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Tangents & takes mostly about NFL Football. Always live, always topical. Our archive don't lie. Podcast by Pete D. Camarillo & Kenneth Berry. EST. 9-22-16 in Los Angeles and a hood spot near you. Part of the Good News Radio Station.

Tangents & takes mostly about NFL Football. Always live, always topical. Our archive don't lie. Podcast by Pete D. Camarillo & Kenneth Berry. EST. 9-22-16 in Los Angeles and a hood spot near you. Part of the Good News Radio Station.
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Tangents & takes mostly about NFL Football. Always live, always topical. Our archive don't lie. Podcast by Pete D. Camarillo & Kenneth Berry. EST. 9-22-16 in Los Angeles and a hood spot near you. Part of the Good News Radio Station.






Bulmiana Got Me Offended, Afflicted & Impacted

Pete been eating Vegan all week an Kenny's migraines cleared up. Intern Cerv served up her best tangents yet. Pete hates Toy Story and Kenny apologized about his alleged "insensitive" tweet about peanut butter going in the refrigerator. Here's the rundown. Hard Knocks with Tee Biggs Open Forum NBA Tangents Polls:...


Beer Adjacent Rants at the Broad

After a day of beers, museums and the NBA Finals, Kenny, Pete, intern Cerv and friend of the TDT family/political correspondent journalist Ryan Mancini talk NFL news and politics. We got out some excellent perspective on the political landscape in relation to millenials even though it almost killed Ryan. This podcast is quarter life crisis counseling adjacent. Raiders on Hard Knocks.w/ Tee Biggs Impact Relevance Potential outcome Impact of the content itself Karl Joseph a Raider for life?...


Love Thy Enemies Podcast

We fucked up and lost count of the episode number again. This might be 127 or 125. Kenny an Pete will slander each other next week with the correct number. Future Hive Assemble. Rundown Lets Talk About IT Wentz four year, 128 extension The NFL said eight social justice organizations are receiving grants totaling nearly $2 million. The grants are part of a $20 million...


You Can't Be Underemployed if You Go Rafting Off the Grid

Back from a week off doing who knows what with who knows who, Kenny, Pete and intern Cerv got back in the studio to discuss their memorial day weekend, NFL free agency, the state of NFL collective bargaining, the player's union, in memoriam and college football news. Kenny also reflects on his journey and finally graduating from CSUN.


All I Wanted for My College Graduation was Bottomless Chicken Tenders

This episode was done a week before Kenny Graduated from California State University, Northridge. Sorry for the delay. Won't happen again. Kenny and Pete took a week off for the first time in two years after this episode. Xavier Howard got paid, Telvin Smith is sitting out next season and the Seattle Seahawks released Kam Chancellor and Doug Baldwin. Catch up on the latest news now. Josh Rosen v.s. the Arizona Cardinals continued. Kenny also was on deadline to finish the last essay of his...


Surviving Shotgun Alley with Soggy Curly Fries

Wendy's pre-show talk, the Seattle Seahawks, Kyler Murray gets more football than baseball money, and the latest free agent signings. Telvin Smith walks away from football for a year and Cleveland Brown one year legend Derek Anderson retired. Kenny also makes Pete revisit the definition of a taco, a French fry and if a hot dog is a sandwich.


I Paid 3.5 Percent & They Still Put Ketchup On My Taco

What's worse: ketchup on a taco or mustard of fries? We recapped the NFL Draft, the Josh Rosen trade, Tyreek Hill, what a role model's role is, the Packers giving away Clay Mathews number away and much more.


Give That Two for One or Leave With None

Live from Joxer Daly's bar in Culver City Kenny & Pete cover the first round of the NFL Draft, Patrick Mahomes on Madden Cover, NFL Draft trivia, Marshawn Lynch retiring, what this podcast is like, who won the first round, is Kenny all in with the Raiders and much more on what was a wonderful night celebrating Pete's birthday and Kenny graduating from California State University, Northridge aka CSUN. What's your impact?


You Can't Have Your Egg Salad Sandwich & Eat It Too

Russell Wilson hands Future hive/FreeBandz movement another loss with his record-breaking deal. Pete doesn't realize "Old Town Road" is a bop & for the culture. Put respect on the name of Lil Nas X & Billy Ray Cyrus. Pete talks about his Coachella aka Influencer Olympics. Kenny, Pete & Cerv argue about whether egg on a sandwich is charged as veggie or meat. Our live remote is April 25th at 8 p.m. at Joxer Daly's which is close to Washington & Sepulveda. The address is 11168 Washington blvd,...


Are You Entitled to a Title?

Kenny and intern Cerv speak on the funeral of Nipsey Hussle, the effect on the city, Nick Bosa's posturing, athletic entitlement, who got paid, who got paid, Antonio Brown v.s. Juju Smith-Schester and so much more.


Bury the Man and Continue the Plan

On a somber start to the podcast, Kenny, Pete and intern Cervon speak on the murder of Los Angeles legend Nipsey Hussle, his legacy, impact and the outcome of everything surrounding the coward who killed him and hood culture. Kenny goes on to elaborate the culture of "not snitching" and what the definition of snitching means in the streets. Friend of the show, Oakland native, CSUN alum and journalist Sean Thomas calls in to talk some baseball, the state of Athletics baseball, stadium issues,...


Pork Belly for Private Workouts Only

Peep our entire rundown this week. Our intern Cervon stepped to the mic to kick some game on the Special Olympics fiasco, the good and bad side of retirement and hood food hierarchies. Owners Meetings Lack of Diversity:


Life is Burfict

Kenny and Pete prerecorded this episode on Wednesday, March 20th at a late ass time to talk about pro day results, week two of free agency and what energy they're gonna keep now that Vontze Burfict is an Oakland Raider.


Your Instagram Timeline needs Mediation

Touchdowns and Tangents discusses some of the NFL's biggest movements this week in free agency. They share the winners and losers as well as who else is still out there. Of course, the dynamic duo shares updates on the Rams, Chargers, Raiders and Kyler Murray. Kenny and Pete get into a heated discussion about Phuck Boi culture.


Tested Positive for Vanilla Ice Cream at the Combine

Kenny & Pete talk about the reported and then cancelled Antonio Brown to the Siberia Bills of Buffalo fame trade and what it means for the Pittsburgh Steelers draft options. One might argue the Bills would've won this deal either way. Kenny loves French Vanilla ice cream but he & Pete know Vanilla ice cream isn't really a flavor. (A rant for another time.) The fellas give some free agency and franchise tag updates and close the show dropping jewels on the falsehood of "just work hard & keep...


Broadcast or Go to the League

Kenny & Pete deep dive into the NFL combine, free agency, franchise tags, the demise of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the human trafficking sting New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft got stuck in. We touched on other things and we found a new hood chinese spot.


That's the Pan Calling the Kettle Good

We celebrate Kenneth's 27th birthday. Pete starts the show with an empowered, justified and emotional tangent filled with righteous indignation regarding Colin Kaepernick settling his collusion lawsuit against the NFL & signing a non-disclosure agreement. We had guests weigh in on if Kaep is truly representing the people or if we wrongfully elevated him to martyr status. We don't have the answers, unbiased, culturally concise commentary. Also, please send your prayers and support to friend...


Are Stans the Real Culture Vultures?

Kenny & Pete are back to talk Joe Flacco to the Broncos, the evolution and lineage of black quarterbacks and Pete fails horribly at beating Kenny in Fan Court (We own that & created it) over putting RESPECT on the name of Daunte Culpepper. Kenny also compares Culpepper to Cam Newton. There's talk of Kareem Hunt, the latest Colin Kaepernick news and the same embodiment of Culturally Concise Commentary embodied as intellectual petty banter. Check us out on Anchor too. Is stanning a part of...


I Came In at the Wrong Time Cuz this Episode was a Lot

This podcast is like when the Super Bowl is trash so you & your friends start having racial, ethnic, sociopolitical conversations about pop culture. Also, there was a Super Bowl recap, Pete hates Selena, college football news and Kaepernick updates. This was a heavy episode that opened up discussion of a panel on coalitions. More will be revealed.


What's the Impact of Your Super Bowl Rooftop Party?

On a jam-packed pre-Super Bowl with special guests from Courtside Radio, Mykell Mathieu aka the point guard aka the scorned Chiefs fan and die hard Boston sports fan Alexander Grayson Hymes aka Hymes World. Mykell tried to fan shame Kenny but just like the Chiefs defense, he couldn't get a stop when it mattered. Hymes World gave his explanation on Boston sports culture has on his lineage. Multiple callers like friend of the show Andrew Martinez aka El Jefe and newfound friend "Bob." Last but...