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Episode 27 - All of our Segments, Happy Birthday Chad

Episode 27 - All of our Segments Shout out Chad for coming on the show, and Happy Birthday!! We mix it up this week doing all of our Segments. Fantasy v Reality, Three Amigo and a Podcast awards, Be the GM, and Stat of the Day. The guys start off the show watching the Chargers and Chiefs game. Huge reaction from the guys listen in! Listen to us anywhere you listen to podcast, and follow us on Instagram and Twitter Support us on Patreon:...


Episode 26 - New GM's

Episode 26 - The New GM’s This week the guys give a big shout out to The All Bad Podcast,, for having us on their show last week. Ryan talks upcoming married life, and Brandon has a jaw dropping story!!! We talk about the upcoming College Football Playoff, NFL recap, and MLB offseason trade and signing news. There's a new segment this week where the guys are hired as the General Manager for a rebuilding MLB team, and the...


Episode 25 - Quarter Century

. Episode 25 - Quarter Century Listen to us anywhere you listen to podcast, and follow us on Instagram and Twitter Support us on Patreon: PodBean iTunes Spotify Google Play Music iHeart Radio Podcast Addict: Three Amigos and a Podcast Website: Email: Show notes: How’d the week go Shoutout to Orange Glen NFL- Week 12 Browns win, ending 25 game road...


Episode 24 - Week Off, We're Back

Episode 24 - Week off, we're back Guys took a week off last week to celebrate Thanksgiving. They're back recording on a Sunday this week. They cover week 11 in the NFL, covering all the big games and highlights. Then they cover MLB CY Young, and MVP awards, and possible Padres trade moves. They also go over the Padres 40 man roster for the upcoming rule 5 draft. The guys do a all sports Fantasy v Reality segment, then finish up with some NBA news. Dean has the stat of the week this week and...


Episode 23 - The GOAT

Episode 23 - GOAT episode Listen to us anywhere you listen to podcast, and follow us on Instagram and Twitter Ryan and Dean Links at Petco Park Brandon’s anniversary Dean’s cousins wedding NFL- Week 10 Dez Bryant signs with Saints, tears ACL Nate Peterman Released Todd Gurley 4person with 1td in 13 straight games Larry Fitz passes TO 2all time in career receiving yards Frank Gore - 14season of rushing 500 yards Browns - Chubb 92yard run, longest non-kick return play Julio Jones...


Episode 22 - Catch 22

Episode 22 - Catch 22 This week the amigos are back together. The guys record on a short week because Brandon has an important date, and Dean has something important happening as well. The guys cover what a sandwich is first off, then move into the meat of the podcast which is NFL Week 9. They do a half season divisional predictions, and finish NFL news with a Fantasy v Reality Segment. They cover a little NBA and MLB trade rumor news, with Machado and Harper the big names in Free Agency....


Episode 21 - Amigo down, I repeat we're an Amigo down

Episode 21 - Shout out to Eddie This week we're an Amigo down, so Brandon and Dean lead the show. Halloween was the past weekend and the guys talk about costumes and themes. They get right into going over Week 8 in the NFL and the big trades made before the deadline. Brandon has a bold predictions going into Week 9 for the LA Rams. Then the guys recap the World Series and talk a little Padres organizational moves and potential Gold Glovers on the team. NBA we give Derrick Rose some love for...


Episode 20 - The Engagement

Episode 20 - The Engagement Episode 20 we give a huge shoutout to our good friend, Mat, on his engagement over the weekend. James owes Dean $100 for completing the 2 minute Hang Challenge. Then we get into Week 7 in the NFL, and dig into some of the highlights and big trades. Reality v Fantasy segment is full of NFL trade rumors. And we wrap up with some World Series coverage, and the Lakers v Rockets scuffle. Ryan has the stat of the week this week, and it gives you some good input on when...


Episode 19 - "Mr. Padre" Tony Gwynn

Episode 19 - "Mr. Padre" Tony Gwynn Listen to us anywhere you listen to podcast, and follow us on Instagram and Twitter Shoutout to Enrique and the guys at the Because you watched Podcast, thanks for letting us record at your studio. And you're going down on the hang challenge!!! Intro: Crazy weather this weekend in San Diego The All Bad Podcast calls us out! Challenges us to a hang challenge, longest time wins, Myself, Ryan, and Brandon v Enrique, Philly Phil, and James, loser buys...


Episode 18 - Authentic Vibrations

Episode 18 - Authentic Vibrations This week on the Pod we start off with a little teaser from our friend LeJon B's new album release "Authentic Vibrations" Out now on iTunes: Authentic Vibrations - LeJon B Dean is also sad because Sarah is visiting her family for the next few weeks, but he combats his sadness by pulling off an AMAZING prank on friend of the show, Chad. The guys also review MLB divisional series match ups that wrapped up, as well as Week 5 in the NFL, and give a little...


Episode 17 - Playoffs?!? We're talking about the Playoffs

We start this episode off by celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness month. We call out our good friends over at the All Bad Podcast,Latest Episode, about not knowing where the best wings are!! Then we get into some playoff baseball, 163 games and wild cards. And we get into a good debate in our Fantasy v Reality segment. NFL week 4 is over and we go through our quarter season awards. Hockey started and we cover some Canucks. We finish with Ryan's stat of the day, and we go over how his wedding...


Episode 16 - Brandon squared

Episode 16 - Brandon squared Intro: Guest on the show, Brandon "Smooth Jazz". 1: NFL Browns win on Thursday night, 635 days Records broken: Mahomes most Tds to start Brees most completions all-time Bills won, Allen 3tds, Vikings not as good as everyone thought? Chargers kicking/special team issues continue Wentz returns Josh Rosen got his debut, named started Best rookie QB MNF Steelers v Bucs- Fitzmagic over? Steelers D needs help NFL hit rule ruining the game Segment:...


Episode 15 - Fantasy vs Reality

Episode 15 - Reality vs Fantasy This weeks episode we go over our fun weekends, and Dean has a mini rant about showering at the gym. We go over some NFL week 2 headlines, cover the Browns 1st win, we get into a little bit of MLB playoff news and preview. Also, we do our first segment "Fantasy vs Reality". Brandon has our great Stat of the Day and we end the show with some discussion of our favorite times of the year. We started a Patron account for any sponsorship or donations. Feel like...


Episode 14 - Hey hon (Shout-out Baltimore)

6pv8yvhq Episode 14 We have a visitor on the show, Chad from Baltimore. Brandon's back from Hawaii, and we go over first week in the NFL, and pepper in some MLB Playoff race news, and of course we always talk a little home town Padres. Ryan has another banger of a Stat of the Day which gives us all a good laugh. We have an Instagram page now: 3Amigos_AndAPod Intro: Chad from Baltimore on the show, Hugh Murphy Baltimore Giant - 1875, Hon, Baltimore lingo, Ravens Thursday night...


Episode 13 - Money Talks

p966xx2j Episode 13 - This week Ryan and Dean sit down to go over the start of the NFL season, and the massive contracts that were given out over the past few days. We also talk about the young talent the Padres are bringing up, and their bright future. Ryan has our stat of the week this week, and again he delivers with another shocking one. Don't forget to follow us on wherever you listen to podcasts. Full list is below on where you can find us!!! Intro: Ryan’s Kentucky trip, Brandon...


Episode 12 - This episode came early

7y7gfi93 Episode 12 – This episode came early This week we talk our Fantasy lineups, Odell Beckham Jr. Contract, Brandon has some audio issues and mutes himself, and we give our opinions on the Padres future. And do you know how many dimples are on a golf ball?? Intro: What would be your football celebration? 1: NBA Manu Ginobili retires: 16 years. Spurs on a downfall? 2: NFL Fantasy Draft How do you feel about all of our lineups Who are you most hopeful for on your team Brandon...


Fantasy Football Schedule

Three Amigos and a Podcast have their Fantasy Football draft tonight. We had a special guest, David Walk aka Davey Jones, to discuss the excitement around the draft, our draft favorites, previous risky draft moves, and how sacred your team name is. Shoutout to a good friend of the show and previous guest, Enrique Dudley, who is the producer of the film podcast, Because You Watched. Listen to them on iTunes:


Episode 11 - Surfing California

Episode 11 – Surfing California Intro: California state sport: surfing. Non-glory of giving a gift – Dean. 1st: MLB Trevor Hoffman statue at Petco Park Padre’s Andres Munoz 2019 Opener in Japan Mariners v A’s Wil Myers hurt… again The race is on: A’s challenging Astros in AL West Phili’s and Cards few games back Dodgers drop 3.5 games out, out of wild card 2nd: Anything you guys want to add. Or just skip to football 3rd: NFL Helmet rule strikes again, and a flag was...


Episode 10 - We made it to double digits

Episode 10 - Intro: Brandon’s Car issue/ SDGE power shut off, Dean in from Texas 1st: NFL Ryan you got this! Kickoff rule – kickoff team line up 1 yard behind line, return team move forward until ball is received or hits ground Jalen Ramsey suspension/QB list 2nd: MLB Dodgers Bullpen woes: Dropped 4 straight games due to their bullpen. Is it time to panic if you’re a Dodgers fan? Red Sox: Over 50 games over .500 on pace to win 115 games. Is this team for real? – Orioles on pace to lose 113+...


Episode 9 - Where's Brandon

Episode 9 - Where’s Brandon Intro: Ryans new job. What’d y’all do last weekend 1st: NFL Hit rule took affect in hall of fame game Is NCAA on to something? Review penalties HOF inductees. Our snubs or who deserve it Preseason games - who are you looking at? Potential 1st rounders Fantasy 2nd: MLB Padres: Lyles and Ross AL NL MVP favorites Padres MVP so far 3rd: PGA Tiger v Mickelson Tour leaders- Justin Thompson, Dustin Johnson 1 month out from PGA Tour Championship 4th: San Diego news: LLWS...