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A lad looking to explore the global experience of football. The love for a team may be shared amongst many, but the story is one. Touchline Radio seeks speak to people from all around the world to share their experiences and perspectives on football.

A lad looking to explore the global experience of football. The love for a team may be shared amongst many, but the story is one. Touchline Radio seeks speak to people from all around the world to share their experiences and perspectives on football.
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Toronto, ON


A lad looking to explore the global experience of football. The love for a team may be shared amongst many, but the story is one. Touchline Radio seeks speak to people from all around the world to share their experiences and perspectives on football.






Episode 59: Kelly Lindsey - Coach of Afghanistan Women's Team

In this episode I speak to Kelly Lindsey: the coach of Afghanistan's Women's National Team. Out of all the possible jobs in world football, we discuss why this one - why it matters, what her goals are, and how harrowingly challenging every day is... But with all things considered, she does it not just for what it means for those women now, but for the future of the nation they choose to represent.


Episode 58 - The MLS Perspective

In summary of what was a grand finale to the MLS season, I invite Jonathan Meisenheimer and Brandon Stiff - two lads who have gone through all the perils and joys of supporting Toronto FC. We discuss the ethos of supporting a club in Major League Soccer, the upcoming CONCACAF Champions League, the importance of the Canadian Soccer League and the future of soccer in Canada, and so much more, including the magic of the moment when Toronto went on to lift the cup. Download available for your...


Episode 57: Happy Birthday, Football - with Richard Tims

On this day in 1857, a cricket club would have a kickabout... And the first football club of the world would be formed. 150 years later, the world's greatest would meet the world's first, and the club would be one of two who would receive the FIFA Order of Merit. It would be thanks to club Chairman Richard Tims who would help realize the importance of preserving a club like Sheffield FC - a history that can be actively exist for the community now, and generations beyond. Without Sheffield...


Episode 56: PSG Talk with David Wood

On this episode I have a comprehensive discussion with David Wood of PSG Talk to discuss all things regarding Paris St. Germain. We discuss the influence on Fifa video game franchise on the Western world (particularly before the broadcast expenditure), the missing piece to bring PSG among Europe's elites, the club's academy, and why Ligue Un players tend to fair much more in the Premier League. There have been many questions surrounding the club, particularly after this summer: Is the...


Episode 55: The Gunners' Youth - with Jeorge Bird

On this episode I chat with Jeorge Bird - the highly respected writer who specializes in Arsenal's youth team. We delve deep to unravel the academy and how it works in terms of promotion, scholarships, and criteria. We also break down Per Mertesacker's appointment as the head of the academy next season, Andries Jonker's departure, the much celebrated "British Core", it's importance and where it is now, plus who to watch next season. We even explore the difficult question: would you send...


Episode 54: Soccer in North America with Colour Analyst Kyndra de St. Aubin

On this episode I speak with Kyndra de St. Aubin and discuss the ongoing growth of football dialogue across North America. Kyndra is the Colour Analyst for new boys Minnesota United FC, who I refer to as the shotgun club - formed quickly and hit the ground running in Major League Soccer under the guidance of manager and Everton legend Adrian Heath. Kyndra has had a wide array of experiences in the world of sports broadcasting and shares her story about how she made it to Minnesota's...


Episode 52: Dreamcatcher - with Callum Williams

This episode of Touchline Radio invites football commentator and broadcaster for Minnesota United FC, Callum Williams. We take a close look at the new franchise and assess the rise of football's popularity in the United States, then take a trip down memory lane and discuss Callum's journey into the world of broadcasting, his initial time spent at Sporting KC, and discuss his adoration for Aston Villa FC. His voice is one we shall hear amongst the greats of Martin Tyler and Alan Parry.


Episode XLIV - Chats with Arseblog

Touchline Radio invites special guest Andrew Mangan of Arseblog to have a chat about his experiences in writing about Arsenal on a daily basis and shares his perspectives on the landscape of modern day football.


That's Amore | European Masterclass

As we head into the second round of the European Champions, Adam Esker and Ryan Straney take a close look at the top matches and break down what worked for those that won, and what failed for those that didn't. Amongst the matches, we take a look at coach that broke the a world record in China, transfer guff, and discuss the recent outburst of violence that has us wondering the validity of its angst. As always, a download link is available for you to listen at your leisure!


Touchline Radio - The Unholy One

The big news has arrived... In the form of the red devil himself. Jose Mourinho is now the manager of Manchester United. What does this mean for the club? Next season? The integrity and ethos of the club have changed since the days of Busby and Ferguson. We also take a close look at the Champions League final and discuss what to expect from Real Madrid and Atletico as we're faced with another Madrid derby in the final. Join us as we discuss next season's managerial forecast, transfers, and...


The Bloody Beetroot - Touchline Radio

Well... What a weekend we've had on our hands. Adam Esker and Ryan Straney take you through the ups and downs of a season now closed, plus take us through the prominent fixtures, key players, and some rather despondent ones as well. As Leicester City make history, we take a look at the tri-force that lead to their success. On the home side, a soundscape of Toronto's BMO Field takes us to the insights of some home fans and what they wish to see their team achieve this season.


Touchline Radio Returns - The Three Lads

We're glad to announce our return and with that, we had a special chat with three lads from England; one from Leicester, on from Tottenham, and the other from Sunderland, all who share three different stories. We commemorate the newly crowned champions Leicester and dissect their monumental achievement, explore the situation at Arsenal and take it at face value, plus discuss the upcoming Madrid derby in the Champions League final. We take a look to weekend with the long awaited home opener...


Episode XIX - Champions Blues

The Champions League is BACK and we're more than ready for action... As always, Ryan Straney and Adam Esker are here to break down the opening fixtures. We discuss our predictions of the who and why, the how and what. We look at the weekend's fixtures, question the future (and minds) of the managers, plus delve into the ethos of modern day football.


Episode XXVII - Until The Window Shuts

By this time next week, the transfer window will be shut and the silly season shall be done and dusted. For now, Ryan Straney and Adam Esker take you through all the happenings as the Champions League draw has the group stages set for this season's showcase competition. We discuss Man City and another signing set for another shade of blue, Manchester United's targets, some personnel troubles at Norwich and West Ham, plus a whole lot more... The download link is available for you to listen...


Episode XVI - Diamonds and Trucks

With week three upon us, the dawn of the odd signings have Adam Esker and Ryan Straney scratching their heads at Leicester and Stoke's acquisitions of Gokhan Inler and Xedran Shaqiri respectively. What are the intentions of these signings? What's with the silent Barca connection at Chelsea? They discuss the gulf of class within players - namely with their behaviour off the pitch. Plenty of questions, plenty of theories, a look towards the weekend's fixtures, with a hefty dose of all things...


Touchline Radio - Episode XXV - Final Pre - Season Ramble

We're back with season two of Touchline Radio as Ryan Straney and Adam Esker recount all the happenings in what has been a busy summer. Aside from the prominent transfer stories, they give their account of what lies ahead and how side in the top flight may fare on the first official weekend, plus the Champions League qualifiers. Sometimes one Lambert gets mixed with another.


Episode XXIV - Summer Recap with Roshan Kodabuckus

My, aren't we glad to be back. With what has been a football-laden summer so far, Ryan Straney and Adam Esker recount what has happened so far. We're glad to have actor Roshan Kodabuckus to share with us his experiences of being a supporter of Tottenham Hotspur and perhaps what they need to get back to the Champions League. Don't forget the download link to listen at your leisure!


Episode XVIII - Papa John's & Fried Rice

What is this talk of ‘”boring, boring Chelsea?” A short and sweet one, as Ryan Straney and Adam Esker discuss what’s happening in the world of football on this latest episode. So near, yet so far away as table toppers Chelsea are on the cusp, yet anything can happen with the bottom-battlers. We speak in depth about the sporting culture in Toronto, what this means to Toronto FC and what they could (and perhaps should) do about it. JT26 is the man, but Arsenal could very well apply the heat...


Episode XV - 3, 2, 1, Jump

After a week that has felt rather long, Ryan Straney and Adam Esker discuss the strange economy of football in the final stages of the Barclays Premier League season. With the Champions League rearing its head, who's to pass into the final juncture through the quarter finals? Is Ibra's fine too hard-felt? United's fullback has us boggled, while Arsene's building steam with Arsenal. Harmonizing is key to life. A big shout out to the lads at STATs Never Lie for their continued good work and...


Episode XIV - Purple Patch Utd - with Eric Anderton

A bit of a mashup, as we decided to keep things as recent as possible. We bring to you an interview with Eric Anderton to discuss Liverpool and their latest landscape as we enter the final push. We take a look a look back at the latest Euro Cup qualifiers, plus a look forward towards what's to come in the Barclays Premier League. Please pardon some slight audio inconsistencies with the interview, as we had some alien interference who (I guess) really wanted to be on the show.