the Oilers chances in the playoffs, what the areas of concern are and what will need to go right for them to win a round. We also covered the roster construction issues that management is facing this off-season and what areas we would prioritize.


The SuperFan Podcast - Episode 41 - Dennis King (@dkingbh)

Joined by Dennis King on the show to talk Oilers, the impact Jay Woodcroft has had on the team, how best to handle Jesse Puljujärvi's upcoming contract and some of the other key decisions Ken Holland is facing this coming off-season.


The SuperFan Podcast - Episode 40 - Raider Jesse (@EdmontonRaider)

Joined by Raider Jesse (@EdmontonRaider) to re-cap the Edmonton Oilers trade deadline activities, Ken Holland's approach constructing the roster, where the deficiencies are and what the top priorities should be this upcoming off-season.


The SuperFan Podcast - Episode 39 - Bruce Curlock (@bcurlock)

Joined by Bruce Curlock (@bcurlock) to talk about the Edmonton Oilers coaching change and what to expect from the team with Jay Woodcroft and Dave Manson behind the bench. Bruce shared some great insight on the Bakersfield Condors development program and which prospects to keep an eye on. We also discussed the current needs of the team, what they need to do to make the playoffs and why analytics needs to be part of the decision-making process this off-season.


The SuperFan Podcast - Episode 38 - Michael Parkatti (@mparkatti)

Joined by Michael Parkatti (@mparkatti) to talk analytics, the Oilers history of dabbling into it and how they can integrate some of the best-practices out there into their decision-making processes.


The SuperFan Podcast - Episode 37 - Daniel Nugent-Bowman (@DNBSports), The Athletic

Joined by Daniel Nugent-Bowman from The Athletic to talk Oilers, his day-to-day coverage of the team and his interactions with the players and managers. We discussed the Oilers season, what the on-ice issues have been and the overall issues with the roster construction.


The SuperFan Podcast - Episode 36 - Brian King (@kinger999)

Joined by Brian King (@kinger999) on the show to talk about the Oilers major issues this season, the problems with Ken Holland's roster construction and how Dave Tippett has performed as head coach.


The SuperFan Podcast - Episode 35 - Weebo (@OilersPain)

Joined by Weebo (@OilersPain) to talk Oilers, their poor results in December and the team's underlying issues - both on and off the ice.


The SuperFan Podcast - Episode 34 - Dennis King (@dkingbh)

Joined by Dennis King (@dkingbh) on the show to discuss the current state of the Edmonton Oilers who are on a five-game losing and are struggling at even-strength (5v5). We talked about the impact head coach Dave Tippett has had on the on-ice results and the issues general manager Ken Holland still needs to address to make the Oilers an elite team.


The SuperFan Podcast - Episode 33 - Mike Pfeil (@mikefail)

A little deep-dive on the Calgary Flames with Mike Pfeil (@mikefail) from The ScorchStack. We talked about their great start, what the key factors have been and if their success at even-strength (5v5) and special teams is sustainable or not. Mike also shared his thoughts on the Flames roster construction, where they could make improvements, and what the club is doing well tactic-wise this season.