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The Unspoken Podcast Ep 95

We've gone a little long for episode 95 of The Unspoken Podcast! This week, Tom Albano and Nick Morgasen (Nick Fodera is absent this week) are joined by not one, but TWO guests! Bob Ryan of The Boston Globe and ESPN joins to discuss the Red Sox's World Series win and other MLB and NFL news, and Michael Lee of The Athletic joins to talk some NBA! Also this episode, Tom and Nick talk Le'Veon Bell's upcoming report deadline, Dez Bryant joining the Saints, and, of course, a recap of NFL Week 9...


The Unspoken Podcast Ep 94

The 94th episode of The Unspoken Podcast is here! This week, Steve Wyche of NFL Network talks with Nick Fodera and Nick Morgasen about all things NFL Trade Deadline! Tom Albano joins the Nicks for the rest of the episode, which features talk of the Red Sox winning the 2018 World Series, an NFL Week 8 recap, the firings of Hue Jackson, Todd Haley and Tyronn Lue out in Cleveland, NFL Week 9 predictions and much more! Promo from NRI Woman Podcast


The Unspoken Podcast Ep 93

It's episode 93 of The Unspoken Podcast with Tom Albano, Nick Fodera & Nick Morgasen. This week, the guys discuss the ongoing World Series, recap NFL Week 7, discuss the Houston Rockets offering four 1st round picks for Jimmy Butler, predict NFL Week 8 and more! Promos from Podcast Wrestling Society and Chewed Gum Podcast


The Unspoken Podcast Ep 92

It's the 92nd edition of The Unspoken Podcast, and this week Tom Albano, Nick Fodera and Nick Morgasen will discuss: the (brief) Astros cheating scandal, a blown call by Joe West during the ALCS, Manny Machado's on- and off-field performances during the NLCS, comments made by Giants Owner John Mara, a preview of the 2018-19 NBA season and, of course, NFL Week 6 recaps and Week 7 predictions! Promos from The Metal Experience & Famous Last Words


The Unspoken Podcast Ep 91

It's episode 91 of The Unspoken Podcast with Tom Albano, Nick Fodera & Nick Morgasen! This week the guys will be joined by Bill Lekas of NFL on SiriusXM to discuss some of the major storylines that have been going on so far in the world of football. In addition, Tom, Nick & Nick will: discuss the massive brawl that took place following the Khabib Nurmagomedov-Conor McGregor UFC 229 fight, recap NFL Week 5, recap the ALDS and NLDS, and give predictions for the ALCS and NLCS, as well as NFL...


The Unspoken Podcast Ep 90

The Unspoken Podcast is here with episode 90, and this week Tom Albano, Nick Fodera & Nick Morgasen will discuss: NFL Week 4, Le'Veon Bell's return plans, Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Conor McGregor, the 2018 MLB Postseason, the start of the 2018-19 NHL season and NFL Week 5 predictions! Promos from: Shootin' Breezes & Regular Stories Podcast


The Unspoken Podcast Ep 89

It's episode 89 of The Unspoken Podcast with Tom Albano, Nick Fodera & Nick Morgasen! This week, they'll discuss the controversy surrounding the NFL's roughing the passer rule and Le'Veon Bell being put on the trade block. They'll also recap NFL Week 3, preview the MLB Playoffs, predict NFL Week 4 and more! Promos from: Podcast Wrestling Society & Shootin' Breezes


The Unspoken Podcast Ep 88

It's the 88th episode of The Unspoken Podcast! This week's topics, as discussed by Tom Albano, Nick Fodera and Nick Morgasen include Vontae Davis' halftime retirement, Antonio Brown's Twitter run-in with an ex-Steelers PR person, Josh Gordon being traded to the Patriots, some NBA headlines, an NFL Week 2 recap and Week 3 preview! Promos from Shootin' Breezes and The Classic Original Show


The Unspoken Podcast Ep 87

It's the 87th edition of The Unspoken Podcast! And this week, Tom Albano, Nick Fodera and Nick Morgasen come together to discuss the controversy involving Serena Williams at the finals of the 2018 US Open, recap Week 1 of NFL Football, talk the complaints of Josh Donaldson's waiver trade, talk Conor McGregor getting sued and predict NFL Week 2! Promos from: Shootin' Breezes, Small Town Mentality


The Unspoken Podcast Ep 86

It's episode 86 of The Unspoken Podcast with Tom Albano and Nick Morgasen! (Nick Fodera is absent this week) This week, Tom and Nick discuss Colin Kaepernick being named the face of Nike's 30th anniversary "Just Do It" campaign and his collusion case against the NFL. Then, they discuss Khalil Mack being traded to the Bears, Le'Veon Bell holding out, some MLB Road to October talk, and Tom and Nick give their (VERY) early Super Bowl LIII predictions! Promos from #NoOffense, Shootin' Breezes


The Unspoken Podcast Ep 85

The Unspoken Podcast has reached 85 episodes! This week, Tom Albano and Nick Fodera (Nick Morgasen is absent) discuss Odell Beckham and Aaron Rodgers' new deals, as well as Zach Smith's Twitter rant, Tom Brady and Doug Pederson's criticalness of media, and previewing the AFC and NFC East! Promo from Chinos HipHop Stop


The Unspoken Podcast Ep 84

It's the 84th edition of The Unspoken Podcast with Tom Albano, Nick Fodera & Nick Morgasen, and it's a special one. It's a whole lot of discussion on the Urban Meyer suspension handed down by Ohio State, and we'll have A.J. Perez of USA Today Sports on to talk it. Tom, Nick and Nick also share their predictions for the AFC & NFC North in 2018.


The Unspoken Podcast Ep 83

It's episode 83 of The Unspoken Podcast with Tom Albano, Nick Fodera & Nick Morgasen. This week's topics include controversy in Maryland college football, Ronald Acuna Jr. getting hit by Jose Urena, struggling Yankees, Tiger Woods' PGA Championship performance, and previewing the 2018 AFC and NFC South! Promos from: Voice from the Underground, Off Color Discussions, BetterU, Famous Last Words


The Unspoken Podcast Ep 82

The gang is back together, as Tom Albano, Nick Fodera & Nick Morgasen present episode 82 of The Unspoken Podcast! This week, the guys will be joined by Mark Packer of ESPNU Radio on SiriusXM and ACC Radio on SiriusXM to discuss the Urban Meyer situation. But first, the guys discuss the new NCAA basketball changes, President Donald Trump's callout of LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony joining the Houston Rockets, and Part 1 of the 2018 NFL Preview — talking and predicting the AFC and NFC West!...


The Unspoken Podcast Ep 81

Nick Fodera and Nick Morgasen come together to bring you episode 81 of The Unspoken Podcast! (Tom Albano is absent this week). Tim Brown of Yahoo Sports comes on to discuss all the fallout from the MLB Trade Deadline. Other topics include more shameful tweets exposed — this time from the likes of Sean Newcomb, Trea Turner and Sonny Gray — as well as the Urban Meyer controversy and more! Promos from: Friday is Game Night, Convince Us Podcast, Shamble Fest, Movie Date Night, Chewed Gum...


The Unspoken Podcast Ep 80

It's the 80th edition of The Unspoken Podcast, with hosts Tom Albano and Nick Morgasen! (Nick Fodera is off this week). Chris Shearn of the YES Network (and the And We're Off podcast) returns; becoming the first guest to make a second appearance! He'll talk more Yankees baseball, including the trades for J.A. Happ and Zach Britton, as well as Aaron Judge's injury. Tom and Nick, in addition to the MLB trades, will talk the New York Daily News cuts, Conor McGregor not getting jail time, Kevin...


The Unspoken Podcast Ep 79

It's The Unspoken Podcast Episode 79, with Tom Albano, Nick Fodera & Nick Morgasen! This week, the guys talk baseball in a funny conversation with Rich Herrera of SiriusXM MLB Network Radio. Also, the guys discuss Manny Machado being traded to the Dodgers, the Home Run Derby & All-Star Game, Kawhi Leonard & Carmelo Anthony getting traded and more! Promos from Pop Culture Cosmos, Friday is Game Night, Movie Date Night & Wedding Photo Hangover Podcast.


The Unspoken Podcast Ep 78

The Unspoken Podcast, with Tom Albano, Nick Fodera & Nick Morgasen is live with episode 78! This week is a big one, as Sarah Spain from ESPN joins to talk about what it's like working behind the scenes of the company on her several shows, as well as all the fallout from NBA Free Agency and more! Prior to the interview, the guys will discuss major accusations against LeSean McCoy, the possibility of Manny Machado becoming a New York Yankee and more! Promos from: Flicks XRayed, Movie Date...


The Unspoken Podcast Ep 77

It's the 77th edition of The Unspoken Podcast with Tom Albano, Nick Fodera & Nick Morgasen! This week, LeBron James goes to the Lakers, Paul George stays with the Thunder, DeMarcus "Boogie" Cousins goes to Golden State and more of the madness of the NBA! Plus, several NFL suspensions, Joey Chestnut breaks the hot dog eating record and more!


The Unspoken Podcast Ep 76

It's episode 76 of The Unspoken Podcast with Tom Albano, Nick Fodera & Nick Morgasen! This episode is VERY NBA heavy -- it's more talk of LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard, Paul George & the rest of NBA free agency as the official period gets underway. Plus, Jameis Winston's suspension and more! Promos by: Christian and Damon's Nerd Show, Popped Culture Podcast, Films XRayed, Chewed Gum Podcast