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Tangents & takes mostly about NFL Football. Always live, always topical. Our archive don't lie. Podcast by Pete D. Camarillo & Kenneth Berry. EST. 9-22-16 in Los Angeles and a hood spot near you. Part of the Good News Radio Station.

Tangents & takes mostly about NFL Football. Always live, always topical. Our archive don't lie. Podcast by Pete D. Camarillo & Kenneth Berry. EST. 9-22-16 in Los Angeles and a hood spot near you. Part of the Good News Radio Station.
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Tangents & takes mostly about NFL Football. Always live, always topical. Our archive don't lie. Podcast by Pete D. Camarillo & Kenneth Berry. EST. 9-22-16 in Los Angeles and a hood spot near you. Part of the Good News Radio Station.






The NCAA Vacated Our Podcast Wins

Kenny & Pete miscalculated this being the 100th episode so apologies were made & pleas were copped. Kenny went on a life saving mission at CVS equipped with cough medicine, Halloween candy, a big ass bottle of orange juice & Funyuns. Pete has a funyuns addiction. Shame him when you have time. The duo give play-by-play of the lackluster Battle of the Bay, trade deadline analysis, winners and losers, the real reason Pete hates Russell Wilson & Ciara and Kenny puts an end to the slanderous Pete...


World Series of Neocapitalist Ted Talks

The trade deadline was fast approaching at the time and the Raiders trade Amari Cooper to the Cowboys for a first round pick. Kenny & Pete run through some trade speculation on the 99th episode. Kenny finally remembers to talk about the Bubba Bolden situation at USC. It got really intense from the Chad Kelly situation in Denver, Eric Reid v.s. Malcolm Jenkins, the problems with coalitions and the case of Rae Carruth getting out of prison.


Backseat podcasters are hyper vigilant

Intro Patriots Fan BEERGATE v.s. Tyreek Hill Why is Vontaze Burfict still in the league after his most egregious hit against the Steelers? Pete goes on a high deep dive of what Burfict has been doing. Seahawks Owner Paul Allean died First black NFL player died but we forgot to mention it. Dallas Cowboyas Jerry Jones, “No number one receivers in years.” Terrence Williams gets 3 game suspension Nfl concussion interventions College football news Bubba Bolden leaves USC after 28-month ban...


Trapped in a Cage between a Hoopty & a Hard Place

Pete was out doing the Lord's work at the CSUN NABJ Speed Mentoring event so we started a little bit late but it worked out. The Giants and Raiders are tragically awful and Pete has problems with Saquon Barkley being seen as the next big thing. Kenny swears Drew Brees is the greatest quarterback of all time. Blake Bortles and Jameis Winston are holding tbeir teams back or nahh? The duo talk a little bit about power rankings and potential trades. Kenny and Pete go all the way in on the...


You ain't da coach, you're a tourist

Touchdowns and Tangents is back with the latest on Earl Thomas, LeVeon Bell and CFB. Kenny and Pete also get mad talking on the Raiders and Kanye West. They also breakdown the Rams recent success, rookie QBs and more. Catch the show on, and


Nobody cares because it shouldn't have been that close ft DeVaughn Townes

Kenny and Pete started 95 with the podcast muted so this week has a fast pace as they summarize their takes in a unique way. They get into the Rams and Battle for LA, the QB hit controversy and Eric Reid getting sign. Unfiltered Access DeVaughn Townes calls in to share his take on the Chargers season as well as his journey through sports media, what he hopes to accomplish and how he has made it this far so young. The Raiders, Jameis Winston and more are addressed. Friend of the show Ryann...


Mo Money, Mo Bamba!

Hosts Kenny and Pete are back together this week. They mix up the intro by coming into Mo Bamba by Sheck Wes which gives the whole episode a turnt up feel. There's tangents about USC and Texas football as well as boxing. Otherwise, they get into AB, Kaepernick, Vontae Davis, CIF rules and the battle for L.A. No guests this week as this is technically the two year anniversary of the audio experience.


Couldn't Think of a Title but Last Night was a Movie

Kenny rides solo this week while Pete holds it down at a journalism conference in Texas. The aftermath of the Khalil Mack trade is explored after the Raiders look terrible on defense and Mack almost beat the Packers by himself but Aaron Rodgers is a bigger comeback artist than John Cena. Some surprise calls come in & Kenny goes in the Forbes most valuable college football programs list an a racist tweet from scout Gerard Martinez, Serena Williams an a special shout out to...


Nobody Cares About Your Recommitment to Excellence

Kenny & Pete got right to point with the backlash of All-Pro defensive end Khalil Mack getting traded to the Chicago Bears & what it means for his former team, the Oakland Raiders. Unapologetic Raiders fan and blogger Chris Simmons calls in for a state of the Raiders. What side do you fall on? Kenny's college football segment goes in full effect with a legendary ethering of the Texas Longhorns football team. Pete gives an empassioned take on what this podcast is like & his rap loyalty.


It be Your Own Coaches Sometimes FT. Trey Fraser from Barbershop Sports Talk Podcast

Kenny & Pete get back in the booth after last weeks prerecorded episode to discuss Colin Kaepernick's latest victory against the NFL, the payday for Aaron Rodgers, Aaron Donald, Odell Beckham Jr, Tyler Lockett, Geno Atkins and Carlos Dunlap. Earl Thomas & Khalil Mack hadn't been paid or traded at the the time of this show airing. Kenny calls Baylor & Ohio State to the carpet for their history of sexual misconduct and incompetence. Trey from the Barbershop podcast calls in and discusses the...


Our Group Chat is Better than You & Your Flatbread

This might just be one of the greatest prerecorded episodes yet. On a Tuesday night in Northridge Kenny, Pete & longtime friend Ryan Mancini hit up Happy Hour at the fantastic Bar Louie and then we watched BlacKKKlansman. Mancini is a CSUN alum, multimedia journalist, political science, history and unofficial historian of the Beatles and the Eagles. We discuss the film with avoiding too many spoilers and address how the movie affected all of & Lee's intent may have been. We then hit up the...


The MisEducation of Astroworld

Due to some unforeseen technical an audio issues, the first 20 minutes were completely lost. Kenny and Pete touched on the passing of soul singer, icon and the QUEEN of R & B, Aretha Franklin as well as opening with one of the many great hip hop samples using her music. Corey Coleman whined his way out of Cleveland & karma placed him in Buffalo, aka disgruntled receiverville. Kenny & Pete goes in on the latest episode of Hard Knocks. All-Pro cornerback Jalen Ramsey kept it 100 with his...


Keep the Same Energy when Teammates Become Enemies

The show starts hostile because its been that kind of a week and summer. Kenny and Pete discuss the Hall of Fame ceremony and their favorite speeches. They address the latest scores for preseason games, injuries, Kelvin Benjamin v.s. Cam Newton, the never-ending saga of the Aaron Donald/Khalil Mack hold outs & Donald's impact. Kenny also discusses his hatred of the same old back up quarterbacks and how he wants to see new faces, regardless of race. Good News CEO Keith calls in and lets us...


Players Only at the Breakfast Club

Episode 84 (We think) was yet another impactful one. Owners of Wake & Bake Breakfast Club in North Hollywood and Certified Culture Brian Williams and Justin Rayside respectively pulled up for a Master class in entrepreneurship in the cannabis industry, their days as football players at Indiana University, high school football memories & ultimately the importance of being a student of business and life in general. Kenny & Pete also get into some the latest news from the week that was...


Return of the Back

Julio Jones got a deal done at the last second. Todd Gurley getting paid signals the return of the running back being respected & financially compensated. With the Rams locking up their best offensive players, is Aaron Donald all but gone? Kenny & Pete discuss the revolution of the Madden music playlist.Who has better music, Madden or 2K? Is anyone else going to get paid? More tales from the Bus Stop Chronicles. This was a prerecorded episode. Jerry Jones bullied his team further by saying...


No Sleep in the Training Room

Kenny & Pete start off with the joint statement from the NFL & NFLPA about players not being punished for protesting during the national anthem and the power dynamic athletes have starting from high school and how it changes once they get to college or the professional ranks. They then address who did & didn't get paid. Did Le'Veon Bell overplay his hand in negotiating his deal or should elite running backs be payed for their overall value? Pete was on his petty tip. Kenny is drunk with...


Can't Go 50/50 with Kiki featuring Court Side Radio

On the first ever joint show on the Good News Radio Station, Kenny & Pete link up with the fellas from Courtside Radio to talk NBA news, whose trash at 2K, LeBron in Los Angeles, Kobe Bryant, Summer League and NBA title possibilities. In the second hour the focus shifts to the NFL, the rebirth of flag football & its' future and the troubling domestic violation, assault & abuse accusations towards LeSean McCoy, Marcell Dareus & Brandon Browner. We didn't touch on it but the NFL was also petty...


Snitches get reduced suspensions featuring BS3 Sports

Kenny and Pete breakdown the latest from Jameis Winston, Foster and Kam Chancellor. They also breakdown LA LeBron and more Lakers talk with Bob Garcia IV. Ben Sudderth III from BS3 Sports stops in for some positivity about building a podcast brand as well as his takes on the Dallas Cowboys and Mavericks. There is also more on the CBD, Fake Super Bowl Rings, the future of Cleveland, Madden Ratings, XFL, Guaranteed contracts and more.Also some burger beef and tangents about East Oakland. You...



Updates from the Jameis Winston case and his suspension, Danielle Hunter's contract extension, the NFL Supplemental Draft and the NFL top 100 Players reactions. Plus, the body found at Janoris Jenkins' house, Jerry Richardson's fine and more.


TDT after effects episode 79

Madden overall and more after effects from Touchdowns Tangents.