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The VGKbugeyeGuy Podcast talks Vegas Golden Knights Hockey and other NHL news. Each episode covers: Players, transactions, injuries, rumors, stats, standings, Game Analysis, and upcoming game previews. I also end each episode with a often humorous sometimes serious RANT!

The VGKbugeyeGuy Podcast talks Vegas Golden Knights Hockey and other NHL news. Each episode covers: Players, transactions, injuries, rumors, stats, standings, Game Analysis, and upcoming game previews. I also end each episode with a often humorous sometimes serious RANT!
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The VGKbugeyeGuy Podcast talks Vegas Golden Knights Hockey and other NHL news. Each episode covers: Players, transactions, injuries, rumors, stats, standings, Game Analysis, and upcoming game previews. I also end each episode with a often humorous sometimes serious RANT!




Episode 26: 7 Game winning streak snapped, Reaves finally fights at the Fortress, OT comeback win over the Blackhawks

Welcome to episode 26 of The VGKbugeyeGuy Podcast. Its 2019 and time to change up the podcast.Once you begin listening to this weeks episode you will immediately notice I am using my real voice without any filters. I have also added some professional intro's and bumpers to spice up the podcast! This year I will do my best to incorporate post game interviews and TV highlights into each episode. Episode 26 is the first to feature my new segments "Numbers Don't Lie" "Hay Knights Nation" "VGK...


Episode 25: 6 Wins in a row, Subban finally plays in Vegas, Kings and Ducks struggle against the Golden Knights

Episode 25 of The VGKbugeyeGuy Podcast includes a mid-season review, game recaps from Los Angeles, Anaheim and New jersey, Roster and Injury updates, Brandon Pirri, and more. Hopefully this podcast will have a new name prior to next weeks episode. Suggestions? (Leave in the comments)This weeks "What the Puck" (Formally the Rant portion of the podcast) discusses uninformed fans, chants at the fortress and my favorite NHL pundits. Enjoy!


Episode 24: Tough back to back losses at the fortress in Overtime, Pirri Situation, Dads Trip 2018, Colorado Avs playing tough, LA and AZ road trip

Episode 24 of the VGKbugeyeGuy Podcast is full of news and post game thoughts from last weeks Vegas Golden knights Games. We talk holidays, Roster issues (Pirri), team statistics and playoff position as well as player stats and upcoming games. Post game thoughts including audio from last weeks games against the Montreal Canadians, Los Angeles kings, Colorado Avalanche, Los Angeles again and the Arizona Coyotes. Dads Trip 2018 and my road trip with fellow fans down to the Gila River Arena in...


Episode 23: Road Trip ends with 2-1-1 record. Patches Hurt and Stastny returns. Subban needs a win!

Episode 23 of the VGKbugeyeGuy Podcast covers the road trip to New Jersey, New York and Columbus. Yelling "Knights" during the National Anthem disrespectful? Comparing it to kneeling in NFL? Golden Pipes a good luck charm? Holiday movies like Aqua-Man and Bumblebee vs hockey classics. The VGKbugeyeGuy ranks his top 6 hockey movies and slap shot is not #1. Review of team stats and an update on the playoffs all included in this episode. My HOA is at it again in this weeks RANT. Have a great...


Episode 22:Debacle in LA-Carpenter nets his first goal against Dallas-Blackout on the Island-Vegas Golden Knights

Episode 22 of the VGKbugeyeGuy Podcast covers the terrible performance against the Los Angeles Kings and a great rebound game against the Dallas Stars and then the "Blackout" game against the New York Islanders to start off a 4 game road trip. When is Fleury going to get a game to rest? Subban whats the future? Updated player stats and more...Enjoy!


Episode 21: Reaves vs Wilson, Blackhawks Seek Revenge, McDavid is good like real good. Vegas Golden Knights

The VGKbugeyeGuy Podcast episode 21 is full of Reaves Vs Wilson and thoughts on the hit and penalty. Recap from the Capitals, Blackhawks and Oilers games. Welcome Seattle to the NHL as the 32nd franchise! Don't expect a season like Vegas had or an expansion draft with so many side deals. Teddy bear toss in Hershey was record setting! Rant of the week- politically correct vs classic holiday songs. Enjoy!


The VGKbugeyeGuy Podcast Episode 20

Welcome to Episode 20 of the VGKbugeyeGuy Podcast. Krispy Kreme Donuts are going to be out of business. Recap of Sharks, Blackhawks and Canucks games. Player Stats and Standings. key off season acquisitions follow up including Pacioretty, Tatar, Skinner and more. Rant of the week is loaded questions. And finally I discuss an awesome Hockey School playbook NV Energy, Clark county School District and the Golden Knights put together for future fans! Enjoy!


The VGKbugeyeGuy Podcast Episode 19

The VGKbugeyeGuy discusses the past weeks Vegas Golden knights games. The VGKbugeyeGuy and crew took a road trip to Arizona to watch the Golden Knights take on the Coyotes. The wife got to meet Ryan Reaves! Rant of the week =Truck Drivers in the fast lane. I also discuss some VGK fans that are Cyber-bullying fellow fans and during this time of year those actions are really unnecessary. Enjoy!


The VGKbugeyeGuy Podcast Episode 18

Episode 18 of the VGKbugeyeGuy Podcast discusses Veterans Day and the NHL paying respects to the men and women who serve and have served this country. Golden Knights Injury update and potential call up from AHL Chicago. Current lines and defensive pairings and future projections. The Golden Knights Power play struggles. Current Rankings in the NHL after 18 games. Post game thoughts on the Anaheim, Montreal and Boston games. New segment = Comment of the wee! And finally the podcast ends with...


The VGKbugeyeGuy Podcast Episode 17

The VGKbugeyeGuy Podcast Episode 17 i discuss last weeks games, Erik haula injury, The outstanding play of the VGK 4th line, attending games at the fortress and most of this podcast is an interview between myself and louie from VGK Coverage. I know it is long but after the interview my rant of the week topic is daylight savings time. Please enjoy!


The VGKbugeyeGuy Podcast Episode 16

Episode 16 of the VGKbugeyeGuy Podcast was recorded shortly after the knights lost to the Blues 5-3. Tampa Bay Ottawa and Nashville post game thoughts, new style social media videos and new format, Unleash Reaves and two rants. Hockey etiquette and adults bullying kids on social media. Hopefully the Knights pull it together and start playing Knight Hockey we have all come to love and enjoy!


The VGKbugeyeGuy Podcast Episode 15

Episode 15 of the VGKbugeyeGuy Podcast I discuss The Golden Knights Salary Cap situation, Tuch and Schmidt Extensions, Line play especially the 4th line, Unleash Reaves, Flash Seats and the ticket market, Game recaps and upcoming schedule and a whole lot more. Enjoy!


The VGKbugeyeGuy Podcast Episode 14

The VGKbugeyeGuy has returned from his vacation in Hawaii and is ready to talk some Vegas Golden Knights Hockey. Recap of the first 7 games including the Home opener. Injury bug starting to effect the Knights. Surprise of the season, disappointment of the season and what the VGKbugeyeGuy expects moving forward all included in this weekly podcast episode. The Rant of the week is Bandwagon Fans and a little talk about the paint night season ticket holder event. Enjoy!


The VGKbugeyeGuy Podcst Episode 13

The VGKbugeyeGuy Podcast Episode 13 was recorded prior to the season opener last night. Topics in this podcast include Postgame thoughts on the Kings and Sharks games Projected lineups and final roster spots as well as Flash Seats, Tom Wilson and my RANT=BUBBLE


The VGKbugeyeGuy Podcast Episode 12

Happy Game Day!!!! and today is PODCAST FRIDAY!!!! Episode 12 of The VGKbugeyeGuy Podcast is available now on Apple Podcast, Stitcher, Soundcloud, and later today on Google Play. Recap of last weeks games, my experience at the Fortress last Monday, Shea finally signed and more! My Rant of the week is Drunks@T-Mobile Arena.


The VGKbugeyeGuy Podcast Episode 11

The VGKbugeyeGuy Episode 11 is full of VGK news and an interview with Louie from VGK Coverage. Hockey is Back and this is a good thing and our Vegas Golden Knights look really good! Enjoy!


The VGKbugeyeGuy Podcast Episode 10

The VGKbugeyeGuy Discusses the end result of all the Erik Karlsson Rumors and Drama. The VGKbugeyeGuy Welcomes Max "Patches" Pacioretty to the Golden Knights. Whats up with Shea? Tomas Tatar short stay in Vegas cost a lot. Rant of the week is Humidity and Mandatory Evacuations. Enjoy!


The VGKbugeyeGuy Podcast Episode 9

​The VGKbugeyeGuy talks the Nate Schmidt Suspension and the impact on the team. Where is Shea Theodore and WTH is going on with his contract? We talk about Facebook videos and damn HOA's. This weekend the VGK rookies will be on the ice at CNA and hockey is right around the corner. The VGKbugeyeGuy is pumped up and super excited for the start of the season!


The VGKbugeyeGuy Podcast Episode 8

Welcome to episode 8 of the VGKbugeyeGuy Podcast we talk VGK news, rumors, player updates, schedule, pundits and my favorite hockey movies. Thanks for listening and remember Go Knights Go!


The VGKbugeyeGuy Podcast Episode 7

First guest on the VGKbugeyeGuy Podcast is my wife Serena. Enjoy a fun podcast that discusses NHL and VGK news, Shopping at Costco and a candid on air conversation with the bugeyeWIFE. We discuss a bunch of knights topics and I hope you enjoy!