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The Wheel of Sport is your sometimes nostalgic often informative trip through the sporting past. Join Ian and Matt as they talk about events gone by as only they can. Presented by the Turnstile Network.

The Wheel of Sport is your sometimes nostalgic often informative trip through the sporting past. Join Ian and Matt as they talk about events gone by as only they can. Presented by the Turnstile Network.
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The Wheel of Sport is your sometimes nostalgic often informative trip through the sporting past. Join Ian and Matt as they talk about events gone by as only they can. Presented by the Turnstile Network.




Oxford Cambridge Boat Race

This age old rivalry between two of the finest institutions in the world has often been played out on the river in the famous Boat Race. One of the most controversial moments in Boat Race history occurred before the TV cameras could capture it. The story endures to this day. Was it a win for Cambridge who had led the way or Oxford who made a late surge for victory? Find out here!


Bending the Rules

Sports administrators are often looking to tinker with sports rules in order to improve the fairness, excitement or safety of a sport. In this episode, Ian and Matt follow some moments when rule changes have backfired in a spectacular fashion.


The Ethiopian King

Abebe Bikila‎ ran as an unknown in the 1960 Rome Olympics. Little did his competitors know, Bikila was about to win the marathon and also set a world record. Under the torch light of the Roman guards this was the first black African to win Olympic Gold. Bikila became an iconic barefooted runner paving the way for African dominance at marathon distance. An epic story.


Ryder Cup Brookline 1999

In 1999, the European Ryder Cup team travelled to Brookline, Massachusetts with a very inexperienced cohort. However, in the first couple of days, they outshone an American team that was full of superstars. That was until the final day. A 'family' meeting and a visit from a future President galvanised the USA team and the story took an amazing turn.


Doing a Bradbury

A young speed skater from New South Wales, Australia rose to national interest when he was part of a team to win Australia's first ever Winter Olympic Medal. It was only bronze but it caught interest in a country famed for its success in the Summer Games. However, the adulation was nothing compared to Bradbury's unlikely entry into the Salt Lake City Games in 2002. This is a story that captured a nation and has entered into Australian folklore.


Peter Connew - The Formula One Dream

If you have ever looked admiringly at a car, this is the episode for you. Peter Connew had his head turned by a big red car and decided to dedicate himself to making a F1 car from scratch. He had a little help from his friends, trips abroad and many failures. This is the exhilarating story of the rise of Connew Racing.


McEnroe Australian Open - Melbourne

Notorious for his fiery and combative nature, John McEnroe had never been disqualified from game, until he got to Melbourne. Ian and Matt delve into the time that McEnroe snapped and, for once, paid the price of losing his chance to compete for the Australian Open.


Anyone for Tennis?

Matt takes us through the lingustic twists and turns in the sport of tennis, the life of a line judge and moments where the ball kids come to life. This epsiode was recorded during the Australian Open 2019 in Federation Square, Melbourne.


The Triple Axel - Tonya Harding

A frighteningly good ice skating talent burst onto the scene in the late 1980s. Her name was Tonya Harding. With exceptional ability and athleticism, the world was at Tonya's feet. However, a lose of form, a tempestuous private life and some shady characters presented the sport with challenges never witnessed before.


The Elusive Nine Dart Finish

The wonderful world of darts is brash and entertaining but there is no moment more special than a player hitting a '9 Dart Finish'. They are so rare that only a handful of players had made one before the 2000s. In this episode, we track the history of this elusive finish to a wonderful finale in the 2010 match between Phil Taylor and James Wade. A feat was acheived that may never be repeated.


2018 Christmas Special - Boxing Day Magic

The Christmas schedule for football in England is relentless for the players and supporters. Historically, it has thrown up some extraordinary results, situations and been the time for some amazing social events that have changed history. Ian and Matt explore this captivating time in this Wheel of Sport Christmas Special.


K.V. Switzer - The Boston Marathon

Runner number 261 started The Boston Marathon in 1967 with high hopes of running a strong time. However, things took a strange turn only two miles in when a race organiser took exception to the runner. Things have never been the same since.


The Kaiser Conman

What happens when you have the aspiration to be a top flight soccer player but don't want to actually play? Carlos Kaiser managed to play for numerous top flight Brazilian clubs but never kicked a ball. This is his story. @thewheelofsport on Twitter and Instagram


Hill vs Schumacher

In the 1994 F1 finale, Damon Hill was just one point behind Schumacher as they both competed to win their first title. Schumacher made a crucial mistake that forced him into a decision to see how much he wanted that first great win of his career. Follow on Instagram and Twitter @thewheelofsport


A Struggling Olympian Kerri Strugg - Atlanta 1996

This All American Gymnastics team where known as The Magnificent Seven. They were due to crush their long time Russian rivals in Atlanta, Georgia. However, in the last event Kerri Strugg mistimed her landing in The Vault and severely damaged her ankle. With one more effort left, would Kerri be able to gather herself to win Gold for herself, her team, her coach and Uncle Sam?


The Wheel of Sport Review

Unfortunately, there is no proper episode this week but there is a call to action and a quick review of the amazing stories from the world of sport that we have covered. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter


A Grey Day For Manchester United

When Man Utd stole a march on Newcastle in the 1995/96 Premier League season, they looked unstoppable. That was until they met relegation favourites Southampton. However, it wasn't the players who got the blame. It turns out that fashion was the victim. A half time substitution that has been written into Premier League folklore.


The Race That Never Was

This epsiode charters the chaos that caused the derailment of the 1993 Grand National at Aintree. The event is billed as the greatest race in the sporting calendar but in 1993 there were problems from the very start. Justin and Ian explore what happened in the race that never was. Follow @thewheelofsport on Twitter and Instagram.


Tyson vs Holyfield

Two giants of the boxing world came together in two spectacular fights. With an incredible back story, Tyson and Holyfield fought with raw emotion to an unpredictable end. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @thewheelofsport


Chris Boardman - Superman

Born on the Wirral Peninsula, Chris Boardman went from the modest ranks of the Birkenhead Victoria Cycling Club to Olympic Gold and that was just the start. Join Justin and Ian as they describe the fascinating way Boardman ended his career with one final act that blew everyone away.