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E26 – Combine Service and Adventure – Physical Therapy and Malawi – Sarah Woychick

"It's like your biggest fear or whatever, you know, just do it. With Malawi - that was huge and I was just like 'you know what, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.' Don't pass those things up because you're going to say to yourself 10 years from now, I'll do that next year or I'll do that tomorrow, but, you know, just do it today." - Sarah Woychick, Physical Therapist On the show and IN THE HOUSE this week is a longtime friend, the one and only Sarah Woychick. Sarah works as a...


E25 – Trip Preparation, Hiking Responsibly and Spreading Information to Help Others – Ryck Proctor

"There were things that people told me I couldn't do at a physical level and people who didn't believe in me starting the Appalachian Trail and now I am to the point where in two months I leave. And people telling me that I probably wouldn't pick up hiking or be into it as much as possible and now I am. I kind of look back on those things and it just gives you a different perspective on how to look on life after you have completed so many challenges that maybe you didn't think were...


E24 – Grab Life by the Adventure in 2019 – Jenna Celmer, Cody Wiktorski, Evan Lindenmayer, and Lizzy Marks

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So thrown off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." - H. Jackson Brown Jr. Happy New Year! This first episode of 2019 is all about saying YES and grabbing life by the adventure. We have inspirational insights from four incredible previous podcast guests; Jenna Celmer (e6), Cody Wiktorski (e18), Evan Lindenmayer...


E23 – Climb to Conquer Suicide with 46Climbs – Kolby Ziemendorf

"Culturally, for some reason, we attribute mental illness as a weakness and that's definitely not the case." - Kolby Ziemendorf Climb a mountain to help conquer suicide. On this episode, we are fortunate to have Kolby Ziemendorf, co-founder of 46Climbs. 46Climbs is an annual event and organization that encourages many individuals across the United States and the world to take on the challenge of conquering suicide through the physical challenge of climbing and hiking. The connection...


E22 – Bigger and Badder on Mt Rainier – Evan Lindenmayer

"The number one rule in mountaineering is that summiting is optional, but making it down to try again is mandatory." Evan Lindenmayer This week's guest is the one and only Evan Lindenmayer. Evan currently lives in Los Angeles, California and runs an outdoor adventure club that brings people to adventures that invigorate life into them. Evan's mantra is bigger and badder - keeping a thirst for any type of adventure in his life's forecast. Evan recently took a trip to Mount Rainier in...


E21 – #7DayLocalParksChallenge Part 2 – Trail Talk

How often do you get bogged down by stress or caught up in the mundane? It happens to all of us far too often. In an effort to relieve stress and keep myself clear in the mind, I have been doing the #7DayLocalParkChallenge. I went to 7 different local parks for 7 straight days (almost...) and spent at least 15 minutes in that park. We have had some participation from people like John Alex Vespa from Bushwhack Podcast and Elissa Madonia. We have even had Charlie Blazer the Golden Doodle...


E20 – Part 2: The Attempted 46 Mountain Month in the Adirondacks – Elissa Madonia

"If you want to do something, it is so corny, but the time is now. When else are you going to have the time to do it? You just don't know. So I think that if you make a plan and you want to do it, you just gotta get after it." - Elissa Madonia This is Part 2 of the attempted 46 Mountain Month in the Adirondacks with Elissa Madonia (@lissymadz)! Elissa embarked on an Adirondack quest about a month and a half ago with John Alex Vespa (Episode 16 -> to climb all of the...


E19 – #7DayLocalParksChallenge – Trail Talk

This brief episode is all about the #7DayLocalParksChallenge that I started this past fall in an effort to give local parks the attention they deserve and to encourage myself (and you all too!) to get outside regularly! I am bringing the challenge back and will be taking part over the next week and documenting the challenge through social media posts (@_tosummitup of the To Summit Up Facebook Page). Next week's Trail Talk will also be a compilation of audio snippets from the week. I...


E18 – Cont;nue: Your Story Isn’t Over. The Mental Health and Mountain Connection – Cody Wiktorski

"I challenge every single one of you, no matter what field you guys are in - no matter what career you guys have, every single person can use where they are as a platform to affect the people around you. Be it mental health, be it the outdoors, you know, promoting the outdoors, be it cancer. There are so many ways you can help others and I think that every single person has the opportunity to do that." - Cody Wiktorski According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, suicide is...


E17 – How To Summit Up Started – Trail Talk Nuggets

"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing." - Walt Disney. To Summit Up's first birthday is coming up and it has come A LONG WAY since those early days. This entire progression has been an incredible learning process and I am super proud of what it is becoming. Let's continue to grow To Summit Up together and promote the positivity and benefits getting outside and to the mountains has. Reach out to me ( and let's chat about ways that WE can...


E16 – The Attempted 46 Mountain Month in the Adirondacks – John Alex Vespa

"So this whole thing started basically with Elissa Madonia. Her and I met at the gym and running. She got me into trail running this summer. Then it was like 'hey, why don't we go and take a trip to the Adirondacks with the dogs just for a weekend - because why not?'. Then it turned into her asking me to do the Appalachian Trail. And then it turned into 'alright, we'll do a little test run up in the Adirondacks' - which turned into (instead of a weekend) a month of trying to hit all 46...


E15 – Trail Talk Nuggets – 21 Hour Day Trip to Sugarbush, Vermont

New Trail Talk Nuggets! What is the farthest that you would drive to ski knowing that you would be waking up and going to sleep in your own bed? How far would you go for the thrill of blasting through powder? Freshman year of college, my Dad, brother and I left our house in Rochester, NY at 2 AM and drove 7 hours to ski all day in Vermont at Sugarbush Mountain... and then we drove back home (I should say that my Dad drove the ENTIRE way). 14 hours of driving for one full day of skiing. It...


E14 – Adirondack History, NOLS in New Zealand, and Ski Touring – Dan Allen

"If you want to go into nature, you need to respect nature. It comes down to that basic principle. You can't go in there with a machete and just start chopping it up, you know? It comes down to Leave No Trace. It comes down to just the basic 'don't ruin it'. It's not going to be there if we ruin it." - Dan Allen Fantastic interview with a fantastic friend and adventure buddy. On the podcast this week is Dan Allen. Dan grew up adventuring in the Adirondack mountains and has a deep...


E13 – Trail Talk Nuggets – Thanksgiving 2018 and Non-Mountain Life

Happy Tuesday! This podcast episode is another Trail Talk Nuggets segment and the 13th overall To Summit Up Podcast. I recorded this episode on a short walk in Webster, NY after a day in the office. The trail talk nugget segments are turning out to be pretty decompressing and therapeutic. The premise behind them is to help me ensure that I practice what I preach. Not all time spent in the outdoors has to be on huge elaborate trips. Spending a little time each day to get out and walk (even...


E12 – Trail Talk Nuggets – From Vermont (Sort Of…)

PODCAST! This episode is exciting because it is the first in the Trail Talk Nuggets Series. This style of episode will be published on Tuesdays (with interviews and longer form being published on Fridays still). That means TWO PODCAST EPISODES PER WEEK! The Trail Talk Nuggets Series will consist of shorter segments from out on the trail. Topics can and will include anything and everything that crosses my mind from current events to trips that I have taken or want to take. This is an effort...


E11 – Build Your LIFE Network

"Love, friendship, networking - these are all critical connections and the foundation of a healthy, happy life." - Whitney Wolfe Herd This episode is another solo round! If there is anyone you would like to hear on the podcast, please send an email to In this episode, I talk about the importance of building up your LIFE network and how to develop the lasting relationships that will bring you towards the most fulfilled life that you can have. You probably already...


E10 – Forgiveness, Closure and Mountainous Growth of Self Awareness

"The night is darkest before the dawn." - Harvey Dent in the Dark Night This episode is a solo round (just me 😃)! I get vulnerable about how I used mountains to develop myself to become more self aware and a better person through seeking forgiveness. Jealousy is a blinding fault and I was guilty of letting it control me at one point in my life. I let negativity into my inner workings and it began to show externally. I stepped away from a friendship with an ex-girlfriend to work on myself...


E9 – Pack Extra Dry Socks – Matthew Lilley

"When you are on the mountain you often find that your limits aren't so black and white. You can push them and that's the great thing about mountains. I don't think I had the confidence in myself to do a lot of things until I started spending time in the mountains. I just love the mountains." - Matthew Lilley In this episode, I had the pleasure of phone interviewing Matthew Lilley (@crestone_ on Instagram), a Colorado adventurer, runner, long distance biker, occasional mountaineer, and...


E8 – Adirondack Adversity on Mount Colden and Adirondack Overuse – Roger Laistner and Wil Nagengast

"Morale was the lowest once we finished the steeper side of the front side coming down Colden. We hit the pretty much flat portion and had five miles left at that trail junction. I sat down for a second and I got rid of one of my layers and Ryan's like 'we should probably take our headlamps out now'. We were looking at five or six miles in the dark. Oh boy." - Roger Laistner "I was definitely thinking about daylight waning away and it was definitely in my mind in terms of setting the pace...


E7 – Get Uncomfortable – Lizzy Marks

"It's easy to find a routine and be comfortable with it and be comfortable with home and be comfortable with the people that you are around, but there's a new freedom that you find in yourself and you learn SO much about yourself when you are put in an uncomfortable situation or a situation where you have to basically start over. There is such a beauty in it and, in terms of relocation, just because you are relocating doesn't mean that it's permanent." In this episode, I have a great...