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Weekly interviews with Windsor's athletes, coaches, and more. Hosted by Drake D'Amore. #WINCITY

Weekly interviews with Windsor's athletes, coaches, and more. Hosted by Drake D'Amore. #WINCITY




Weekly interviews with Windsor's athletes, coaches, and more. Hosted by Drake D'Amore. #WINCITY






WCS EP 209 - Tony Curtale

Although it was short lived, Detroit native Tony Curtale was the head coach of our Windsor Spitfires in a tranisitional time, sitting on the bench for one of the Spits most played YouTube clips of all time. A long-time junior hockey coach and former player, Tony joins Drake on the podcast (07:35) to chat about his playing and coaching career, time with the Spits, success as a coach, and what he is doing today.


WCS EP 208 - Glen Mills

Head coach, Director of Operations, and one of the founders of The Essex Ravens Football Club, Glen Mills is the guest of WinCity Sports. Drake joined Glen (05:58) at his Essex home to talk about the inception and history of The Essex Ravens, the accomplishments and cool experiences he's had in his career, and what the future holds for the Ravens and youth football.


WCS EP 207 - Meghan Agosta

Windsor born, Kingsville raised, is Meghan Agosta. The 3x women's hockey gold medalist joins Drake (07:00) on the phone to chat about various topics. From growing up in Windsor-Essex to becoming a trailblazer in women's hockey. Meghan recalls wanting to play the game at a young age, making it to the Olympics and winning gold on 3 consecutive occasions, the NHL Skills Competition in 2020, and so much more.


WCS EP 206 - Brad Vaillancourt

Human Performance Expert, coach, radio host, and former lacrosse player, Brad Vaillancourt joins Drake on the podcast (05:48) from BC to talk about growing up in Windsor, playing for the Warlocks, coaching the Lancers women's hockey team, and making it out to Vancouver as a performance coach and starting a radio program based on it.


WCS EP 205 - Chris Kotsopoulos

When the Windsor Spitfires returned to Junior A hockey for the OHA's 1975-76 season, Chris Kotsopoulos was part of the expansion team with other Windsor hockey legends including Joel Quenneville and Mark Renaud, among others. Chris went on to play in the NHL for 10 seasons with the New York Rangers, Hartford Whalers, Toronto Maple Leafs, and briefly with the Detroit Red Wings. The Toronto native chats with Drake (06:40) about his hockey career and his love for Rock n' Roll music.


WCS EP 204 - Kevin Shea

Hockey Hall of Fame Historian, author of many hockey books including The Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Club: Official Centennial Publication, radio personality, CJAMmer, and so much more; Kevin Shea joins Drake (05:02) on Zoom to chat about various topics. Kevin was born and raised in Windsor and eventually ended up working as a Hockey Historian. The two tend to talk and share stories about Windsor sports, The Maple Leafs, music, broadcasting and more.


WCS EP 203 - Mike MacIntyre Part 2

The conversation picks up where it left off with former Spitfire and pro hockey player Mike MacIntyre (05:18) from episode 198 of the podcast. Plus, Drake gathers up as much local sports news as possible from the past 2 weeks.


WCS EP 202 - Josh Jubenville

After interviewing local lacrosse player, Josh Jubenville, at the beginning of WinCity Sports, Drake thought it was time to catch up after following his career from that day to making it to the NLL today. Josh joins Drake on the phone (05:42) to talk about growing up in Windsor, playing junior, university, and pro lacrosse, and playing for the NLL's Toronto Rock.


WCS EP 201 - Andre Gorges

Andre "Gorgeous" Gorges, a former pro boxer, sits down with Drake (4:35) at Border City Boxing Club to chat about his boxing career, fighting some of the best in the world today, travelling for the sport, and how he is still involved in the sport and finally making some profit off it!


WCS EP 200 - Bob Bellacicco

Long-time local reporter for CTV, among other ventures, Bob Bellacicco joins Drake on the phone (09:05) to chat about his career in journalism, some of his favorite local sports moments including the 2017 Memorial Cup, and various events he's been able to cover. Bob is not specifically a sports news guy, but covers all kinds of news. Of course, he's had a similar passion for sports both locally and recreational in his lifetime.


WCS EP 199 - Mike Carter

CFL and NCAA Alumni with the University of Maryland and various teams, but mostly known for his time with the Montreal Alouettes, Mike Carter, joins Drake on the phone (03:27) to talk about growing up in Windsor/LaSalle, his entire football career from high school to college to pro, his athletic family including OJ Atowge and Stephen Ademolu, and what he is doing today.


WCS EP 198 - Mike MacIntyre

From the home of a former Windsor Spitfire, Lancer, Soo Greyhound, and pro hockey player, Mike MacIntyre, he and Drake chat (08:07) abut his upbringing, playing in the OHL, and just some of his crazy ride in pro hockey between the SPHL, CHL, and ECHL.


WCS EP 197 - Jordie Steen

Olympic qualified wrestler Jordie Steen joins Drake on the phone (05:26) to chat about growing up in Windsor, his stellar wrestling career, and making it to the Olympics. Jordie follows his parents as Olympic athletes, coming from a very athletic family.


WCS EP 196 - Ryan Donally

The Windsor-Essex Community Development Corporation's Manager of Investments & Corporate Marketing, Ryan Donally, is a former Windsor Spitfires captain and NHL draftee. Ryan joins Drake on the phone (04:43) to talk about growing up in Windsor, his hockey career, and what he is doing now.


WCS EP 195 - Ron Fellows

Correct me if I'm wrong: Windsor's only NASCAR driver, and the most winning foreign-born driver in NASCAR's top three series, Ron Fellows, joins Drake on the phone (06:45) to talk about briefly growing up in Windsor, starting a career in racing, his success in the sport, and what he's doing today.


WCS EP 194 - Chris Sabin

Can Am Wrestling School graduate and former BCW TV Champion, Chris Sabin, joins Drake on the podcast (05:38) to talk about his beginnings in the world of professional wrestling starting in Windsor training and performing for Border City Wrestling.


WCS EP 193 - Sharon Creelman

Former Canadian National and Olympic field hockey player, born in Windsor, and now physical education teacher, Sharon Creelman joins Drake on the phone (06:13) to chat about the sport of field hockey, moving through the ranks to Nationals, popularity of the sport, and how she's using it in her 9-5 now at Appleby College in Oakville.


WCS EP 192 - Frank Renaud Part 2

Frank Renaud returns (07:17) to continue his story about his roller coaster of 2 seasons through the CFL, struggles with mental health, and what hes up to now as a motivational speaker, advocate, and entrepreneur. Plus Drake talks about some of his current favorite documentaries, the CCC podcast, and the 4th anniversary of Jonathan Nicola in Windsor.


WCS EP 191 - Frank Renaud

University of Windsor football & CFL alumni, Frank Renaud joins Drake (05:47) on the phone to chat about growing up in Windsor and his football career starting as a youth. Frank is now a motivational speaker, mental health advocate, trainer, and more.


WCS EP 190 - Quarantation

The Quarantine has set in. Changing things up a bit this week on the show as host Drake D'Amore is joined by his brother Darrin to talk about how to keep active during the self-isolation, what he currently offers as a trainer under these circumstances, and some UFC 249 predictions.