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We Don't Say the "C" Word On This Podcast - ZCP #21

Brady is out of town this week, so Rick recruited special guest co-host, and old friend of the pod, Tabitha Lipkin of Fox 5 San Diego! They talk Padres, World Cup, weather reports, fascinator hats, eating wieners on the 4th of July and more. Plus the amazing Cesar Torres joins in on the conversation! Cheers! A special thanks to Fall Brewing for being super rad and hosting us this week! Make sure to go pay them a visit....and then go to the Friendly and get a burger. iTunes link here! Do us...


America! Lebron! Liddell! Padres! - ZCP #20

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY WEEK! LEBRON TO THE LAKERS! LA DOESN'T WANT THE CHARGERS. THE WORLD CUP IS AMAZING! THE PADRES ARE NOT GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES THIS YEAR. #FREEBRADY > #FREERICK TRUTHERS. CELEBRITY ENCOUNTER STORIES! LOUD NOISES! EXCLAMATION POINTS!!! iTunes link here! Do us a solid, subscribe and give a review. Gracias! All hail the mighty Thunderhawk! Facebook – Thunderhawk Alements Instagram –@thunderhawkalements Twitter – @thunderhawkbeer Get the best fly fishing reel in all...


Slobshots! King of the Haters! - ZCP #19

We're back at Thunderhawk Alements with a live audience! We talk World Cup, and how missing the next round based on yellow cards is garbage. We talk Landon Donovan, who MIGHT/MAYBE/POSSIBILITY/PROBABLY WON'T join us on a podcast coming soon. Hear the tale of Brady's week involving copious amounts of blood that sent kids screaming in fear and running to their parents. Session Fly Fishing reels absolutely crushed their Kickstarter goal, you only have a week left to get yours before the...


Let Me Talk to the Horse - ZCP #18

Uncle Teddy is back! The Padres are okay? We are fired up for the World Cup! Has Landon Donovan lost his mind? Who cares about Phil's rolling putt? Remember how mad you were when you didn't get one of our exclusive 1 of 36 ProtoFriar 1985 Padres hats? Well you're in luck! The greatest giveaway in the history of the Zero Chance Pod is live! Tommy Lasorda is 90 years old and threatening horses. And what is baseball's version of an own goal? The walk-off-walk, or the Jose Canseco head home...


This A Garage Sale? - ZCP #17

Rick and Brady are back at Thunderhawk Alements to recap the week that was. We get into everything. Was Punch Bowl Social a success? What year will the Padres win the World Series? Ovi vs. Lebron... who cares. Would you hug your best friend after striking him out? The USA is out, who’s your World Cup team? Who would you rather see in a Padres uni again... Adrian Gonzalez or Jake Peavy? How sad is it that a baseball catching, beer chugging, girl is still headline news? Let’s get into...


Punch Bowl Social w/Darren Smith & Jordan Carruth - ZCP #16

The battle between the Zero Chance Podcast and the Unnamed Soccer Podcast has begun! An absolutely amazing week from the brand new Punch Bowl Social in downtown San Diego. We’re joined by Darren Smith and Jordan Carruth from The Mighty 1090. We stuff our faces with amazing food and delicious craft cocktails. We get to the bottom of “Martha, what’s goin’ on?” and “Some guy named Jordan, I don’t know.” We talk San Diego sports and if casual soccer fans care about the World Cup without the...


So You’re Telling Me There’s a Chance? - ZCP #15

Brady and Rick dig into everything* that’s hot in the sports world. What does Phil Hughes to the Padres mean? Serena's back? What’s F1? No clue. Can you name a single player other than Cristiano Ronaldo that played in Champions League final? We also process the heart breaking news that Uncle Teddy has cancer. We close out with some parenting chat when it comes to watching Star Wars, and some Solo talk with no spoilers. No judging! *only some things Get your tickets to Thunderhawk's June...


It's Routine, Not Poutine w/Tabitha Lipkin - ZCP #14

Big week for the Zero Chance Podcast! The Padres are headed to the World Series, and Tabitha Lipkin is our guest! We get into all the goods with the lady who wears many hats: Fox 5 features, sports, and weather make her the greatest utility player in the history of San Diego news. Take a seat, Ron Burgundy*. Not to mention dive master, Miss Scuba International, Body Glove model, all around good gal, and lover of Thunderhawk Alements. That only scratches the surface. Let’s go! *hilarious...


Can't Go Back to San Diego - ZCP #13

After a week off, Brady & Rick return, and they don't have any notes, so buckle up for a bumpy ride! They talk no-hitters (and who really jinxed the latest attempt), bobbleheads, the real awkwardness of blink-182 songs being played at Petco Park, a New York state of mind, stories about Dick, the awfulness of split jerseys and much, much, more! Get your tickets to Thunderhawk's June 2nd album release party for the Routine! Tickets are only $10! All hail the mighty...


Conga Line Around the Bases - ZCP #12

This week we dive into a behind the scenes look at Fox Sports San Diego filming an entire episode of Zero Chance Podcast. Listen to two baseball card guys try to explain the comic book movie world of the Avengers. The Greatest Showman is great! We talk Padres losing to Collective Soul, the Franch Revolution, the Mitchell experiment, and is Christian Villanueva the best third baseman in all of baseball? We answer the world’s most pressing questions... Is it okay to start the wave? Is it...


One Eyelash is Better than None w/Lisa Lane - ZCP #11

Rick is back! And we are back at our home base, Thunderhawk Alements. Big episode this week! Lisa Lane and the Fox Sports San Diego crew of Padres POV joined us to film an episode that will air on FSSD this week. We shared a lot of laughs with Lisa hearing about her journey. We stuffed our faces with Sushi Lounge on Market who was gracious enough to cater the festivities. We talk food, Padres, movies, Vegas, Coachella and what a bunch of cowards the University of Toledo are for not...


Zero Faith Kept - ZCP #10

Unite us. Unite the clans. The Zero Chance Pod & The Kept Faith join forces to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Cali Comfort BBQ in Spring Valley. Zero Kept Faith? The Kept Chance? Although Rick was MIA this week, Brady and Dallas McLaughlin host a plethora of guests from The Mighty 1090 including Ben Higgins, Craig Elsten, Paul Reindl, & John Browner. Travis and Nick (and Liz!) from TKF also join us, as well Shawn Walchef, the owner of Cali Comfort. The big question is did Dave & Jeff...


Monsters in the Closet! - ZCP #9

An early podcast! Did 97.3 The Machine really rebrand themselves as “97.3 The Fan”? The whole week is thrown off because Brady is headed to Vegas and Rick is headed to Coachella. We talk Padres, and the downfall of AJ Ellis coupled with the triumphant return of Brad Hand! Rick’s “boy” did things at The Masters, and Brady gets a shot at choosing his very own outro song. Overlooked nugget: how Brady used Babe Ruth to get his son to peacefully fall asleep. All in a week’s work at The Zero...


It's a Fugazi! - ZCP #8

We are back at Thunderhawk Alements for our first ever Zero Chance podcast with an audience (kind of). We discuss the Padres (lava) hot start, the difference between Fugazi and a fugazi, and why you shouldn't ever bash someone's taste buds or ear buds. We touch on Master's week, and the crazy state of San Diego sports media. And most importantly, learn why you should never, ever... evah-evah-evah-EVER bet on whether or not somebody is dead or alive. Let's go. All hail the mighty...


Have Fun Editing, C**ksucker w/Steven Woods - ZCP #7

Zero Chance is back! But more importantly, THE Steven Woods is back on the San Diego airwaves and joins us this week. The new Mighty 1090 morning show host throws back some Thunderhawk beer with the boys as we discuss life, baseball, fatherhood, Lil Silz and how suicide jokes are never not* not funny. All hail the mighty Thunderhawk! Facebook - Thunderhawk Alements Instagram - @thunderhawkalements Twitter - @thunderhawkbeer


Dinosaur Pets for Very Big People w/Darren Smith - ZCP #6

We are back at Thunderhawk Alements this week and are joined by the one and only, Darren Smith of the Mighty 1090! We talk about interviews, dinosaur pets, the radio world and dive ring talk? Come join us! All hail the mighty Thunderhawk! Facebook - Thunderhawk Alements Instagram - @thunderhawkalements Twitter - @thunderhawkbeer


Late Guy McGillicuddy - ZCP #5

It's only episode 5 and we have another tardy arrival, but in a weird twist, this time it's Brady who is late. From Tiger to Rovell, Arrieta to Rebel Wilson, Disneyland to Gulls games, Brady and Rick are absolutely all over the place this week. There is Zero Chance that there is a podcast like this.


I Can't Stop Going Once I've Started. It Stings - ZCP #4

This week, the guys get settled in to their new podcast homebase at Thunderhawk Alements, but does Rick show up on time? Then they chat about peeing into trash cans, The Big Lebowski's 20th, the triumphant return of the baseball bullpen buggies and start the #HosmerToZeroChance movement. All hail the mighty Thunderhawk! Facebook - Thunderhawk Alements Instagram - @thunderhawkalements Twitter - @thunderhawkbeer


Lana, As In Banana - ZCP #3

In this episode, Brady and Rick talk about musicals, the Little League "hot corner" and chat with the one and only Lana Berry! What does she think of the Hosmer signing, Fergalicious anthem and bat flips? Find out on the Zero Chance Podcast!


Zero Chance That We Call Our Podcast a "Machine" - ZCP #2

In the latest episode of the Zero Chance Podcast, Brady & Rick get together to talk about leadership DNA, dead chickens and reveal some Padres radio news. Plus, find out what happens when Rick shows up a whole hour late for the podcast....destruction and embarrassment ensue. Or does it?