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Episode 10 - Sammy Ioannidis

A special episode from the vault. I sat down with Sammy Ioannidis ages ago to record this episode. Sammy dishes the dirt on his experience competing through the 1980's right up until his comeback in the 2000's. He's traveled the world competing and along the way he's made plenty of friends and gathered some great stories. So sit back, relax and have a listen. This is bodybuilding with Sammy Ioannidis.


Episode 9 - Johanna Mountfort

Welcome to This Is Bodybuilding with Daniel Lancefield. Each week Daniel talks to a different personality involved in the world of bodybuilding. Episode 9 is a very special episode. Johanna Mountfort is a professional figure competitor, multiple time national and international champion and a busy mum juggling family, work and training. For many, she epitomises the true ideal of a competitor, both in her dedication and in her physique. Listen as Johanna gives a unique insight into her history...