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A sports podcast for the rest of us! Vanda and Ali learn about sports and have a lot of laughs.

A sports podcast for the rest of us! Vanda and Ali learn about sports and have a lot of laughs.
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A sports podcast for the rest of us! Vanda and Ali learn about sports and have a lot of laughs.




Ep. 66 - Puttin' On The Fitz

Hubby Frank joins me to compare our career flops and fails to the NFL shenanigans over the weekend! Frank shares his fave new music. Then we talk about the magic that is a Ryan Fitzpatrick. Sponsored by: ATB.com Alberta Podcast Network Back to School Again Podcast http://tightendspodcast.com


Ep. 65 - A Difficult Conversation

This is a fun one with regular listener and guest co-host, Monique. Yes, we also have a couple of difficult conversations as we cover our thoughts on September 11th and share our perspectives on Serena Williams and the US Open Final. It is difficult but I think an important conversation for a white Canadian woman and a black American woman to have. But it's also really funny! I swear! http://tightendspodcast.com


Ep. 64 - Making the Cut

So it was cut day on Saturday. What a way to ruin a long weekend?! My occasional guest co-host, and always husband, Frank joins me to chat about who made the final cuts AND what games we are watching this first weekend of NFL! We also talk about our new travel endeavor! Couldn't think of a title...but these players made the cut and we hope our trailer makes the cut too! Brought to you by: Alberta Podcast Network ATB.com


Ep. 63 - FACEBOOK LIVE EPISODE! Fantasy Football Draft 2018

Check this episode out on Facebook Live on Tight End Podcast page to see and hear all the fun! Vanda is joined by her first listener, Lauren! We draft for our fantasy team but also do our best Morgan Freeman impressions. http://tightendspodcast.com


Ep. 62 - Between Friends at the Beach

This is my most difficult episode ever. Not emotionally. Just sheer bad audio, busy vacation, and multiple interviews. That being said, it’s a great episode. If you listen for football you get that, if you listen for Calgary events you get that, and if you show up for my singing, you get it in spades! The episode title is for the two super cool interviews I had the pleasure of doing. Now that I’ve put them together, Elliot and Katie need to talk! Their work could work well...


Ep. 61 - Football Feels

Tight Ends is thrilled to welcome from Hockey Feels podcast, Steven Schapansky! We chat ESPYs and "NHL vs NFL" what will our respective leagues' seasons bring for us this winter. Our halftime show is INCREDIBLE! LEGO of whatever you are doing and take a listen! The episode title is an homage to my friends at Hockey Feels podcast. A member of the Alberta Podcast Network powered by ATB. Brought to you by: Alberta Podcast Network ATB.com/hockey Intro by Josh...


Ep. 60 - The Secret Word is Irrevocably

This episode is packed with info! Plus my cohost (and hubby) and I have a huge reveal that could shake the very foundations of our marriage! We also talk about World Cup, Men's Tennis, and how sick I was during the recording of this episode. But I'm a trooper! The title is from my fave kid's show, Pee Wee's Playhouse. I love his movies! And I still can't say this word...but I know what it means and I did use it correctly... Brought to you by: Alberta Podcast Network ATB.com/listen Intro...


Overtime #6 - Stampeders vs. Eskimos

Brought to you by: http://www.ATB.com/listen Alberta Podcast Network Listener Survey! http://www.albertapodcastnetwork.com Intro by Josh Cail: http://www.joshcail.com


Ep. 59 - FACEBOOK LIVE EPISODE - Mo' Football, Mo' Hockey, Mo' Sports

Go to Facebook to see our FACEBOOK LIVE VIDEO EPISODE! This episode was FUN FUN FUN! Mo' joins me to fill us in on the NBA Finals, I talk NHL, and we both ask the tough questions in our Halftime Show "Ask a..." Obviously we give you the latest Gronk News. The episode title uses Mo' for Monique and also for More. So we talk MOre sports with MOnique...get it?! Brought to you by: ATB.com/listen Alberta Podcast Network http://tightendspodcast.com


Ep. 58 - Life is but a Dream

Here for The Dream? Atlanta Dream interview starts at 54:20. What an exciting episode?! German from Modern Manhood as my cohost and an interview with Head Coach Nicki Collen and Center Elizabeth Williams from the NBA team the Atlanta Dream! I KNOW! German and I open with hockey chat, catch up on what Gronk is up to, and talk spring cleaning for yourself! The episode closes out with my dream chat with The Dream! The episode title is from an old timey song. My mom probably sang it... My mom...


Ep. 57 - Tight Ends vs The 4th Line

Tight Ends challenges Carl from The 4th Line Podcast to beat her picks for best players. It's NFL vs NHL. Who will come out on top? Visit us on Twitter @thetightends to chose the winner! We also talk random recommendations and how our March Madness is going...clue, it's madness! Wouldn't everyone pick tight over 4th? It's not even top 3. Plus Vanda vs Carl. Come on! He only has one syllable in his name. Brought to you by: ATB.com/listen PodSummit - Western Canada's Podcast...


Ep. 56 - The Retrievers are Golden

My longest (read: oldest) friend Kristina joins me to chat March Madness and Women's Hockey. For the Halftime Show we test our 30 year friendship using Ellen's quiz for Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir. Come and join the fun! The title is from the amazing UMBC Retrievers! Congrats on a strong March Madness start. Who's a good boy? Brought to you by: Alberta Podcast Network ATB.com/listen Intro by Josh Cail: http://www.joshcail.com/


Ep. 55 - There's No Such Thing as a Free Agency

Tight Ends is on the road! Join us in the Okanagan to chat NFL Combine, free agency, and our review of Black Panther! Join Tight Ends Podcast group on ESPN TC for March Madness fun and prizes! Brought to you by: Alberta Podcast Network ATB.com/listen Intro by Josh Cail: http://www.joshcail.com/


Ep. 54 - Girl Tries Sports (featuring Girl Tries Life's Victoria Smith)

Victoria Smith from Girl Tries Life joins us to chat Wide World of Sports, we ask if parents of Olympians are parenting well enough, and Victoria gives us some free life coaching! Join us to live your best (AND TIGHTEST) life! Episode title is after Victoria's blog and podcast, Girl Tries Life! Girl Tried...Girl Did! Brought to you by: Alberta Podcast Network ATB.com/listen Intro by Josh Cail: http://www.joshcail.com/


Ep. 53 - Nick Foles is my Life Coach (featuring Casey Logan)

Casey Logan joins us to chat all things NFL, Super Bowl, and dating! We dissect the game, halftime show, and men (not literally). We talk Gronk and Nick Foles...one of these two is a winner... The title refers to the fact that Nick Foles might be the wisest man...ever. I have been bragging up Nick Foles for a while. Glad he pushed through to the win. And after seeing his baby girl I may want to have all of his babies... :/ Brought to you by: Alberta Podcast Network ATB.com/listen Intro...


Ep. 52 - Tight Ends Lii

Super Bowl Lii meets Tight Ends Lii! This week we talk Patriots (boo!) and Eagles (yay!). Hubby Frank joins to chat Super Bowl parties (he makes the best dip) and some Australian Open! 52 feels pretty good! Can't believe we reached 52 along with the Super Bowl. We'd like to thank our family and coaches. We couldn't have done it without the team staff and Calgary local craft beer. Brought to you by: Alberta Podcast Network ATB.com/listen


Ep. 51 - Episode Without Borders

I AM SO EXCITED!! My little bro, Blair, joins me this week to talk NFL Playoffs and his unusual way of picking winners. We also chat with his boss, Calgary Ward 9 Councilor Gian-Carlo Carra about city sporting facilities! Also, our friend, Tamara Robertson from MythBusters is back to tell us about her trip to Puerto Rico for relief efforts. This episode is so packed we can't have borders on it. Brought to you by: Alberta Podcast Network ATB.com/listen http://tightendspodcast.com


Ep. 50 - Cutting Edge of Perfection

This week Jodie the Personal Trainer is back! The ladies talk NFL Playoff weekend, amazing Viking win, and ice dancing...yes...ice dancing. It’s so cold it’s hot! Episode title is from a loved movie from my youth. Cutting Edge. If you watch it after hearing this episode let me know! @thetightends We can do a review on our next episode! Proud to be sponsored by: Alberta Women Entrepreneurs: Learning Day – Feb 20th. Listen to the episode to get the Promo Code and 10%...


Ep. 49 - NFL Wildcard Weekend! AKA "Playoffs Lite!!"

This week Vanda welcomes her OLDEST friend, Beverly. She had her first Fantasy experience with Tight Ends Fantasy Football League! They talk Wildcard Weekend (or Playoffs Lite) and Beverly listens to Vanda rant about the Baylor coaching staff. For Halftime they talk about travel tips with kids! (Don't take them!) :) Kidding! Beverly has some really great tips! Couldn't come up with a title this week!! The only other option was "Gwyneth Paltrow got me kicked out of Starbucks". Proud to be...


Ep. 48 - I Don't Like Black Mondays

Frank joins Vanda to catch up on all the NFL Happenings AND he judges TIGHT or BITE on teams' coaching decisions. For Halftime Vanda and Frank discuss The Last Jedi and for the 2nd Half the pair make their playoff picks. Lots to weigh in on here so feel free to let the comments fly! The episode title is NOT a Garfield reference but a Boomtown Rats reference. Vanda will have this song in her head for a long time... 01:05 - ATB - 5 Debt Trimming Tips 14:30 - Tight or Bite - Black Monday...