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A sports podcast for the rest of us! Vanda and Ali learn about sports and have a lot of laughs.

A sports podcast for the rest of us! Vanda and Ali learn about sports and have a lot of laughs.
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A sports podcast for the rest of us! Vanda and Ali learn about sports and have a lot of laughs.




Ep. 79 - Does Nick Foles Spark Joy?

This episode Sharon Ruyter from the podcast Highlevel Showdown joins to chat NFL Playoffs, Tom Brady's inferiority complex, and MARIE KONDO! We spark joy all over this thing! So nice to chat with someone about our love of Marie Kondo and our hate of the Patriots. True connections found on this episode. Brought to you by: Park Power ATB.com Alberta Podcast Network


Ep. 78 - It's a Double Doink

We are back with a double doink! Two Favaros for the price of one! Frank joins Vanda to make our playoff picks and talk coaching. For halftime Vanda talks with a health coach, Charlotte Akinkugbe, with a very healthy outlook! Check out some great Alberta podcasts nominated for The (Great) Canadian Podcast Awards! Okay, I added the Great...but really...it is great. Brought to you by: ATB.com Alberta Podcast Network


Ep. 77 - School of Jocks

Vanda is joined by Shane from The Ed Podcast. They chat smarty-smart NFL players and Vanda helps Shane get caught up on what happened this season! For Halftime, Vanda reviews Spider-man Into the Spider-verse. Right from the theatre! Spoilers abound so listen with caution! It's cool to try something new. Shane is not a sports fan but came on anyway to drop some knowledge about knowledge. Try something new in 2019! Brought to you by: ATB.com Alberta Podcast Network


Ep. 76 - The friendly Battle of Alberta Podcasts (featuring Karen Unland)

Super excited to have Karen from Alberta Podcast Network join me to talk NFL Pro Bowl picks, Tight or Bite, and share 1st (and only) experiences. My strategy of Tight or Bite chosen purely by Fantasy points meets its match in Karen’s thoughtful review of player’s character and ability…guys, I had Kareem Hunt and OBJ…!!! Brought to you by: ATB.com Alberta Podcast Network Park Power


Ep. 75 - What's On The Menu?

Avery from Mess Hall Podcast cohosts with me to chat football towns and the food they eat! Avery also looked up some great food from some of their stadiums. Whose eats get the W? For Halftime I visit Cabin Brewing Company here in Calgary, the newest craft brewery to open their doors. Jonas, head brewer, and Haydon, the marketing guy, share their vision and invite us in! A surprise visit from Alex from Banded Peak was a welcome surprise so I took the opportunity to chat with him and find out...


Ep. 74 - Turf Tow (with The Roads We Roam)

To hear my interview with The Roads We Roam's Kerry go to 31:50! In the first half we talk about the latest NFL players and their problems with assault and other violence. It isn't graphic but feel free to skip to 31:50 for the half time show and our chat on NFL team standings leading up to the playoffs if you are sensitive to this kind of discussion. If you live locally in Calgary and need help please contact Calgary Women's Shelter . Please find some help local to you if you need...


Ep. 73 - It's Like Rain On Your Wedding Day

Alanis Morissette doesn't know what irony is...but we do at Tight Ends Podcast! Join Vanda and Hubby Frank to talk CFL Grey Cup and how hard it is to be a fan of the NFL. They also make a list of movies they missed in the Halftime Show. Oh, Alanis. We still love you, you gorgeous Canadian icon. Brought to you by: ATB.com Alberta Podcast Network


Ep. 72 - My Grey Cup is Overflowing (with Casey Logan)

Casey Logan drops by to chat broken legs and broken hearts! We catch up on our Fantasy Football teams, get excited about Grey Cup, and in halftime draft our Fantasy Boyfriend roster! See who makes the cut! The Grey Cup is in Edmonton this year, guys! They will host a great party! I'll be watching from home. Brought to you by: ATB.com Park Power - shop locally for power! Alberta Podcast Network


Ep 71 - Touchdown Dancing with the Stars

Great to have Avery from Mess Hall Podcast joining to chat NFL Fantasy Football Top 3 (scoring) Over 30! Find out if he was indeed named after Murphy Brown's baby! We also chat about what makes us laugh and our shared love of Touchdown Dances. It's a funny one, guys! Remember the scandal when Murphy Brown had a baby! Also scandalous are some of the end zone celebrations. But we don't care, we love Murphy Brown AND touchdown dances! #hottake Brought to you...


Ep. 70 - Bill Belichick as a Life Coach

Vanda wants to be a life coach. Frank wants Bill Belichick as his. What to do?! This episode covers baseball, basketball, and football...basically all of the "balls". Once again the husband and wife podcast team disagree on young guys in sports. Find out who is right! (Spoiler: it's always Vanda.) Life Coaching is interesting. It makes sense that if you have coaches for things like sports, life should have some helpers too. Someone who sees the big picture. Launching Tight Ends Life...


Ep. 69 - Spike Up Your Life

This week Vanda welcomes OLD friend, Beverly, from the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). They chat Fantasy Football matchups, who is Beverly's new NFL crush, and favourite fall items in the Halftime Show. If you don't pumpkin this a listen you are going to pumpkin yourself for pumpkining out... Gronk has inspired another title. Thanks for continuing to be our muse, Gronk! Sponsored by: ATB.com Alberta Podcast Network


Ep. 68 - Bet a Chicken, Eat a Chicken

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner! We talk about some winners, looking at you Golden State Warriors championship ring, and some losers, Jason Witten breaking my heart?! Join Monique and Vanda as they talk NFL, NBA and some health goals just for fun (?). Shout out to my bro, Blair and my cuz, Joel for the episode title! Let Joel do Monday Night Football commentary!!! Sponsored by: ATB.com Alberta Podcast Network Park Power


Overtime #7 - I Pulled a Muscle Doing this Podcast

Nothing but recording problems recently!?! This is the 2nd episode we recorded and it turns into a big debate. But cohost Hubby Frank and I love to debate/argue/fight. Weigh in on our latest marital spat! :) Sponsored by: ATB.com Alberta Podcast Network This episode sponsored by Alberta LitFest Theme song written and performed by Byron Hone.


Ep. 67 - It Ain't Easy Being Brown

Vanda welcomes back Jodie the Personal Trainer as her cohost! They get into some serious discussions on forgiveness and c-sections...yes, this is a sports podcast... They also chat about their current fave TV shows. Congrats Cleveland! It really hasn't been easy being brown. Sponsored by: ATB.com Alberta Podcast Network http://tightendspodcast.com


Ep. 66 - Puttin' On The Fitz

Hubby Frank joins me to compare our career flops and fails to the NFL shenanigans over the weekend! Frank shares his fave new music. Then we talk about the magic that is a Ryan Fitzpatrick. Sponsored by: ATB.com Alberta Podcast Network Back to School Again Podcast http://tightendspodcast.com


Ep. 65 - A Difficult Conversation

This is a fun one with regular listener and guest co-host, Monique. Yes, we also have a couple of difficult conversations as we cover our thoughts on September 11th and share our perspectives on Serena Williams and the US Open Final. It is difficult but I think an important conversation for a white Canadian woman and a black American woman to have. But it's also really funny! I swear! http://tightendspodcast.com


Ep. 64 - Making the Cut

So it was cut day on Saturday. What a way to ruin a long weekend?! My occasional guest co-host, and always husband, Frank joins me to chat about who made the final cuts AND what games we are watching this first weekend of NFL! We also talk about our new travel endeavor! Couldn't think of a title...but these players made the cut and we hope our trailer makes the cut too! Brought to you by: Alberta Podcast Network ATB.com


Ep. 63 - FACEBOOK LIVE EPISODE! Fantasy Football Draft 2018

Check this episode out on Facebook Live on Tight End Podcast page to see and hear all the fun! Vanda is joined by her first listener, Lauren! We draft for our fantasy team but also do our best Morgan Freeman impressions. http://tightendspodcast.com


Ep. 62 - Between Friends at the Beach

This is my most difficult episode ever. Not emotionally. Just sheer bad audio, busy vacation, and multiple interviews. That being said, it’s a great episode. If you listen for football you get that, if you listen for Calgary events you get that, and if you show up for my singing, you get it in spades! The episode title is for the two super cool interviews I had the pleasure of doing. Now that I’ve put them together, Elliot and Katie need to talk! Their work could work well...


Ep. 61 - Football Feels

Tight Ends is thrilled to welcome from Hockey Feels podcast, Steven Schapansky! We chat ESPYs and "NHL vs NFL" what will our respective leagues' seasons bring for us this winter. Our halftime show is INCREDIBLE! LEGO of whatever you are doing and take a listen! The episode title is an homage to my friends at Hockey Feels podcast. A member of the Alberta Podcast Network powered by ATB. Brought to you by: Alberta Podcast Network ATB.com/hockey Intro by Josh...